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'94年度版 はがきイラストセット ("'94 Version Postcard Illustration Set") is a collection of Capcom images released for PC so users can use them to print postcards.


From Oh!X (1993/12 issue) page 25, a Japanese PC magazine. (details)
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汎用 3.5/5"2HD、3.5"2 HC版 5,800円(税別)

A general-purpose graphic data collection has been released by Capcom.

This is a postcard printing software for the PC-9801 released last year. Furthermore, only the data is sold separately so that the data contained in the "Totoku Eshi-Ben" with the illustration added can be used by other model users.

In addition to illustrations (1994 version) that can be used for Christmas cards and New Year cards, illustrations of characters from new games such as "Super Street Fighter II" and "Rockman X" are also included.

General purpose 3.5 / 5 "2 HD, 3.5" 2 HC version 5,800 yen (excluding tax)