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I don't speak Japanese, but this question seems to be difficult...

Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2 (アドベンチャークイズ カプコンワールド2 Adobenchā Kuizu Kapukon Wārudo 2) is a quiz arcade game released only in Japan. Move by a board and answer many questions to seal three dragons (Dust Dragon, Red Dragon, and Gildiss) that were freed. After an insane duel of question and answers to the (brain) death against the dragons, face the final boss, a strange being with a big brain, a question in the forehead, eight arms, and a tail.



This place is too small! We don't want to stay sealed here!

Dust Dragon from Forgotten Worlds, Gildiss from The King of Dragons, and Red Dragon from... every game with a generic red dragon?

In the Capcom Kingdom (カプコン王国), there is a large statue of three dragons that represent love, courage, and wisdom. The nation is brightened by the crystals in the statue. However, one day someone with dark powers changed the divine dragon image, and without the crystals, the kingdom has fallen into darkness. Several heroes have fallen when trying to defeat the dragons and recover the crystals. Is it possible to save the Capcom Kingdom?

Well, choose your character, roll the dice, answer questions, recover the crystals, beat the bosses, and return peace and light to the kingdom.


Beginner Course:

  1. Dr. Wily
  2. Dust Dragon

Normal Course:

  1. Sodom
  2. Garibaldi
  3. Red Dragon

Expert Course:

  1. Genocide
  2. Haggar
  3. Poison
  4. 1-Gaia 2-Alan 3-Dr. Right 4-Derek
  5. Captain (Commando)
  6. Gildiss

Final Boss: 脳ミソ大王



脳ミソ大王 ("Noumiso Daioh", "Brains Great King", the final boss.) CW2NoumisoDaiou.png


Street Fighter & Final Fight

Strider & Captain Commando

Knights of the Round & Magic Sword


Lost World, The King of Dragons, Three Wonders, ...


There are tons of question in the game with varying genres, and added a few of the Capcom related ones here.