Line 1,729: Line 1,729:
|1038||[[D-Arts]] [[Ultimate Armor]]
|1038||[[D-Arts]] [[Ultimate Armor]]
|[[ ?]
|[ ?]
|1039<br />(old)||Rockman
|1039<br />(old)||Rockman
Line 1,738: Line 1,738:
|[[Yusuke Murata]]
|[[Yusuke Murata]]
|[[ ?]
|[ ?]
|1040||Tuly Rockman<!--Tuly (ちゅーりー) is the mascot of the park, here dressed like Rockman.-->
|1040||Tuly Rockman<!--Tuly (ちゅーりー) is the mascot of the park, here dressed like Rockman.-->
|[[Wikipedia:Huis Ten Bosch (theme park)|Huis Ten Bosch]]
|[[Wikipedia:Huis Ten Bosch (theme park)|Huis Ten Bosch]]
|[[ ?]
|[ ?]
|1041||[[Ciel]] & [[Passy]]||''Rockman Zero 1''
|1041||[[Ciel]] & [[Passy]]||''Rockman Zero 1''
Line 3,264: Line 3,264:
|[ オーバードライブLX vs ハイボルト]<!--
|[ オーバードライブLX vs ハイボルト]<!--
オーバードライブ モデルLX vs. ハイボルト・ザ・ラプタロイド!
オーバードライブ モデルLX vs. ハイボルト・ザ・ラプタロイド!
--><br />''(Overdrive LX vs Hivolt)''
|12014||[[Rogue]]||''S.S. Rockman 2''||None
|12014||[[Rogue]]||''S.S. Rockman 2''||None
Line 3,336: Line 3,336:
|''Rockman 7''||Fire
|''Rockman 7''||Fire
|12042|rowspan="2"|[[Ice Pegasus]]
|rowspan="2"|[[Ice Pegasus]]
|rowspan="2"|''S.S. Rockman'' series
|rowspan="2"|''S.S. Rockman'' series
Line 3,367: Line 3,367:
|12051||[[Black Zero]]
|12051||[[Black Zero]]
|''Rockman ✕over''||None
|''Rockman ✕over''||None
|[ 深紅のブラックゼロ]<br />("Crimson Black Zero")
|[ 深紅のブラックゼロ]<br />''("Crimson Black Zero")''
|12052||[[Bass.EXE]]||''Rockman.EXE 4''||Elec
|12052||[[Bass.EXE]]||''Rockman.EXE 4''||Elec
Line 3,384: Line 3,384:
|12056||[[Sonia Strumm]] ''(cutie monotone)''
|12056||[[Sonia Strumm]] ''(cutie monotone)''
|''S.S. Rockman 2''||Wood
|''S.S. Rockman 2''||Wood
|12057||[[OVER-Z]]||''Rockman ✕over''||Fire
|12057||[[OVER-Z]]||''Rockman ✕over''||Fire
|12058||[[Gregar]]||''Rockman.EXE 6''||Elec
|12058||[[Gregar]]||''Rockman.EXE 6''||Elec
|''Rockman.EXE Legend of Network''||Aqua
|''Rockman.EXE Legend of Network''||Aqua
Line 3,401: Line 3,405:
|''Rockman X Command Mission''||Wood
|''Rockman X Command Mission''||Wood
|13002||[[Zain]]||''Rockman X Cyber Mission''||None
|13002||[[Zain]]||''Rockman X Cyber Mission''||None
|13003||[[Geemel]]||''Rockman X Cyber Mission''||None
|13003||[[Geemel]]||''Rockman X Cyber Mission''||None
|13004||[[Udon Man]]||''Rockman ✕over''||None
|13004||[[Udon Man]]||''Rockman ✕over''||None
|-no 13005
|-no 13005
|13006||[[Yai Ayanokoji]]
|13006||[[Yai Ayanokoji]]||''Rockman.EXE 1''||None
|13007||[[Sudachi Woman]]
|13007||[[Sudachi Woman]]||''Rockman ✕over''||Wood||
|13008||[[Sonia Strumm]] ''(mokomoko apricot)''
|13008||[[Sonia Strumm]] ''(mokomoko apricot)''
Line 3,418: Line 3,426:
|13009||[[Forklift]]||''Tron ni Kobun''||Elec||
|13009||[[Forklift]]||''Tron ni Kobun''||Elec||
|13010||[[Jewel Satellite]]
|13010||[[Jewel Satellite]]||''Rockman 9''||None
|13011||[[Lan Hikari]]
|13011||[[Lan Hikari]]
|''Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star''||Fire
Line 3,429: Line 3,438:
|14001||"EXP"<br />(Sweet)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|-no 14002
|14003||"EXP & Skill"<br />(Book)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14004||"EXP"<br />(Leaf)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14005||"Skill"<br />(Leaf)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14006||"Level Max UP"<br />(''Rockman 4'' golden cartridge)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14007||"EXP & Skill"<br />(Rush)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14008||"EXP & Skill"<br />(Xmas)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14009||Rush<br />(8 stars)
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />''Rockman 3''||None||
|14010||"EXP & Skill"<br />(Leaf)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14011||"EXP"<br />(Snowman)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14012||"Skill"<br />(Gloves)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14013||"EXP & Skill"<br />(stone)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14014||"Skill"<br />("Happy Valentine")
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14015||"EXP"<br />(Book)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14016||"Skill"<br />(Leaf)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14017||"Skill Max"<br />("Silver Rockman 4 cartridge")
|''Rockman ✕over''||None||
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14022||"EXP & Skill"
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14023||"EXP & Skill"
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14024||"Skill"<br />(stone)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|14025||"Skill"<br />(leaf)
|''Rockman ✕over''||"Gem"||
|-no 14025 to 14028
|-no 14025 to 14028
|14029||"EXP"<br />(Kobun)
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />''Rockman DASH''||"Gem"||
Line 3,487: Line 3,496:
|16001||[[Cubit Foxtar]]||''Rockman Zero 3''||None
|16002||[[Ciel]] ''(swimsuit)''
|''Rockman ✕over''||Aqua||
|16003||[[Time Man]]||''Rockman Rockman''||None
|16004||[[Roll]]||''Rockman Rockman''||Wood
|16005||[[Mega Man (character)|Mega Man]]
|''Rockman Rockman''||Fire
|16006||[[Toxic Seahorse]]||''Rockman X3''||Aqua
|16007||[[Neon Tiger]]||''Rockman X2''||Fire
|16008||[[Zero]]||''Rockman X3''||None
|16009||X ([[Third Armor|Full Armor]])
|''Rockman X3''||None||
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />(''Rockman X'' series)
|16011||[[Treble]]|||''Rockman 7''||None
|16012||[[Neo Sigma]]||''Rockman X2''||Fire
|16013||[[Roll Caskett]]||''Rockman DASH 2''||Wood
|16014||[[Model HX]]||''Rockman ZX''||Elec
|16015||[[Birdbot]]s||''Tron ni Kobun''||None
|16016||[[Glyde]]||''Rockman DASH 2''||Wood
|16017||[[VAN Pookin]]
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />(''Rockman'' series)
|16018||Mega Man vs. Bass
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />(''Rockman'' series)
|16019||X vs. Vile
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />(''Rockman X1'')
|-no 16020
|16021||[[Aeolus]]||''Rockman ZX Advent''||Elec
|16022||[[Prairie]]||''Rockman ZX''||Aqua
|16023||MegaMan.EXE vs. Bass Cross
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />(''Rockman.EXE'' series)
|rowspan="2"|Mega Man, Proto Man and Rush
|rowspan="2"|''Rockman 5''
|16025<!--(dupe of 16024)-->
|16026||[[AquaMan.EXE]]||''Rockman.EXE 4''||Aqua
|16027||[[NumberMan.EXE]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||None
|16028||[[PharaohMan.EXE]]||''Rockman.EXE 1''||None
|16029||[[Princess Pride]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||Wood
|16030||[[Vent]]||''Rockman ZX''||Fire
|16031||[[Luna Platz]] and [[Vogue]]
|''S.S. Rockman 3''||Aqua
|16032||[[Sonia Strumm]] and [[Lyra]]
|''S.S. Rockman'' series||Fire
|16033||[[Geo Stelar]] ''([[Battle Card]])''
|''S.S. Rockman'' series||Wood||
|16034||[[Team Colonel]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||None||
|16035||[[Napalm Chaos]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||Fire||
|16036||[[Meddy Chaos]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||Aqua
|16037||[[Magnet Chaos]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||Elec
|16038||[[Gyro Chaos]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||Wood
|16039||[[Search Chaos]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||None
|16040||[[Proto Chaos]]||''Rockman.EXE 5''||None
|16041||[[Master Albert]] ''(DAN-000)''
|''Rockman ZX Advent''||None||
|''Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star''||Wood
|16043||X||''Rockman X8''||None
|16044||[[Star Force Mega Man]]
|''S.S. Rockman 3''||Aqua
|16045||[[Junk Shield]]||''Rockman 7''||None
|16046||[[Lumine]]||''Rockman X8''||Fire
|16047||[[Layer]]||''Rockman X8''||Elec
|16048||[[Alia]]||''Rockman X8''||Wood
|16049||[[Zero]]||''Rockman X8''||Aqua
|16050||''[[Rockman ✕over]]''||''Rockman ✕over''
|16051||X ([[Ultimate Armor]])
|''Rockman ✕over''<br />(''Rockman X'' series)
|16052||[[Alia]]||''Rockman X7''||Wood
|''Rockman X2 Soul Eraser''||Fire
|16054||[[Axl]]||''Rockman X7''||None
|16055||X||''Rockman X5''||Aqua
|16056||[[Yai Ayanokoji]]||''Rockman.EXE 2''||Wood
|16057||[[Eugene Chaud]]
|''Rockman.EXE 5'' (DS)||Fire
|16058||[[Lord Wily|Dr. Wily]]
|''Rockman.EXE 5''||Elec
|16060||[[Kalinka]] ''(Xmas)''
|''Rockman ✕over''||Aqua
|16061||[[Mega Man (character)|Mega Man]]
|''Rockman 6''||Aqua
|16062||[[Centaur Man]]||''Rockman 6''||
|16063||[[Knight Man]]||''Rockman 6''||
|16064||[[Mr. X]]||''Rockman 6''||

Revision as of 03:30, October 22, 2019

Every Battle Memory from Rockman Xover (including unused ones), from the content ripped by megarockexe, Django121, Midnite, and Greiga Master. To make it easier to search them, as there are 1823 Battle Memory images.

"ID"ImageSourceElementIn-game name
001RaybitRockman X1None
002Dig LabourRockman X1Fire
003PlantyRockman X1Wood
004AmenhopperRockman X1Aqua
005Metal WingRockman X1Elec
006MetallRockman 1None
007ChangkeyRockman 1Fire
008Bunby HeliRockman 1Wood
009PepeRockman 1Aqua
010Adhering SuzyRockman 1Elec
011FlamerRockman X1Fire
012Mole BorerRockman X1Wood
013Armor SoldierRockman X1Aqua
014RT-55JRockman X1Elec
015Dex OyamaRockman.EXE 1None
016Flame MammothRockman X1Fire
017Boomer KuwangerRockman X1Wood
018Armored ArmadilloRockman X1Aqua
019Launch OctopusRockman X1Elec
020Mr. MatchRockman.EXE 1Fire
021SalRockman.EXE 1Wood
022MasaRockman.EXE 1Aqua
023Count ZapRockman.EXE 1Elec
024RattyRockman.EXE 1None
025VolGearRockman.EXE 1Fire
026FishyRockman.EXE 1Wood
027Puffy Rockman.EXE 1Aqua
028TwistyRockman.EXE 1Elec
029Sting ChameleonRockman X1Fire
030Storm EagleRockman X1Wood
031Chill PenguinRockman X1Aqua
032Spark MandrillRockman X1Elec
033Rolling CutterRockman 1None
034Bomb ManRockman 1Fire
035Guts ManRockman 1Elec
036Dr. FroidRockman.EXE 1Aqua
037Mayl SakuraiRockman.EXE 1None
038Sting Chameleon (alt.)Rockman X1Fire
039Storm Eagle (alt.)Rockman X1Wood
040Chill Penguin (alt.)Rockman X1Aqua
041Spark Mandrill (alt.)Rockman X1Elec
042Sniper JoeRockman 1None
043Big EyeRockman 1Fire
044Yellow DevilRockman 1Wood
045UtuborosRockman X1Aqua
046CWU-01PRockman 1Elec
047Fire ManRockman 1Fire
048Cut ManRockman 1Wood
049Ice ManRockman 1Aqua
050Elec ManRockman 1Elec
051Lan HikariRockman.EXE 1None
052VelguarderRockman X1Fire
053Rangda BangdaRockman X1Wood
054VileRockman X1Aqua
055D-RexRockman X1Elec
056TurboMan.EXE Rockman.EXE Battle Chip GPFire
057Lan HikariRockman.EXE 3None
058Tadashi Hikari Rockman.EXE seriesNone
059Mayl SakuraiRockman.EXE 1None
060NumberMan.EXERockman.EXE 1None
061HeatMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Fire
062WoodMan.EXERockman.EXE 1Wood
063SharkMan.EXERockman.EXE 1Aqua
064ThunderMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Elec
065Flame Mammoth (alt.)Rockman X1Fire
066Boomer Kuwanger (alt.)Rockman X1Wood
067Armored Armadillo (alt.) Rockman X1Aqua
068Launch Octopus (alt.)Rockman X1Elec
069Wily Machine 1 (form 2)Rockman 1None
070BospiderRockman X1Fire ボスパイダー
071X Rockman X4None
072Vile (alt.)Rockman X1Aqua
073Roll.EXERockman.EXE 1None
074SigmaRockman X6None
075X (Armor Parts)Rockman X1None
076AxlRockman X8None
077MegaMan.EXERockman.EXE 2None
078Mega Man Rockman 1None
079Bass.EXERockman.EXE 1None
080X & Zero
(Note: Reversed)
Rockman X1None
081XRockman X1None
082Sonia StrummS.S. Rockman 1None
083CanDevilRockman.EXE 1Fire
(Battle Chip version)
Rockman.EXE 1Wood
085Cold BearRockman.EXE 1Aqua
086Billy Rockman.EXE 1Elec
087Ring.EXE Rockman.EXE Battle Chip GPElec
088Dr. Wily Rockman.EXE 1None
089Star Force Mega Man S.S. Rockman 1None
090Luna Platz S.S. Rockman 1None
091Life Virus R Rockman.EXE TransmissionNone
092ZeroRockman X4None
093Wolf SigmaRockman X1Fire
094ShadowMan.EXERockman.EXE 1None
095Life VirusRockman.EXE 1None
096Vile (Ride Armor)Rockman X1Aqua
097ProtoMan.EXERockman.EXE 1None
098X (Spiral Crush Buster) Rockman X1None
099Zero (EXE) Rockman.EXE TransmissionNone
100"Golden Mr. Prog"?None
101ScuttlestRockman.EXE 2None
102LavagonRockman.EXE 2Fire
103Death RogumerRockman X1Aqua
104GulpferRockman X1Aqua
105HotarionRockman X1Elec
106Ball de VouxRockman X1None
107Ladder YadderRockman X1Wood
108Ray TrapRockman X1Elec
109Scrap RoboRockman X1Fire
110Crag ManRockman X1Wood
111AnglergeRockman X1Aqua
112Thunder SlimerRockman X1Elec
113SpikyRockman X1Fire
114HoganmerRockman X1Wood
115Rolling GabyoallRockman X1Elec
116HigsbyRockman.EXE 1None
117Fire StormRockman 1Fire
118Hyper BombRockman 1Wood
119Ice SlasherRockman 1Aqua
120Thunder BeamRockman 1Elec
121Atsuki HomuraRockman.EXE 4Fire
122RayflyRockman ZXWood
123Old RobotRockman X2Elec
124GuardiansRockman ZXNone
125King FlyerRockman ZXWood
126CrushpactorRockman ZXElec
127GateMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Elec
128KendoMan.EXERockman.EXE 4None
129SkullMan.EXERockman.EXE 1None
130DynamoRockman X6Wood
131DouglasRockman X6Aqua
132TopMan.EXERockman.EXE 4None
133Tango (program) Rockman.EXE 3Wood
134Tentalamia (Area O) Rockman ZXNone
135DragginRockman.EXE 5Fire
136DrixolRockman.EXE 5None
137TombotRockman X1Wood
138HatMan.EXE Rockman.EXE Phantom of NetworkElec
139Batton M-501Rockman X1Fire
140KlaymoorRockman DASH 2Aqua
141Beat (program)Rockman.EXE 3Wood
142Flammole the Moleroid Rockman ZXFire
143Protectos the Goreroid Rockman ZXElec
144BolaRockman DASH 2Wood
145MistMan.EXERockman.EXE 3 Wood
146PowmettaurRockman ZXFire
147Rush (program)Rockman ZXAqua
148Lava DemonRockman ZX Aqua
149Injured Reploids Rockman X6None
150Jim, Osh and Bensley Rockman DASHNone
151Bud Bison S.S. Rockman seriesFire
152Zack Temple S.S. Rockman seriesAqua
153Appo and DahRockman DASH 2Elec 双子 (Twins)
154ShuRockman DASH 2Aqua
155GaiaRockman.EXE 1None
156FlameyRockman.EXE 2Fire
157WuNoteRockman.EXE 5Wood
158ShrimpyRockman.EXE 2Aqua
159EleballRockman.EXE 3Elec
160IsocRockman X6None アイゾック
161Heat Team Rockman.EXE 2Fire
162Wood Team Rockman.EXE 2Wood
163Aqua Team Rockman.EXE 2Aqua
164Elec Team Rockman.EXE 2Elec
165ToadMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Aqua
166NapalmMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Fire
167Tron BonneRockman DASH 2None
168Heat Guts Rockman.EXE 2Fire
169Wood Guts Rockman.EXE 2Wood
170Aqua Guts Rockman.EXE 2Aqua
171Elec Guts Rockman.EXE 2Elec
172Roll CaskettRockman DASH 2None
173Fire SoulRockman.EXE 4Fire
174Wind SoulRockman.EXE 4Wood
175Aqua SoulRockman.EXE 4Aqua
176Thunder SoulRockman.EXE 4Elec
177Matilda CaskettRockman DASH 2None
178FireMan.EXERockman.EXE 4.5Fire
179WoodMan.EXERockman.EXE 4.5Wood
180Toad SoulRockman.EXE 5Aqua
181ThunderMan.EXERockman.EXE 4.5Elec
182Teisel BonneRockman DASH 2None
183Heat Cross Rockman.EXE 6Fire
184Tengu CrossRockman.EXE 6Wood
185Tomahawk CrossRockman.EXE 6Wood
186Aqua CrossRockman.EXE 6Aqua
187Elec CrossRockman.EXE 6Elec
188Roll Caskett & DataRockman DASH 2None
189Heat BeastRockman.EXE 6Fire
190Tengu BeastRockman.EXE 6Wood
191Aqua BeastRockman.EXE 6Aqua
192Elec BeastRockman.EXE 6Elec
193MegaMan VolnuttRockman DASH 2None
194Fire LeoS.S. Rockman 1Fire
195Tomahawk BeastRockman.EXE 6Wood
196Ice PegasusS.S. Rockman 1Aqua
197Green DragonS.S. Rockman 1Elec
198Tron Bonne
Rockman DASH 2None
199Leo KingdomS.S. Rockman 1Fire
200Dragon SkyS.S. Rockman 1Wood
201Pegasus MagicS.S. Rockman 1Aqua
202Sonia StrummS.S. Rockman seriesNone
203Bon BonneRockman DASH 2None
204Geo Stelar & Omega-Xis S.S. Rockman seriesNone
205Geo Stelar S.S. Rockman seriesNone
206S.F. Mega Man & Leo Kingdom S.S. Rockman 1Fire
207S.F. Mega Man & Dragon Sky S.S. Rockman 1Wood
208S.F. Mega Man & Pegasus Magic S.S. Rockman 1Aqua
209Bass.EXERockman.EXE 2None
210RollRockman RockmanNone
211MegaMan Volnutt & Roll Caskett Rockman DASH 1None
212Swallown (sprite)Rockman 4Aqua
213Gyotot (sprite)Rockman 4Aqua
214Escaroo (sprite)Rockman 4Aqua
215Toad Man (sprite)Rockman 4Aqua
216Metall (sprite)Rockman 1None
217Bunby Heli (sprite)Rockman 1None
218Big Eye (sprite)Rockman 1None
219Guts Man (sprite)Rockman 1None
220Walking Bomb (sprite) Rockman 3None
221Parasyu (sprite) Rockman 3None
222Pickelman Bull (sprite) Rockman 3None
223Shadow Man (sprite) Rockman 3None
224Pipi (sprite)Rockman 2Wood
225Kaminari Goro (sprite) Rockman 2Wood
226Goblin (sprite) Rockman 2Wood
227Air Man (sprite) Rockman 2Wood
228Imorm (sprite) Rockman 4None
229Docron (sprite) Rockman 4None
230Metall Daddy (sprite) Rockman 4None
231Wily Capsule (sprite) Rockman 4None
232Cut Man (sprite) Rockman 1Wood
233Ice Man (sprite) Rockman 1Aqua
234Bomb Man (sprite) Rockman 1Fire
235Fire Man (sprite) Rockman 1Fire
236Elec Man (sprite) Rockman 1Elec
237Metal Man (sprite) Rockman 2Elec
238Bubble Man (sprite) Rockman 2Aqua
239Quick Man (sprite) Rockman 2Wood
240Flash Man (sprite) Rockman 2Aqua
241Heat Man (sprite) Rockman 2Fire
242Wood Man (sprite) Rockman 2Wood
243Needle Man (sprite) Rockman 3Wood
244Magnet Man (sprite) Rockman 3Elec
245Gemini Man (sprite) Rockman 3None
246Hard Man (sprite) Rockman 3None
247Top Man (sprite) Rockman 3None
248Snake Man (sprite) Rockman 3Wood
249Spark Man (sprite) Rockman 3Elec
250Bright Man (sprite) Rockman 4None
251Drill Man (sprite) Rockman 4None
252Pharaoh Man (sprite) Rockman 4None
253Ring Man (sprite) Rockman 4Elec
254Dust Man (sprite) Rockman 4None
255Dive Man (sprite) Rockman 4Aqua
256Skull Man (sprite) Rockman 4None
257Bomb ManRockman RockmanFire
258Elec ManRockman RockmanElec
259Guts ManRockman RockmanWood
260Fire ManRockman RockmanFire
261Rockman Rockman 1?
262Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo Rockman 2?
263Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!? Rockman 3?
264Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!! Rockman 4?
265Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!? Rockman 5?
266Rockman X Rockman X1?
267Rockman X3Rockman X3?
268Rockman X4Rockman X4?
269Rockman X6Rockman X6?
270Rockman X7Rockman X7?
271Rockman X8Rockman X8?
272Rockman.EXE Rockman.EXE 1?
273Rockman.EXE 3Rockman.EXE 3?
274Shooting Star Rockman 2 Berserk × Dinosaur Shooting Star Rockman 2?
275Shooting Star Rockman 2 Berserk × Shinobi Shooting Star Rockman 2?
276Changkey (sprite) Rockman 1Fire
277Tanishi (sprite) Rockman 2Aqua
278Kukku (sprite) Rockman 2Wood
279Elec'n (sprite) Rockman 3Elec
280Hammer Joe (sprite) Rockman 3None
281Changkey Maker (sprite) Rockman 2Fire
282Kerog (sprite) Rockman 2Aqua
283Fly Boy (sprite) Rockman 2Wood
284Mag Fly (sprite) Rockman 3Elec
285Sniper Joe (sprite) Rockman 1None
286Shield Attacker (sprite) Rockman 4Fire
287Penpen (sprite) Rockman 3Aqua
288Yambow (sprite) Rockman 3Wood
289Hari Harry (sprite) Rockman 3Elec
290Junk Golem (sprite) Rockman 3None
291Shotman (sprite) Rockman 2Fire
292Claw (sprite) Rockman 2Aqua
293Petit Snakey (sprite) Rockman 3Wood
294100 Watton (sprite) Rockman 4Elec
295Springer (sprite)
(Old rip from Sprites Inc.)
Rockman 2None
296Pierobot (sprite)
(Old rip from Sprites Inc.)
Rockman 2None
297Gachappon (sprite) Rockman 4Fire
298Big Fish (sprite) Rockman 2Aqua
299Totem Polen (sprite) Rockman 4Wood
300Dada (sprite) Rockman 3Elec
301Sniper Armor (sprite) Rockman 2None
302Tako Trash (sprite) Rockman 4Fire
303Moby (sprite) Rockman 4Aqua
304Giant Springer (sprite) Rockman 3Wood
305Mono Roader (sprite) Rockman 4Elec
306Bikky (sprite) Rockman 3None
307Shrink (sprite) Rockman 2Fire
308Kabatoncue (sprite) Rockman 4Aqua
309Mothraya (sprite) Rockman 4Wood
310M-445 (sprite) Rockman 2Elec
311Cockroach Twin (sprite) Rockman 4None
312Nitron (sprite) Rockman 3Fire
313Penpen Maker (sprite) Rockman 3Aqua
314Sasoreenu (sprite) Rockman 4Wood
315New Shotman (sprite) Rockman 3Elec
316Skeleton Joe (sprite) Rockman 4None
317Jumbig (sprite) Rockman 4None
318Galaxy Man (sprite) Rockman 9None
319Concrete Man (sprite) Rockman 9None
320Jewel Man (sprite) Rockman 9None
321Splash Woman (sprite) Rockman 9Aqua
322Tornado Man (sprite) Rockman 9Wood
323Plug Man (sprite) Rockman 9Elec
324Hornet Man (sprite) Rockman 9Wood
325Magma Man (sprite) Rockman 9Fire
326Rush (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
327Eddie (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
328Dr. Wily (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
329Kalinka Cossack (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
330Dr. Light (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
331Roll (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
332Auto (sprite) Rockman 9-10None
333Beat (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
334Mega Man (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
335Proto Man (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
336"Mega Man & Battle Cards" S.S. Rockman series?
337Rockman.EXE N1 Battle Rockman.EXE N1 Battle?
338 S.S. Rockman 2?
339 Rockman DASH 1?
340 Rockman ZX?
341Rockman ZX Advent Rockman ZX Advent?
342Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star?
343 S.S. Rockman 3?
400CamonRockman 5Fire
401IrucanRockman 5Aqua
402TondeallRockman 5Wood
403BireeRockman 4Elec
404Space MetallRockman 5Wood
405Haunted CandleRockman.EXE 6Fire
406StarfishRockman.EXE 6Aqua
407AppleyRockman.EXE 5Wood
408FlashyRockman.EXE 5Elec
409Fighter PlaneRockman.EXE 6None
410Fistleo the Predatoroid Rockman ZXFire
411Tentalamia (Area J) Rockman ZXAqua
412Hivolt the Raptoroid Rockman ZXWood
413Hedgeshock the Erinaceroid Rockman ZX AdventElec
414Lurerre the Abysroid Rockman ZXNone
415Mega TortoiseRockman X1Fire
416CruizilerRockman X1Aqua
417Bee BladerRockman X1Wood
418Road AttackersRockman X1Elec
419Gun VoltRockman X1None
420BombMan.EXERockman.EXE 1Fire
421IceMan.EXERockman.EXE 1Aqua
422Wood ShieldRockman.EXE 2Wood
423ElecMan.EXERockman.EXE 1Elec
424GutsMan.EXERockman.EXE 1None
425FireMan.EXERockman.EXE 1Fire
426ColorMan.EXERockman.EXE 1Aqua
427Leaf ShieldRockman 2Wood
428Metal BladeRockman 2Elec
429StoneMan.EXERockman.EXE 1None
430Napalm SoulRockman.EXE 5Fire
431Ice ManRockman RockmanAqua
432Wood SoulRockman.EXE 4Wood
433Elec ManRockman RockmanElec
434Guts SoulRockman.EXE 4None
435Proto SoulRockman.EXE 4None
436OVER-3Rockman ✕overNone
437OVER-4Rockman ✕overNone
438OVER-5Rockman ✕overNone
439Black AceS.S. Rockman 3None
440OVER-6Rockman ✕overFire
500Snow ShooterRockman X1Aqua
501AmmoniculeRockman.EXE 1Aqua
502JellyRockman.EXE 1Aqua
503Leganchor the Gelroid Rockman ZXAqua
504Snow SliderRockman X3Aqua
505Mine TortoiseRockman X3Aqua
506Avalanche Yeti (3D) Rockman X7Aqua
507Splash Warfly (3D) Rockman X7Aqua
508Blizzard WolfangRockman X6Aqua
509Avalanche YetiRockman X7Aqua
510Splash WarflyRockman X7Aqua
511Blizzard WolfangRockman X6Aqua
512Vile VRockman X8Aqua
513AxlRockman X8None
514ZeroRockman X8None
515Crusher Rockman X1Elec
516Sine FallerRockman X1Elec
517JammingerRockman X1Elec
518Hamma HammaRockman X3Elec
519Hell CrusherRockman X3Elec
520Raider Killer|Rockman X2Elec
521Optic Sunflower (3D) Rockman X8Elec
522Vanishing Gungaroo (3D) Rockman X7Elec
523Ground ScaravichRockman X6Elec
524Optic SunflowerRockman X8Elec
525Vanishing GungarooRockman X7Elec
526Ground ScaravichRockman X6Elec
527SignasRockman X6Elec
528High MaxRockman X6None
529SigmaRockman X8None
530Bomb BeenRockman X1Wood
531Mad PeckerRockman X1Wood
532Sky ClawRockman X1Wood
533Rideloid-GRockman X2Wood
534BeetronRockman X2Wood
535SpycopterRockman X3Wood
536Dark Mantis (3D) Rockman X7Wood
537Wind Crowrang (3D) Rockman X7Wood
538Commander YammarkRockman X6Wood
539Dark MantisRockman X7Wood
540Wind CrowrangRockman X7Wood
541Commander YammarkRockman X6Wood
542Nightmare VirusRockman X6None
543GateRockman X6None
544Gate (battle form) Rockman X6None
545Changkey MakerRockman 2Fire
546Jet BombRockman 5Fire
547ShotmanRockman 2Fire
548Mecha DragonRockman 2Fire
549Gamma (2nd form) Rockman 3Fire
550Guts TankRockman 2Fire
551Burn RoosterRockman X8Fire
552Flame HyenardRockman X7Fire
553Phoenix MagnionRockman X6Fire
554Burn RoosterRockman X8Fire
555Flame HyenardRockman X7Fire
556Phoenix MagnionRockman X6Fire
557RedRockman X7None
558XRockman X6None
559X (Blade Armor)Rockman X6None
560Returning Sniper Joe Rockman 2None
561FrienderRockman 2None
562TamaRockman 3None
563Sniper ArmorRockman 2None
564Wily Machine 1 (Form 1) Rockman 1None
565Giant MetallRockman 3None
566Earthrock Trilobyte (3D) Rockman X8None
567Snipe Anteator (3D) Rockman X8None
568Shield SheldonRockman X6None
569Earthrock TrilobyteRockman X8None
570Snipe AnteatorRockman X8None
571Shield SheldonRockman X6None
572AxlRockman X7None
573IsocRockman X6None
574X (Shadow Armor) Rockman X6None
575Sea AttackerRockman X1Aqua
576Croak HopperRockman X2Aqua
577FishernRockman X2Aqua
578Sea CanthllerRockman X2Aqua
579Snow RiderRockman X3Aqua
580EscanailRockman X3Aqua
581Rainy TurtloidRockman X6Aqua
582Infinity MijinionRockman X6Aqua
583Metal Shark PlayerRockman X6Aqua
584Infinity MijinionRockman X6Aqua
585Rainy TurtloidRockman X6Aqua
586Metal Shark PlayerRockman X6Aqua
587XRockman X8None
588Pallette (glasses) Rockman X8None
589LumineRockman X8None
590Rush RoaderRockman X1Fire
591TiranosRockman X2Fire
592Crash RoaderRockman X2Fire
593Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 Rockman X2Fire
594Cannon DriverRockman X2Fire
595Press DisposerRockman X3Fire
596Ride Boarski (3D) Rockman X7Fire
597Gravity Antonion (3D) Rockman X8Fire
598Soldier Stonekong (3D) Rockman X7Fire
599Ride BoarskiRockman X7Fire
600Gravity AntonionRockman X8Fire
601Soldier StonekongRockman X7Fire
602SigmaRockman X7None
603SignasRockman X7None
604Kaiser SigmaRockman X3None
605FlammingleRockman X1Elec
606Jelly SeekerRockman X2Elec
607SabotteinRockman X2Elec
608REX-2000Rockman X3Elec
609Volt KurageilRockman X3Elec
610Maoh the GiantRockman X3Elec
611Gigabolt Man-O-War (3D) Rockman X8Elec
612Bright ManRockman 4Elec
613Spark ManRockman 3Elec
614Gigabolt Man-O-WarRockman X8Elec
615BrightMan.EXE Rockman.EXE TransmissionElec
616SparkMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Elec
617ZeroRockman X7Elec
618Layer (blush)Rockman X8Elec
619X (Glide Armor)Rockman X7Elec
620KukkuRockman 2Wood
621Fly BoyRockman 2Wood
622MatasaburoRockman 2Wood
623GoblinRockman 2Wood
624Yellow Devil MK-IIRockman 3Wood
625Dark Man 1Rockman 5Wood
626Snake ManRockman 3Wood
627Dust ManRockman 4Wood
628Gyro ManRockman 5Wood
629SnakeMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Wood
630DustMan.EXERockman.EXE 6Wood
631GyroMan.EXERockman.EXE 5Wood
632High MaxRockman X6Wood
633Pallette (thinking) Rockman X8Wood
634X (Blade Armor)Rockman X567Wood
635SpookyRockman.EXE 1None
636Mettaur Rockman.EXE 1None
637SatellaRockman.EXE 1None
638OrehawkRockman ZXNone
639Dogu the Giant Rockman ZX AdventNone
640Argoyle the Shisaroid Rockman ZX AdventNone
641PandoraRockman ZXNone
642PrometheusRockman ZXNone
643SerpentRockman ZXNone
644PandoraRockman ZX AdventNone
645PrometheusRockman ZX AdventNone
646SiarnaqRockman ZX AdventNone
647Bug StyleRockman.EXE 3None
648Heat ShadowRockman.EXE 3None
649Bass Cross MegaMan (gold) Rockman.EXE 5None
650Volt CatfishRockman X3Aqua
651ByteRockman X3
652Blizzard Buffalo Rockman X23Fire
653Godkarmachine O Inary Rockman X3Fire
654MacRockman X3Elec
655BitRockman X3Elec
656Tengu ManRockman 8Wood
657Wild CoilRockman 7Wood
658ClockMan.EXE Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting StarNone
659JammingMan.EXE Rockman.EXE Phantom of NetworkNone
660Elec'nRockman 3Elec
661100 WattonRockman 4Elec
662NobitaRockman 5Elec
663SumatranRockman 5Elec
664YudonRockman 5Elec
665Circring Q9Rockman 5Elec
666Star ManRockman 4Elec
667Ring ManRockman 4Elec
668Pharaoh ManRockman 4Elec
669Drill ManRockman 4Elec
670Gravity ManRockman 5Elec
671Quick ManRockman 2Elec
672Plug ManRockman 9Elec
673Galaxy ManRockman 9Elec
674Sheep ManRockman 10Elec
675Slash ClawRockman 7Elec
676Thunder BoltRockman 7Elec
700XRockman X2: Soul EraserNone
701Jack CorvusS.S. Rockman 3
702Crimson DragonS.S. Rockman 3?
703MegaMan.EXE vs. S.F. Mega Man Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star?
704X (Raiden) Rockman X4None
705Zero (Adion) Rockman X5None
706AliaRockman X5None
707ZeroRockman X4?
708Kalinka CossackRockman 4None
709Dr. CossackRockman 4None
710BassRockman 10None
711The MasterRockman DASH 2None
712Ashe (Model A) Rockman ZX AdventNone
713Aile (Model OX)Rockman ZXNone
714Vent (Model X)Rockman ZXNone
715Vent (Model ZX)Rockman ZXNone
716EnkerRockman 10None
717BalladeRockman 10None
718PunkRockman 10None
719Wily PressRockman 5None
720Wily Machine 5Rockman 5None
721SiriusS.S. Rockman 3None
722XRockman X Command MissionNone
723ZeroRockman X Command MissionNone
724Yellow DevilRockman RockmanWood
725Ice ManRockman RockmanAqua
726Mega Man Rockman RockmanNone
727Rockman RockmanRockman Rockman?
728Luna PlatzS.S. Rockman seriesNone
729Sonia StrummS.S. Rockman seriesNone
730Sonia StrummS.S. Rockman seriesNone
731LyraS.S. Rockman seriesNone
732Harp NoteS.S. Rockman seriesNone
740Marino Rockman X Command MissionNone
741Aile (Model ZX)Rockman ZX seriesNone
742Cinnamon Rockman X Command MissionNone
743Colonel.EXERockman.EXE 5Elec
744X (Gaea Armor)Rockman X5Wood
745Data (with candy) Rockman DASH 2
(Rockman ✕over edit)
746Servbot (with candy) Rockman DASH 2
(Rockman ✕over edit)
750AliaRockman X7None
751XRockman X7None
752OVER-7Rockman ✕overAqua
753KalinkaRockman ✕over?
754Roll & IrisRockman ✕overWood
755OVER-1Rockman ✕overNone
756KalinkaRockman ✕overElec
757Luna (swimsuit)Rockman ✕overAqua 白金ルナ
758Sonia (swimsuit)Rockman ✕overAqua
760Proto ManRockman 7Fire
761DuoRockman 8Aqua
762BassRockman 7Elec
763Mega Man Rockman 8Wood
764StarMan.EXE Rockman.EXE TransmissionElec
765Elec GroundRockman.EXE 3?
766FlashMan.EXERockman.EXE 3Elec
767Bass.EXERockman.EXE 5 DS Elec
768Albert (2nd Form) Rockman ZX AdventElec
769OVER-8Rockman ✕overWood
770Copy SigmaRockman X8Elec
771Club StrongS.S. Rockman 3Wood
772Diamond IceS.S. Rockman 3Aqua
773Fire SaurianS.S. Rockman 2Fire
774Tron (swimsuit)Rockman ✕overAqua
775Ms. MariRockman.EXE 2Aqua
776RibittaRockman.EXE 2Aqua
777JasmineRockman.EXE 5Aqua
778Childre Inarabitta Rockman Zero 3Aqua
779YunaRockman DASH 2Aqua
780Wave ManRockman 5Aqua
781Crystal SnailRockman X2Aqua
782Crystal ManRockman 5Aqua
783Volteel BiblioRockman Zero 3Aqua
784Poler KamrousRockman Zero 2Aqua
785Shuko KidoRockman.EXE 4Aqua
786Iris.EXERockman.EXE 6Aqua
787Aile (Model LX)Rockman ZXAqua
789Sakura (swimsuit)Rockman ✕overAqua
790Tomahawk SoulRockman.EXE 6Wood
791Astro ManRockman 8Elec
792Search ManRockman 8Wood
793Proto Man (helmetless) Rockman 8Fire
794Gravity BeetleRockman X3Wood
795Blast HornetRockman X3Wood
796PlantMan.EXERockman.EXE 3Wood
797Aeolus (Model H) Rockman ZX AdventWood
798Model HXRockman ZXWood
799Search SoulRockman.EXE 5Wood
800Shadow SoulRockman.EXE 5Wood
801Slash Beast Rockman.EXE 6Wood
802SigmaRockman X5Wood
803TomahawkMan.EXERockman.EXE 5Wood
804Luna PlatzS.S. Rockman seriesNone
805Sonia Strumm (Nihon-no Natsu) S.S. Rockman 2Wood
806Sonia Strumm (honey bee) S.S. Rockman 2Wood
807Servbot TruckTron ni KobunElec
808GustaffTron ni KobunNone
809MegaMan Volnutt Rockman DASH 2Wood
810Summer vacationS.S. Rockman series?
811Wave RoadS.S. Rockman series?
812MilvyRockman Zero 3Fire
813KyniteRockman Zero 3Fire
814HanumachineRockman Zero 1Fire
815Phoenix MagnionRockman Zero 2Fire
816Fire ManRockman RockmanFire
817BurnerMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Fire
818Charge CrossRockman.EXE 6Fire
819Apollo FlameS.S. Rockman 2Fire
820Scorch WheelRockman 7Fire
821Charge BeastRockman.EXE 6Fire
822Fire LeoS.S. Rockman 1Fire
823IceMan.EXERockman.EXE 4.5Aqua
824ShadeMan.EXERockman.EXE 4None
825MegaMan.EXE Rockman.EXE 4Fire
826DrillMan.EXERockman.EXE 3Elec
827KingMan.EXERockman.EXE 3None
828JunkMan.EXERockman.EXE 4None
829Sonia Strumm (blooming china) S.S. Rockman 2None
830Kalinka (swimsuit) Rockman ✕overAqua
831YoshidaEagle TalonFire
832Yoshida (Rockman)Eagle Talon None
833Chancellor (Kalinka)Eagle Talon Aqua
834Iris.EXERockman ✕overWood
835Roll Caskett (swimsuit) Rockman ✕overAqua
1001OVER-1Rockman ✕overNone
1002Vile (Ride Armor) Rockman X1Fire
1003Rockman ✕over logo Rockman ✕over - Unused?
1004Rockman ✕over logo Rockman ✕over - Unused?
1005Eugene ChaudRockman.EXE 1None Unused
1006Omega-XisS.S. Rockman seriesNone
1007Air ManRockman 2Wood
1008Bonne familyRockman DASH 1None
1009OVER-2Rockman ✕overNone
1010Kalinka CossackRockman ✕overNone カリンカ
1011Rockman ✕over logo Rockman ✕over - Unused?
1012Mega Man (sprite) Rockman seriesNone
1013ZeroRockman X6None
1014Dr. LightRockman RocmanNone
1015X (Z-Saber) Rockman X6None
1016Vent (Model FX)Rockman ZXFire
1017SparkMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Elec
1018Vile (Ride Armor)Rockman X1Aqua
1019Chill Penguin Irregular Hunter XAqua
Storm Eagle Irregular Hunter XWood Unused (early version of 1020)
1020Storm Eagle Irregular Hunter XElec?
1021Vile MK-IIRockman X3None
1022Storm Eagle Irregular Hunter XWood?
1023Bomb ManRockman RockmanFire
1024Proto ManRockman RockmanNone
1025Geo Stelar S.S. Rockman seriesElec
1026Lan & MegaManRockman.EXE 2Fire
1027AxlRockman X7None
1028Arcade ManRockman ✕overElec
1029DarumanRockman ✕overFire
1030Tablet ManRockman ✕overElec
1031ZehrRockman ✕overNone
1032AileRockman ZX AdventWood
1033Team ProtoMan Rockman.EXE 5?
1034Rockman DASHRockman DASH 1?
1035RushRockman 7Fire
1036Dark MegaMan and Double Souls Rockman.EXE 4?
1037Servbot BorerTron ni KobunElec
1038D-Arts Ultimate Armor BandaiNone ?
Rockman Yusuke Murata NoneUnused (early version of 1039)
1039Rockman Yusuke Murata None ?
1040Tuly Rockman Huis Ten Bosch ? ?
1041Ciel & PassyRockman Zero 1 Aqua
1042Splash WomanRockman 9Aqua
1043"Professor Data" Rockman DASH 1Wood
1044DuoRockman 8Aqua
1045Noise CrushRockman 7None
1046Rockman Star Colosseum Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting StarFire
1047Mega ManRockman RockmanNone
1048Rockman.EXE 5 Team of Blues Rockman.EXE 5Elec
1049BirdbotRockman DASH 2None
1050UcchyRockman Unity"Gem"
1051OVER-1 (Aqua) Rockman ✕overAqua
1052Rockman DASH 2 Episode 2 Rockman DASH 2 Fire
1053"MMSF bonus poster" S.S. Rockman 1None
2001XIwamoto YoshihiroNone
2002RockmanHitoshi Ariga?
2003Rockman XRockman X1?
2004Rockman.EXE 3
(focused on Lan)
Rockman.EXE 3?
2005MegaMan.EXE vs. S.F. Mega Man Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star? ? (703 duplicate)
2006ZeroRockman X4? ? (707 duplicate)
2007Dr. WilyRockman 8"Gem"
2008Dr. WilyRockman 4"Gem"
2009"EXP 1"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2010"EXP 2"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2011"EXP 3"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2012"EXP 4"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2013"EXP 5"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2014"EXP 6"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2015"Skill 1"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2016"Skill 2"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2017"Skill 3"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2018"Skill 4"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2019"Skill 5"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2020"Skill 6"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2021"EXP & Skill 1"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2022"EXP & Skill 2"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2023"EXP & Skill 3"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2024"EXP & Skill 4"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2025"EXP & Skill 5"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2026"EXP & Skill 6"Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2027"EXP" (no attribute) Rockman ✕over"Gem"/None
2028"EXP" (fire attribute) Rockman ✕over"Gem"/Fire
2029"EXP" (wood attribute) Rockman ✕over"Gem"/Wood
2030"EXP" (aqua attribute) Rockman ✕over"Gem"/Aqua
2031"EXP" (elec attribute) Rockman ✕over"Gem"/Elec
2032"Gold Met 1"Rockman ✕overElec?
2033"Gold Met 2"Rockman ✕overElec?
2034"Gold Met 3"Rockman ✕overElec?
2035"Gold Met 4"Rockman ✕overElec?
2036"Gold Met 5"Rockman ✕overElec?
2037"Gold Met 6"Rockman ✕overElec?
2038"Skill (Servbot)" Rockman ✕over"Gem"
2039"Rush 4"Rockman ✕overElec?
2040"Rush 5"Rockman ✕overElec?
2041"Rush 6"Rockman ✕overElec?
3000KerberosRockman Zero 1None
3001TechTwisterRockman Zero 1Wood
3002Gyro CannonRockman Zero 1Elec
3003SharksealRockman Zero 1Aqua
3004Barrier Counter Rockman Zero 1None
3005MetarookRockman Zero 1None
3006GarmRockman Zero 1Wood
3007Crush RollerRockman Zero 1Elec
3008Battle Tutle Bros. Rockman Zero 1Aqua
3009CarryarmRockman Zero 1None
3010Pantheon Guardian Rockman Zero 1None
3011Pantheon HopperRockman Zero 2Wood
3012Pantheon ZombieRockman Zero 1Elec
3013Pantheon AquaRockman Zero 3Aqua
3014Pantheon HunterRockman Zero 1None
3015Cygnus WingS.S. Rockman 1None
3016Queen OphiucaS.S. Rockman 1Wood
3017Gemini SparkS.S. Rockman 1Elec
3018Cancer BubbleS.S. Rockman 1Aqua
3019Andromeda (Form 1) S.S. Rockman 1None
3100Fighting FefnirRockman Zero 1Fire
3101Fairy LeviathanRockman Zero 1Aqua
3102Sage HarpuiaRockman Zero 1Wood
3103Hidden PhantomRockman Zero 1None
3104Zero (Triple Rod) Rockman Zero 1None
3105Professor Gaudile Rockman X Command MissionFire
3106Silver Horn Rockman X Command MissionAqua
3107Spike Rosered Rockman X5Wood
3108Wild Jango Rockman X Command MissionElec
3109Shadow DevilRockman X5None
3110Burn Dinorex Rockman X5Fire
3111Tidal Whale Rockman X5Aqua
3112Botos Rockman X Command MissionWood
3113Shining Firefly Rockman X5Elec
3114Copy X (final form) Rockman Zero 1None
3115Fighting Fefnir
(Armed Phenomenon)
Rockman Zero 2Fire
3116Fairy Leviathan
(Armed Phenomenon)
Rockman Zero 2Aqua
3117Sage Harpuia
(Armed Phenomenon)
Rockman Zero 2Wood
3118Omega (golden) Rockman Zero 3None
3119Elpizo (1st battle form) Rockman Zero 2None
3120X-HuntersRockman X2Elec
3121SignasRockman X7Wood
3122Reverse RideMan Rockman.EXE Legend of NetworkNone
3123ZeroRockman X8Fire
3124Cache Rockman.EXE Phantom of NetworkElec
3125Cache (2nd form) Rockman.EXE Phantom of NetworkElec
3126Trojan Horse Rockman.EXE Legend of NetworkFire
3127Vile MK-II (Ride Armor) Rockman X3Aqua
3128Atlas & Atlas (Model F) Rockman ZX AdventFire
3129Aile & Aile (Model ZX) Rockman ZX Advent
& Rockman ZX
3030Thetis & Thetis (Model L) Rockman ZX AdventAqua
3031Aeolus & Aeolus (Model H) Rockman ZX AdventWood
3200Zero (Shield Boomerang) Rockman Zero 1None
3201Dark Necrobat Rockman X5None
3202Volt Kraken Rockman X5Aqua
3203Spiral Pegasus Rockman X5
3204Crescent Grizzly Rockman X5
3205Zero (Z-Saber) Rockman Zero 1None
3206ZeroRockman Zero 1None
3207OmegaRockman Zero 3None
3208CielRockman Zero 2None
3209Omega (giant form) Rockman Zero 3?
3300Flame Mammoth Irregular Hunter XFire
3301Chill Penguin Irregular Hunter XAqua
3302Storm Eagle Irregular Hunter XWood
3303Spark Mandrill Irregular Hunter XElec
3304Zero (Chain Rod) Rockman Zero 2None
3305Sting Chameleon Irregular Hunter XFire
3306Armored Armadillo Irregular Hunter XAqua
3307Mach Jentra Rockman X Command MissionWood
3308Launch Octopus Irregular Hunter XElec
3309Zero (Z-Saber) Rockman Zero 3None
3310Zero (Buster Shot) Rockman Zero 1None
3311Ciel (minigame) Rockman Zero 3Aqua
3312Ferham Rockman X Command MissionWood
3313Scarface Rockman X Command MissionFire
3314Fighting Fefnir (minigame) Rockman Zero 3Fire
3315Fairy Leviathan (minigame) Rockman Zero 3Aqua
3316Sage Harpuia (minigame) Rockman Zero 3Wood
3317Hidden Phantom (minigame) Rockman Zero 3None
3318Copy X (minigame) Rockman Zero 3None
3319Omega (Zero) Rockman Zero 3None
3320Mega Man, Rush and Eddie Rockman 4Fire
3321Mega Man, Rush and Proto Man Rockman 5Elec
3322Jet Mega ManRockman 6Wood
3323Wily Machine 7Rockman 7Aqua ワイリーマシン7号
3400Corvus Noise S.S. Rockman 3Fire
3401Cancer Noise S.S. Rockman 3Aqua
3402Gemini Noise S.S. Rockman 3Elec
3403Ophiuca Noise S.S. Rockman 3Wood
3404Taurus Noise S.S. Rockman 3Fire
3405Virgo Noise S.S. Rockman 3Aqua
3406Crown Noise S.S. Rockman 3Elec
3407Wolf Noise S.S. Rockman 3Wood
3408Libra Noise S.S. Rockman 3None
3409Cygnus Noise S.S. Rockman 3None
3410Rogue Noise S.S. Rockman 3None
3411Black Ace S.S. Rockman 3None
3412Red Joker S.S. Rockman 3None
3413Sonia Strumm S.S. Rockman seriesNone
3414Luna Platz S.S. Rockman seriesNone
3415Rogue Noise S.S. Rockman 3None
3416Alpha Rockman.EXE 3None
3417Duo (program) Rockman.EXE 4None
3600SnakecordRockman Zero 3Elec
3601ClavekerRockman Zero 3Elec
3602Golem Type ERockman Zero 2Elec
3603Aztec FalconRockman Zero 1Elec
3604CameloidRockman Zero 1Fire
3605SpearookRockman Zero 3Fire
3606Golem Type FRockman Zero 2Fire
3607Maha GaneshariffRockman Zero 1Fire
3608JangyoRockman Zero 2Aqua
3609Blanc WormerRockman Zero 3Aqua
3610Golem Type IRockman Zero 2Aqua
3611Blizzack Staggroff Rockman Zero 1Aqua
3612RavenRockman Zero 1Wood
3613CondoroidRockman Zero 1Wood
3614Mega ScorpioRockman Zero 2Wood
3615Herculious Anchus Rockman Zero 1Wood
3616YadokroidRockman Zero 2Aqua
3617Turtloid SRockman Zero 3Aqua
3618Modified Pantheon Aqua Rockman Zero 3Aqua
3619Rainbow DevilRockman Zero 1Aqua
3620Batton BoneRockman X1Wood
3621Road RidersRockman X2Wood
3622Overdrive OstrichRockman X2Wood
3623Overdrive Ostrich (alt.) Rockman X2Wood
3624Ice de VouxRockman X3Aqua
3625HotareecaRockman X3Aqua
3626Wheel GatorRockman X2Aqua
3627Wheel Gator (alt.) Rockman X2Aqua
3628MorgunRockman X2Fire
3629Head Gunner customer Rockman X3Fire
3630Flame StagRockman X2Fire
3631Flame Stag (alt.) Rockman X2Fire
3632Axe MaxRockman X1Wood
3633MosquitusRockman X3Wood
3634Wire SpongeRockman X2Wood
3635Wire Sponge (alt.) Rockman X2Wood
3636ScriverRockman X2None
3637Walk BlasterRockman X3None
3638VictoroidRockman X3Wood
3639Victoroid customerRockman X3None
3640Icicle TeckRockman 7Aqua
3641KaniganceRockman 7Aqua
3642Shirokumachine GTVRockman 7Aqua
3643Water ShieldRockman 10Aqua
3644PetaforceRockman 7Elec
3645Astro ZombiegRockman 7Elec
3646HannyaNED²Rockman 7Elec
3647Thunder WoolRockman 10Elec
3648TechnodonRockman 7Wood
3649Gockroach SRockman 7Wood
3650StegorusRockman 7Wood
3651Triple BladeRockman 10Wood
3652True Shield AttackerRockman 7Fire
3653Gilliam KnightRockman 7Fire
3654VAN PookinRockman 7Fire
3655Commando BombRockman 10Fire
3656Derusu BeeRockman 7Wood
3657Sniper Joe 01Rockman 7Wood
3658Dust Crusher Rockman 7Wood
3659Wheel CutterRockman 10Wood
3660Sparky / Shakey Rockman.EXE 2Elec
3661EleogreRockman.EXE 4Elec
3662Patrick Sprigs S.S. Rockman seriesElec
3663Rey Sprigs S.S. Rockman seriesElec
3664CloudyRockman.EXE 1Aqua
3665NullRockman.EXE 2Aqua
3666Hope Stelar S.S. Rockman seriesAqua
3667Queen TiaS.S. Rockman 3Aqua
3668MetFireRockman.EXE 2Fire
3669BasherRockman.EXE 3Fire
3670Kidd GruffS.S. Rockman 2Fire
3671ShamanS.S. Rockman 2Fire
3672NinJoy / Snapper Rockman.EXE 2Wood
3673Big SnakeRockman.EXE 1Wood
3674Damian WolfeS.S. Rockman 1Wood
3675Dr. VegaS.S. Rockman 2Wood
3676Shadow Rockman.EXE 2None
3677Dark MechRockman.EXE 6None
3678Jean Couronne Welmond Jour Jovonne XIV S.S. Rockman 1None
3679SoloS.S. Rockman seriesNone
3700Neo SigmaRockman X2None
3701SigmaRockman X3None
3702X (Full Armor) Rockman X2None
3703X (Full Armor) Rockman X3None
3704ZeroRockman X3Fire
3705ZeroRockman X5Fire
3706AxlRockman X8Fire
3707X & ZeroRockman X2 Soul EraserFire
3708DouglasRockman X5Wood
3709SignasRockman X5Wood
3710DynamoRockman X5Wood
3711High MaxRockman X6Wood
3712Chill ManRockman 10Aqua
3713Aqua ManRockman 8Aqua
3714Frost ManRockman 8Aqua
3715Freeze CrackerRockman 7Aqua
3716PlanetMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Elec
3717QuickMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Elec
3718MetalMan.EXERockman.EXE 3Elec
3719 (old)Sol Cross MegaMan Rockman.EXE 5Elec
3719Gareth Rockman X2 Soul EraserElec
3720Geo Stelar S.S. Rockman seriesNone
3721Mega Man Rockman 8None
3722MegaMan.EXERockman.EXE 3None
3723X (Neutral Armor)Rockman X8None
4000Mega Man (Super Mega Buster) Rockman 5None
4001RushRockman 8None
4002Dr. WilyRockman 8Aqua
4003Power Mega ManRockman 6Fire
4004Roll SoulRockman.EXE 4Wood
4005Colonel SoulRockman.EXE 5Elec
4006Proto SoulRockman.EXE 5Fire
4007Bass Cross MegaMan (gold & silver) Rockman.EXE 5?
4008AgileRockman X2Wood
4009SergesRockman X2Elec
4010X (Ride Chaser ADU-T400 turbo) Rockman X2Wood
4011X (Ride Armor type EG-2 cus) Rockman X2None
4012ServbotsTron ni KobunAqua
4013Bon BonneTron ni KobunElec
4014Teisel BonneTron ni KobunWood
4015Tron BonneTron ni KobunFire
4016GutsMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Elec
4017Roll.EXERockman.EXE 2Fire
4018ProtoMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Wood
4019MegaMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Aqua
4020 (old)RougeRockman Zero 2Elec
4020RougeRockman Zero 2Fire
4021Joan / Jaune Rockman Zero 2Elec
4022Eight Gentle Judges Rockman Zero 3None
4023ElpizoRockman Zero 2None
4024Geo StelarS.S. Rockman 2None
4025A.C. EosS.S. Rockman 3None
4026Sonia Strumm (pencilboard art) S.S. Rockman seriesNone
4027Geo vs. SoloS.S. Rockman 2None
5000Mega Man (Charge Shot) Rockman 7None
5001MegaMan.EXE (Gregar Beast Out) Rockman.EXE 6?_
5002MegaMan.EXE (Falzar Beast Out) Rockman.EXE 6?_
5003Bass GSRockman.EXE 3Elec
5004Serpent (2nd form) Rockman ZXWood
5005OVER-9Rockman ✕overElec
5006S.F. Mega ManS.S. Rockman 3Aqua?
5007ProtoMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Fire
5008Nebula GrayRockman.EXE 5Fire
5009Bass & Treble

6000 7: Thousand WarsWood
6001 7: Thousand WarsElec
6002 7: Thousand WarsFire
6003 7: Thousand WarsAqua
6004 7: Thousand WarsAqua
6005 7: Thousand WarsWood
6006 7: Thousand WarsFire
6007 7: Thousand WarsElec
6008 7: Thousand WarsFire
6009 7: Thousand WarsAqua
6010 7: Thousand WarsElec
6011 7: Thousand WarsWood
6012 7: Thousand WarsNone
6013 7: Thousand Wars
6014 7: Thousand Wars
6015 7: Thousand Wars
6016 7: Thousand Wars
6017 7: Thousand Wars
6018 7: Thousand Wars
6019 7: Thousand Wars
6020 7: Thousand Wars
6021 7: Thousand Wars
6022 7: Thousand Wars
6023 7: Thousand Wars
6024 7: Thousand Wars
6025 7: Thousand Wars
6026 7: Thousand Wars
6027 7: Thousand Wars
6028 7: Thousand Wars
6029 7: Thousand Wars
6030 7: Thousand Wars
6031 7: Thousand Wars
6032 7: Thousand Wars
6033 7: Thousand Wars
6034 7: Thousand Wars
6035 7: Thousand Wars
6036 Vivid Orrin 7: Thousand WarsAqua
6037 Maki Sisha 7: Thousand WarsWood
6038 レイス・メルヴァイク 7: Thousand WarsElec
6039 Blood Boal7: Thousand WarsFire
6100 Typhon Dragon CoinsNone
6101 Druk Dragon CoinsElec
6102 Artemis Dragon CoinsWood
6103 Cronus Dragon CoinsNone
6104 Shien no Miko
Dragon CoinsFire
6105 Magdra
("Magma Dragon")
Dragon CoinsFire
6106 Hanadra
("Flower Dragon")
Dragon CoinsWood
6107 Houjou no Miko
("Fertility Child")
Dragon CoinsWood
6108 Taikai no Ouji
("Ocean Prince")
Dragon Coins
6109 Iruka no Ouji
("Dolphin Prince")
Dragon CoinsAqua
6110 Duke Devil Dragon CoinsFire
6111 Tairiku Ushi
("Continent Bull")
Dragon CoinsWood
6112 Aqua Girl Dragon CoinsAqua
6113 Taiyō no Miko
("Sun Child")
Dragon CoinsFire
6114 Hræsvelgr Dragon CoinsElec
6115 Witch Dragon CoinsNone
6116 Phantom Dragon CoinsNone
6117 Centaur Dragon CoinsWood
6118 Snow Lady Dragon CoinsAqua
6119 Ukobach Dragon CoinsFire
6120 Cetus Dragon CoinsAqua
6121 Walküre Dragon CoinsFire
6122 The Rock Dragon CoinsNone
6123 Jack Frost Dragon CoinsAqua
6124 Nue Dragon CoinsElec
6125 Kraken Dragon CoinsAqua
6126 ヒノボウ Dragon CoinsFire
6127 マーリン Dragon CoinsAqua
6128 Ikkaku Pony
(Monoceros Pony)
Dragon CoinsWood
6129 シアワセズキン Dragon CoinsWood
6130 Unadare Giraffe Dragon CoinsWood
6131 Garu Puncher Dragon CoinsWood
6132 モリコロネ Dragon CoinsWood
6133 Tonfa Panda Dragon CoinsFire
6134 Death Pumpkin Dragon CoinsFire
6135 Machagama Dragon CoinsNone
6136 Inuten Dragon CoinsElec
6137 Kuro Hitsuji
(Black Sheep)
Dragon CoinsNone
6138 ブサラシ Dragon CoinsAqua
6139 Kubinashi Knight
(Headless Knight)
Dragon CoinsNone
7000MegaMan.EXE None _
7001ZeroRockman X7None
7002Shuko KidoRockman.EXE 6Aqua
7003Mega ManRockman 8None
7004S.F. Mega Man & Rogue S.S. Rockman seriesNone
10001Volcaire Rockman Zero 3Fire
10002Sand SnakeRockman Zero 1Fire
10003AtlasRockman ZX AdventFire
10004Buckfire the Gaxelleroid Rockman ZX AdventFire
10005BatringRockman Zero 3Aqua
10006Sharkseal XRockman Zero 3Aqua
10007AileRockman ZXAqua
10008Bifrost the Crocoroid Rockman ZX AdventAqua
10009MellnetRockman Zero 3Wood
10010Carrybee GRockman Zero 3Wood
10011AsheRockman ZX AdventWood
10012Hurricaune the Wolveroid Rockman ZXWood
10013SecuripiderRockman Zero 1Elec
10014CattatankRockman Zero 3Elec
10015GreyRockman ZX AdventElec
10016Vulturon the Condoroid Rockman ZX AdventElec
10017SignaloidRockman Zero 2None
10018MoleguleRockman Zero 2None
10019SiarnaqRockman ZX AdventNone
10020Purprill the Mandroid Rockman ZXNone
10021Wall CancerRockman X3Aqua
10022Bubble CrabRockman X2Aqua
10023Crystal SnailRockman X2Aqua
10024Crush CrawfishRockman X3Aqua
10025Magna QuartzRockman X2Elec
10026Magna CentipedeRockman X2Elec
10027Magna Centipede (alt.) Rockman X2Elec
10028GateRockman X6Elec
10029Head Gunner masspro Rockman X3Wood
10030Tornado TonionRockman X7Wood
10031Bamboo PandamoniumRockman X8Wood
10032Tunnel RhinoRockman X3Wood
10033Notor BangerRockman X3Fire
10034ViolenRockman X2Fire
10035KangarooRockman X3Fire_
10036ZeroRockman X2Fire
10037AclandaRockman X2Aqua
10038Toxic SeahorseRockman X3Aqua
10039FrogRockman X3Aqua_
10040Dr. DopplerRockman X3Aqua
10041MetridRockman.EXE 3Fire
10042Volcano Rockman.EXE 3Fire
10043Al FerryRockman.EXE 6Fire
10044ChargeMan.EXERockman.EXE 6Fire
10045PiranhaRockman.EXE 1Aqua
10046MarinaRockman.EXE 5Aqua
10047Shuko KidoRockman.EXE 4Aqua
10048AquaMan.EXERockman.EXE 4.5Aqua
10049MushyRockman.EXE 2Wood
10050KilbyRockman.EXE 4Wood
10051Master Feng-Tian Rockman.EXE 6Wood
10052TenguMan.EXERockman.EXE 6Wood
10053ElebeeRockman.EXE 3Elec
10054ScarecrowRockman.EXE 6Elec
10055Ann ZapRockman.EXE 6Elec
10056ElecMan.EXERockman.EXE 4.5Elec
10057Big HatRockman.EXE 6None
10058Nightmare Rockman.EXE 6None
10059YuikaRockman.EXE 6None
10060CircusMan.EXERockman.EXE 6None
10061ShrubbyRockman.EXE 6Wood
10062Dark ScytheRockman.EXE 6Wood
10063DuskRockman.EXE 5Wood
10064ShadowMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Wood
10065Prog Mark 1Rockman.EXE 1Elec
10066Tesla MagnusRockman.EXE 5Elec
10067Gauss MagnusRockman.EXE 2Elec
10068MagnetMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Elec
10069SlimeyRockman.EXE 3Aqua
10070RibittaRockman.EXE 5Aqua
10071Ringleader of Gospel Rockman.EXE 2Aqua
10072FreezeMan.EXERockman.EXE 2Aqua
10073Earth DragonRockman.EXE 6Fire
10074Joe MachRockman.EXE 6Fire
10075Mr. MatchRockman.EXE 3Fire
10076FlameMan.EXERockman.EXE 3Fire
10077SkarabRockman.EXE 5None
10078YahootRockman.EXE 1None
10079Princess PrideRockman.EXE 5None
10080KnightMan.EXERockman.EXE 2None
10081Pararoid R-5Rockman X2Wood
10082ScramblerRockman X2Wood
10083X (Dash)Rockman X2Wood
10084X (Foot Parts)Rockman X2Wood
10085Metall C-15Rockman X1None
10086Worm Seeker-RRockman X3None
10087XRockman X2None
10088X (Full Armor)Rockman X2None
10089Batton Bone
(or Batton Bone G)
Rockman X or X2None
10090Bar WayingRockman X2None
10091XRockman X2None
10092X (Double Charge Shot) Rockman X2None
10093AtareeterRockman X3None
10094Wild TankRockman X3None
10095XRockman X2None
10096X (Giga Crash)Rockman X2None
10097Drimole-WRockman X3None
10098Barite LastarRockman X2None
10099XRockman X2None
10100X (Full Armor)Rockman X2None
10101BoufoohRockman 7Wood
10102AutoRockman 7Wood
10103Screw CrusherRockman 10Wood
10104Commando ManRockman 10Wood
10105Bunby TankRockman 7Elec
10106EddieRockman 7Elec
10107Laser TridentRockman 9Elec
10108Grenade ManRockman 8Elec
10109KintotRockman 7Aqua
10110BeatRockman 7Aqua
10111Chill SpikeRockman 10Aqua
10112Blade ManRockman 10Aqua
10113Sisi RocketRockman 7Fire
10114Search RushRockman 7Fire
10115Ballade CrackerRockman 10Fire
10116Nitro ManRockman 10Fire
10117TripropellanRockman 7None
10118RollRockman 7None
10119Black HoleRockman 9None
10120Strike ManRockman 10None
10121WallaRockman.EXE 4Aqua
10122Haruka HikariRockman.EXE 2Aqua
10123Ivan ChillskiRockman.EXE 4Aqua
10124ColdMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Aqua
10125VolGearRockman.EXE 4Fire
10126Mr. MatchRockman.EXE 2Fire
10127FyrefoxRockman.EXE 5
10128NapalmMan.EXERockman.EXE 5Fire
10129SpidyRockman.EXE 4Wood
10130Arashi Kazefuki Rockman.EXE 2Wood
10131LillyRockman.EXE 4Wood
10132WindMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Wood
10133MagTectRockman.EXE 4Elec
10134Mr. PressRockman.EXE 6Elec
10135Dr. RegalRockman.EXE 4Elec
10136LaserMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Elec
10137Gaia (Chip version) Rockman.EXE 1None
10138Eugene ChaudRockman.EXE 2None
10139RaikaRockman.EXE 4None
10140SearchMan.EXERockman.EXE 4None
11501Air Man Rockman ✕over
(Rockman 2)
11502Dark Ray Bit Rockman ✕over
(Rockman X)
11503Sonia Strumm (Fuka Fuka Good Night) S.S. Rockman 2None
11504"Promo art" Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting StarWood
11505Spider Rockman X Command MissionFire
11506Colonel Redips Rockman X Command MissionWood
11507Axl Rockman X Command MissionNone
12001Rogue Noise Rockman ✕over
(S.S.Rockman series)
12002OVER-3 (green) Rockman ✕overWood
12003OVER-5Rockman ✕overNone
12004OVER-2 (red) Rockman ✕overFire
12005OVER-4Rockman ✕overNone
12006OVER-8Rockman ✕overWood
12007Elpizo (form 2) Rockman Zero 2Fire
12008Dark MegaMan.EXE Rockman.EXE 4Elec
12009Mega Man (Charge Shot) Rockman 8Aqua
12010OVER-7Rockman ✕overNone
12011OVER-9Rockman ✕overElec
12012Gospel Rockman.EXE 2None
12013Model LX vs. Hivolt the Raptoroid Rockman ZXAqua オーバードライブLX vs ハイボルト
(Overdrive LX vs Hivolt)
12014RogueS.S. Rockman 2None
12015Ninja SaurianS.S. Rockman 2Fire
12016Thunder ZerkerS.S. Rockman 2Elec
12017Wood NinjaS.S. Rockman 2Wood
12018Star Force Mega Man S.S. Rockman seriesAqua
12019Proto ManRockman 8None
12020Pump ManRockman 10Aqua
12021Clown ManRockman 8Elec
12022Model PX & Purprill the Mandroid Rockman ZXNone
12023Model FX vs. Lurerre the Abysroid Rockman ZXFire
12024Model HX vs. Fistleo the Predatoroid Rockman ZXElec
12025Model LXRockman ZXAqua
12026Model ZXRockman ZXNone
12027Wood Ninja S.S. Rockman 2Wood
12028Fire Saurian S.S. Rockman 2Fire
12029Rogue S.S. Rockman 2Fire
12030S.F. Mega Man (Tribe King) vs. Rogue S.S. Rockman 2Elec
12031XRockman X7None
12032Fourth ArmorRockman X5Aqua
12033Falcon ArmorRockman X5Wood
12034Acid AceS.S. Rockman 3None
12035Red JokerS.S. Rockman 3Fire
12036X (Armor Parts) Rockman ✕over
(Rockman X)
12037Hub StyleRockman.EXE 2Wood
12038Bass.EXE & Gospel Rockman ✕over
(Rockman.EXE series)
12039Black Ace S.S. Rockman 3Aqua
12040Le MuS.S. Rockman 2Elec
12041Super Mega Man (Rocket Buster) Rockman 7Fire
12042 Ice Pegasus S.S. Rockman series Aqua
12042 (old)
12043Princess PrideRockman.EXE 2Wood
12044S.F. Mega Man & Andromeda S.S. Rockman series Elec
12045Colonel.EXERockman.EXE 5 DSNone
12046Metal Shark Player Rockman X6Aqua
12047Taurus Fire S.S. Rockman 1Fire
12048Aile (Model ZX) Rockman ZXFire
12049Lan & MegaMan Rockman.EXE 3Wood
12050OVER-6Rockman ✕overFire
12051Black Zero Rockman ✕overNone 深紅のブラックゼロ
("Crimson Black Zero")
12052Bass.EXERockman.EXE 4Elec
12053Berkana Rockman X2 Soul EraserWood
12054Hub Style Rockman ✕over
(Rockman.EXE series)
12055Bug Style Rockman ✕over
(Rockman.EXE series)
12056Sonia Strumm (cutie monotone) S.S. Rockman 2Wood
12057OVER-ZRockman ✕overFire
12058GregarRockman.EXE 6Elec
12059Sherrice Rockman.EXE Legend of NetworkAqua
13001Nana Rockman X Command MissionWood
13002ZainRockman X Cyber MissionNone
13003GeemelRockman X Cyber MissionNone
13004Udon ManRockman ✕overNone
13006Yai AyanokojiRockman.EXE 1None
13007Sudachi WomanRockman ✕overWood
13008Sonia Strumm (mokomoko apricot) S.S. Rockman 2Aqua
13009ForkliftTron ni KobunElec
13010Jewel SatelliteRockman 9None
13011Lan Hikari Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting StarFire
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14003"EXP & Skill"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14006"Level Max UP"
(Rockman 4 golden cartridge)
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14007"EXP & Skill"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14008"EXP & Skill"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
(8 stars)
Rockman ✕over
Rockman 3
14010"EXP & Skill"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14013"EXP & Skill"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
("Happy Valentine")
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14017"Skill Max"
("Silver Rockman 4 cartridge")
Rockman ✕overNone
14018"EXP" Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14019"EXP" Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14020"Skill" Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14021"Skill" Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14022"EXP & Skill" Rockman ✕over"Gem"
14023"EXP & Skill" Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over"Gem"
Rockman ✕over
Rockman DASH
16001Cubit FoxtarRockman Zero 3None
16002Ciel (swimsuit) Rockman ✕overAqua
16003Time ManRockman RockmanNone
16004RollRockman RockmanWood
16005Mega Man Rockman RockmanFire
16006Toxic SeahorseRockman X3Aqua
16007Neon TigerRockman X2Fire
16008ZeroRockman X3None
16009X (Full Armor) Rockman X3None
16010Iris Rockman ✕over
(Rockman X series)
16011TrebleRockman 7None
16012Neo SigmaRockman X2Fire
16013Roll CaskettRockman DASH 2Wood
16014Model HXRockman ZXElec
16015BirdbotsTron ni KobunNone
16016GlydeRockman DASH 2Wood
16017VAN Pookin Rockman ✕over
(Rockman series)
16018Mega Man vs. Bass Rockman ✕over
(Rockman series)
16019X vs. Vile Rockman ✕over
(Rockman X1)
16021AeolusRockman ZX AdventElec
16022PrairieRockman ZXAqua
16023MegaMan.EXE vs. Bass Cross Rockman ✕over
(Rockman.EXE series)
16024 Mega Man, Proto Man and Rush Rockman 5 Elec
16026AquaMan.EXERockman.EXE 4Aqua
16027NumberMan.EXERockman.EXE 5None
16028PharaohMan.EXERockman.EXE 1None
16029Princess PrideRockman.EXE 5Wood
16030VentRockman ZXFire
16031Luna Platz and Vogue S.S. Rockman 3Aqua
16032Sonia Strumm and Lyra S.S. Rockman seriesFire
16033Geo Stelar (Battle Card) S.S. Rockman seriesWood
16034Team ColonelRockman.EXE 5None
16035Napalm ChaosRockman.EXE 5Fire
16036Meddy ChaosRockman.EXE 5Aqua
16037Magnet ChaosRockman.EXE 5Elec
16038Gyro ChaosRockman.EXE 5Wood
16039Search ChaosRockman.EXE 5None
16040Proto ChaosRockman.EXE 5None
16041Master Albert (DAN-000) Rockman ZX AdventNone
16042MegaMan.EXE Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting StarWood
16043XRockman X8None
16044Star Force Mega Man S.S. Rockman 3Aqua
16045Junk ShieldRockman 7None
16046LumineRockman X8Fire
16047LayerRockman X8Elec
16048AliaRockman X8Wood
16049ZeroRockman X8Aqua
16050Rockman ✕overRockman ✕over None
16051X (Ultimate Armor) Rockman ✕over
(Rockman X series)
16052AliaRockman X7Wood
16053Zero Rockman X2 Soul EraserFire
16054AxlRockman X7None
16055XRockman X5Aqua
16056Yai AyanokojiRockman.EXE 2Wood
16057Eugene Chaud Rockman.EXE 5 (DS)Fire
16058Dr. Wily Rockman.EXE 5Elec
16059 None
16060Kalinka (Xmas) Rockman ✕overAqua
16061Mega Man Rockman 6Aqua
16062Centaur ManRockman 6
16063Knight ManRockman 6
16064Mr. XRockman 6


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