Fog Castle (1)Immortal ("Decoy of Count") Crow (day only), Ghoul (Bok) & Klorofolun, Spider, Bat (chamber trap)
Calm Path
Small Cave (2) Ghouls, bats (trap)
Empty Passage
Gate of the Dead (3) Ghouls, Sword (trap)
Road of Farewell
Ancient Forest (4/5) Golems
Catacomb (4/5) Mummies
Road of Reunion
Sunwishing Plaza
Bloodrust Mansion (6)Immortal (The Count) Ghoul, Vanibok, Mummy, Crow
Solar Tree
Hill of Departure
Noname Fortress (7/8)
Deserted Arsenal (7/8)
Southwind Passage
Deserted Road
Young Grass Path
Death Cliff (9)
Stairs of Trial (10)
Frostbitten Path
Severe Cold Hill
Blocked Road
PermafrostImmortal (Garmr) Chill Bok (& Chillun), Octopus, Ice Golem
Firetop MountainImmortal (Muspell)
Ruined CemeteryUndead
Azure Sky Tower(Hidden area)
Crumbling MineUndead
Suffering HouseUndead
Stench ForestUndead
Remaining TowerUndead
Delusion ForestUndead
Scar of the LandUndead
Valley of IceUndead
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