All characters start without a V.A., but their Lvl 3 Super Combo summons their V.A. and they get inside, temporarily controlling it like Fox and Falco in the Super Smash Bros. series. However, the V.A.'s current HP will be the same as the player's (i.e. if a player with 5% HP uses the Super Combo to get inside the V.A., the V.A.'s HP will fall to 5%). The V.A. stays until its timer runs out or when its HP reaches 0.

Each character also contain a version that starts inside their V.A. and without time limit, but these versions are not allowed in multiplayer modes, except for "Free for All".

Armored Warriors

RashBlodia pilot.
JusticeReptos pilot.
GrayGuldin pilot.
SirenFordy pilot.
BurnsSupport character, a mechanic that can repair Machine type characters, specially V.A..
AzraelWarlock pilot. A dictator-like cyborg commander and the main villain of his game.
Mother Brain Not allowed in multiplayer modes, except for "Free for All".


Jin Saotome BX-02 Blodia pilot. Marvel vs. Capcom gameplay. Besides MvC colors, Ken Saotome and "Shadow Jin" are alternate colors/skins.
Princess Devilotte de DeathSatan IX S-008 Super 8 pilot. Gameplay is based on Doronjo from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Also includes Marvel vs. Capcom and Project X Zone content.
Emperor DeathSatan Zero-Akuma pilot. The ruler of Heldorado and the Milky Way Express, and Devilotte's father.
Santana Laurence RF-004 Reptos pilot.
Gawaine Murdock GP-N1 Guldin pilot.
Arieta FZ-100 Fordy pilot.
Shade UVA-02 Helion pilot.
Mary Miyabi FZ-900J Killer Bee pilot.
Bao and Mao GP-V4 Vise pilot.
Chiyomaru Kagura and Tessan Hagane P-10033 Gaits pilot.
G.O.D. X-0 Warlock pilot, a massive brain that plans to destroy humanity.

Variant Armors

One Must Fall 2017.

AEX-10M Blodia Rash's VA. A balanced machine.
BX-02 Blodia Jin's main VA, an improved version of AEX-10M Blodia. Default Sub Weapon is Bit.
BX-04S Sworsman A green Blodia with Laser Blade, Treads, and Electric Net.
BX-07R Riot Yellow Blodia with Rocket Arm, Turbo Jets, and Vulcan Cannon.
SVA-6L Reptos Justice's VA. Lightweight VA with good speed and range, but low power.
RF-004 Reptos Santana's main VA, an improved SVA-6L Reptos. Default Sub Weapon is Laser Cannon.
RF-009 Lightning Yellow Reptos with Chain Spark, Trads, and Wide Range Missile.
RF-027 Jackal Reptos with Heat Rod, Insectroid, and Bit.
AEX-10H Guldin Gray's VA. Focuses on power and ammo, but lacks in speed and range.
GP-N1 Guldin Murdock's main VA, an improved AEX-10H Guldin. Default Sub Weapon is Burner.
GP-V4 Vise Main VA of Bao and Mao. A Guldin with Force Claw, Treads, and Homing Missile.
GP-D2 Cyclone Guldin variation with Death Drill, Insectroid, and Mine Shooter.
AEX-12J Fordy Siren's VA. A lightweight VA with low defense and great mobility.
FZ-100 Fordy Arieta's main VA, an improved AEX-12J Fordy. Default Sub Weapon is Homing Missile.
FZ-202 Tarantula Fordy equipped with Force Claw, Insectroid, and Wide Range Missile.
FZ-900J Killer Bee Mary Miyabi's main VA, a Fordy with Laser Blade, Turbo Jets, and Mine Shooter.
Warlock Azrael's VA.
Warlock MK-2 Azrael's VA.
Warlock MK-3 Azrael's VA.
X-0 WarlockG.O.D.'s main VA.
Zero-AkumaEmperor DeathSatan's VA.
Super 7 (temporary name) Unknown pilot.
S-008 Super 8 Princess Devilotte's VA.
UVA-02 HelionShade's VA.
Gaits A common, mass-produced VA with low stats, being the weakest VA overall.
P-10033 Gaits The main VA of Chiyomaru Kagura and Tessan Hagane, a heavily customized Gaits.
Valimes VA with threads.
Jage VA with Turbo Jets
Insect VA with four legs.


VAs are customizable.


Part Details
Power Knuckle (AEX-10M)
Power Knuckle (BX-02)
Default arm part. Performance depends of the VA.
Death Drill A drill with high range and power, but low speed. Can be used while dashing. The drill can also open to fire a missile.
Laser Blade A powerful energy blade that cuts enemies at a high speed, but has a short range.
Force Claw An extendable claw that can grab a target to shake and slam it multiple times, also hitting nearby enemies. The player can do it until the enemy is destroyed or throw it at other enemies. Like the Zero Knuckle from Mega Man Zero 4, can also be used to take away the arms from other VAs, automatically replacing this arm by the new one. Doesn't work against enemies that can't be grabbed, and enemies can escape by rapidly pressing buttons, leaving the user open to counterattacks if they manage to escape before being thrown away.
Chain Spark A claw that releases electricity and can grab enemies.
Shield Cannon A small missile launcher with a shield. Useful for frontal defense, but not back attacks and area attacks like explosions.
Rocket Arm Powerful rocket punch.
Heat Rod A rod used like a whip.


Part Details
Command Walker (AEX-10M)
Command Walker (BX-02)
The default legs. Performance depends of the V.A.
Treads Caterpillar treads that can change to attack with spikes or a drill.
Turbo Jets Jets that allows the V.A. to move faster and glide.
(aka Power Bug)
Four insect-like legs that can do high jumps.

Sub Weapons

The ammo from Sub Weapons depends of the V.A.

Part Details
Vulcan Cannon A machine gun. Has low attack power, but has large ammo and fire rate.
MissileFires a powerful missile. Has a low fire rate.
Wide Range Missile
Homing Missile
(aka Guided Missile)
Fires two missile that follows enemies. Attack power is low, but always hits a target.
Laser Cannon A powerful and fast laser that can pass by enemies, hitting multiple targets continuously. Specially useful if the player moves up and down to hit more enemies. The only downside is that it has the lowest ammo.
(aka Flamethrower)
A flamethrower. Attack power is low, but causes continuous damage and can hit multiple targets.
Bomb A powerful bomb that temporarily creates a pillar of fire.
NapalmA wide range incendiary projectile that causes heavy damage.
Bit A floating weapon that follows the user and fires laser beams.
Electric Net
Mine Shooter
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