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Capcom World is a Capcom all-stars crossover game that uses the Modular Game Engine. Besides Capcom characters, characters from other franchises also appeared as DLC. Excluding DLC and updates, at launch the game has over 300 playable Capcom characters and over 50 Capcom stages.


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At an unknown point in story, a time travel experiment goes wrong and powerful time portals end up appearing in several places from different times and dimensions, including (but not limited to) Dr. Light's Lab, Wily Castle, Shadaloo Headquarters, a robot museum, Hunter Base, Sigma Palace, Jakob Orbital Elevator, Gigantis Island, Neo Arcadia, Resistance Base, Area Zero, Ragnarok, Guardian Base, Slither Inc.'s HQ, Hunter's Camp, Legion HQ, Kattelox Island, Ryship Island, Klickelan Island, Elysium, Electopia, Netopia, NetFrica, Sharo, and even in space.


Short version (2D mode): it's core elements are similar to Jump Ultimate Stars + Super Mario Bros. Crossover + Capcom Fighting Evolution, and also contains content from Street Fighter × All Capcom and Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation.

The game contains fighting and adventure elements and features a 2D and 3D gameplay mode, allowing players to choose which they prefer. 2D gameplay is similar to the original, resembling games like the Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. series. 3D mode resembles the Star Gladiator and Power Stone series.

Battle modes include Traditional Match (1 vs. 1), Tag Match (from 2-on-2 to 8-on-8), Team Match (from 2 vs. 2 to 10 vs. 10), and Free Match, where up to 80 players can fight each other online (assuming the connection/server are good enough). Battle modes are set as "Death Match" by default, but players can also choose to play as other modes like "Point Match".

Several characters and stages are available for all modes, players being able to have traditional battles in a small version of the stage, or fight in a large version of the same stage with several hazards and objects available to be used against opponents.


All characters lsited are playable, otherwise stated.

Sega Sammy DLC Packs:

Marvel DLC Packs: (All Marvel characters work similar to their Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Lego Marvel Super Heroes appearances)

SNK DLC Packs:

Bandai Namco DLC Packs:

Nintendo DLC Pakcs:

Other DLC Packs:

Ryu (Breath of Fire III)
Nina (Breath of Fire III)


ZombieResident Evil / Dead Rising / Ghosts n Goblins / ...
Violent Zombie
Dark Zombie
Evil Zombie
Cyber Zombie
Mecha Zombie
Shadow Zombie
Shin Zombie
Super Zombie
Hyper Zombie
Ultra Zombie
Alpha Zombie
Omega Zombie
Final Zombie
DogA weaker Amaterasu and Django.
Zombie Dog
CrowEnemy only
SharkNot allowed in multiplayer

Marvel Characters DLC Pack

Captain America
Iron Man
Black Panther
Dr. Strange

Vehicles and Assists




RushMega Man
TrebleMega Man
EddieMega Man
BeatMega Man
TangoMega Man
Auto's Half-trackMega Man
[[]]Mega Man
[[]]Mega Man
Ride ArmorsMega Man X
Ride ChasersMega Man X
Resistance TrailerMega Man Zero
Support CarMega Man Legends
GustaffMega Man Legends
FlutterMega Man Legends
GesellschaftMega Man Legends
Shadaloo TankStreet Fighter
Shadaloo ___Street Fighter
Shadaloo ___Street Fighter
KodalStreet Fighter
Sodom's truckStreet Fighter
Abigail's carStreet Fighter
Alex's trailerStreet Fighter
Arthur's horse
RathalosMonster Hunter
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter
Son Son's cloudSon Son

Sega DLC Pack

Extreme GearSonic the Hedgehog
Egg MobileSonic the Hedgehog
OrbotSonic the Hedgehog
CubotSonic the Hedgehog
Sukopako MotorcycleAlex Kidd
PeticopterAlex Kidd
Alex Kidd
Chicken LegGolden Axe
DragonsGolden Axe
Blue DragonPanzer Dragoon
LagiPanzer Dragoon
CupilSkies of Arcadia
ClaudiaSkies of Arcadia
DelphinusSkies of Arcadia
Sky PatrolArchie Comics
Opa-OpaFantasy Zone


Training Stage


Dr. Light's LaboratoryMega Man
Wily CastleMega Man
Wily StationMega Man
Cossack CastleMega Man
Robot MuseumMega Man
Hunter BaseMega Man X
Sigma PalaceMega Man X
Crimson PalaceMega Man X
Jakob Orbital ElevatorMega Man X
Resistance BaseMega Man Zero
Neo ArcadiaMega Man Zero
Resistance BaseMega Man Zero
Area ZeroMega Man Zero
RagnarokMega Man Zero
Guardian BaseMega Man ZX
Slither Inc.'s HQMega Man ZX
Hunters CampMega Man ZX
Legion HQMega Man ZX
OuroborosMega Man ZX
Kattelox IslandMega Man Legends
EdenMega Man Legends
CalincaMega Man Legends
Sulphur-BottomMega Man Legends
ElysiumMega Man Legends
Ryship IslandMega Man Legends
Klickelan IslandMega Man Legends
ACDC TownMega Man Battle Network
ACDC AreaMega Man Battle Network
SciLabsMega Man Battle Network
Castle WilyMega Man Battle Network
ElectopiaMega Man Battle Network
NetFricaMega Man Battle Network
SharoMega Man Battle Network
Mega Man Battle Network
[[]]Mega Man Star Force
Mega Man Star Force
Mega Man Star Force
Mega Man Star Force
[[]]Mega Man Star Force
Suzaku CastleStreet Fighter
Metro CityStreet Fighter
Ramayama TempleStreet Fighter
Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Demon VillageGhosts 'n Goblins
Raccoon CityResident Evil

Sega DLC Pack

Green Hill ZoneSonic the Hedgehog
Death EggSonic the Hedgehog
Miracle WorldAlex Kidd
Billy Hatcher
Old Firewood KingdomGolden Axe
Royal CastleGolden Axe
Dream GateNiGHTS
Submerged CityPanzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon
Skies of Arcadia
Skies of Arcadia
Skies of Arcadia
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