• As there is quite a variety of items, "Auto Equip" will only equip what is good for the character. Bad items like Skull Tank will never be automatically equipped, even if it is the only item available.
  • Chun-Li can equip handguns, but she will throw it away (animation only, it remains in inventory) in the beginning of the battle (she doesn't need it anyway as she has projectile attacks), its only purpose on her being to make a secret intro similar to the one she does in Street Figter Alpha series against M.Bison.


Besides being found in stages and automatically used in a similar way to Final Fight and Power Stone 2, most characters can carry up to eight items from the player's stock with them to stages. However, characters can't equip duplicated items. Recovery items are lost after usage.

Key Items

These items can't be sold.

BinocularsCan see what is ahead, but is defenseless while using it.
CommunicatorCan talk with other players when distant. Outside multiplayer will order CPU allies with a Communicator to go to the user's position. Only 4 are available in the game.
ExtinguisherCan extinguish flames.
FlashlightLight source for dark areas.
LighterCan ignite some objects and is also a source of light.
Map / RadarA minimap becomes available. Map shows the stage layout, and Radar shows characters.
RadioCan change music. Not available in multiplayer.
SwitchSwitch between characters. Not available in multiplayer.
Large RefractorRequired to make some vehicles work.

Recovery Items

ItemCharacter/SeriesBuy Price
YashichiVarious - Full HP and MP recovery, removes all negative status effects, and temporarily increases all stats by 10%. Extremely rare and hard to obtain.
BarbecueFinal Fight HP +10%
SteakFinal Fight HP +8%
ChickenFinal Fight HP +7%
Curry RiceFinal Fight HP +5% (+10% for Servbots)
HamburgerFinal Fight HP +4%
Hot DogFinal Fight HP +4%
PizzaFinal Fight HP +4%
SushiFinal Fight HP +4%
BananaFinal Fight HP +3%
PineappleFinal Fight HP +3%
AppleFinal Fight HP +2%
OrangeFinal Fight HP +2%
GrapesFinal Fight HP +2%
JuiceFinal Fight MP +4%
MilkFinal Fight MP +3%
CapcolaFinal Fight Streetwise HP and MP +2%
SodaFinal Fight MP +2%
Gargoyle's Quest HP +100. Demons, Undeads, and Darkstalkers only.
Gargoyle's Quest MP +100. Demons, Undeads, and Darkstalkers only.
ScrewdriverArmored Warriors300HP +5%. Machine characters only.
OilArmored Warriors300MP +5%. Machine characters only.
Small Life EnergyMega Man100HP +5. Machine characters only.
Big Life EnergyMega Man200HP +10. Machine characters only.
Small Weapon EnergyMega Man100MP +5. Machine characters only.
Big Weapon EnergyMega Man200MP +10. Machine characters only.
E TankMega Man400HP+50. Machine characters only.
W TankMega Man500MP+50. Machine characters only.
S TankMega Man700HP and MP +100. Machine characters only.
M TankMega Man900 HP and MP +150 (+250 for Mega Man characters). Machine characters only.
L TankMega Man - HP and MP fully recovered and removes the Confusion status. Machine Mega Man characters only.
This item is rare and hard to obtain.
Skull TankMega Man1000 Drops current HP by 10% and causes the Poison and Virus states.
? CanMega Man500 Random HP and MP recovery from +5 to +200. Any character.
S BallMega Man - HP +200. Machine characters only. Rare item.
Vaccine Removes the Poison and Virus state.
Roboenza VaccineMega Man Removes the Virus and Roboenza status. Machine characters only.
Sub TankMega Man HP +200. Machine characters only.
W Sub TankMega Man MP +200. Machine characters only.
Energy CrystalMega Man Zero/ZX MP+20. Machine characters only.
CanteenMega Man Legends HP +100.
Psycho SnackStreet Fighter
HP and MP +50 if the character is from Shadaloo or has the Psycho Power element. Otherwise current HP and MP -5%.


Those items have no purpose other than being sold for a good price (or for points in some cases). Some may also be automatically converted to money when taken.

ItemCharacter/SeriesSell price and details
DimeFinal Fight
CoinsArmored Warriors
BillsFinal Fight
NecklaceFinal Fight
TrophyFinal Fight 2
Gold BarFinal Fight
DiamondFinal Fight
Floppy DiskArmored Warriors
P ChipMega Man
Small ScrewMega Man
Big ScrewMega Man
Small RefractorMega Man Legends


See also: Special Weapons, X's armors, Zero, Axl, Vile, Battle Chip, Battle Card
KnifeFinal Fight
KatanaFinal Fight
KatanaFinal Fight
Steel PipeFinal Fight
Machine GunPower Stone 2
BazookaPower Stone 2
FlamethrowerPower Stone 2
NunchakuFei-Long and Talbain
Arm GunPower Stone 2
Powerful BusterPower Stone 2
Sonic BroomOriginalA broom for Roll that allows her to use an attack similar to Sonic Boom.
Ryu's GlovesRyuAtk+10, Def+5
Sakura's GlovesSakuraAtk+10, Def+5
Boxing Gloves Balrog, Dudley, Ed, ...
Shadaloo Boxing GlovesBalrog (SFIV)
Crazy Buffalo GlovesBalrog (SFV)
Gentleman's Boxing GlovesDudley
Vega's ClawsVega
MaracaDee Jay


Body Armor

Bulletproof Vest
Body PartsMega Man X
Body Parts 2Mega Man X
Body Parts 3Mega Man X
Padded ArmorMega Man Legends
Karate Gi (White)Ryu
Karate Gi (Red)Ken
Karate Gi (Pink)Dan
Karate Gi (Black)Akuma
Karate Gi (Gray)Evil Ryu
Karate Gi (Yellow)Sean
Crazy Buffalo HoodBalrog (SFV)
Dictator UniformM.Bison
Delta Red UniformCammy
School Uniform (M)Rival Schools
School Uniform (F) > Sakura, Ibuki, and Rival Schools characters
Ninja OutfitGekiSpeed +5
Ibuki's OutfitIbukiSpeed +10. Women only.


Mega Man's HelmetMega Man
Proto Man's HelmetMega Man
Head PartsMega Man X
Head Parts 2Mega Man X
Head Parts 3Mega Man X
Force Armor Head PartsMega Man X
Padded HelmetMega Man Legends
White HeadbandRyu (Alpha)
Red HeadbandRyu
Vega's MaskVega
Dhalsim's TurbanDhalsim (SFV)
Dictator CapM.Bison
Delta Red BeretCammy


BoltMega ManMachine characters only. Defense +5.
Hyper BoltMega Man Auto only. Max. MP +50, Defense +50, and resistance against Confusion +50%.
Ceramic TitaniumMega ManDefense +50.
Force MetalMega Man XReploids only. All stats +5%.
Supra Force MetalMega Man XReploids only. All stats +200%, but user will always have the Erosion state, and has a very high chance (90%) of getting the Virus, Berserk, and Maverick states.
Negative effects are nullified when equipped by Epsilon and Great Redips. Only two are available in the game.
Shadaloo BadgeStreet Fighter Def +1, Evil element strength and resistance +10%.
Spiked BraceletsChun-Li
Nash's Dog TagGuile, Nash
Guile's Dog TagGuile
Guile's CombGuile
Blanka's AnkletsBlanka
Skull NecklaceDhalsim
Red Cyclone CapeZangief
EyepatchPirate Ship Higemaru
Sagat's EyepatchSagat
Dictator CapeM.Bison
Red CloakCammy
Cammy's Dog TagCammy

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