The universe from Capcom World has every single game released by Capcom existing at the same time, being a fusion of multiple universes.

There actually are several universes, but which one is to be the one the game mainly takes place?

  1. Capcom World, the setting from Adventure Quiz: Capcom World (and its sequel), Street Fighter X All Capcom, and Minna to Capcom All-Stars. The games always existed together and expands as new games are released.
  2. Capconia (Puzzle & Dragons)
  3. A world that exists due to the main villain from the game somehow messing with time and space in a similar way to Namco X Capcom, either due to anomalies, time portals, or other means.
  4. A world that exists due to the main villain from the game somehow messing with time and space in a similar way to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, merging different worlds and times. This results in the possible outcomes:
    1. The worlds are separated in the ending.
    2. The worlds are permanently merged, creating a new world with several anomalies/time portals/paradoxes that must be solved.
    3. The convergence is permanent, creating a new world with a new timeline.
  5. Different worlds and times that were forcibly merged in a similar way to the Worlds Unite crossover from the Mega Man and Sonic comics and the planet created by Beyonder in Marvel's Secret Wars.
  6. Other

Alternatively, to reduce the amount of worlds, it can be assumed that at the very least only 1-3 worlds existed before the convergence, similar to Namco X Capcom and Project X Zone, or a single world with the games set in different times, with only time being changed. This would result in similar worlds that are know to be from different universes being put together, like the original Mega Man series and the Mega Man Battle Network series.

In case more than one world is used, the primary world is basically the same as the real world up to 20XX, but with fictional elements such as more advanced technology, powerful martial arts, supernatural beings, time travel, ...


Warning: Contains spoilers from some games.

?Asura's Wrath (earliest time in the game)
?Gargoyle's Quest II
? (circa 40XX B.C.)Gargoyle's Quest
? (c. 7XX B.C.)Demon's Crest
? (c. 5XX)Knights of the Round
?Gaia Master
? (62X-63X)SonSon II
? (c. 67X-8XX)SonSon
? (c. 7XX-9XX)Marvel vs. Capcom 2
?Tiger Road
? (c. 7XX-9XX)Ōkami
? (c. 9XX-15XX)Black Tiger
? (c. 9XX-15XX)Magic Sword
?Quiz & Dragons
? (c. 10XX-14XX)Ghosts 'n Goblins series
13XXRed Earth
? (c. 14XX-15XX) Event: Chakravartin (Asura's Wrath) is defeated, severely weakening the magic on Earth.
? (c. 146X-160X)Sengoku Basara series
? (c. 14XX-16XX)Onimusha series
? (18XX)Gun.Smoke
189X-190XPower Stone series
? (c. 192X-194X)Commando series
? (c. 192X-195X)Bionic Commando series
194X194X series
? (c. 197X-199X)Code Name: Viper
? (c. 19XX-200X)Darkstalkers series
? (198X)Avenger
198XSlam Masters series
? (19XX) Note: In the Capcom World, Drs. Thomas Light and Tadashi Hikari are cousins instead of different versions of the same person. Both became successful scientists. There is only one Wily and Cossack. Wily's MMBN counterpart appearance is a disguise like "Mr. X" and a robotic copy. MMBN happens before classic, Cossack's MMBN version being his younger self. Wily studied with Light, and later worked alongside Hikari.
19XX-20XXFinal Fight series
199X-201XClock Tower series
199XCarrier Air Wing
19XX-20XXStreet Fighter series
? (19XX-20XX) Most sports games
? (19XX-20XX) Most racing games
? (c. 19XX-20XX)Ghost Trick
? (c. 199X-200X)Capcom Fighting All Stars: Code Holder
? (c. 19XX-20XX)Devil May Cry series
? (c. 19XX-20XX)Viewtiful Joe series
197X-202X Resident Evil series
? (Early 20XX)Rival Schools series
Early 20XXMega Man Battle Network series
20XXMega Man series
20XX Dead Rising series
20XX Ace Attorney series
? (c. 20XX)The Speed Rumbler
20XXCannon Spike
2010Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight
2011LED Storm
2013Event: Origin of Remember Me
? (c. 20XX)Gotcha Force
2026Captain Commando
? (c. 20XX)Quiz Nanairo Dreams
? (c. 20XX)Asura's Wrath (end)
2047Gaist Crusher
20XXBattle Circuit
2084Remember Me
Late 20XXCyberbots
21XXMega Man X series
Early 22XXMega Man Star Force series
2282-2283Armored Warriors
Late 22XXMega Man X: Command Mission
? (2XXX)Tech Romancer
? (Between 22XX-24XX) Event: The Elf Wars (Mega Man Zero series)
? (2XXX)Mega Man Zero series
? Event: Humans start leaving Earth (Lost Planet series), with some staying in an attempt to restore the planet (Between Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series)
?Lost Planet series
?Mega Man ZX series
?Last Ranker
? (c. 4XXX)Strider 2
?Star Gladiators
?Legendary Wings
?Granbo (not on Earth?)
?Three Wonders (not on Earth)
?Forgotten Worlds (not on Earth)
?Monster Hunter series (not on Earth)
?Breath of Fire series (not on Earth)
?Section Z (not on Earth)
?Last Duel (not on Earth)
?Side Arms (not on Earth)
?Exed Exes (not on Earth)
?Mega Man Legends series
?Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure (not on Earth?)
?Vulgus and Titan Warriors (not on Earth)


  • Licensed games are also part of this universe, but they are rarely mentioned due to mysterious anomalies in time and space.
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