Vehicles in Capcom World. To avoid overuse, the "MP Gauge" from most vehicles is its fuel, becoming unable to move when out of MP (but may be able to use other functions when available). It requires fuel items to fill its MP Gauge. While oil works for most, some require special energy refils to keep running, like batteries. The HP from most is also recovered by machine only items such as wrenches and screwdrivers.

All of them can be used in "Free for All" settings, while most except for the "common" ones are forbidden in the "Restricted" settings.

Note that vehicles that are too big, like Sisi Truck, Gesellschaft, and Sulphur-Bottom, can't be used by the player in most modes, including "Free for All", instead being in minigames and similar, and also as stages.


Car A common civilian car that appears in multiple colors.
Solar Car A car powered by solar energy. Doesn't need (and can't use) fuel items, but it runs out of energy fast and its energy recovery is slow. It also has an auto repair system that slowly recovers HP (as long as it current HP isn't below 5% of the max. HP).
Hi-Tech Car Futuristic car, designs being from Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man ZX, LED Storm, and The Speed Rumbler. Uses energy instead of gas, being possible to refill it with items for machines like Life Energy (Mega Man) and Yashichi.
Police Car Common design, some resembling appearances from Street Fighter and Mega Man Legends.
Patrol Car Armored police car. Rare designs include the car from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.
Race Car Formula 1 car. Fast but not very sturdy.
Bus Mega Man Legends
Truck A common truck with varying design, including the truck that appears in the end of the Street Fighter animated movie and the ones in a stage from Street Fighter IV.
Mini Train A bit bigger than the one used by Metall K-1000.
Mini Ship
Mini Submarine
RC Copter Limited battery


Rare vehicles

Storm 11LED Storm The vehicle of Fred (aka "Mad Gear"), a futuristic car with good stats. It is also able to jump and "stomp" enemies, and has a navigation system called Mac that shows a map of the stage and the location of nearby vehicles. Runs on energy.
"Tempest" (temporary name)LED Storm The vehicle of Robert (aka "Snake"), a blue car resembling Storm 11, being a slightly slower and weaker version of it (about 2-5% stats reduction), but with ability to change between a car and a bike. The bike is faster than Storm 11 and can jump higher, and its compact size allows it to pass by smaller terrains. The bike also has a turbo, but its lower attack and defense makes it risky to use. Runs on energy.
T.N.T. CarLED Storm A tanker truck. Slow, but its ramming gives massive damage. However, it also takes massive damage, exploding when its HP reaches 0 and setting anything nearby on fire, including the driver. Hasta la vista, HP.
Pursuit Vehicle AMTThe Speed Rumbler A fast, armored car equipped with machine guns. When HP reaches 0 it will catch fire, indicating the driver that there are 3 seconds left to it explode. Jump out before it happens, or if one wants to get dangerous, drive it as close to an opponent as possible before jumping.

Mega Man

  • Notes: Nitro Man and Turbo Man can give a ride to one ally while transformed, Turbo Man acting like a platform to allies. (up to two depending of their size, but not more as they will end up being pushed out of Turbo Man)
Auto's Half-Track A bit slow, but besides the driver it can fit four allies.
Rush Roadstar
Treble Roadstar
Pop'n Beat
Proto Striker
4-Roader Actually a robot shaped like a car.
Joe Car ( Default color is green, alternate is black.
Devil Car (
Sniper Armor A sturdy bipedal vehicle created by Dr. Light that moves by jumping. It was modified for combat, being equipped with an energy machine gun.
Apache Copter The small chopper used by Apache Joes in Mega Man 5.
Marine Bike Used by Mega Man and Rider Joes in Mega Man 5.
Gunner A small vehicle for combat in outer space used by Gunner Joes in Mega Man IV.
Joe Sub ( The "submarine" in Blizzard Man's stage in Mega Man 6, with stationary cannons outside. Not allowed in multiplayer (if included in the game as an useable vehicle, may be a bit big for that). Also appears as a stage, similar to the submarines from Power Stone 2.
Armored Truck ( Used by Truck Joe in Mega Man 7
Sisi Truck Big vehicle that appears as a stage.
Mini Bull Small bulldozer used by Pickelman Bull
Pickelman Dada

Wily's vehicles


  • Except for Wily UFO and its variations, most vehicles can only be used by Wily, otherwise stated.
  • Most Wily Machines from 4 onward contain a Wily Capsule.
Wily UFO (prototype) Dr. Wily's UFO from the first game (but with 3 colors available: MM1, MM2, and MMPU). All it can do is fly for some time. When energy is low, it will slowly descent, falling faster when energy is 0. Energy recovers after a while. The gameplay is kinda similar to Model A's Queenbee from Mega Man ZX Advent, but with lower energy.
Wily UFO Similar to the prototype, but with the Mega Man 3 appearance (with MM2 and others as alt skins) and equipped with a laser and a claw.
Wily UFO (special) Dr. Wily's UFO from Mega Man 2 onward. Not allowed in multiplayer (minus free for all) due its unlimited flight time, being able to move freely in the air like UFO Kirby. Besides the claw and laser, is also equipped with a tractor beam and its parts can be customized by the player, extras including a hammer (Rockman Maniax), different "claws" (hand-shaped, crab claw, ...), a cannon, a drill, flamethrower, ... Each part has a cost to equip, similar to Emerl's abilities from Sonic Battle.
Wily Machine 1 Mega Man Powered Up version, first form having tank treads and the second levitating.
Wily Machine 2 A floating machine
Wily Machine 3
Wily Machine 4 Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Press Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine 5
Wily Machine 6 Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine 7 Not allowed in multiplayer (mainly due to Wily Capsule).
Wily Machine 8 Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine 8 (damaged) Wily Machine 8 without Evil Energy and its main cannon. Stats are also a bit lower and it only floats instead of flying. Wily Capsule is also damaged, not warping and only floating.
"Wily Machine 8-Kai" ( Mega Man & Bass version. Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine 9 Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine 10 Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine 25 Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine W2-A
Wily Machine W2-B Not allowed in multiplayer?
Wily Machine W2-C Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Machine W3 Not allowed in multiplayer.
Wily Robo - Iron Golem Not allowed in multiplayer.

Mega Man X

"Road Attacker" The vehicle of the Road Attackers, a gang from 21XX.
Death Rogumer "Big vehicle" used by Storm Eagle. Appears as a stage.
Sergess Tank Used by Sergess in Mega Man X2.
"Hyenaloid" ( "Big vehicle" used by Flame Hyenard. Appears as a stage.

Ride Armors

The Ride Armor from the first Mega Man X. Alternate color is the one used by Vile.
Used by Vile in Maverick Hunter X.
From Mega Man X2.
Chimera Ride Armor From Mega Man X3. Can be customized with other parts, including Hawk, Frog, and Kangaroo.
Vile's Ride Armor

Ride Chasers

"Maverick Chaser" ( The Ride Chaser used by X and Zero in scenes from Maverick Hunter X.
Cheval From Mega Man X2. Full name: Ride Chaser ADU-T400 turbo "Cheval".
Cheval (damaged) Does a wheelie and explodes.
Adion Mega Man X4-X5
??? Mega Man X7

Mega Man ZX


Mega Man Legends

Support Car
Diving Boat
Gesellschaft "Big vehicle". Appears as a stage.
Sulphur-Bottom "Big vehicle". Appears as a stage.
Sulphur-Bottom (miniature) A small hovering miniature of the Sulphur-Bottom bought by Mega Man and modified by Roll. Can be used like a hoverboard.

Street Fighter

Porsche 911Ken From the animated movie. License plate: ST2 250. This car model also appeared in the game LED Storm.
Ford Mustang GT.350Guile From the animated movie. License plate: New York CAP-2088.
Jeep WranglerGuile From the animated movie.
Mercedes Benz E-500 Used by the thugs in the animated movie.
Kamikaze Truck ( More sturdy than normal trucks so the driver can go "kamikaze" on opponents. And it has two nice (?) Japanese designs.
Vroom VroomAbigail Street FIghter V
Shadaloo VTOL M. Bison's stage.
Shadaloo TankStreet Fighter X Tekken Fires shells powered with Psycho Power.


Anime and Manga Pack

Also includes Carddass.

Time Machine From Mega Man: Upon a Star. Alt. color is the Archie Comics appearance.
??? The Ride Chaser used by X in Rockman X Mega Mission.
??? The Ride Armor used by X in the Rockman X4 manga.

Ruby-Spears Pack

Also includes skin for Mega Man characters based on their Ruby-Spears appearance.

Air Raider Default color is yellow, alternate is black.
Land Blazer
Skull Car Similar to Wily Machine 4, but can be customized with Wily UFO parts, also including new parts like a shrink ray that temporarily halves the size of the target.
Wily Copter (
Wily Airship (
Skull Digger (

Archie Comics Pack

Note: Wily Walker is included as an assist character, not a vehicle.

Mini Wily UFOWorlds Collide A small levitating platform in the shape of the Wily UFO.
Mini Egg MobileWorlds Collide A small levitating platform in the shape of the Egg Mobile.
Sky PatrolWorlds Unite "Big vehicle". Also appears as a stage.
Sky Patrol (wreckage)Worlds Unite Stage only. Its remains after being broken by Sigma.


Opa-OpaFantasy Zone
Eggman MobileDr. Eggman First game design. Gameplay is similar to Wily UFO (prototype).
Egg MobileDr. Eggman Sonic 3 design. Similar to Wily UFO (special). Not allowed in multiplayer as it has unlimited flight. Can be customized to use its various parts from the series, from the simple grabber part to the Eggwalker and bosses like EGG-HVC-001 and Big Arm. Each part has a cost to equip, similar to Emerl's abilities from Sonic Battle.
Extreme GearSonic Riders Its appearance and other details can be customized.

Street Fighter X G.I.Joe Pack

Vehicles from Street Fighter: The Movie and the G.I.Joe Street Fighter toy line. The DLC pack also includes skin for Street Fighter II characters based on their movie and toy versions, and G.I.Joe character that appeared in the comic crossover.

"Psycho Lift" ( M. Bison's hi-tech lift from the movie.
Sonic Boom A small tank with a cannon that fires a powerful sonic boom. Also has a missile launcher.
Street Striker (aka VAMP) A vehicle created by the United Nation to fight Shadaloo. A bulky jeep equipped with a missile launcher (four shots) that fires straight ahead, and a turret (1 missile) that can be fired to the sides or diagonally up.
Heli-fighter A military helicopter.
Crimson Cruiser
(aka Badger)
An all-terrain Shadaloo vehicle that is strong enough to ram a concrete wall with its spiked bumper, but doesn't offer much protection to the driver and runs on Psycho Power, being quickly drained when not used by high ranked Shadaloo members. Is equipped with a Psycho Power missile launcher (3 shots), a Shadaloo communicator, and a jammer that disrupts radars and communications from non-Shadaloo devices.
Beast Blaster
(aka Thunder Machine)
A forgotten vehicle that was gathering dust deep in the Shadaloo headquarters, although it doesn't appear to be from Shadaloo. This armored vehicle contains a jet-powered turbo, a communicator, and can fire four missiles.
Karate Chopper
(aka Dreadnok Cycle)
Other unknown vehicle found covered with dust in the Shadaloo HQ, apparently being stolen from the United Nations. An armored 3-wheeled bike with a missile launcher (2 shots) and machine gun. Requires one driver and one gunner to the rotating turret, otherwise the driver must stop to use the machine gun. Explodes when HP reaches 0.
Devastator An armored vehicle found abandoned deep in the Shadaloo HQ. Little is known about it, except that some of its parts were built in Thailand. Although powerful like a tiger, it seems not much effort was put into it before being abandoned, as for some reason it has "Shadowloo" written on it.
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