The instruction manual booklet from the 1994 DOS game Dominus. (CD-ROM version)

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Read before using your IBM PC or Compatible computer or allowing your
children to use the system.
A very small percentage of people have a condition that causes them to
experience an epileptic seizure or altered consciousness when exposed to
certain light patterns or flashing lights, including those that appear on a
monitor screen and while playing games. Such people may have no
medical history of seizures or epilepsy. Please take the following
precautions to minimize any risk:

Prior to use

  • If you or anyone in your family has ever had an epileptic
    condition or has experienced altered consciosness when
    exposed to flickering light, consult your doctor prior to
  • Sit at least 2.5m (8ft) away from the television screen.
  • If you are tired or have not had much sleep, rest and
    commence playing only after you are fully rested.
  • Make sure that the room in which you are playing is
    well lit.
  • Use the game on as small a monitor screen as possible
    (preferably 14" or smaller).

During use

  • Rest for at least 10 minutes per hour while playing a
    video game.
  • Parents should supervise their children's use of
    video games. If you or your child experiences any of
    the following symptoms while playing a video game:
    dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss
    of awareness, disorientation, any invonlutary movement
    or convulsions IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and
    consult your doctor.

Page 1


The Overlord...................................................3
Rules of Battle................................................4
Getting Ready to Play..........................................4
The Options Screen.............................................5
Play Controls..................................................6
Hot Keys.......................................................7
Controlling the Game Action....................................7
The Cursor.....................................................7
Travel Icons...................................................8
Combat Icons...................................................9
The Kingdom Map................................................10
Battlefield Mode...............................................11
The Generals and the War Room..................................12
Deploy Monsters................................................13
Recall from Area...............................................13
Recall from Task...............................................13
Gather Components..............................................13
Create Traps...................................................14
Trap an Area...................................................14
Spy on a Clan..................................................14
Purposes of Spells.............................................15
Cast a Spell...................................................15
Make a Spell According to the Book of Magick...................16
Hidden Spells..................................................16
The Component Inventory........................................16
Purposes of Traps..............................................17
Make a Trap....................................................17
Make Them Tell: Interrogation..................................18
Reasons to Interrogate Captives................................18
Interrogate a Prisoner.........................................18
The Kennels....................................................19
Select a monster for the Mixing Room...........................19
The Monster Mixing Room........................................20
Mix a Monster..................................................21
They're in the Castle!: Hand-to-Hand Combat....................21
The Clans......................................................22
Victory or Defeat..............................................23
Saving and Loading Games.......................................23


Page 2



Insert Disk 1 into Drive A or B. To select the correct drive type "A:"
or "B:" and then type "INSTALL." Next, press the "ENTER" key. The
installation program screen will appear. Follow the prompts to install
Dominus onto your hard drive. Once the installation is successful, the
setup program screen will appear. Follow the prompts to set your sound
card or make a boot disk. Once the setup is complete, exit the setup
screen and return to the DOS Prompt, C:\Dominus\>. Then type "DOM"
to play.

Important Note: It is always advisable to make a back-up copies of the your
master program diskettes to increase the life of the masters and guard
against accidents. Follow your computer's instructions to make copies of
all game diskettes.


Insert the Dominus CD into your CD-ROM drive. To select the CD-ROM
drive, type "D:" or "E:" (or any appropriate drive) and press the "ENTER"
key. From here, follow the floppy installation information listed above.
Please read the readme.txt file for more information about installation.


Page 3


It's all on your head now! You are an Overlord in the employ of an aged
King who has long since tired of battling. Protection and control of the king-
dom, its resources, treasures and its force of monsters are your obligations.

Neighboring clans are invading the dominion. They are a scourge of rave-
ous looters, soldiers and mages. Each group desires some resources that is
abundant in the kingdom. The longer they steal from you, the stronger they

There is a guiding wisdom of this land - Be ruthless! If you have any doubt
about the intentions of these invaders, try to reason with them.... They may
tear you apart!

You have the power of Command. Four monster generals will do your bid-
ding. Your hideous monster army will march against enemies of the land
instantly. Order spies to watch an invasion force before the battle. Or lay
lethal traps to slow it down.

You have the power of Magick. Cast a spell and an intruder suddenly bursts
into flames. Cast another and clan members turn on their own brothers in a
homicidal rage. Cast still another and the enemy simply vanishes.

You have the power of Creation. Concoct the ultimate soldiers by magically
mixing the monsters and prisoners locked in your kennels.

You have the power of Inquiry. More bluntly, you can torture needed answers
out of your captives.

Your first taste of power might bring great pleasure. But the invading clans
have their own magical spells and the advantage of overwhelming numbers.
When you realize that a voracious swarm outnumbers your forces by 4 to 1,
you will become more serious.

They are coming.


Page 4

150px The clans will attack from every
direction. If you do not defeat
them at the outskirts of the
kingdom they will move toward
your castle destroying and pil-
laging along the way. As they
ravage the land and close on the
castle they gain strength from
the resources they have captured. Each clan is after specific
resources. Some are invaders or scouts. Others are more powerful

Fight back with all your resources. Order your generals and mon-
sters into combat. Lay traps. Use Magick to destroy the clans and
enhance your own forces. Gain information through interrogation
and spies. Or fight with your own hands.


Following the Title Screen, the Game Selection Screen appears.
Wait a moment and the Dominus story screens appear. Watch them
to get an idea of what you are up against. When you are ready to
begin, press the Spacebar to re-display the Game Selection Screen.

NOTE: From now on the word "click" refers to a single click with
the left mouse button. The few right clicks and double clicks that
you need will be clearly noted.


Page 5


Before beginning the Dominus
adventure, take time in view the
Options. Click Options to open
the screen. Click once to open a
menu or change a setting.
After making your option selec-
tions, click Exit to return to the
Game Screen. Click New Game
to begin the adventure of the

Difficulty ranges through 7 levels, from Serf (easiest) to Overlord (hard-
est). As the difficulty level increases, the invasion becomes swifter. Initial
points of attack are more numerous, and the clans more powerful and vora-
cious. At Serf level, you begin the game with an army of 300 monsters. At
Overlord level, your army is 120 strong. Resources and components also
become rarer at higher difficulty. Try one of the less troublesome levels
like Serf or Explorer as a beginner.

NOTE: You cannot change the Difficulty Level of a saved game.

This adjusts the frequency of warnings about clan invasion positions and
movements. Level 1 is infrequent. Level 5 keeps you constantly updated.

Click once for On or Off. This controls the music and sound effects.

NOTE: Did you remember to set up the sound source in the Installation


Page 6

Enter Chariot Mode Click Chariot Icon
Recall Chariot Click Chariot Icon
Move Overlord Press Ctrl and hold + move
cursor by rolling mouse in
desired direction.
Sword Attack Left Click (when in Chariot
Fireall Attack Aim with cursor + Right Click
(when in Chariot Mode)
View Kingdom Map Click Eye Icon or press M
Zoom in/out (Battlefield Mode) Right Click on Eye Icon
View Invader/Monster/Item Stats Touch item with cursor +
press Spacebar
Close Invader/Monster Stats Screen Press Spacebar
Clear Warning Screen Press Spacebar
Name Monster (Mixing Room only) Click on scroll, Type Name +
press Enter
Abort Monster Name (Mixing Room) Press Esc
Go to Interrogation Room Click Interrogation Room
Icon or press I
Go to Spell Room Click Spell Room Icon or
press S
Go to War Room Click War Room Icon or
press W
Go to Kennels Click Kennels Icon or press
Go to Trap Room Click Trap Room Icon or
press T
Go to Mixing Room Click Mixing Room Icon or
press X
Go to Battlefield Mode from castle Click Crystal Ball or press P
Attack Invader Point armed cursor + Click
Retrieve Monster (Battlefield Mode) Point cursor at monster +
Right Click
Pause Game Press F1
Stop Game Press Esc


Page 7

Go to Kingdom Map M
Go to Battlefield View from Castle
(Note: P will not work from Kingdom)
Go to Interrogation Room I
Go to Spell Room S
Go to War Room W
Go to Kennels K
Go to Trap Room T
Go to Mixing Room X
  • Accomplish most gameplay by pointing the Sword cursor at
    an icon, enemy or option and clicking the left mouse button.
  • Travel through the land and castle by clicking icons or
    areas of the kingdom. Wage war by clicking the green
    battle icons in Battlefield Mode.
  • A few controls require key presses. You can also use Hot Key shortcuts for some actions. (See above.)
  • Move the cursor with the mouse to scroll the screen view in
    any direction during Battlefield Mode.
  • If a spell, trap or monster is chosen, the cursor is armed
    and changes to show you which item has been selected. Touch
    enemies with the cursor to attack them. Click the
    cursor to launch the trap, spell or monster. When you run
    out of that item, the cursor returns to its sword shape.
  • Touch enemies, monsters and resources with the cursor
    and press Spacebar to display stats or identify an item. Press
    Spacebar again to close a screen.
  • Use the cursor and the Ctrl key to guide the Overlord and
    aim his weapon.


Page 8


Click these icons to travel through your Kingdom and Castle.

Crystal Ball
Click the Crystal Ball the first time, and the Kingdom
Map appears showing all 72 sectors of the Dominion.
View any sector in Battlefield Mode by clicking on it.
After that, clicking the Crystal Ball reveals the last sector
visited. (See more about the Kingdom Map on page 10.)
Castle Icon
Click Castle Icon to open more icons for the six castle
chambers where work takes place. Click the room you
want to enter and you instantly transport to that cham-

Interrogation Room Icon

Mixing Room Icon

Kennels Icon

Spell Room Icon

War Room Icon

Trap Room Icon


Page 9


These are the green icons along the right side of the screen when you are
in Battlefield Mode.

Click to dash from the sky and battle face-to-face or just
take a look around. Click again and your faithful dragon
darts in for the escape. Don't forget to monitor your health
meter from time to time (See "Hand to Hand Combat,"
page 21.)
File:Dominus Icon Chariot.png
Click to open the list of available spells. Move the cursor to
the spell you want and click again to arm the cursor with a
spell. (See page 15 for more details.)
File:Dominus Icon Spell.png
Click to open the list of available traps. Move the cursor to
the trap you want and click again to arm the cursor with a
trap. (See page 14 for more details.)
File:Dominus Icon Trap.png
Click to open the list of available monsters. Move the cur-
sor to the monster you want and click again to arm the cur-
sor with a monster. (See page 19 for more details.)
File:Dominus Icon Monster.png
Left click to open the Kingdom Map from the Battlefield
Mode. Right click to xoom in and out.
File:Dominus Icon Eye.png
Click to display the castle chamber icons. Then click on an
icon to go to the chosen castle chamber.
File:Dominus Icon Castle 2.png


Page 10


A day of tranquility is dashed when you receive the first warning. You gaze
into the Crystal Ball for revelations. You see your entire kingdom from the
rocky ocean coast to the northern forest wilderness. A Raider Clan flag flies
to the North near the outer walls. Already they are looting.
If you don't annihilate this menace before it enters the castle, you could perish
in disgrace during the last showdown in the throne room! Only your ghost
would see the castle as it explodes in flames, its fierce light a beacon of defeat
for all the world to see.

They are here. Map
The Kingdom Map shows your
dominion, divided into 72 sec-
tors. You see the Wilderness,
the Village, the Fortress area
and the Castle itself. Two walls
slow the invaders' quest for the
  • The red pulsing square shows where your current
    Battlefield Mode is set. To change the Battlefield Mode to
    a different sector, point at it with the cursor and click.
  • The flags represent the enemy clans. A small invasion
    force shows a partial flag. A full flag represents a large force.
    Arrows show the direction of travel for each mob of
  • The yellow Shield symbols represent your forces when you
    deploy them. A large force shows a full Shield, a partial one represents a smaller force. The exact number will display
    every time you click to deploy a force.


Page 11


You take a closer look. About 25 Raiders are heading southwest. You pick
one and read his mind.
His name is Bangismar. What are you thinking little Bangiswhatever? You
become enraged and cast a Charm spell on him. Instantly he becomes dazed.
Then three of his closest comrades turn on him insanely and fire arrows.
You decide to start a skirmish by dropping a few monsters - Reptons. Then
you fly down in your chariot for a closer view. You see the dominion's
resources scattered on the ground. These are the riches that fuel your king-
dom. This is what the clans have come to steal. You remember that you too
are important to the clans. They want to fill your body with arrows and burn
your kingdom to the ground.
A mage unleashes a deadly spell and a hot frothy substance envelops two of
your Reptons. Swiftly, you call for the Chariot and escape to the castle.

Enter Battlefield Mode by clicking on any sector in the Kingdom Map.
From this position, you can battle directly with the enemy or observe the
course of a battle.

  • Enter Battlefield Mode for combat inside the Castle. Click
    the Castle in the center of the Kingdom Map to display the
    Castle Close-up. The 8 floors of the castle are labeled with
    roman numerals. Floor VIII is the Throne Room. Click on
    any floor to enter Battlefield Mode on that floor.
  • Right click the Eye Icon to zoom in and out.
  • To gather information on any single clan member, monster
    or resource, touch it with the cursor and press Spacebar.
    A window will display the stats on that individual or identify
    the item. Press Spacebar again to close the window.
  • Click on Battle icons to cast spells, set traps and release
    monsters. You begin with a stock of spells and monsters, but you
    must make traps (or order a general to have them made).
  • Click on the Spell, Trap or Monster Icon to display each
    menu. Click the arrows at the bottom of a menu to view
    additional pages. The number of each item is listed next to
    it. Choose the one you want and Click to close the window.
    The cursor will change according to the item you armed yourself
    with. To release that item, aim with the cursor and click.
  • Retrieve a monster by pointing the cursor at him and right
  • If you want to battle in person, click the Chariot Icon. To
    retreat, click the Chariot Icon again to call the Chariot.
  • Click the Castle Icon to open the colored castle room icons.
    Click on the desired room to leave Battlefield Mode and
    return to that castle room.

Page 12


You have seen the hatred in their eyes and given them a taste of your own
powers. Now it is time to show the clans your ferocity in all out war.
First you call a meeting with your four generals. They sit across from you in
the War Room looking back with the dead eyes of predators. It is good that
they fear you. Any of these monsters would be a horrifying enemy.
Fire Demons have penetrated the outer west wall. You call on Shonus to deploy 25 monsters to stop this assault.
Next you instruct Unocles to create traps quickly using half his monsters and
send the rest into combat.
You order Lykos to gather Components for both traps and spells very quickly.
You order Gargat to send out spies for intelligence on the Devourers.
Later you demand a report from all generals. Numerous traps are now ready
to deploy for capture. Your monsters have stopped the Fire Demons.
Intelligence on the Devourers reports that they travel more slowly than you
imagined and that they are social.
The Generals have deployed their troops. The counter-attack is in full force.
The ageless battle for the land rages below. Swords are swinging, arrows are flying, soldiers are falling.

Issue orders to your Generals in the War Room. From here you control
large monster forces and learn valuable information about the enemy.
Prepare a general to receive orders by clicking on him. When he comes to
attention, his order list will appear. Click an order to open an option
screen of specifics. Exit by clicking on the door in the upper left corner of
the screen.

The Report Screen gives information about the monster forces under this
general's command. If you order spy missions, trap production or compo-
nent gathering, the generals will report the status of those. The Total Forces number in each general's report will drop as your army takes casu-


Page 13

  • Click Report to display the Report Screen.
  • Click View Clans or View Spells to review important infor-
    mation about the enemy (if you have any.) Click the report
    itself and a scroll will appear to give the exact information
    that was discovered.


  • Click Deploy Monsters to display the Deploy Monsters
  • Click the sector you want the force to attack. The generals
    will determine the force size. The scroll will appear telling
    you how many monsters have been deployed. Click again
    to close the scroll.
  • You may click again to deploy monsters until the scrolls
    saying "No monsters available" or "No more monsters
    can be deployed in that area" appear. Click again to close the

Recall monsters when they have defeated the enemy in a sector or you
need to attack in another place. Ant one General can recall your total
army but the returning forces remain under the command of their original

  • Click Recall From Area to display the Recall Monsters Screen.
  • Click a sector containing your forces. All monsters will be
    recalled from that sector. A scroll will appear reporting the
    number of returning troops.


  • Click Recall From Task to display the Monster Forces Screen.
  • Click on the task you want to recall forces from. The scroll
    will display the number of troops returning.

This is where you order your forces to gather resources to make spells and
traps. You can order the type, quantity and delivery time of the items by
clicking on them.

  • Click Gather Components to display the Component
    Gathering options.
  • Make selections for type, quantity and time urgency.
  • Click Continue to deploy a gathering force. The scroll will
    tell you the number of troops gathering. Click again to
    close the scroll.
  • Click Continue again to deploy additional gatherers.

Page 14

Deploy lethal or capture traps. Capture the enemy for interrogation pur-
poses and as stock for mixing monsters. (See page 18 to learn the fine
art of interrogation. See page 19 for more on mixing monsters)

  • Click Create Traps to display the trap options.
  • Make selections for type, quantity and time urgency.
  • Click Continue to deploy a trap force. The scroll will display the
    number of trap makers. Click again to close the scroll.
  • Click Continue again to add more trap makers to the force.

Traps produced by one General are available to the whole force. They
also appear on the Overlords Trap Menu in Battlefield Mode.

  • Click Trap an Area to open the Trap Screen.
  • Click a sector. The scroll will display the number of traps
    laid and the total laid so far.
  • Click again to close the scroll. If you want to lay more
    traps, click the same or another sector.

Deploy spies to find out about the motivations and skills of a clan.

  • Click Spy on a Clan.
  • Pick a clan by clicking its picture.
  • Specify the number of forces and duration of spying.
  • Click Continue to deploy a spy ring. The scroll will open to
    display the number of spies. Click again to close the scroll.
  • Click Continue again to deploy still more spies.
  • Spies return when they have gained important information.
    A mission may end quickly or take quite some time. Spies
    can be uncovered by the invaders and destroyed.


Page 15


Now you have some time to cook up a little magick.
Your spells wreak havoc on the natural world and all who live in it. You can
turn Earth forces into murderous weapons, drive invaders mad or banish
some to the underworld.

Now the wrath of your sorcery is unleashed!

You begin Dominus with spells at the ready, but in limited numbers. Each
spell is made from components and recipes stored in the Spell Room. Use
up the spells in the menu and you must return to the Spell Room to make
more. When you run out of spell components, monsters must be deployed
to collect more. Some components are quite rare and you may run out of
them entirely.

The Clone Killer spell makes a copy
of an invader who fights for your
side. That clone will have an icon
over its head to show he is under
your control. Invader Mages can
resist certain spells with their own

Some of the clans are stealing the very components you need to make

— Destroy, confuse, mislead or capture the enemy.
— Enhance the fighting ability and survival of your own monsters.
— Defend against and steal the invader Magick. Identify mages.
— Destroy or booby-trap the Kingdom's resources before the
clans can snatch them.


  • Click the Spell Icon in Battlefield Mode to display the Spell
    menu. Click the arrows on the bottom of the menu to page
    through the listings. The number to the right of the spell
    indicates how many of that spell is available.
  • Click the desired spell to arm the cursor with that spell.
  • Point the cursor at an invader or monster and click to cast the


Page 16


  • Enter the Spell Room by clicking the Spell Room Icon.
  • Click tge Book of Magick to open it. Click on the left or
    right book corners to page through the recipes obe-by-one.


  • Click Spell List to open the menu of available spell recipes.
    Click the arrows on the bottom of the menu to page
    through the list. Click the desired spell . Its effect, components
    and amount in stock appear on the book pages.
  • If you know the components you need by sight you can pick
    them off the shelf by clicking on them. (The spell book must be
    closed. Click Book of Magick to close it.)
  • Click the Mixing Bowl to prepare one batch of the Spell.
    Each time you click, another batch is made.

Hidden Spells have 5 components.
They are different for each game
you play. If you have collected hid-
den spell information through spy-
ing and interrogation, return to the
Spell Room and attempt to mix the

  • Click on Inventory to display the list of components and
    how many you have. Double click the component and it
    will appear on the Component Scroll.


  • If you know a component by sight, just take some off the
    shelf by clicking on it. Its name will appear on the scroll.
    Remove a component by clicking on its name on the scroll.
  • When the components you want appear on the scroll, click
    on the Mixing Bowl to prepare a batch of the spell.
  • If you have the wrong mixture the Spell Failed scroll will
    appear. You will also lose one of each of the components you
    (See Interrogation on page 18 and Spying on page 14.
    Learn about gathering Hidden Spell information on page 15.)


  • Click Inventory at the bottom of the screen. The Component
    count will appear next to the item.


Page 17

  • You can also see the amount of a component in stock by
    looking at the shelves. The amounts will dwindle and disappear
    as you use it up.
  • Click again to close the Screen.

The Devourer clan has broken through to the Castle and are thrashing your
monster palace guard. They march to the top of the stairs where food for their
curiosity awaits. Wooden chests sit invitingly on the landing. You watch
gleefully as a Devourer scout cracks open the chest and is bathed in a shower
of acid. Two more stumble on trip wires. The first one is netted for transport
to the interrogation room. The second luckier one is skewered by a crossbow

A trap consists of two parts. The Trigger is the bait or mechanism that
springs the trap. The Hazard is the mechanism that does the damage. To
make a trap, pair a trigger and a hazard. The number of triggers and haz-
ards in stock appears next their names at the bottom of the screen. Not all
trap components will work together, although the trap will be created and
added to inventory. It's up to the player to determine which combinations
work and which combinations do not. Components used in bogus traps
are wasted.

— Destroy the enemy.
— Capture the enemy for interrogation and enslavement.
— Guard resources and points of entry.


  • Select a Trigger. Click Trigger to cycle through the available
  • Select a Hazard. Click Hazard to cycle through the available
  • Click Create to make a trap. Any traps made by you or your
    monsters will be listed in the Trap Inventory.

Page 18

  • If you have traps already made, click Inventory to display the type
    and number of completed traps on hand. Click the arrows on the
    bottom of the menu to page through the listings. Click on the trap
    you want to make. Its parts will appear on the screen.
  • Click Create. If you have the components on had, the trap will be

His name is Ato-Amo a member of the Eternal clan. His eyes flash with ter-
ror as the red-hot poker is jabbed at him. Yet when questioned he is defiant.
How admirable he is... stupid too, but very impressive. You ask him if he
likes armor and he seems disinterested. You ask him about Magick and he
perks up. So, its Magick. A piece falls into place. Now its time to find his
leader and talk some more.

The Interrogation Room is where you squeeze vital information out of cap-
tives. But first you must have someone to "grill". Capture invaders with
Net and Pit traps. Or use Teleport or Net spells. When captured, invaders
will vanish from the battlefield and appear on a prisoner list in the interro-
gation room according to clan affiliation.

Interrogation is an art. A certain tactic will cause one captive to "spill his
guts" while another prisoner may require a different approach.

— Find out components of hidden spells.
— Negotiate agreements with clans.
— Find out why they are invading and which resources a certain
clan needs. — Understand clan alliances and enemies. — Discover what they fear.


  • Enter the Interrogation Room. Click the clan picture of the
    group you want to Interrogate.
  • Click a name in the Captives Menu. Click the arrows on
    the bottom of the menu to page through the list of prisoners.
    The selected prisoner will be brought out of the Lair.
  • Click a question category from the top of the Conversation
    Screen. It will display questions from within that category.
    The next window specifies the question still more. The last
    window poses that question from gentle to threatening.


Page 19

  • Vary the types and intensity of the questions according to
    the prisoner's response.
  • The prisoner's answer will appear in the Response Box at
    the bottom of the Conversation Screen.

NOTE: All spy information is stored automatically in the War Room.
There is no need to take notes. Get this information by ordering a report
from your generals. (See page 12.)

When you have have finished interrogat-
ing the prisoner you can send him
to the Kennels or back into the
Interrogator's Lair where he can be
brought out later to answer more
questions. If you send him to the
Kennels he will not be available for
interrogation. Click Send Kennel
or Send Lair.

Your Jailers...How ugly they are! But these tortured souls are beauties com-
pared to the hideous monsters they ride herd over. But those creatures rat-
tling impatiently in their cages are the first line of defense for the kingdom.
Without them you would be doomed. Some are surprisingly intelligent or
courageous in battle. Others resists spells or race to the attack with great
speed. And if they do not serve your purposes, you can send a few of them to
the Monster Mixing Room and create a special surprise for the invaders.

The Kennels store the caged monsters of your army. They also contain
captured clan members who were imprisoned here after interrogation. In
the Battlefield Mode all will appear in the Monster Icon Menu. They are
also your stock for mixing even more lethal soldiers in the Mixing Room.
Select a Monster for the Mixing Room

  • Click a jailer's picture to view the monsters under his
  • Click a jail ceil to view the Stats Screen of a monster or
    captive imprisoned inside. Review the attributes of a
    monster with an eye for mixing it with another monster or
    monsters. Click Exit to close the Stats Screen of the
    selected monster.
  • View the stock of another jailer by clicking the picture on
    the bottom of the screen.


Page 20

  • Click Mix to send a monster to the Monster Mixing Room,
    select a maximum of 6 monsters which is the limit for the
    Monster Mixing Room.


The results are sometimes beyond belief and the effort is no more difficult than
a grandmother's soup recipe. For this frightening concoction you added a
new ingredient, hatred. During interrogation of a Devourer named Pexinori
you found out his clan despises the Order. Further questions directed at
Order clan member Nebon revealed that the feeling was mutual. They detest
the Devourers.
Now a Devourer stands in the Mixing Room glaring at an arch enemy and
they are about to become one. Two Drakes and a Braineater are thrown in
to make an extra nasty being. What will you name it?

The Monster Mixer consists of 6 pedestals arranged around a central
Pedestal Mixer. Five pedestals draw a specific attribute from the Monster
standing on it. The attributes are:


The sixth pedestal multiplies attack, defense, speed and intelligence of the
monster standing on it.
The attribute pedestal positions change from game to game.
Point the cursor at a pedestal and press Spacebar to find the position of
each attribute.


Page 21


  • Select from 2 to 6 monsters from the Kennels and send
    them to the Mixing Room.
  • Click Castle Icon and Mixing Room Icon to enter the
    Mixing Room.
  • Click on a Monster to move it to the pedestal you want.
    The cursor will become a skull when you have the monster
    in control.
  • To swap positions of monsters, click the first monster posi tion
    to arm the Skull Cursor. Then click the second monster to
    complete the swap.
  • When you have the monsters positioned click the center
    Pedestal Mixer. The new monster appears as does its
    name in the Monster Created Scroll. If you want to name it
    yourself, click the scroll and type in the new name. Press
    Enter and the monster is renamed.
  • Click the monster and the Skull Cursor appears. Click on
    Lair in the upper right corner of the screen to send the
    Mixed Monster to the Kennels.

Your new monster is now part of the Kennel Inventory in a cage called
Mutants. It is also available in the Monster Icon in Battlefield Mode. Only
you personally can deploy a Mixed Monster. In battle this monster
can be identified by a yellow icon floating over its head and large size compared
to other monsters.


The clans storm the castle's 6th floor slaughtering and looting. Eternals and
Raveners are everywhere. A wave of winged Dark Folk has smothered your
Carniferns and Wolf Warriors. They push on toward the seventh level. You
drive the chariot down. They see you dart around a corner and 20 invaders
stampede down a maze hallway at you. You push yourself into a corner so
they must strike from the front. You raise a deadly hand. A fireball engulfs
the first five attackers. Still more fall as your flaming spell burns deeper into
the mob. Sword drawn, you lash out and 3 more invaders crumple to the


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Chariot Mode is where the Overlord strikes the clans with his own hand.
It is the most dangerous form of combat because all invaders in the area
stop looting and mob the Overlord.

  • Move the Overlord by pressing and holding Ctrl and
    moving the cursor direction.
  • Attack by left clicking to swing the sword and right clicking
    to shoot fireballs.
  • Retreat by clicking Chariot Icon.

In Chariot Mode a Health Meter is at the right of the screen under the
Chariot Icon. Retreat when the meter becomes low to slowly gain back
health. If the health drains from the meter during combat the Overlord is
defeated and THE GAME IS OVER.
If the invaders reach the Throne Room (floor VIII of the castle), the
Overlord is forced into Chariot Mode and must defeat all Throne Room
invaders before the Chariot can be recalled.


These are the clans, eight invader tribes who want to reduce your king-
dom to a smoldering wreckage. Their wants, needs and alliances change
with each game, but their destructive nature will not. Some fire arrows or
hurl spears. Others wield axes or attack with their bare hands. They all
are headed for your kingdom.

The Raiders
The Raiders
The Devourers
The Devourers
The Eternals
The Eternals

The Order
The Order
The Sea Devils
The Sea Devils

The Fire Demons
The Fire Demons
The Dark Folk
The Dark Folk
The Raveners
The Raveners


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Win Dominus by defeating all the clans in battle or negotiating a withdraw-
al. The Game is lost when the Overlord is defeated in battle.

NOTE: Endings differ slightly depending on the difficulty level.


To stop playing and save a game:

  • Press Esc (when a warning screen is not displayed) to dis-
    play the Game Screen.
  • Click Save Game. Save up to 5 games. Click on the
    position you want to save the game in. The words "Game
    saved successfully." will appear at the bottom of the
  • Click Quit Dominus.

To load a saved game:

  • Click Load Game.
  • Click the desired game.

Manual by Neil Hanshaw, Hanshaw Ink
Designers: Gregory A. Thomas,Janice Linden-Reed, Matthew Crysdale,
Jeff Thomas, Tony Caton,
Programmers: Alick Dziabczenko, Tony Caton
Lead Artist: Eric Browning
Artists: Dean Lee, Bill Stanton
Musical Scores: Mitchell Stein, Russell Lieblich
Quality Assurance: Brian Schorr, Mike Schmitt, Thomas Marx,
Frank Hom, Top Star Computing
Produced for Visual Concepts by: Gregory A. Thomas Produced for U.S.Gold by: Brian Schorr Special Thanks: Julie Schorr, Eileen Noguchi, Elizabeth Lawrence,
Joseph Olin, Shay Hogan, Robert Botch, Eric Abraham, Ed Anderson,
Moore & Price Design


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If any defect arises during the ninety day limited warranty on the product
itself (i.e., not the software program, which is provided "as is") return it in
its original condition to the point of purchase.


Please read the following section before calling the HELP Line:

Because of the millions of different hardware and software combinations
possible with today's PC's, you may still have to refer to your computer
manufacturer, or software publisher in order to properly configure their
product to run with our game. If at all possible, be near your computer
when you all. The Customer Service agent will need specific information
about your machine and may need you to access or change some files
while you are on the phone. If it is not possible to be near your computer,
be sure to have:

  • A listing of all your machine's hardware and its
  • The contents of your AUTOEXECBAT.EXE and
    CONFIG.SYS files.
  • All the information listed after CHKDSK or MEM
  • The current configuration of your game.

Our HELP Line number is 021 326 6418 (open 9.00AM to 5.00PM, Monday
to Friday).

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