Ehrgeiz items

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Weapon Description Price Base Ability Status Change
BuySell Weapon AtkDurability MAX HPAttackDefenseMagic AtkMagic Def DexteritySpeedConsum. RateEXP Gain Rate
Note: The Andrews Dagger can only by used by


001DaggerA very short sword. 5 170%00000000
002Hunting KnifeA knife for hunting. 10 570%00000000
003Kidney KnifeA sharp short sword. 40 870%00000000
004Rondel DaggerEasy-to-wield short sword. 50 970%000000-10
005Antenie DaggerA simple short sword. 60 1370%000000-10
006Butter KnifeA multi-purpose knife. 25 360%000000+50
007Survival KnifeA knife for survival. 90 127+10%00000000
008Army KnifeA knife used by the army. 100 1470%0+10000000
009Andrews DaggerThe Andrews family knife. 275 2970%000000-1+3
010Assassin DaggerA swift knife for assassins. 310 3970%00+300+1-10
011Glass Daggera short glass sword. 110 7010%000000-10
012Mugger's KnifeA favorite among thugs. 185 1970%00000+12-1-5
013Berserk KnifeCan't use magic or guard. 225 4570%000000-10
014Short SwordA sword on the short side. 7 480%00000000
015Bronze SwordA sword made of bronze. 10 1180%00000-100
016Butterfly EdgeA blade like a butterfly's wings. 125 1880%00-3-30+4+10
017Mythril SwordA sword made of mythril. 100 4180%00000-2-10
018Iron SwordA sword made of iron. 50 2180%00000-100
019SaberA narrow-bladed easy-to-wield sword. 1080%00+100000
020Great SwordProvides magic defense. 2780%000+10-1-10
021Glass SwordA sword made of glass. 7610%00000000
022Enhanced SwordImproves defense. 2980%0+4000-2-10
023Long SwordA sword on the long side. 3180%00000-1-10
024Golden SwordA sword made of gold. 6280%00000-2-20
025Rune BladeA crescent-shaped sword. 4580%00000-2-1+2
026Blood SwordYou'll probably see blood. 7780%0-10000-1-10
027Diamond SwordA sword made of diamond. 8580%00000-3-30
028Silver SwordA sword made of silver. 5180%00000-2-10
029Hard BreakerHas destructive power. 258+5%00000-1-10
030Gradius SwordA legendary sword. 7180%00+200-2-20
031FalxAn S-shaped sword. 8990%000+20-3-30
032Speed BladeSpeeds up your movement. 4880%00000+10-100
033Cursed SwordCan't use magic or guard. 6880%00000-2-20
034Crystal SwordA sword made of crystal. 9380%00000-3-30
035Platinum SwordA sword made of platinum. 7380%00000-3-20
036Broad SwordA sword with a broad blade. 1680%0+1000-100
037Force EaterRaises your strength. 888+10%00000-3-20
038Hero BladeSteeped in heroism. 938-10%0+30000-100
039Man EaterCannibalistically strong. 7680%0-10+1000-2-20
040Replica SwordA stage prop. 720%00000000
Swords B ("Only Clair can use this weapon.")
041OrihalconMade of a material from space. 97100%00+4+30-3-30
042Facts of LifeReduces MAX HP. 428-20%00000-2-1+5
2-handed swords ("Only Koji can use this weapon.")
043Buster SwordUsed by Cloud. 57100%00000+2-10
044Two-handed SwordA sword used with 2 hands. 16100%00000-1-10
045ZweihanderA German made 2-handed sword. 36100%00000-1-10
046ClaymoreA huge sword. 30100%00000-2-1-10
047ExcaliburThe sword of legend. 8010+5%00000-3-10
048MurasameEasy-to-wield Japanese sword. 2680%00000+2-10
049KotetsuAlso good for defense. 4080%0+3000-1-10
050MuramasaRaises life power. 678+5%00000+2-10
051YoshiyukiCan't fight on an empty stomach. 7980%00000-2+50
052Sasuke's KatanaThe weapon of a techno-ninja. 1058+10%00+5+30-3-20
053RagnarokA really cool sword. 95100%00+5+20-3-20
054Berserk SwordCan't use magic or guard. 98100%00000-4-30
055Ultima WeaponThe ultimate in melee weapons. 99100%0+3000-4-20
056MasamuneSephiroth's sword. 9880%00+700-3-20
057KikuichiminjiCuts like a hot knife through butter. 5080%00000+10-40
058Heaven's CloudA well-balanced weapon. 9080%0+20+10-3-20
059Wanna-B Samurai SwordGood for playing samurai. 1040%00000000
Rods (2-handed. Only Clair can use this weapon.)
060Mythril RodA rod made of mythril. 3890%00000-1-10
061Small RodA small rod. 390%00000000
062Iron RodA rod made of iron. 1890%00000000
063Golden RodA rod made of gold. 5890%00000-1-10
064Guard StickA rod with high defense. 490%0+10+2+100000
065Heal RodIncreases MAX HP. 139+10%00+2+40-100
066Prism StaffA rod with good attack and defense balance. 6490%00+3+30-2-20
067Glass RodA rod made of glass. 8110%00+10+300-10
068Wizer StaffAn easy-to-wield rod. 2890%000000-10
069Platinum RodA rod made of platinum. 7090%00000-1-20
070Wizard StaffA magic-user's rod. 6290%00+10+30-1-10
071Bronze RodA rod made of bronze. 890%00000000
072Full Metal StaffCold hard steel. 22130%00+2+80000
073Striking StaffHas plenty of oomph. 4190%00+2+30-1-10
074Aurora RodA rod with strong magic attack. 7390%00+3+30-2-20
075Sage's RodA rod used by sages. 4990%00+11+30-3-1+6
076Silver RodA rod made of silver. 4790%00000-1-10
077Diamond RodA rod made of diaomond. 10490%00000-2-20
078Crystal RodA rod made of crystal. 12090%00000-2-20
079Swallow TailSwift as a swallow. 3390%00+2+20+10-10
080Princess GuardA rod to guard a princess. 9390%0+12+5+70-3-30
081Fairy TailLike a fairy tale. 8590%00+3+30-2-2+2
082Battle AxeAn axe designed for fighting. 34120%00000-2-20
083Hand AxeAn easy-to-hold axe. 9120%00000-1-10
084Golden AxeAn axe made of gold. 65120%00000-2-40
085Broad AxeAn axe with a broad head. 17120%00+100-1-10
086Mast AxeAn axe with a long handle. 46120%000+30-2-30
087FranciscaAn axe with a good feel. 79120%0+5000-4-40
088Chopping AxeA woodcutter's axe. 47120%00-10-80-1-20
089Lost AxeAn axe for the honest. 34+50%00+2000+1+50
2-handed axes (Only Koji can use this weapon.)
090Great AxeAn axe that increases your defense. 28120%0+1000-1-20
091Bronze AxeAn axe made of bronze. 15120%00000-1-10
092Mythril AxeAn axe made of mythril. 44120%00000-2-30
093Platinum AxeAn axe made of platinum. 76120%00000-3-40
094Horseman's AxeAn axe used by knights. 56120%00000-3-3+2
095Crescent AxeA very attractive axe. 62120%00+2+70-3-40
096Glass AxeAn axe made of glass. 8510%00000-1-20
097Giant AxeNormal people can use it. 69120%0+20000-10-5-5
098Ogre KillerA terribly frightening axe. 97120%0+8000-4-50
099Iron AxeAn axe made of iron.
100Silver AxeAn axe made of silver.
101Diamond AxeAn axe made of diamond.
102Crystal AxeAn axe made of crystal.
103Power AxeA powerful axe.
104Hunger AxeGet more and more hungry.
105Beast AxeCan't use magic or guard.
106Pick AxeGood for digging holes.
107Construction ToolUsed in construction.
108Sword MattockDefense drops dramatically.
109SpearA thin spear used by infantry. 7100%00000-100
110Long SpearA spear on the long side. 32100%00000-2-10
111Golden SpearA spear made of gold. 63100%00000-4-20
112Diamond SpearA spear made of diamond. 107100%00000-5-30
113LanceA spear used by knights. 10100%00000+200
114JavelinAn easy-to-wield spear. 35100%00000-2-20
115Dragoon LanceA spear used by dragon riders. 54100%00000+5-30
116Quarter StaffAn ordinary staff. 2100%00+1000+10+100
117PitchforkA farm tool. 20100%0+10-10-100-3-20
2-handed spears (Only Koji can use this weapon.)
118PartisanA spear once used by Cid. 70100%0+6000-4-30
119Bronze SpearA spear made of bronze. 12100%00000-1-10
120Mythril SpearA spear made of mythril. 42100%00000-3-20
121Platinum SpearA spear made of platinum. 74100%00000-4-30
122Crystal SpearA spear made of crystal. 123100%00000-5-30
123GlaiveA light spear. 15100%0+3000-1-10
124Slash LanceIncreases MAX HP by 5 percent. 4410+5%00000-2-20
125Glass SpearA spear made of glass. 8310%00000-1-10
126Spirit LanceA phantom spear. 81100%00+500-4-40
127Iron SpearA spear made of iron. 22100%00000-2-10
128Silver SpearA spear made of silver. 52100%00000-3-20
129HalberdIncreases magic defense. 23100%000+30-1-10
130TridentA spear with three points. 46100%00000-3-3+3
131Holy LanceA lance with holy aura. 6750%0-10+10+150-5-20
132Cursed LanceCan't use magic or guard. 84100%00000-3-30
133Venus GospelA beautifully crafted spear. 95100%000+100-5-40
Knuckles (2-handed)

134Kaiser KnuckleKnuckles with comfortable feel. 1240%0+3000000
135Leather KnuckleKnuckles made of leather. 640%00000000
136Metal KnuckleKnuckles made of steel. 3040%000000-10
137Golden KnuckleKnuckles made of gold. 6140%00000-1-10
138Motor DriveKnuckles with punch. 3640%00000+3-10
139Dragon ClawAs sharp as a dragon's claws. 6740%00000+5-30
140ProfessorSpecially made for university professors. 554-5%00000-2-2+5
141GlovesWarm when you put them on. 920%00000000
142GodhandMishima's weapon. 7740%0+10000-3-30
143Bronze KnuckleKnuckles made of bronze. 1040%00000000
144Mythril KnuckleKnuckles made of mythril. 4040%00000-1-10
145Diamond KnuckleKnuckles made of diamond. 8440%00000-2-20
146Grand GloveKnuckles with hidden magic. 1640%002000-10
147Master FistMaster Zangan's knuckles. 4340%00+3+40-1-20
148Iron FistAn iron fist. 5240%00+8-100-1-30
149Premium HeartHas the heart of a virgin. 900 8740%000+80-3-30
150Iron KnuckleKnuckles made of iron. 50 2040%00000000
151Silver KnuckleKnuckles made of silver. 130 5040%00000-1-10
152Platinum KnuckleKnuckles made of platinum. 180 7240%00000-1-20
153Crystal KnuckleKnuckles made of crystal. 230 9240%00000-2-20
154PowersoulKnuckles that raise strength. 195 244+5%00000-1-10
155Tiger FangAs sharp as a tiger's fangs. 425 6540%00000-2-2+2
156Prince DozaDoza's favorite. 500 7540%00-1400+20-50
157Glass FistKnuckles made of glass. 200 7910%000000-10
158Cursed GlovesCan't use magic or guard. 950 9640%00000-2-20
159Hardpuncher For the man who likes to gamble on just one punch. 50 12750%000+300+5+5


Armor Description Price Base Ability Status Change
BuySell Armor DefDurability MAX HPAttackDefenseMagic AtkMagic Def DexteritySpeedConsum. RateEXP Gain Rate
160Leather ArmorArmor made of leather. 10 370%000+20-1-10
161Golden ArmorArmor made of gold. 150 25130%000+20-2-30
162Hard LeatherSturdy leather armor. 50 48+5%000+20-1-10
163Ring MailIncreases attack power a little. 395 24130%+100+20-2-20
164Sage's ArmorArmor used by sages. 325 18140%00+5+40-1-1+6
165Bronze ArmorArmor made of bronze. 20 880%000+20-1-10
166Scale ArmorArmor made of steel scales. 70 16100%000+20-1-20
167Diamond ArmorArmor made of diamond. 200 37150%000+20-3-30
168Full PlateProtects the whole body. 250 14110%-50+7+20-3-20
169Adamantite ArmorIncreases MAX HP by 10 percent. 700 3215+10%00000-3-30
170Hungry ArmorMakes you get hungry faster. 400 29150%+100+700-1-150
171Full Belly ArmorArmor that slows your hunger. 400 29150%000+40-8+150
172Iron ArmorArmor made of iron. 50 1290%000+20-1-10
173Platinum ArmorArmor made of platinum. 180 30140%000+20-2-30
174BrigandineCommon armor. 150 1090%000+20-1-10
175Chain MailProtects from attacks using small rings. 500 27140%00+1+20-2-30
176Tournament ArmorHas a high magic attack. 850 35170%00+200-3-40
177Dragon Rider ArmorArmor used by dragon riders. 950 32160%000+20+10-30
178Mythril ArmorArmor made of mythril. 100 20100%000+20-1-20


FoodDescription PriceRefill
BuySell HungerStats
240FishContains lipids.301540Lipids +3
241Tiger MeatContains protein. - 1560Protein +3
242Dodo MeatContains lipids. - 1540Lipids +2
243Moa MeatContains lipids. - 1540Lipids +2
244Chewy MeatContains protein. - 1530Protein +2
245Alligator MeatContains protein. - 540Protein +3
246Bear MeatContains protein. - 1560Protein +3
247Dragon MeatContains lipids. - 1560Lipids +4
248Lizard TailContains protein. - 1540Protein +2
249Lizard TailContains protein. - 1540Protein +2
250Penguin MeatContains lipids. - 1540Lipids +2
251Left Bear PawContains protein. - 1510Protein +5
252Right Bear PawContains protein. More nutritious than the left paw. - 10010Protein +1 (More nutritious?)
253Dungeon GrassContains vitamins. - 510Vitamins +1
254OnionContains vitamins. - 540Vitamins +2
255PumpkinContains vitamins. - 540Vitamins +1
256GarlicContains vitamins. - 540Vitamins +2
257SpinachContains vitamins. - 540Vitamins +2
258TruffleContains carbohydrates. - 530Carbohydrates +4
259Shiitake MushroomContains carbohydrates.10510Carbohydrates +1
260Matsutake MushroomContains carbohydrates. - 530Carbohydrates +4
261MushroomContains carbohydrates.10530Carbohydrates +1
262StrawberryContains vitamins.10510Vitamins +1
263Blue JellyContains minerals. - 1050Minerals +2
264Green JellyContains minerals. - 1050Minerals +2
265Pink JellyContains minerals. - 1050Minerals +2
266Slime JellyContains minerals. - 1050Minerals +2
267Ice CreamContains minerals.201035Minerals +2
268White WiveThe blacksmith likes it. - 5020No change
269Red WineThe blacksmith likes it. - 5020Nothing
270SakeDrinkers will love it. - 5020None
271BeerGreat after work. - 5020No way
272SaltContains minerals.1055Minerals +4
273Fish EyeballContains minerals. 1020Minerals +3
274CoffeeContains minerals. 105Minerals +2
275ClamsContains lipids. 1025Lipids +3
276Red MushroomContains carbohydrates. - 530Carbohydrates +2
277Yellow MushroomContains carbohydrates. - 530Carbohydrates +2
278Purple MushroomContains carbohydrates. - 530Carbohydrates +2
279Green MushroomContains carbohydrates. - 530Carbohydrates +2
280Blue MushroomContains carbohydrates. - 530Carbohydrates +2
281BananaContains vitamins. 520Vitamins +3
282WatermelonContains vitamins. 530Vitamins +3
283Tomato JuiceContains vitamins. 510Vitamins +4
284OctopusContains lipids. - 540Lipids +4

Other items

ItemDescriptionBuySellEffect and notes
Restores 64 HP.5025 Like the description says, "Restores 64 HP."
Restores 128 HP.15075Restores 128 HP
Restores full HP.300150Unlike what the description says, it recovers 1024 HP
 ! - - Unused item that can't be used nor obtained.
289Recipe Book
Pierre's belongings. - - Found in the dungeon. Give to the Restaurant's sommelier.
290Phoenix Down
(フェニックスの尾, "Phoenix's Tail")
Sparkling gold feathers from the immortal Phoenix. - - The final item, dropped by the final boss.
291Koji's Ark
Holds Koji's soul. - - If Koji dies, he drops this. Automatically used when obtained by Clair, so its description can't be seen.
292Clair's Ark
Holds Clair's soul. - - Dropped by Clair if she dies. Automatically used when obtained by Koji, reviving her. Released Clair soul.
293Dragon Wing
Escape through dimensional distortion! - 5 Dropped by monsters. Can be used to return to town. Only 1 can exist at a time, so other wing will not appear until the current one is used.
294Gargoyle Claws
Contains minerals. - 5 Unused food that can't be obtained. And there is no point in obtaining it, as it can't be used.
Detonates 3 seconds after use.5025 Reveals secret rooms and causes damage to enemies.
- - Unused? It is probably the Bomb when it is activated by the player. As it is active and will explode, it can't be picked.
(お金, "Money")
Needed to buy and sell items. - - Max. 100 per slot. Make sure to use the bank.
298Magic Stones
Needed to use magic. 10-40
(1 per Stone)
1 for 2 Stone (rounded down: 1 for 3, ...) If player only has 1 stone, it can't be sold Required to use the magics listed below. Max. of 50 Magic Stones per slot.


  • Basic Magic - 1 Magic Stone
  • Ultra Magic - 3 Magic Stones (2 when equipped with a rod)
MateriaDescriptionLocation Basic MateriaUltra Materia
Fire MateriaAvailable from beginning.

Drops a fireball in front of the user.

Launches homing fireballs.
Ice MateriaAvailable from beginning.

Attacks with an ice ball.

Releases spheres that freezes enemies' feet, making them unable to move. Doesn't cause damage.
Thunder MateriaFound in Floor 1 (Normal) or 2 (Hard).

Releases thunder straight forward. The attack can pass enemies, being useful to hit several targets with a single attack.

Same as Basic Magic, but the thunder will bounce on walls for some time, hitting multiple times.
Flare MateriaFound in Floor 16.
Releases fire around the user, burning nearby enemies.

The user will be set on fire (harmless to user) for some time, burning enemies by contact.
Freeze MateriaFound in Floor 3.

Launches an ice ball that completely freezes the target. Doesn't cause damage by itself, but enemies that are attacked while frozen receive more damage.

Creates a blizzard to freeze enemies. Like the Basic version, doesn't cause damage.
Trine MateriaFound in Floor 9.

Thunder falls on all enemies.
Quake MateriaFound in Floor 6.

Generates an earthquake in the room. Flying enemies are immune to this magic.
Meteor MateriaFound in Floor 12.

Meteors will fall on random spots. Be warned that the player also receives damage from this.
Ultima MateriaFound in Floor 17.
Releases an energy sphere that will suck one enemy in a black hole. (The Void?)

Creates a large black hole that sucks several enemies.
Holy MateriaFound in Floor 18.
Confuses enemies straight ahead.

Confuses several enemies.
309Dragon Flame
Flames from a dragon.
Can't be obtained.

Launches a fireball that flies straight forward.

Has the power to crash the game! :P


According to the Blacksmiths, if the name of a weapon ends with Used (ユーズド), Ace (エース), King (キング), Impact (インパクト), or Perfect (パーフェクト), it means it has a higher chance of a critical hit or that it does more damage when the player makes a critical hit. When found, "Used" equipment have half of their total durability, but it's nothing that the Blacksmith can't solve. Impact and Perfect items are VERY rare. (Only found one of them in Hard Mode)

Also, there is Deluxe (デリシャス, "Delicious") and Ultra (ウルトラ) in the data, but as those are rare, I have no idea if they are used or not.


Equipment with "(Protected)", (守) in Japan, in the end of their name are protected by one or more Guardians. There are 13 Guardians in the game, each changing the equipment's stats:

Guardians Stats Status Change
MAX HPAttackDefenseMagic AtkMagic Def DexteritySpeedConsum. RateEXP Gain Rate
Six stats up, MAX HP down -1%+1+1+1+1+1+100
MAX HP and defense +1%0+1000000
Attack and dexterity 0%+000+000
Magic attack and speed 0%00+100+100
Attack and defense 0%+1+1000000
Attack and magic attack 0%+10+100000
Defense and magic defense 0%0+10+10000
Magic attack and magic defense 0%00+1+10000
Speed and dexterity 0%0000+1+100
MAX HP and dexterity +1%0000+1000
Attack and defense -1%+2+2-1-1-1-100
Magic attack and magic defense -1%-1-1+2+2-1-100
MAX HP and consumption rate +2%-1-1-1-1-1-1+20

It is possible to further increase (or decrease, in 4 cases) the stats of each Guardian by using Altars or combining equipments with the Blacksmith:

  • X1 = +1
  • X2 = +2
  • X3 = +4
  • X4 = +8
  • X5 = +16
  • X6 = +32

So, an item with Gaea X2, Zeus X5, Poseidon X1, Areas X1, Apollo X1, and Bacchus X2 as Guardians will have the following additional stats:

MAX HPAttackDefenseMagic AtkMagic Def DexteritySpeedConsum. RateEXP Gain Rate
+16% +4 +20 +2 +3 +5 +200

Make sure to get drinks when one is found, as they are rare. It seems the Guardians limit by combining items with the Blacksmith is X4, and it can only go beyond that by using Altars. I need to test this more to be sure.

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