Iron Man

Iron Man, real name Anthony "Tony" Stark, is a character from the Marvel Comics. He has great intelligence and uses a combat armor built by himself.

Captain America and the Avengers

Iron Man, along other Avengers, attempt to stop the Red Skull. Iron Man can fly and fires lasers.

Iron Man (2008)

Propulsion Weapon


Default ArmorPlay with the default armor.
Mark ITony Stark crafted the first-ever Iron Man suit as the prisoner of militants in Afghanistan. With the help of Ynsen, he constructed this key instrument to his heroic escape.
Mark IITony constructed the Mark II with an emphasis on exploring flight potential. As the first suit of Iron Man armor built at Stark Industries, the Mark I armor was soon replaced by the Mark II.
Mark IIIDesigned for customization, the Mark III armor can be equipped with a variety of enhancements.
Comic Book Tin CanThis first-ever Iron Man suit was built during the character's initial appearance in 'Tales of Suspence #39', and this design originates from the interpretation from 'Iron Man Vol. 4 #5'.
ClassicIron Man's first iconic armor was finalized in 'Tales of Suspense #65'. It was the first suit to feature the trademark palm-mounted Repulsor Rays.
Silver CenturionSporting new colors, Tony used this suit during his fight with Iron Monger, his days as a West Coast Avenger, and in the first 'Armor Wars' storyline.

Technological Advancements


Light Gatling Gun0,511914
Ares Pulse Rifle1,58,5510,5
XL360 GG556mm0,514914
Hermes LR Pulse Rifle1,58,5910,5
XL360 GG556mm V2.00,514914
Hades LC Pulse Rifle4,58,5910,5
XL360 GG556mm V3.0114914
2eus EMP Pulse Rifle4,58,5910,5


Excelsior Rockets112,1144The best micro-rockets money can buy.
Bloodhound Missiles8,54,594Fire-and-forget missiles, mainly for use against vehicles.
Excelsior 2.0 Rockets112,1144
Bloodhound 2.0 Missiles8,54,594
Meteor MH Rockets8,53,154
Sunspear Missiles8,54,594
Thunderbolt EMP Rockets143,1144
Sunspear 2.0 RGMS8,54,594

Repulsor Tech

Repulsor Technology6514
Unibeam Extra Range10914
Repulsor Longer Range6914
Energy Generator10914
Improved Build-Up6914
Improved Thermal Switch101414
Improved Damage Level10914
Optimal Beam Damage141414


Floor Punch8,5By cutting Iron Man's thrusters when high enough, the Iron Man suit will drop to the ground, creating a small shockwave capable of incapacitating nearby enemies.
Repulsor Floor Punch11Creates a larger shockwave when Iron Man drops from a greater altitude.
Power Stomp8,5The system disables the auto-hovering system when above a vehicular enemy, allowing the Iron Man suit to be used as a crude spear, inflicting great damage to anyone who happens to be under it at th time.
Turbo Boost0Increases movement speed, both in hover mode and in flight mode.
Electro Punch11Creates electro-magnetic fields around Iron Man's fists, thereby increasing the amount of damage done by hand-to-hand attacks.
Kamikaze14When in Strong Propulsion Mode, Iron Man can punch through all enemies destroying them instantly. Warning: Iron Man's armor will take a certain amount of damage, depending on the type of enemy.
NanoTech Knitters0Increases the regeneration rate of the Armor sub-system.
Anti-Missile System0

Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems

Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Hulk are called by Adam Warlock to search for the Infinity Gems around the globe and stop Thanos. Doppelgängers of Iron Man appear as enemies and bosses.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

Iron Man is one of the last characters used by the player in the story. He defeats aliens at the Avengers Mansion and manages to escape, going to the power plant. There he finds Brigade and defeats him. After going out the power plant, an infected Human Torch faces him. Iron Man defeats him and heads back for the Avengers Mansion. There he finds Roekel in a deadly alien suit and is defeated by him.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Iron Man is a playable character. He is one of the heroes that fight against the Masters of Evil led by Dr. Doom. His building is used as the headquarters for the heroes.


Plasma DiscProjectile
Rocket UppercutMelee
Nano AssaultRadial
Speed OverdriveBoost
Energy RerouteBoost
Air StrikeXtreme


New Avenger
War Machine

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

After the events from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Iron Man, along Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Nick Fury, attack Castle Doom.

Marvel vs. Capcom series


Iron Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Iron Man is a playable character in the fighting games Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. He uses energy attacks that include beams and blasts as well as explosives. He can also fly. In Marvel Super Heroes, his stage is the headquarters of his alter ego's company, Stark Industries.

While he doesn't appear in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, War Machine takes his place in the game.

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