Iron Man is a 2008 game featuring Iron Man.


1EscapeEscape from captivity. -
2First FlightTest the new Iron Man suit.Stark Gunship
3Fight BackDestroy theweapon caches.Dreadnought
4Weapons TransportDisrupt Maggia's operation in the region.Marc Scarlotti
5Maggia CompoundFind out what Maggia is up to.Whitney Frost
6Flying FortressDestroy the Flying Fortress.Reactor
7Nuclear WinterStop the theft of radioactive material.Titanium Man
8Frozen ShipFind out who is behind the theft of the prototype aircraft carrier.Controller
9Home FrontSurvive Titanium Man's assault.Titanium Man
10Save PepperSave Pepper. -
11Island MeltdownDestroy the Proton CannonProton Cannon and Horgan
12Battlesuit FactoryDestroy the Battlesuit Factory -
13ShowdownBring down StaineIron Monger (Obadiah Staine)


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