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Rockman Himitsu Hyakka (p. 1-56)

Rockman 7 (2-8)

Summary of the recent Rockman 7.

  • Summary
  • Super Rockman, Rightot, Rightot's Half-Track, Big Eddie, Rush
  • 8 bosses
  • Blues, Forte, Gospel
  • Rockman's family (Rockman, Roll, Right, Rush, Eddie and Beat)

Special Weapons (9-24)

Rockman 64 dai tokushu buki no himitsu

  • Rockman 7 weapons
  • Energy (エネルギー系特殊武器): Thunder Beam, Spark Shock, Gemini Laser, Electric Shock
  • Cutter (カッター系特殊武器): Rolling Cutter, Metal Blade, Shadow Blade
  • Launch (発射系特殊武器): Mega Arm, Hard Knuckle, Super Arm, Needle Cannon, Dust Crusher, Gyro Attack, Silver Tomahawk, Knight Crusher, Yamato Spear, Deep Digger
  • Bomb/Missile: Hyper Bomb, Crash Bomb, Drill Bomb, Napalm Bomb, Bubble Bomb, Photon Missile, Magnet Missile, Dive Missile
  • Boomerang (ブーメラン系特殊武器): Quick Boomerang, Ring Boomerang
  • Nature (自然系特殊武器):
    • Water: Rain Flush, Water Wave, Salt Water
    • Ice: Ice Slasher, Blizzard Attack
    • Fire: Fire Storm, Atomic Fire, Pharaoh Shot, Flame Blast
    • Wind: Air Shooter, Wind Storm
  • Defense (防御系特殊武器): Leaf Shield, Skull Barrier, Star Crash, Power Stone, Plant Barrier
  • Reflection (反射系特殊武器): Mirror Buster
  • Exploration (探査系特殊武器): Bubble Lead, Search Snake
  • Special (特殊型特殊武器): Time Stopper, Top Spin, Flash Stopper, Gravity Hold, Crystal Eye, Centaur Flash, Snatch Buster, Black Hole
  • Charge (チャージ系特殊武器): Charge Kick, Break Dash
  • Sakugarne (Unclassified, probably due to it being a robot like Rush and Beat)

(Screw Crusher and Ballade Cracker were forgotten? Maybe because they didn't had an artwork?)

Rockman History (25-40)

  • Rockman
  • Rockman 2
  • Rockman 3
  • Rockman 4
  • Rockman World
  • Rockman World 2
  • Rockman World 3
  • Rockman World 4
  • Rockman 5
  • Rockman 6
  • Rockman World 5
  • Rockman 7

Rockman 7 Bosses (41-46)

DWN049 Freeze Man
DWN050 Junk Man
DWN051 Burst Man
DWN052 Cloud Man
DWN053 Spring Man
DWN054 Slash Man
DWN055 Shade Man
DWN056 Turbo Man
_______ speed ___!

ワイリー博士は,8人め のボスをつくろうとしたが, 材料をつかいきってしまっ ていたために,むかし,自 分が乗っていた自動車を戦 闘用ロボットに改造した。 ロボットのくせに,ガソリ ンでうごき,それを攻撃に もつかうために,とても燃 費がわるい。趣味は,自動 車にもとからついていたス テレオを最大ボリュームに して,町を激走すること。

Opening Boss
Mad Grinder
Museum Boss

Rockman 7 Enemies (47-56)


Rockman X Himitsu Hyakka (p. 57-116)

Rockman X2 (58-64)

Summary of X2

Rockman X (65-80)

X and X2 weapons, armors, and rides. And something about X's creation by someone (Dr. Right) and being found in the 22nd century by Cain.

Rockman X2 (81-92)

X2 bosses (except fortress bosses) and enemies

Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0
Radar Killer
Chop Register
Magna Quartz
Old Robot
Sea Canthler
3人カウンターハンターのリーダー。伝説のマッドサイエンティスト(わるい科学者)のような、大天才だ!頭はいいが、体力がないために、空とぶ台座やタンクなどのメカに乗って、あくらつな攻撃をしかけてくる。 The leader of a three Counter Hunters. Has a great genius, like the legendary mad scientist (bad scientist)! Although he is smart, he lacks physical strength, so he rides and uses the power of an aerial pedestal and a tank to make brilliant attacks.
3人のうちで、敵のひみつをさぐるスパイの役わりや、たたかいの先陣をきる戦闘隊長をつとめている。剣の名人で、剣から衝撃波をだして攻撃をする。攻撃のスピードは、世界でも最高レベルのはやさだ! Out of the three, he has the role of a spy that searches for the secrets of the enemy, and he is the acting combat commander who takes the forefront on the battles. He is a sword master, and attacks by releasing a shockwave from his sword. His attack speed is the fastest in the world!
The rowdiest Counter Hunter! His speed is in the same level of the eight major bosses, but his destructive power is tremendous. He is a terrifying guy who attacks by swinging around the iron ball connected to his head with a chain with the world's highest level of power!
※The Counter Hunters are bad Repliroids that were born to defeat the justice of X's fellow Irregular Hunters!
Cannon Driver
Barite Laster
Rideloid G
ライドアーマーの《ラビット》を乗りこなすように訓練中のレプリロイド兵。まだ訓練のとちゅうなので、強くはない。 Repliroid soldier training to ride the Ride Armor "Rabbit". Is still in training, so is not strong.
Disk Boy 8
Road Riders
ロボット暴走族のメンバーだ。むかしは、夜の町を爆走していた。ライドチェイサーを、おもいのままに運転できる。 The member of a robot bousouzoku. Used to blast through the streets at night. Can drive a Ride Chaser at will.
Garakuta Robot
Hanged Reploid
Tsubamail S
Batton Bone G
Pararoid V-1
Croak Hopper
Crash Roader
Pararoid R-5
Pararoid S-38
Bar Waying
Barrier Attacker
Sole Solar
Mecha Arm
Sky Farmer

Rockman X chronicles (93-96)


Rockman X2 manga (p. 97-116)

"Rockman X2 ano tokushu buki wo ubae!" by Ikehara Shigeto

Condensed summary: A Reploid appears to inform X that there are Irregulars, and X goes into action. He defeats Batton Bones, finds a Light Capsule with the Head Parts, defeats Crystal Snail, takes a Ride Chaser, beats some Crash Roaders, finds the Foot Parts, beats Overdrive Ostrich with Snail's weapon, meets the Counter Hunters, takes a beating, and escapes them with the Ride Chaser. Then he beats Wire Sponge and Wheel Gator with their weakness, finds the Arm Parts, beats Crab and Stag, fights some Mechaniloids and beats Moth, gains the Body Parts, and beats Centipede. Under the sea, where Sea Canthlers are swimming, X defeats the Counter Hunters (Serges uses the fortress battle machine, Agile is his normal self). Now only Sigma is left, how will it end? (The end)