• "Strong enemies: 8 big bosses! The first tough fight!" - 2 pages with the 8 bosses from Rockman X
  • "Defeat evil with the power of justice!" - 2 pages with the 8 bosses from Rockman X2.
  • "Hard battle! Zero & X!" - 2 pages with the 8 bosses from Rockman X3.
  • "Evolution! Power up X" - 1 page with X's armors.

"Rockman X: Super power secret" (p.9-37)

X (10)

Zero (11)

Power Up Parts (12-15)

"Friendship!! Zero's Revival" (16)


24 Special Weapons (p.17-37)

  • Fire (火): Fire Wave and Rushing Burner
  • Ice (氷): Shotgun Ice and Frost Shield
  • Wind (風): Storm Tornado
  • Sound (音): Sonic Slicer
  • Light (光): Ray Splasher
  • Crystal (結晶): Crystal Hunter
  • Barrier (バリアー): Rolling Shield
  • Spinning Blade (回轉刃): Spinning Blade
  • Gravity (重力): Bug Hole
  • Lightning (電撃): Electric Spark
  • Thunder (雷): Triad Thunder
  • Chain (鎖): Strike Chain
  • Bubble (泡): Bubble Splash
  • Acid (酸): Acid Rush
  • Special bomb (特殊爆弾): Parasitic Bomb
  • Time bomb (時限爆弾): Magnet Mine
  • Scrap bomb (廃品爆弾): Scrap Shot
  • Torpedo (魚雷): Homing Torpedo
  • Drill (ドリル): Tornado Fang
  • Thorn (とげ): Chameleon Sting
  • Wheel (車輪): Spin Wheel
  • Boomerang (ブーメラン): Boomerang Cutter


  • "Rockman X: All big bosses!" - 38
  • "Top secret: The 'Irregular Hunter units' organization chart!" - 40
  • "The 'Carddass' collection!" - 42
  • "Dr. Doppler's challenge!" - 44

"Rockman X character picture book" (P.45-61 - Bosses)


Nightmare Police

Kousoku no kengi ga mau!
Vajurilla FF


A high-speed type security Repliroid created alongside the Herculean strength type Mandarella BB. Is weak against Ray Splasher attacks!
  • Max. Power: 9400rp.
  • Max. Speed: 18000rp.
Kairikimusou! Akumu no keibi!
Mandarella BB


A security Repliroid created by Dr. Doppler to maintain the city's peace and security. Is weak against Frost Shield attacks!
  • Max. Power: 18800rp.
  • Max. Speed: 8200rp.
Power & Speed! 2 tsu no nouryoku ga 1 tai ni!
Godkarmachine O Inary


The Nightmare Police following Dr. Doppler's rebellion united to form this super powerful super Repliroid. A powerful enemy that combines the power of Mandarella BB and the speed and sword skills of Vajurilla FF! The weak point is the upper body where the armor is weaker!
  • Max. Power: 22900rp.
  • Max. Speed: 7200rp.

3 big Counter Hunters

8 big bosses (X3)

8 big bosses (X-X2)

6 sub bosses (X3)

Maoh the Giant

Special bosses (X)


"Other X3 bosses"

Press Disposer
Volt Kurageil


Aku no kagakushiya Repliroid!?
Doctor Doppler

"Rockman X character picture book" (P.61-76 - Enemies)

Rockman X3 manga (p.77-109)

"Rockman X3 Defeat Doppler Corps" by Shigeto Ikehara

Summary: X rushes to the base (which has Zero's mark) and finds the building on fire. Inside he is caught by Mac, but Zero appears and defeats Mac. They split, X beats Maoh, and Cain talks with X about the Power Up Parts before X leaves to face the 8 bosses. X gets the Foot Parts and beats Blizzard Buffalo. He beats Tiger, Rhino, and Catfish, and completes the armor while at it. X finds the Ride Armors and defeats the remaining bosses. X fights Bit, Byte, Godkarmachine O Inary, VAVA, and Doppler. The manga ends with Sigma appearing to challenge X.

"This is Rockman X series!!" (110-113)

Summary of X-X4 games.

In the end there is an ad for a boss character content?

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