Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite



Unique Moves

Buster Blowバスターブロー
Shoulder Tackleショルダータックル
Point Blank Busterゼロレンジバスター

Special Moves

X Buster
(can be charged) (in air OK)
Buster Combo: Dashバスターコンビネーション:ダッシュ
Buster Combo: Buster Hammerバスターコンビネーション:バスターハンマー
Buster Combo: Backstepバスターコンビネーション:バックステップ
Buster Combo: Slideバスターコンビネーション:スライディング
Sonic Slicerソニックスライサー
Frost Shieldフロストシールド
Boomerang Cutterブーメランカッター
Rising Fireライジングファイア

Hyper Combos

Full-Power Charge Shot
(in air OK)
Double Charge Shot
(in air OK)
Special Weapon Rush (S.W.R.)S.W.R
Armor of Lightアーマーオブライト
Ultimate Strike
(Lv3 Hyper Combo)
アルティメットストライク (Lv3. H.C.)


Unique Moves

Youdantotsu葉断閃New? The last kanji is different from X8's Youdantotsu (葉断突)

Special Moves

Hyper Zero BlasterハイパーZEROブラスター

Hyper Combos

Genmu Zero
(Lv3 Hyper Combo)


Unique Moves

Overload Laserクラッキングレーザー

Special Moves

Arc Divideアークデヴァイド
Second Divideデヴァイド・セカンド
Straight Divide
(in air OK)
Reflector Magnumリフレクトマグナム
Mirage Clawミラージュクロー
Counter Teleportカウンターテレポート

Hyper Combos

Doom Buster
(in air OK)
Blazing Lineブリージングライン
Rave Divideレイブデヴァイド
Final Sigma
(Lv3 Hyoer Combo)

The Stark-Light Library

X Robot researcher Dr. Cain discovered and awakened X from his slumber in a mysterious capsule. Dr. Cain was stunned to find that X was a completely new type of robot; one with the ability to think for himself and act upon his own free will.
X was reverse-engineered by Dr. Cain, and although not all of his functions could be fully analyzed, the breakthroughs were enough to create "reploids," a new generation of robots that shared X's sentience.

However, disaster struck as certain reploids, dubbed Mavericks, developed malfunctions and became a threat to humans. They caused widespread damage and mass panic. X chose to defend humanity as a Maverick Hunter. Now, in the current crisis, I know he will do whatever it takes to rid the world of Ultron Sigma.

Zero Like X, the origins of the reploid known as Zero are shrouded in mystery. He is fitted with startlingly advanced technology such as a learning system that captures techniques and abilities from his opponents in an entirely different way to X. Who could have developed such a system?

Awakened in a future where humans coexisted with thinking, feeling, free-willed reploids, Zero carried a sinister virus that made him a menace to society. It was Sigma who put a stop to his rampage. Now, their roles are reversed; Zero fights for peace as an elite Maverick Hunter who X looks up to, while Sigma has become the greatest threat of the age. Like X, Zero will stop at nothing to protect humanity from Ultron Sigma.

Sigma Sigma was the first and most powerful reploid created by reverse-engineering X. Sigma once protected humanity against Mavericks (reploids who malfunctioned and became a threat to humanity) until the fateful day when Zero's stasis pod was unearthed. Zero awakened in an out-of-control state, infected with a mysterious virus. Zero eventually overcame the virus, but Sigma did not. Corrupted, Sigma became the instigator of numerous Maverick uprisings.
Now Sigma and his virus are one with Ultron Sigma, a being whose hatred towards humanity is limitless.
Dr. Light It's me, Dr. Thomas Light. I'm a scientist from Earth who tirelessly worked on the continual evolution of robotics for the benefit of mankind. Although I may no longer physically exist in the present, my will to assist mankind lives on.
X Buster The X Buster is X's primary weapon, and can be equipped on either arm. It typically shoots small bullets comprised of compressed solar energy. X can also charge up the X Buster, resulting in a larger, stronger shot, or launch special attacks based off the assimilated technology of other reploids.
Z Saber A powerful energy blade, the Z Saber is Zero's primary weapon. In addition to slicing through even the toughest of objects, the Z Saber can also be used to shoot large projectiles or other elements when properly charged.
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