Mega Man (Game Gear) instruction manual text:

Who is Mega Man?

Mega Man is an intergalactic legend in his own lifetime. Our manic superhero has been saving the universe on console screens around the world for over ten years.

Magic moments from Mega Man's glorious history are resurrected for his Game Gear debut, in this atomic adventure featuring the most challenging levels from past crusades.

The SAGA Continues...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to crush Dr. Wily's humanoid henchmen in a sizzling cybernetic showdown and overthrow the evil doctor's sinister plot to destroy humankind.

Guide Mega Man through six hazardous levels and clean-up gangs of twisted cronies before facing the heavily-armed Bosses.

If you survive this perilous journey you move on to the Formidable Fortress, where you finally face the fiendish Dr. Wily - Mega Man's arch enemy since the dawn of time (well, 1985 anyway!)

Mega Man embarks on his quest as your familiar, no-frills blue superhero, and each time you beat a Boss you acquire his weaponry and powers. So, as you progress through each stage you build-up a lethal artillery to take into the final confrontation with the infamous Dr. Wily.

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