Mega Man Battle Network 4 script.


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Around NAXA


ObservRm scene

(Scene starts when Lan enters the ObservRm)

Redhead scientist: Dr. Regal, would you please tell us what you have in mind. Dr. Hikari's laser failed, so your plan is all we've got!

Regal: ......

Purple hair scientist: Everyone... I've brought the tournament winner. Please come in.

(Lan enters the room)

Purple hair scientist: He is the Red Sun champion...

Dr. Hikari: Lan... I heard that the winner was from Electopia, but...

Lan: Dad!! Who would have thought that we'd meet here!

Regal: So he's your son...

Dr. Hikari: Yes, this is Lan.

Regal: I see... You must be very proud of him. Nice to meet you, Lan. I'm Dr. Regal, a mere scientist...

Lan: N-Nice to meet you...

Regal: Now let me tell you why I had you brought here...

Regal: ...First of all, the reason why we searched for the best NetBattlers... We recently held two global scale battle tournaments, and we found the two greatest battlers - Lan and one other.

Scientist: But what has that got to do with the asteroid?

Regal: Let me get straight to the point. That asteroid is man-made.

Dr. Hikari: Huh, it can't be?! Someone actually made that asteroid?

Regal: Exactly... I couldn't believe it either at first, but signals on a Cyberworld frequency were detected. A large spherical rocket may have been put into space, and over time, space dust could have attached to it.

Blond scientist: But we've no record of a spherical rocket being laun... Ah! Maybe...

Regal: Yes, it's possible that it was launched from another planet. But its origin is not of importance to us now. We must focus on changing the asteroid's course. Returning to my original topic... As this asteroid is not natural, it may contain a Cyberworld. Do you see now?

Dr. Hikari: If we send a Navi to the asteroid, he could control it... ...But how could we send a Navi into space?!

Regal: We converted your laser into a remote control system. Remember, Navis are program data. And everyday we send program data by wireless means.

Dr. Hikari: But this is far too dangerous!

Regal: A mission to space where anything could go wrong... We could even lose the Navi, and this planet would be smashed to pieces! In order for this mission to succeed, the most delicate operating skills will be crucial. The only one who can do it is you, Lan. Already, the other champion is working at Sharo SpaceCtr to operate satellites and plot the course of the asteroid. Well...Lan...

Lan: I-I...

MegaMan: Let's do it, Lan!

Lan: But, MegaMan, if something went wrong in space...

MegaMan: If we don't try, then everyone is doomed. And we're the only ones who can do it. ...We'll be fine. I trust you completely.

Lan: ...OK. I understand, MegaMan...

Lan: I'll do it!

Dr. Hikari: But Lan...

Lan: Don't worry. This is a job for a Hikari!

Lan: So, what must I do...

Regal: Tests on the Navi transporter are nearly completed, we'll need you as soon as they're done.


Voice: A message from Netopia! A group called Nebula has hacked into the Net all over the world! Connection to the Net is no longer possible.

Purple hair scientist: What are the Officials doing about this?!

Voice: It's no good! The communication net has been torn to pieces!

Purple hair scientist: The laser plan, maybe it too was foiled by...Nebula?! So now they're using the Net to ruin our next strategy...

Lan: I'll check it out.

Purple hair scientist: But we need you for the Navi plan. If you were hurt...

Regal: OK, we'll leave it to you. Show us all just how skilled you are. If there's a problem in the Net, our next strategy cannot succeed until it's resolved. Remember, the data from Sharo will come via the Net. Lan, travel around the world, and fix the Net by jacking directly into it.

Lan: Understood!

Regal: Also, I want to give you something before you leave. I'll get it from you later. I'm relying on you! Lan will take care of the Net problem. Everyone else, back to your posts to make ready our plan.

Dr. Hikari: .......

Around the place


Regal: Install this in your PET, Lan.

Lan got: "Transmtr"!

Regal: When installed, we can keep track of where MegaMan is. If something were to happen to MegaMan... we will have to come up with another plan to stop the aster-
oid. Of course we hope nothing happens to him though.

Dr. Hikari: Not even I know what's going to happen next, but one thing I know for sure is our planet's fate rests on you. This is a next- generation chip developed by NAXA. Maybe it will help you.

Lan got a BattleChip: "RedSun R"!!

Dr. Hikari: Good luck, Lan!!



Looks like there's a new post!

Battle BBS (Dex's HP)


Hiyah! This is Dex your admin writing! Welcome to my HP! I, the #1 NetBattler in ACDC Town, will answer questions about NetBattle & viruses bust, along with GutsMan, so ask away! I expect to hear from you guys in Class 6-A too!


Well, well, you really built your own Battle Board HP. Not bad! Very well, can you tell me how to beat that boomerang- wielding viruses looks like a clothes pin? My Navi Glide can't dodge those boomerangs!

3GutsManI got it!

Yeeee-haaaaaaawwww! Guts here! I'll help you out! You gotta stand your ground and face him like a man! Just keep blasting him with the GutBuster!


Oh,GutsMan! That's not how you do it! A virus is called "Boomer". It blocks attacks when its boomerang is in its mouth, so at first you should stand in the center row where its boomerang can't hit you. Once it throws its boomerang move to Boomer's row and attack! Isn't that right, Dex?


Uh...y-yeah! That's what I was gonna say! Hey Mayl... I didn't know you were so good at viruses busting!


Tee hee! Well, Lan's always coming to my rescue, so I figured the least I could do is learn how to fight viruses on my own. I'd like to Net
Battle sometime too!

7MasabumiBespect... I'm having trouble with that stingray-thingy with glasses.

Yo! Koetsu in da house! I'll answer Masabumi! You must be talking about a Lark. That thing's tough, but you'll be al'right. You know about Elements? Fire over Wood, Wood over Elec, Elec over Aqua, and Aqua over Fire. You'll double your attack if using a stronger Element! Since Larks are Aqua use an Elec chip, like Thunder1! Good luck!

9GohMystery Data?

Wow, are you really Koetsu, the "Cyber Sage"? May I ask you a question too? The other day I was fighting this Gnarly viruses, and spotted some Mystery Data! The viruses destroy-
ed it, but what was inside that data?

10KoetsuRE:Mystry DT?

Yo! Koetsu in da house! My friend Goh, you witnessed a rare event! If you can defeat the virus without letting the data be destroyed or destroying it yourself, you'll get it! As for what's inside, all I can say is it's very rare!

11RuthaChip Merger?

Hey, check this out! While I was battling the other day, some chips of mine merged together! Three Cannons turned in a GigaCan! I can't seem to do it again though...

12AdminDexRE:Chip M...

Hey! Dex here! I can answer this one! Some chips have Chip Codes, such as ABC... Select the chips in the right order and send them to your Navi to merge them! Try different combinations! You can include a single chip with a * code. Hah! How's that for administrating?


Hiyah! I work part-
time at Castillo. I wear a Navi outfit and am really enjoying it, but I also have to perform maintenance work on the outfit...I often run into a really strong viruses called Moloko during maintenance. Does anyone know how to beat it?


Molokos are cute, but tough little buggers. You can attack them with a sword after peeling off their fur, or stand back and use a rapid-fire chip like Vulcan! Both ways take some courage, but keep trying!


I finally got a Navi Customizer! I always thought programming would be hard, but it's actually kind of fun--like solving a puzzle! I'm going to install lots of programs and boost up my Navi! Say, does anyone know of a good program store?


If you're looking for programs, I know an awesome shop hidden in the Castillo HP! I bought a Shield and FstBarr to defend against Vol-
Gear's flames. Use customization to reinforce weaknesses or further enhance your strong areas.


The other day I saw a Navi named Glide. He kept turning to the right when he walked. I think his NaviCust wasn't programmed correctly.


I-I don't understand! How could an expert programmer like Yai forget to place the UnderSht above the Command Line?! Well, no one's perfect...I think I'll buy a BugStop so this won't ever happen again.

19GohBlack Navi

My Navi's been a little...blackish lately...Maybe he's got a tan? No...It doesn't look healthy. He's got kind of like this foreboding look to him...His max HP has also dropped to 98... What could be wrong with him?

20ZonoRE:Black Navi

Goh...That sounds an awful lot like the effects of one of those DarkChips everyone's talking about that are making their way around the UnderNet. They're extremely powerful, but they cause bugs to occur when you use them, and your Navi's max HP is reduced by 1. They even corrupt Navis. Once you use one, you can't stop. Even if you throw the chip away, it'll reappear on the Custom Screen!

21GohUh oh...

Are you for real, Zono?! A DarkChip?! If your max HP gets reduced each time you use it, after awhile you won't be able to fight at all! Sounds like... Once you use one, it's all downhill...


The Eagle and Hawk Tournaments are finally over. I heard an grade school student won one of them!


Hey Saki! That grade school student just happens to be Lan! He's the best in ACDC Town... and in Electopia! And guess who's his arch-rival? Me! Dex!


Tee hee! The same Dex who lost in the Den Battle Tournament! I Shouldn't be talking though, I lost in the Eagle Tournament! Still, Lan is truly amazing. He'll win for sure!


Heh heh heh! I found the command to the legendary VarSwrd! Don't go telling anyone, and don't write it on other boards! All right, here it is: Hold A Button. Down/Down-Right/Right for LongSwrd. Up/Right/Down for WideSwrd. Left/Down/Right for FtrSword. I'll let you find the last one by yourselves!

26NikoSpider Virus Does anyone know how to beat that Spider like viruses?
27RyugeRE:Spider V...

You must mean Misty. He's a tough one, but if you have the Slasher chip, you'll be fine. You can buy it in Netopia Area!

Chat BBS (Yai's HP)

1GlideWelcome All!

Welcome to Yai's HP. This is the Chat BBS. At the generous bequest of Miss Yai, this board is open to the general public.

2MaylGood for you!

Yai! Congrats on revamping your HP! Looks like I'm the first poster! Say, how's that Tornado Dryer you bought at ElecTown? Let's go shopping again!


Hey Yai! I see you put up your own BBS. Actually, I created my own HP for Battle info. Come on over and I'll initiate you into the art of viruses busting!


Thanks for coming, everyone! I trust you all like my stylish design. Thanks for your post Mayl! The dryer works like a charm! Thanks for your post too, Dex! I visited your HP. That wallpaper definitely has to go!


Yeeee-haaaaaaawwww! Dex's wallpaper may be drab, but it's better than that raunchy design he had up before!


Guts! What are you blabbering about?! My wallpaper expresses the spirit of manliness!


Hello Yai! It was lovely seeing you at the ball. How is Glide? Was he hurt in the Navi attack? Crime seems rampart on the Net of late. Please, do be careful.

8NikaidoHi Yai!

Hi Yai! That Navi attack was scary! Speaking of scary, have you heard the rumor about ghost Navis? Apparently ghosts of long-
deleted Navis are attacking other Navis, and Cyber-
Sutras don't work!


Hi Nikaido! Yai's friend Dex here! Are those ghost stories true?! Sound kind of exciting! I think I'll prowl about the Net and see if I can find any!


Haaww?! I-I don't like g-ghosts... But if Dex orders me to look around the Net, I won't back down! I just hope my GutPunch works...


Hi Dex! It's Nikaido! One rumor has it that the ghosts are illusions generated by your own mind, so you have to overcome your own fears to beat them.

12YaiOh, my!

Hi Nikaido! It looks like you and Dex are two of a kind! I've heard about the ghosts too. Apparently they appear at the end of corridors and such.


Howdy! It looks like a world NetBattle championship is going to take place in my country, Netopia! Woo-hoo!


Hee hee! My father's sponsoring that tournament. Be sure to watch it everyone and raise the ratings!

15MaylLan too!

That's the contest Lan is participating in, right? The contestants are staying in a hotel in Netopia. Poor Lan must be lonely... Good luck, Lan!

16DexLan rules!

Lan is the bomb! He's the only guy GutsMan and I can't beat! Don't you dare lose to anyone but us, Lan!

Chat BBS (JomonElec HP)


Jo-Jo...Jojo...Jooomooon! Hi! Welcome to JomonElec's HP! This free BBS is open to all our customers. Please use it to talk about anything!

2ShinyaNew PET!

Hi! I came to look at refrigerators with my wife today, when we saw some brand new PET's on display! The new models are wireless and compact. We got a matching pair!

3MitsuRE:New PET!

Those new PETs are sweet! I hear Dr. Hikari himself teamed up with Mr. Famous to develop them! Their cases slide open at the touch of a button!

4HideJack in!

Hey all! My girlfriend and I came by to buy a game today, when I saw you can jack into this HP right from the items on display! Way cool! I'm gonna try jacking into all kinds of things!

5YukiFW:Jack in!

Hello. My boyfriend dragged me along with him today. He's trying to jack into everything! I'm ready to go home! Why is it men never get tired of shopping in ElecTown?

6YujiTown Area

I came to buy a digital camera today. I'm glad this HP is so close to the Town Area! Now I'm jacked into the TV outside. I can't reach this HP from the AC LCD monitor up above.

7AmayanOld man

I come to JomonElec a lot, and I always see the same old man inside. He must love electronics!

8CaritonRE:Old man

I see that guy a lot too! I think he's JomonElec's Chief! It's nice to see the top boss interacting with customers like that.


The other day I got a new PET and a NaviCust set, but the PET malfunctioned, so when I asked Jomon for a refund, they explained to me I didn't place my program above the Command Line! How embarrassing! I thought it was a Plus Parts! Programs have to go above the Command Line.


I feel your pain! I often mistakenly place programs of identical colors side-by-side. My Navi always gets mad!


The other day I installed a program my friend gave me. My Navi didn't get stronger, but he started telling jokes! Weird...


That sounds like the "Humor" program. I hear Mr. Famous designed it himself to make conversation with Navis more interesting.


JomonElec has an impressive selection of goods, but I'd like to see some more BattleChips.


Hello! This is the JomonElec BBS administrator! Due to our recent opening, we have not yet been able to stock many non-appliance wares. Rest assured, in the near future we will offer a wider variety of Chips!


If you want Battle Chips, Higsby's in ACDC Town is the place to go! He can even order out-of-stock chips now! If it's in your Data Library, you can get it at Higsby's!


Higsby's? I've heard of that place... The owner talks funny, right? Thanks a lot! I'll have to check it out and order some chips!

Chat BBS (Castillo HP)


Castillo--DenCity's premiere theme park is officially open! Welcome to the world of fantasy and fairy tales! This BBS is dedicated to chat and requests. Anyone and everyone is welcome to post!

2AkaneWhat a blast

Hiya! I'm writing from inside Castillo! This place is amazing! I've met some of my favorite characters! I'm gonna go try some of the rides. See ya!


Cool! I wanna go too! I wanna be bitten by WzDog and visit the gift shop! I want the Halberd Princess's halberd! My favorite is Dracky, though. He always loses to Django, but never gives up! Who does everyone else like?


I like TinMan! I cried when I saw the anime movie! If he was never given Emotion, he wouldn't have had to suffer! Still, thanks to Emotion people are gentle and kind.

5ShinyaHlbd Prncs...

My fav's the Halberd Princess! She's amazing! My favorite scene is when she runs through the Bewitched Forest to save Prince Tomahawk! Women don't always have to be the ones in need of rescuing!


I like WzDog, huh! My favorite scene is when he teams up with his enemy WzMonkey to save the town from an evil sorcerer, huh!


I like Dracky, 'cause my favorite story is "Django, the Solar Boy"! My parents are gonna take me to Castillo tomorrow. I can't wait to shoot him with my GunDelSl!


You like Django, Takumi? You should go to VampirManor! It's filled with scenes of Django fighting Vampires!


Kids seem to love "Django, the Solar Boy". Django's weapon, GunDelSl, is on sale now as a BattleChip.


I hear it can absorb light! If an operator is in a place where sunlight reaches, such as outdoors, GunDelSl's power increases in strength!


Visitors: We at Castillo offer our sincerest apologies for the attraction failure and ToyRobo malfunctions the other day. We have implemented daily security checks. We hope for your continued support.


I was at the park when the ToyRobo went berserk. Dracky was the scariest! It was almost as if he was possessed by a real Vampire!


I was at the park too! It was frightening yet thrilling! Still, it scares me to think of what might have happened if not for that bandanna kid...


Is there some kind of event going on? I saw someone hiding things all over the park. He was by the front fountain, the iron door and even Dracky!


The castle at Castillo was the sight for that Net-
Battle Tournament?! Who'd have thought they'd use a theme park! Must be a joint-sponsor deal that's all the rage...


That was a national competition, and the winner was none other than that kid who stopped the berserk ToyRobo here!


It seems there was some kind of trouble at the awards ceremony. It was so crowded I couldn't see. What exactly happened?


I saw everything! The kid that won was jacked into the NetBattle Machine and was battling someone. The scene was really intense, but I'm not sure what was going down.

Battle BBS (Hotel HP)


Welcome to Hotel Netopia! I am Anna, the manager. This BBS provides helpful information so that guests can fight viruses safely in this unfamiliar area. Messages are welcome from both Netopians and non-Netopians alike, so please post freely!

2MustashTravel Tip

Tee-hee! Tee-hee! Travelin' the world is mah hobby! Ah'll learn ya all about each country's Net! Ah'll start mah Traveller's Guide to the Global Net with mah next post!


Travel in YumLand Area!
Battles in YumLand Area often take place on fields with weeds and cracks. Look out for Kilby viruses. They warp into yer area and attack with spears. If ya stand in the top row though, they won't teleport to ya. They're Wood-based, so use Fire chips!


Travel in Sharo Area!
Sharo's a frozen wasteland, with frozen panels on its Net too so ya might wanna use a Repair chip as yer Regular. Watch out for Wallas! Their tusk attacks are scary, so stay off the same row as them! It'd be wise ta use chips that attack other rows.


Travel in NetFrica Area!
The vast land of NetFrica contains jungles and deserts! Beware of pitfalls! Ya can always use a Repair chip as yer Regular, but ya might wanna try ta sucker viruses into the pitfalls! They won't affect viruses that fly though...


Travel in Netopia Area!
Netopia Area lies through this hotel's HP. Be on the alert! Netopia's Net is well-maintained, making movement easy in battles. Ya might encounter Walla from Sharo Area, but even more dangerous are the MolokoEX's! Their thick fur just won't come off! Oooh they drive me crazy! Ya have ta use a charge attack, followed immediately by a chip attack! Well, that concludes mah lessons. Traveling can be real fun, but only if yer prepared! I wish y'all pleasant travels!


Hey all! I've opened up a chip shop in South Netopia! I'm staying here 'cause I'm on a trip to find rare chips! I was just hustled into buying a chip called "Hole" in the Underground. Is this a DarkChip...?


Whazzup! Globe-
trotter Koetsu in da house! "Hole", you say? Actually... it isn't a Dark-
Chip! It creates a hole in a panel. Word has it that some chips grow stronger the more Holes you have. I don't know which chips those are though...


Chips that grow in power the more Holes you have are those that extract Dark Souls in Navis. They end with the letters "DS". Anyhoo, I hear they can only be used by evil Navis.


I'm staying here on my quest for a chip... It's called "BlkBomb". Anyone have any info?


This is Anna, the hotel manager. Another guest was looking for the same chip! I saw him accessing the Sharo Area. HTH!

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