Mega Man Legends script.

The "ID" used here is the same from the game files.

GameShark code "800BB6C8 XXXX" (US version) can be used to see those, XXXX being the value of the text (do not forget to convert the decimals into hexadecimals)

About repeated texts, I believe (I'm not certain, it's just my opnion on it) that an empty text slot will jump to the next one until it finds a valid one, thus the reason of the bunch of double zeroes (00). Example: Three empty texts in a row followed by a "Hi!" become "000000Hi!" (00+00+00+Hi!). Trying to see a truly empty slot (it doesn't exist) will crash the game.

0101 (01)Prologue
0200 (00)Ocean Tower
0302 (02)Crash landing
0403 (03)Cardon (North)
0504 (04)Apple Market
0609 (09)Underground Ruins
0705 (05)Downtown
0806 (06)City Hall (outside)
0915 (0F)City Hall (Police & Bank)
1007 (07)Gesellschaft
1116 (10)Yass Plains
1210 (0A)Clozer Woods ()
1317 (11)Clozer Woods ()
1412 (0C)South Cardon
1514 (0E)Cardon ruins
1608 (08)Uptown
1728 (1C)Museum
1813 (0D)Wily's Boat
1911 (0B)Lake Jyun
2020 (14)Lake Jyun ruins
2124 (18)"Yasmar" (Flutter fix)
2227 (1B)Flutter
2322 (16)Flutter fly scene
2419 (13)Clozer ruins
2523 (17)Flutter vs. Gesellschaft
2629 (1D)Sub-Cities
2725 (19)Old City
2818 (12)Main Gate (outside)
2926 (1A)Main Gate (inside)
3030 (1E)Ending (Caskett)
3121 (15)Ending (Bonne)

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