Text from part 18, ID 13 (0D): Wily's Boat.

Area 13 00

IDText (English)
00 "It's the boat...
Call Roll
Never mind
01 (Nothing happens?)
02 Roll
"If you want to get

your equipment
together, we

should go to the
support car.
03 "Wily asked me to
fix this boat for

him, but it's
beyond my help!

I mean, how'm I
supposed to fix
something even he

can't fix in the
first place, anyway?
04 "I bet if I could
get my hands on a

decent refractor I
could fix this

Problem is, there
aren't that many
big enough just

lyin' around,

Maybe if I could
get a Class A
license and go

explore one of the
05 "Everything on the
boat's been well-
taken care off...

It could probably
be repaired if

there was a big
enough refractor...
06 "Everything on the
boat's been well-
taken care off...

It could probably
be repaired if

there was a big
enough refractor...
Call Roll (Goes to text 9)
Leave (Goes to text 10)
"You say the
boats've been

I wonder why someone
would do a thing
like that?
08 "The only thing
wrong with this
boat is the

refractor casing
and the

If I had a big
refractor like

yours, I could
probably fix it...
Call Roll (Goes to text 9)
09 (Starts the cutscene with Roll fixing the boat with the Refractor. Doesn't seen to work if requirements weren't met or the scene already played)
10 (0A) "Did you hear what

Someone stole all
the boats here!

Now the only one
left is an old
broken-down one!
11 (0B) "You're back, eh?

Ho...that's quite
a prize you brought
back with you...

I must say, you've
certainly exceeded

my expectations of

...Well, you're
welcome to come
back and use the
boat any time you
want to!
12 (0C) "I can't believe it!
That little girl
was able to fix that

boat when I

Humph! Guess I'll
just have to work
harder and study

engineering some
13 (0D) "Thanks for fixing
the boat for us...

Wait a sec!
Where'd you get
that refractor?

It's bigger than
the one you had
14 (0E) "What do you want?
Ask about Roll (Goes to text 15)
Never mind (Goes to text 16)
15 (0F) "That girl with the
red cap?

She went by just
a minute ago.
16 (10) "Oh...

Isn't this a nice
17 (11) "You know that to
get into the boat,

you have to use the
door on the back,

Are you planning
on going with just
that equipment?

Hmmm...I don't know
if that's a good

Why don't you have
Roll see if she

can make any new
Special Weapons?

Are you sure you
finished checking

out the Sub-Gate
in the Cardon Forest?

You finished a
little too quickly,
if you ask me--

maybe you missed

"What do you
want to do?

Recharge Energy
Tell me...
18 (12) "MegaMan! It's a red

We should be able
to fix the Flutter
with that!

C'mon, let's go!
Not yet (goes to text 19)
19 (13) "Why? Why not! Come
on, let's go!
Not yet (repeats text 19)
20 (14) "Those pirates are a
pretty mean bunch,
aren't they?

I mean, stealing
all the boats like

What? Their ship


Maybe I shouldn't
say bad things about
them anymore then...
21 (15) "Not much for me to
do with only one

boat left to take
care of...
22 (...) "I heard that new
Sub-Gates appeared

in the middle of
the city!

And just now, there
was a big tidal wave
that crashed up

against the shore!
It sure gave me a
23 "There was another
tidal wave! It came
up, and BOOM!

I wonder what's going
to happen to this poor
little island...
24 "So...the pirates
stole my boats and
used them to make

that giant robot,

I wonder what they
were planning to do
out at the ruins...?
25 (Same text as ID 12)
26 "Thanks for fixing
the boat for us!
27 "I wonder what's
going on...It
looked like there

was something
happening out on

the surface of the
lake a while ago...
28 0000It won't work--looks
like it's broken...
29 00It won't work--looks
like it's broken...
30 It won't work--looks
like it's broken...
31 "Well, at least the
boat's fixed, even

if I wasn't able to
do it myself!
32 "I knew it was the
33 "I wonder if they'll
still rent the boat,

now that it's the
only one they have?
34 "So, you were able
to fix your flying

machine with that
refractor, eh?

I guess that means
you'll be able to
go a lot of places

you weren't able to
before, right?
35 "Thanks to you, the
boat's working

But things're
going to be busy

around here with
only one boat!
36 "What a nice view...
37 0000000000000000(...)
38-45 All appear to be empty, having the "00" error until 220.
46-219 Not all were tested, but the huge amount of 00s suggest they are all empty.
219 "What do you
want to do?
00 Recharge Energ
Tell me...
220 "What do you
want to do?
Recharge Energy (Goes to 226 or other)
Save (Goes to 222)
Tell me... (Goes to 228)
221 "What do you
want to do?

(Lower menu doesn't appear, leaving MegaMan stuck)
222 Save Data
Save to which Memory card?
Memory card 1
Memory card 2

(Causes error in the game, probably due to going directly to this one instead of text 220 first)

223 (redirects to 226?)
224 Life Gauge fully charged.
Life Shield repaired.
225 Life Gauge fully charged.
Special Weapon recharged.
226 Life Gauge fully charged. ライフが満タンになった
227 (Nothing?)
228 "What can I help
you with?
What should I do now? (Goes to text 230)
About Lock-On (Goes to text 232)
About my shield (Goes to text 239)
Never mind (Goes to text 220)
229 "What can I help
you with?
(Gets stuck due to lack of choices)
230 "This lake is called
Lake Jyun...

There's a Sub-Gate
out on an island

in the middle of
the lake...

You can get out there
if you use a boat.
231 00"Our enemies'
232 "Our enemies'
attacks are
starting to get

more and more
vicious, aren't

Are you using the
Lock-On function
when you fight?
Yes, I am (Goes to text 234)
No, I'm not (Goes to text 235)
Yes, I am (Goes to text 234)
No, I'm not (Goes to text 235)
234 "That's my MegaMan!

I was sure you knew
about that!
235 "Whaaat!?

I don't believe you
made it this far
without it!

OK, let me tell you
about the auto
Lock-On function...


Pressing the R2
button automatically

locks your weapon
onto the nearest

Since the Lock-On
will continue to
track as long as

there's an enemy
around, using it makes
combat a lot easier!

To use it, turn
'Lock-On' on in
the Options screen!

"Got it?
"Do you know how
your shield works?
Of course! (Goes to text 238)
Um, no... (Goes to text 239)
Of course! (Goes to text 238)
Um, no... (Goes to text 239)
"Then why'd you
ask me?
239 "Your shield is
really useful--it
reduces the amount

of damage you take
from enemy attacks!

But be careful--
when your Life

Gauge is bright
red, your shield
stops working!

Your shield will
normally recharge

itself after a
little while...

But if it takes a
strong enough hit,
it will break and

stay red, and
you'll have to get
it repaired.
240 (Nothing)
241 (Crashes the game)
242 (Nothing)
243 (Crashes the game)
244 (Nothing)
245 (Shows nothing. Press button a few times and it goes to Data's menu)
246 (Nothing and goes to Data's menu)
247 (Crashes the game)
250 (Nothing)
251 (Nothing)
252 (Nothing, and MegaMan gets stuck, requiring a reset)
253 (Crashes the game)
254 (Nothing)
255 ID for disabled text? Calling this as text causes a weird error.

Area 13 01 (inside shop)

Inside Wily's Boat.

IDText (English)
00 00Wily
"Sorry (...)
01 Wily
"Sorry--no boats
there, either...

Someone's gone and
stole all my boats!

I've only got one
left, and it's
broken down--

won't be much
use to you!
02 "Need a boat?

Normally, you could
take your pick,
but we don't have
any boats right
03 Customer
"The dock's out
that way,

but you won't find
any boats there...

Heard someone's
stolen all the

Now who would do
a thing like that?
04 "They say someone
came and stole
all the boats...

What I want to
know is, what's the
person who stole them

gonna do with all
those boats?
05 "I wanted to rent
a boat too...

What? Go to the
ruins!? No, no, not me!

I was gonna go

There's a lot of
trout out there
in the lake, see?
06 "They must have
made that giant

out of the boats
they stole...

Good thing I
didn't go fishing
after all--

they might have
attacked me!
07 "Hmmm...I bet it's
the Main Gate...

There's some kind
of commotion going
on over there...
08 "I've been a
fisherman for my
whole life,

but with the way
the water's all
churned up,

even I wouldn't
be able to catch

I guess I'll have
to wait a while...
09 "You might not
know it, but I
love fishing!

Hey, you there!
Wanna have a good
time with me?

See? Sometimes I
get a catch, and
sometimes I don't!
10 "Someone once told
me a long time ago

that there are cities underground...

And that the
people who lived

weren't our
were different...

I know it sounds
pretty silly...

I never gave it
much thought until

But talking to you
makes me think

anything is
possible, MegaMan...

You sure are an
interesting lad...
11 "Did you know
there was a
tidak wave?

If this keeps up,
I won't be able
to catch anything!

How'm I suppossed
to pay my bills
12 "Well, since they
call it the Main

I imagine it
must be some
kind of door...

But the more
important question

where does it
lead to?
13 "I guess the ocean
must be angry
about something...

But is it at
something we've

or is it somerhing
14 Getting the
refractor out of

the ruins on the
lake won't be so
Lots of Diggers
have tried

But you just might
be the one to do
it...Good luck!
15 "Don't worry
about me--

I can go fishing
16-29 (Text 30 appears with the "00" error)
30 It's a model of
a boat...

You won't be able
to use this!
31 It's a float.

But it won't be
much help for you
with all your gear!
32 What's in the

There's some
fishing gear

You should leave
it there--

Wily would
probably get angry
if you took it...
33-34 (Error: MegaMan gets stuck due to the game attempting to load text 220, which isn't set)
35-219 (Probably the same error. Data isn't set to appear here.)
220 (MegaMan stops moving, requiring a reset)
222 (Gets stuck for some time)
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