Codes from Mega Man Legends 2 / Rockman DASH 2 Episode 2. (Ep1)

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Player and general

Cheat Engine
Decimal values (for C.E.) and notes
Player HP?9D81402Mega Man's current life energy.
Player gauge - A2CC082Life display
Zenny?9E88404Money amount
Freeze time?9D82502Time that freeze status lasts.
Burn time?9D82522Time that burn status lasts.
Paralyze time?9D82542Time that paralyze status lasts.
E. leak time?9D82562Time that energy leak status lasts.
Helmet change?9D82721 Changes equipped helmet.
Shoes change?9D82731 Changes equipped shoes.
Armor change?9D82741 Changes equipped armor.
Buster Parts in inventory?9E45DC1 Changes Buster Parts available in inventory.
Shop parts?9E45FC1 Changes parts available in shops.
Special Weapon equip?9D826F1 Test code. 0 or 1 to equip or unequip current weapon.
Change S. Weapon?9D825C1 Changes current weapon. May cause errors.
Map change30078D1C 00XX
30078D1D 00YY
1 XX and YY value list
Camera position?9C90441 0
Good/Bad Mega Man?9E8858
1 Needs some testing.
C.E. values:


  • 255
  • 127
  • 255
  • 127


  • 1
  • 128
  • 60
  • 246
Text 'n HUD?9C4CF8
1 HUD codes? Needs some testing.
0 / 1
6 / 4
1 Same as above. 0 / 4
0 / 4
Right HUD?AFA93E
1 Ditto.


Cheat Engine code:


It's a bit incomplete, but it changes the part of the story the player currently is. Below are values for both codes and the message displayed in the world map:

ValuesMap messageEvent
00Warning: The Flutter cannot be entered!Before the Flutter leaves Calinca. Not shown in normal gameplay.
01We have to go to Forbidden Island to help Gramps!Before entering Forbidden Island for the first time.
?? (1)Gramps' ship is somewhere on Forbidden Island!During Forbidden Island.
02The First Key is in the ruins on Manda Island.Before entering Manda Island for the first time.
03Maybe the ruins are beyond Pokte Village--keep looking!Before defeating Jagd Krabbe.
04Now we can get inside the ruins! Let's go!After defeating Jagd Krabbe.
?? (4)We need to take the Key back to the Sulphur-Bottom!First Key obtained, not given to Bluecher yet.
05Next stop: Nino Island! I wonder what it's like there?Before entering Nino Island.
06Warning: The Flutter cannot be entered!During Nino Island attack.
07We've got to ask the Guildmaster to open the gate.Birdbots defeated.
?? (7)We've got to defeat the pirates on Calbania!Before entering Calbania Island.
08You've got to to find Glyde's base on Calbania, MegaMan!Landed on Calbania Island.
?? (8)Where are you going? You've got to help Shu, MegaMan!Talked with Appo and Dah.
09So much for the pirates! Now we can get into the ruins!Destroyed Glyde's base and saved Shu.
10We can go to Ruminoa as soon as you're ready, MegaMan!Defeated King Glydon and entered Nino Ruins.
Note: From this point, only the codes were tested, so it is missing "??" texts.
11Next stop: Kimotoma City, on Saul Kada Island!Kimotoma
12You've got to free Kimotoma from the Bonnes, MegaMan!Kimotoma
13You can get to the ruins from the center of Kimotoma!Kimotoma
14Back to Yosyonke! I wonder how Joe's going?Yosyonke
15We've got to save Yosyonke from the pirate alliance!Yosyonke
16Only one Key left! It's under the Yosyonke Gallery!Yosyonke
17She's waiting for you on Calbania, MegaMan.Going to see Matilda in Calbania.
18Be careful, MegaMan. Come home soon!Elysium


Note: Although mainly referring to enemies, these codes are also used for NPCs and some objects, like Roll, Barrell, Data, the Flutter, ... It depends on the map, each having their own characters/objects.

Cheat Engine
Decimal values (for C.E.) and notes
Enemy 1 c. HP?9C61E02 Enemy's current HP. Used for most bosses.
Enemy 1 max. HP?9C61E22 Enemy's max. HP
Enemy 1 action?9C61781 Enemy action/movement
Enemy 1 action?9C61791 Enemy action
Enemy 1 position?9C61831 Enemy's map position
Enemy 1 face?9C617D1 Tron's face in debug room.
Enemy 1 length?9C62511 Stretches enemy horizontally. (Max. size = 127. Above this value reverses enemy)
Enemy 1 height?9C62531 Stretches enemy vertically. (max = 127)
Enemy 1 width?9C62551 Stretches enemy horizontally. (max = 127)
Enemy 1 color red?9C62561 Changes enemy color.
Enemy 1 color blue?9C62571 Changes enemy color.
Enemy 2 c. HP?9C634C2 Enemy's current HP
Enemy 2 max. HP?9C634E2 Enemy's max. HP
Enemy 2 move?9C62E41 Enemy action/movement
Enemy 2 action?9C62E51 Enemy action
Enemy 2 position?9C62EF1 Enemy's map position
Enemy 3 c. HP?9C64B82 Enemy's current HP
Enemy 3 max. HP?9C64B92 Enemy's max. HP
Enemy 3 move?9C64501 Enemy action/movement
Enemy 3 action?9C64511 Enemy action/movement
Enemy 3 position?9C645B1 Enemy map position
Enemy 4 c. HP?9C66242 Enemy's current HP
Enemy 5 c. HP?9C67902 Enemy's current HP
Enemy 6 c. HP?9C68FC2 Enemy's current HP
Enemy 7 c. HP?9C6A682 Enemy's current HP
JKRC c. HP?9E8BE02 HP of Jagd Krabbe's right claw
JKLC c. HP?9E8BE22 HP of Jagd Krabbe's left claw
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