List of files from the Mega Man Legends 2 Trial Version Demo CD included in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

There isn't much to see here, as everything not used in the demo was removed from the disc, except for a few leftovers.


FileSizeCreated / Modified in...
DAT (Folder)17,9 MBMarch 20, 2000
XA (Folder)71,7 MBMarch 20, 2000
SLUS_900.78420 KBMarch 31, 2000
SYSTEM.CNF68 bytes (size)
2,00 KB (size in disc)
March 20, 2000
ZNULL(.DAT)35,3 MBJune 13, 1995


FileSizeCreated / Modified in...Notes
LEGEND2.BIN17,9 MBMarch 31, 2000


FileSizeCreated / Modified in...Notes
F18.XA16,5 MBMarch 20, 2000
F37.XA55,2 MBMarch 20, 2000

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