The character profiles from Mega Man Megamix.

Mega Man Megamix Vol. 1

Dr. Light Number.001
Mega Man
Combat Robot

Rock was a peaceful domestic robot, but his strong sense of justice led him to ask for modifications to his systems. It was his hope that he would be able to stop the rampaging robots with Dr. Light's new combat modifications. The modifications were a success, and Rock was reborn as Mega Man, the combat robot. Mega Man's body is made of Light Ceramic Chitin, his legs contain air boosters, and the unique weapon known as the [[Mega Buster]] in his arm is able to scan and replicate the weapons of other robots. Mega Man's most valuable asset, the Weapon Change System, is easily one of Dr. Light's greatest accomplishments. Even a century later, in 21XX A.D., scientists still would not be able to replicate anything close to the Mega Buster for common use.

Dr. Light Number.001
Domestic Helper Robot

After spending many years researching and suffering repeated failures, Rock was Dr. Light's first success at creating a robot who could live in harmony with humans. After completing Rock, Dr. Light kept him close by as a domestic helper to carefully monitor Rock's functions, but over time, Dr. Light came to love Rock as a real son. Usually, Rock spends his day assisting Dr. Light in his research or helping Roll with her daily chores. Rock is a peace-loving robot, and can at times be described as being too kind. But he also fosters a strong sense of justice, and it is this knowledge of the difference between right and wrong that leads him to later lead a life of battle as "Mega Man."

Dr. Light Number.002
Domestic Helper Robot

Dr. Light's second domestic helper robot. Since Rock was created with the form of a boy, Roll was created with the form of a girl. Dr. Light has spent his life trying to convince people to see robots as friends and peers as opposed to mere pets. In order to accomplish this goal, Dr. Light decided it may help people adjust to having robots in their daily lives if the robots helped out with daily chores the way human children did. This reasoning was why he chose to develop Rock and Roll as domestic helper robots. Roll takes care of the day to day chores around Dr. Light's house, and she will often get Rock to help her. Roll is like a little sister to Rock.

Dr. Thomas Light
The Father of Modern Robotics

In the year 20XX A.D., Dr. Light laid down the foundation for modern robotic sciences, earning himself the title "Father of Modern Robotics." After graduating at the top of his class from the Robot Institute of Technology, Dr. Light overcame countless trials and tribulations before successfully creating the first functional humanoid robot. His strong sense of responsibility is most likely rooted in the fact that he was the first person to produce a "robot with a soul." Having won the LIT Manual Design Contest four years in a row, Dr. Light has also earned many other awards, including the World Engineer Gold Medal, and the Noble Physics Prize. His hobbies include playing computer games at home.

Dr. Light Number.003
Cut Man
Wood Harvesting Robot

The first industrial robot created by Dr. Light. Taking into consideration the fact that he would mostly be working outdoors, Cut Man was designed to withstand any type of weather. Cut Man's cutter is made of Ceramic Chitin, a very special material that boasts high durability as well as a resistance to rust and varying temperatures. There are anti-slip surfaces on his hands which allow him to catch his Rolling Cutter as it returns to him. Cut Man's high mobility is balanced out by his weakness to strong physical impacts. Though his main purpose is to harvest wood, he is also capable of processing lumber. A little hot-headed at times, Cut Man is not the most logical robot out there, but his intentions are good and pure.

Dr. Light Number.004
Guts Man
Land Development Robot

Guts Man, who was designed to form and develop the land, was given superhuman strength to perform his duties. A lot of time was spent reinforcing Guts Man's joints so that they could withstand the strain of constant heavy lifting. Covering his entire outer shell with Ceramic Chitin resulted in a larger physical form, but since he was expected to be working only under the safest of circumstances, less attention was paid to reinforcing the sensitive electronics contained within his body, and they are vulnerable to heavy impacts like those from exploding Hyper Bombs. Despite his extreme strength, Guts Man has a kind and gentle personality.

Dr. Light Number.005
Ice Man
Antarctica Scouting Robot

Ice Man was originally created to scout the continent of Antarctica, but having finished his mission there, Ice Man returned and is now working in a large cold storage warehouse. In order to function in harsh environments and extremely cold temperatures, Ice Man's internal circuits are made up of the smallests components available. These small components allow Ice Man to function with the least amount of energy possible, and they are also the reason for his physical form being smaller than usual. The only disadvantage of using these smaller components is their hyperconductivity, and a strong electrical surge like Elec Man's Thunder Beam will easily incapacitate him. Despite his small stature, Ice Man is quite effective in combat.

Dr. Light Number.006
Bomb Man
Demolition Robot

Bomb Man was created for land development purposes just like Guts Man, and is equipped with demolition explosives called Hyper Bombs. The range of a Hyper Bomb's explosion can be adjusted via its settings. In order to avoid any unnecessary damage and related inconvenience outside its designated target range, micro bombs detonating around the area of the explosion are used to contain the shockwave from the blast of a Hyper Bomb. Through Dr. Light's ingenuity, explosive blasts became something that could be controlled like never before. Bomb Man is not a complex robot by any means, and enjoys big, flashy things like fireworks.

Dr. Light Number.007
Fire Man
Waste Management Robot

Fire Man uses his flames to burn away the world's waste, which is piling up on a daily basis. He is in charge of the worker robots who take care of the more simple tasks at the waste management facility, and he also performs many of the waste management duties himself. Fire Man's Fire Storm burns at 7000 to 8000 degrees celsius, and it is capable of burning through just about anything. His body is covered with a fireproof material, and his internal components are also heat resistant. The metal components of Fire Man's body are used to launch his flames. His personality is better described as a quietly burning flame, rather than a chaotic and rampant wildfire.

Dr. Light Number.008
Elec Man
Nuclear Power Controller

Elec Man was created to control the flow of power at the nuclear power plant. Due to the dangerous nature of his intended work environment, Elec Man was given improved decision-making abilities as well as faster movement speeds. The power generator contained within his body produces high-frequency electricity, which ionizes the high-frequency electromagnetic field surrounding him. By gathering the electricity inside his body at his fingertips, Elec Man is able to release it as a Thunder Beam. Elec Man had always been a dutiful worker, but after being forced into battle against Mega Man, Elec Man realized that he rather enjoyed combat. Will Elec Man be able to find fulfillment in his life after returning to his uneventful days as an industrial robot...?

Dr. Light's Heli-Trailer

Dr. Light uses this heli-trailer for transportation. The trailer in the back is set up with many useful tools and machinery, which allows Dr. Light to perform simple repairs and other such activities while on the move. By folding the propellers in, the heli-trailer can also be used as a normal land vehicle.

Air Force Fighter Jet

These jets were sent out to quell the violent robot rebellion. Though they are very powerful examples of advanced military technology, they did not stand a chance against the robots that were under Wily's control.

Dr. Wily's Twin Pyramids

Dr. Wily's mobile fortress. When Dr. Wily confused Dr. Light's robots with his evil chip, he had all of them gather at the Twin Pyramids. By using the remote signals Dr. Light's robots are able to send to worker robots, Dr. Wily was also able to gather the worker robots from various regions to his fortress.

Yellow Devil

Yellow Devil is the large robot who stands guard within the fortress's main control room. His body parts are composed of an organic ferromagnetic polymer gel, and each part is controlled by a nucleus-like core. Changes in the magnetic field allow it to take on the distinctive Yellow Devil form.
What appears to be its eye is the main core that controls its entire body. Wily believed Yellow Devil to be his greatest creation ever, but due to the fact that Yellow Devil's core could be disrupted by a strong electromagnetic pulse, the Thunder Beam proved to be his ultimate weakness.

Dr. Albert W. Wily
The evil, yet brilliant mad scientist

Former schoolmates, Dr. Wily and Dr. Light acknowledge each other as rivals. In some ways, it can be said that Dr. Wily is in fact smarter than Dr. Light, but his unique and altogether unusual ideas had always bewildered their school teachers. Due to this lack of understanding from his teachers, Dr. Wily had always been forced to endure the shame and unbearable pain of being second best. For Dr. Wily, who is very prideful, being confined to second place under Dr. Light was more than a little insulting. Over the years, he came to hate the humans who did not seem capable of understanding his true genius, and this led to his obssession with robots. Dr. Wily has come in second place at the LIT Manual Design Contest for four years in a row, was presented with the World Engineer Silver Medal, and was nominated for the Noble Physics Prize. His favorite pastime is table tennis.

Dr. Wily Number.009
Metal Man
High-Mobility Combat Robot

Dr. Wily's first humanoid combat robot. Metal Man has a sensitive gyroscope installed in his body which offers enhanced stability, allowing him to fight unhindered on uneven or unstable terrain. Designed with mobility as the main focus, his body is made of lightweight material. This results in a lower level of durability than some of Wily's other combat robots, and Metal Man therefore prefers to evade attacks rather than endure them. Special attention was also paid to balancing the weight of each of his body parts. His weapon of choice is the Metal Blade, crafted of Ceramic Chitin. Like Cut Man, Metal Man has anti-slip surfaces on his hands so that he can grip his blades more easily.

Dr. Wily Number.010
Air Man
Aerial Combat Robot

Designed and developed specifically for aerial combat. Air Man's main attack, the Air Shooter, uses highly compressed air to create an artificial tornado. As the pressurized air expands, it creates a shockwave and, as per Bernoulli's Principle, the difference in air pressure within the funnel of the tornado grows steadily. As the shockwaves overlap each other, they further feed the tornado, increasing its intensity. This is the secret behind the Air Shooter's devastating power. With the assistance of his little helper robots, Air Man is also able to create a small typhoon. He is a true warrior who can blast away any enemy that stands in his way.

Dr. Wily Number.011
Bubble Man
Underwater Combat Robot

The world's first underwater combat robot, Bubble Man was designed purely for fighting enemies that appear underwater or on the water's surface. His weapon, the Bubble Lead, alters the electromagnetic field to create a strong hydrogen bond between water molecules, which results in the formation of a large bubble. A bit of sulfuric acid is added to these bubbles, which not only makes them more dangerous, but also results in greater pliancy and even keeps their water content from evaporating as easily as in a normal bubble. Bubble Man is also equipped with a spear gun, which can fire repeatedly and functions well underwater. He is an expert at underwater combat tactics, and has a solid understanding of his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

Dr. Wily Number.012
Quick Man
Swift Combat Robot

As part of his ongoing quest to control time itself, Dr. Wily thought that the first step may be to approach the speed of light. This was the idea upon which Quick Man was designed. By using unique equipment developed by Dr. Wily, Quick Man is able to accelerate time in his immediate proximity, which results in the illusion that Quick Man is moving extremely fast. The theory supporting this equipment has not yet been perfected, however, and Quick Man is only able to accelerate his "time range" to two to four times that of his surroundings. Despite this limitation, Quick Man's acute reasoning and combat skills have extended the time acceleration system's usefulness beyond initial expectations. The extra hardware attached to his right arm is the Quick Boomerang launcher unit.

Dr. Wily Number.013
Crash Man
Built-in heavy artillery combat robot

Crash Man was built to be a combat robot who specializes in heavy artillery. His main weapon is the Crash Bomber, which changes shape after being launched from Crash Man's body. Each Crash Bomber extends forward to form a tip which pierces its target. If the Crash Bomber senses a heat source nearby upon impact, it immediately explodes to cause direct damage. If there is no heat source located nearby, however, the Crash Bomber sets itself to explode after a short delay. Though Crash Man's armor was specifically designed to withstand potential detonations in his immediate proximity, he is not impervious to other attacks.

Dr. Wily Number.014
Flash Man
Time Control Combat Robot

The speed of light refers to the speed of which light travels. Flash Man's Time Stopper is a system which allows him to control the speed of light, which in effect halts the flow of time for those affected. Though he does not possess any particularly powerful attacks, Flash Man is free to damage his defenseless opponents during the brief period that his Time Stopper is active. The only robot who is affected differently by the Time Stopper is Quick Man, whose system also deals with manipulating the speed of light. In Quick Man's case, the Time Stopper reduces the speed of light to nearly zero, infinitely increasing his mass and thus creating a powerful gravitational force of which then damages Quick Man. As no other robot possesses the ability to manipulate the speed of light, Quick Man is the only one who is affected in this way.

Dr. Wily Number.015
Heat Man
Flame Thrower Combat Robot

Heat Man is a combat robot who was developed specifically to surpass Fire Man's damage potential, heat resistance, and general combat abilities. Heat Man's special heat-resistant armor allows him to surround his entire body in flames. He also has some transformation capabilities, which allow him to fly while engulfed in flames. An internal component known as the Atomic Fire grants him the ability to launch flames from the holes in his palms. His Atomic Fire discharger is a pressurized blaster and, upon impact, the projected flames burst upward in a wall of intense heat. Heat Man uses fire as a source of energy, and as such he is able to absorb any lesser fire attacks to fuel himself.

Dr. Wily Number.016
Wood Man
Jungle Combat Robot

Developed for combat in wooded areas, Wood Man was designed with camouflage as a main feature. During combat, Wood Man is able to produce an electromagnetic field which carries his unique leaf-shaped units out into his surrounding area, forming a Leaf Shield. These leaf-shaped units are not actual leaves, but uniquely- shaped pieces of Ceramic Chitin coated with a special substance that makes them impervious to all attacks. Though Wood Man has a high power output level and therefore powerful attacks as well, his movement speed is quite slow. By using his Leaf Shield for both offensive and defensive purposes, Wood Man is able to cover that lack of speed and agility.

High-Speed Transportation Unit

Item-2 is a transportation unit that Dr. Light developed to assist Mega Man in combat. Its top speed exceeds mach 3. Item-1 and Item-3 also exist, but due to the urgent nature of Mega Man's situation, Dr. Light decided to bring out Item-2, which was best suited to get Mega Man where he needed to be.

Mecha Dragon
Giant Fortress Guardian Robot

A large dragon-shaped robot. In order to make flight a possibility for this giant robot, Mecha Dragon is mostly composed of helium tanks. All non-essential parts were also removed from Mecha Dragon's design to reduce his physical weight as much as possible. Mecha Dragon's external parts, including his head, arms, legs, tail, and even wings are all mechanical and each have multiple functions. The main function of its head, for example, is to spew flames with its built-in flamethrower, but it also acts as a temperature control system which adjusts the heat of the gaseous bodies contained within its torso.

Skull Satellite
Tactical Assault Satellite

Wily created these dangerous satellites to scare the entire planet into submission, but his plans were quickly foiled by Mega Man. Despite this defeat, Wily's research continues to aim for space and its untapped potential.

Canine Support Robot

For Mega Man's third battle, Dr. Light provided him with Rush, a canine support robot capable of assuming multiple useful forms. Rush has built-in coils which allow him to propel Mega Man to impressive heights, a jet form which allows him to travel through the air while carrying Mega Man, and a marine form which allows him to transport Mega Man through water. Though he was created to be a simple support robot, Rush is now considered a cherished member of Dr. Light's family.

Item Transport Robot

Eddie is a robot created by Dr. Light who will appear during Mega Man's fourth battle, which will be included in the next volume. Due to the fact that Eddie was rushed out to assist Mega Man in his time of need, his Item Selection function is not as refined as it could have been. Still, Eddie manages to play an important role outside of battle as well by acting as a rice cooker for Dr. Light's household.

Assistant Robot

Auto considers himself to be Dr. Light's first real apprentice, and works hard to assist Dr. Light in his research in any way possible. Though his appearance may seem a little silly, Auto is actually quite skilled with things of a mechanical nature. Of course, he is still an assistant-in-training, so he makes his share of mistakes. Auto has a calming aura about him, and is often able to diffuse even the most tense situations.

Avian Support Robot

A support robot that Dr. Cossack (who appears in volume 2) developed for Mega Man. Armed with a powerful search function, Beat attacks by physically hurling himself at his target. Though he is blessed with a strong body, Beat's energy output levels are quite high and he is therefore not the most efficient robot in that respect. Beat is now considered to be a member of the Light family.

Feline Support Robot

Originally created as a pet robot, Tango was modified to be able to assist Mega Man in combat situations. With a build based on that of a cat, Tango enjoys a high level of agility-- but because of those same feline design elements, he also has a powerful wanderlust, which means he will wander off without warning for days at a time. So far, Tango has always returned home on his own eventually.

Pet Bird Robot

Reggae is a pet robot that Wily created for himself. Unfortunately for Wily's army, Reggae is quite the chatty sort, and has therefore managed to get on the bad side of just about everyone he's ever met. For this reason alone, Wily has sworn to make as many modifications as necessary to make his precious sidekick more likeable.

Mother Computer
Administrative System

The large administrative computer located in one of the world's most technologically progressive cities. In such cities, several administrative computers are tasked with mundane duties that keep things running smoothly. Of those administrative computers, the most functionally exceptional computer is selected to act as the Mother Computer, which is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the processes of the other administrative computers. In other words, the Mother Computer is like a mechanical mayor. After sustaining serious damage in an explosion, this particular Mother Computer was set up as the administrative computer in one of the city's many parks.

Toy Robot
Huggable Toy

An unremarkable toy robot that runs on batteries and is capable of speaking simple words. Toys in this series have the ability to identify their owner and were quite popular at one time. However, some people find the maintenance of such toys (having to talk to it and care for it) to be a burden, and the more heartless of such owners have resorted to discarding these toys like worthless garbage.

Yellow Devil Mark 2
The New Yellow Devil

The second version of Yellow Devil. If things had gone according to plan, this new Yellow Devil would have been capable of following more specific commands than its predecessor, and would also have possessed the ability to walk. By using the central processing unit of a cruelly discarded toy robot as the core brain for the new Yellow Devil, Wily hoped that the toy would use its new and improved body to take revenge on the humans who had treated it so poorly. Unfortunately for Wily, he could not have been more wrong.

Dr. Wily Numbers.017-024
Information regarding DWN.017-024

After his second scheme for world domination resulted in another devastating defeat, Dr. Wily ended up working with Dr. Light on a project researching sources of energy found in space. (There are a number of rumors regarding how this unexpected pairing came to be, including one which suggests that Dr. Wily had gained the respect of his fellow scholars by developing and creating the powerful Skull Satellites all by himself, as well as another school of thought which states that Dr. Light pulled various strings to give his old friend a chance to make amends with the scientific elite.)

At the time, Dr. Light was heading up the team that was developing the giant robot Gamma, whose construction required energy sources that could not be found on Earth. They were able to determine that the eight energy sources they needed could be found on eight other planets, and that their robot Gamma would never come to fruition without these specific energy sources.

Wily volunteered his own robots, DWN.017-024 to be the eight robots sent into space to harvest these new energy sources. These robots were officially registered with the World Robot Alliance, and each one was sent to a different planet in order to harvest a specific energy source. But all of this had been part of Wily's newest plot, and the eight robots soon revolted.

After Wily's betrayal was revealed, space became the latest stage for an epic battle between Mega Man and Dr. Wily, with the coveted prize being the giant robot Gamma itself. Once again, Mega Man emerged victorious, and time marched forward peacefully...

Some time has passed since their battle in space, and the eight robots who had been at the center of it all now serve as guards at Dr. Wily's base of operations, which is located in alarming proximity to the city where the Mother Computer is located.

(Note: Some parts of this were later retconned in the Mega Man Gigamix story Asteroid Blues, and there is also a small retcon from Rockman Remix, where the eight robots were DRWN.017-024)
Dr. Wily Number.017
Needle Man
Rock Breaker Robot

Dr. Wily Number.018
Magnet Man
Scrap Iron Management Robot
Dr. Wily Number.019
Gemini Man
Obstruction Grinder Robot
Dr. Wily Number.020
Hard Man
Land Leveling Robot
Dr. Wily Number.021
Top Man
High-Speed Barrier Prototype Robot
Dr. Wily Number.022
Snake Man
Terrain Probe Robot
Dr. Wily Number.023
Spark Man
Recharging Robot
Dr. Wily Number.024
Shadow Man
Espionage Robot


Mega Man Megamix Vol. 2

Dr. Light Number.001
Mega Man
Combat Robot

Rock was a normal domestic helper robot until he asked Dr. Light to modify him for combat in order to stop his brother robots after they had been reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to cause trouble in the city. Since then, Mega Man has faced Dr. Wily in battle many times, and has undergone many additional modifications. His Mega Buster is now capable of charged shots, and he is more efficient in battle without having to rely on special weapons.

Dr. Light Number.001
Domestic Helper Robot

The domestic helper robot that was modified into Mega Man. When he is not in battle, Mega Man returns to his normal life as Rock in Dr. Light's household. When the need arises, Rock is able to change into Mega Man instantaneously. He is a robot with a strong sense of justice and a kind soul.

Dr. Light Number.002
Domestic Helper Robot

Rock and Roll were developed at the same time. Capable of handling all manner of common household chores, Roll represents everything that a domestic helper robot should be. At times, she has been known to nag Dr. Light about his lifestyle out of concern for his health. Possibly due to her lack of combat abilities, Roll tends to worry more than most whenever Rock has to go into battle. Roll is like a little sister to Rock.

Doctor Thomas Light
The Father of Modern Robotics

In the year 20XX A.D., Dr. Light laid down the foundation of modern robotic sciences, earning himself the title "Father of Modern Robotics." He is responsible for the development and construction of Mega Man and the other Dr. Light Numbers (DLN). Dr. Light still feels guilty about modifying Rock into Mega Man during Dr. Wily's first attempt at world domination, as his ultimate wish is a world where humans and robots can live in peace and harmony. Will his dream ever come true...? Kind and gentle to a fault, Dr. Light has been known to be gullible at times.

Doctor Albert W. Wily
The Evil Yet Brilliant Mad Scientist

An old schoolmate of Dr. Light's, Dr. Wily is an evil scientist who is intent on taking over the world. Having developed numerous robots himself, Dr. Wily is constantly coming up with new ways to conquer the world. Having a rather unique outlook and philosophy, Dr. Wily never really had anyone in his life who truly understood him. In some ways, Dr. Light was the only one who was willing and able to understand Dr. Wily. Unfortunately, Dr. Light's natural genius and overwhelming success in life had always driven Dr. Wily to view him as a rival more than a friend. In what could be considered a bitter twist of fate, it was the very same Dr. Light and his robots who would eventually come to stand in the way of Dr. Wily and his dark ambitions.

Doctor Mikhail S. Cossack
Russian Scientist

A robotics engineer from Russia. After graduating with a degree in robotics from the Ural Institute of Technology, Dr. Cossack got a job at the Stravinsky Science Academy. One day, Dr. Wily kidnapped Kalinka, Dr. Cossack's only daughter. In exchange for his beloved daughter's safe return, Dr. Cossack was forced to lead the eight robots he had created into battle against Mega Man. After the truth of this incident was revealed, Dr. Light helped Dr. Cossack clear his name and return to the good graces of the scientific society. Since then, Dr. Cossack has intensified his efforts in the research and development of robots. Dr. Light now counts Dr. Cossack among his most trusted friends. Dr. Cossack is the proud recipient of the Brzezinski Science Award and the Scientific Achievement Award, as well as numerous other prestigious awards.

Kalinka Cossack
Dr. Cossack's Daughter

Kalinka is Dr. Cossack's only daughter. Her special talents include ballet dancing and playing the piano, but she dreams of one day becoming a princess in a big castle. (It is possible that the exterior of Dr. Cossack's laboratory is shaped like a castle because Dr. Cossack wanted to make Kalinka's dream come true in a small way.) Ensuring Kalinka's safety was the reason Dr. Cossack went into battle against Mega Man when she was kidnapped by Dr. Wily. From time to time, Kalinka feels that her father pays more attention to his robots than her, which results in a twinge of jealousy. Recently, however, she seems to have more pressing concerns on her mind.

Dr. Cossack Numbers.025-032
Information Regarding DWN.025-032

The term "Dr. Cossack Numbers" refers to the eight robots (seven industrial robots and one combat robot) created by Dr. Cossack. When Kalinka was kidnapped, the seven robots who were on industrial assignments at the time were ordered to fight Mega Man. The other robot, Skull Man, was a combat robot that Dr. Cossack constructed specifically for the purpose of fighting Mega Man. The fact that Skull Man's appearance uses skulls as a main motif stems from Dr. Cossack's belief that conflict equals death.

When Dr. Cossack's robots were used by Dr. Wily in his fourth attempt at world domination, the Global Robotics Union (which later became the World Robot Alliance) registered them as DWN (Dr. Wily Numbers) robots. Considering the fact that they fought on Dr. Wily's side during that incident, this is their official designation in a way, but here they are listed as DCNs (Dr. Cossack Numbers) to show that they are in fact Dr. Cossack's robots.

Dr. Cossack Number.025
Bright Man
Municipal Lighting Robot
Bright Man
Dr. Cossack Number.026
Toad Man
Farm Worker Robot
Dr. Cossack Number.027
Drill Man
Construction Site Worker Robot
Dr. Cossack Number.028
Pharaoh Man
Pyramid Explorer Robot
Dr. Cossack Number.029
Dust Man
Municipal Cleaner Robot
Dr. Cossack Number.030
Ring Man
Police Robot
Dr. Cossack Number.031
Dive Man
Underwater Explorer Robot
Dr. Cossack Number.032
Skull Man
Combat Robot
Dr. Wily Number.033
Gravity Man
Gravity-Altering Combat Robot
Dr. Wily Number.034
Wave Man
Amphibious Combat Robot
Dr. Wily Number.035
Stone Man
Mountaineer Combat Robot
Dr. Wily Number.036
Gyro Man
Aerial Combat Robot
Dr. Wily Number.037
Star Man
Space Combat Robot
Dr. Wily Number.038
Charge Man
Transport Train Sentry Robot
Dr. Wily Number.039
Napalm Man
Built-in Heavy Artillery Comnat Robot
Dr. Wily Number.040
Crystal Man
Mining Site Sentry Combat Robot
Dark Man 1
Tank Type

The Dark Man type robots were in charge of defending Dr. Wily's fortress during his fifth attempt at world domination. There are four variations of the Dark Man robot, all of which are based on the same design. Dark Man 1 is the tank variation, and due to his low center of gravity, he gains greater stability while firing the busters on the ends of his arms. The continuous tracks that serve as his feet allow Dark Man 1 to move quickly and turn on a dime. He diverts energy from his electromagnetic shield to power himself.

Dark Man 2
Barrier Type

As the standard variation of the Dark Man robots, Dark Man 2 is not equipped with any weapons, but has two separate electromagnetic shields that he can use. These electromagnetic shields allow him to swap features with other Dark Man robots, such as Dark Man 1's continuous tracks or Dark Man 3's Spark Shot. While his electromagnetic shields are active, Dark Man 2's internal temperature is constantly rising, so his feet were designed to release heat as needed.

Dark Man 3
Sniper Type

Dark Man 3 is a sniper variation of the Dark Man series of robots. His right arm is a large buster that is capable of repeatedly firing high-velocity projectiles. His swappable feature is the Spark Shot located in his chest, which is capable of stopping his opponent's movements for a short period of time. To improve Dark Man 3's agility in combat, his feet were specially designed to allow him to jump much higher than would normally be possible.

Dark Man 4
Dark Man Leader

Dark Man 4 acts as the leader of the other Dark Man robots, and was developed using the best features of the other three. His body is made of a special alloy that allows him to not only transform into the shape of other Dark Man robots, but to also displace certain parts of his body to alter his overall form. Dark Man 4's buster and electromagnetic shield are smaller, more efficient versions of those used by the other Dark Man robots.

Dr. Light Number.000
Proto Man
Prototype Robot

Proto Man is a prototype robot that was created before Rock. With the development of robots who were capable of logical thought (albeit limited by their programming) inevitably came situations where those same robots started to act on accord of their own judgement rather than blindly following the orders of humans as their predecessors did. Recognizing the potential danger presented by a prototype with such advanced abilities, Dr. Light included a failsafe feature in Proto Man's design that would prevent him from breaking the Three Laws of Robotics. It was this unfinished failsafe that would later have an unexpected effect on Proto Man's power generator. Eventually, his "free will" led Proto Man to leave Dr. Light's side, disappearing without a trace. The next time Proto Man showed up, it was as a combat robot.

Special Wily Number
Combat Robot

When designing Bass, Dr. Wily carefully filtered through all of the data he had ever collected on Mega Man. Based on the information he had gathered through his many battles against Mega Man, Dr. Wily created Bass with abilities and a Weapon Copy System that surpassed those of Mega Man's. Dr. Wily designed Bass to be a similar model to Mega Man to show off the idea that he could make a robot like Dr. Light's, only better. At the same time, Dr. Wily hoped that with such a similar built, Bass would gather the same combat data as Mega Man from each battle, which would allow Dr. Wily to ascertain what kind of data Mega Man had taken back to Dr. Light. Unfortunately for Dr. Wily, despite turning out to be everything he had wished for as far as abilities were concerned, Bass also developed a strong sense of pride and is rarely willing to obey Dr. Wily's commands.

Special Support

Treble was specifically developed to support Bass in battle. In contrast to Rush, who offers Mega Man transportation through air and water, Treble was given considerable offensive capabilities so that he might better assist Bass in a fight. By merging with Bass, Treble gives him the ability to fly as well as improved offensive capabilities.

Sniper Joe
Mass Produced Combat Robot

Having discovered Proto Man after he left Dr. Light, Dr. Wily created Sniper Joe based off of Proto Man's specifications. Sniper Joe is a mass production model sentry robot who has a buster, shield, and advanced defenses like Proto Man. Following his success with Sniper Joe, Dr. Wily developed many variations of Joe robots.

Skeleton Joe
Joe Variation

Skeleton Joe was developed as an experiment in creating a robot mainly composed of basic "bits." Since the skeleton form requires very few parts, Skeleton Joe turned out to be a great design for mass production, despite being a prototype model. The knowledge and skill that Dr. Wily gained by creating Skeleton Joe was directly carried over into his research when developing Stone Man.

Junk Golem
Recycled Combat Robot

Fleshing out the most basic of frames with chunks of junk is how the Junk Golem was created. Though he may seem like a "rush job" as far as robots are concerned, the many layers of junk that make up his external armor make it difficult to get a critical hit on him. Junk Golem does not have any built-in weapons at his disposal, but his powerful physical strength makes anything within his reach a dangerous weapon.

Mega Man Megamix Vol. 3

Dr. Light Number.001
Domestic Helper Robot

Rock is an ordinary domestic helper robot who willingly became Mega Man in order to preserve world peace. Through he fights for all the right reasons, Rock still feels a deep sadness for all the robots he has had to defeat in battle. His kind and gentle soul is the main source of both his strength and his sorrow. How will his future battles unfold...?

Dr. Light Number.002
Domestic Helper Robot

Roll is a domestic helper robot similar to Rock, and is like a little sister to him. As she does not possess any combat abilities, she does not participate in battle and constantly worries about Rock's safety whenever he heads into a fight as Mega Man. Roll has recently started to wonder if there is anything she can do to help Rock, and the answers she comes up with will become apparent in future chapters.

Dr. Thomas Light
The Father of Modern Robotics

Dr. Light has created many robots, including Mega Man. Though he is respected as the father of modern robotics, Dr. Light loathes having to use his knowledge and skills to develop combat technology. The WRA (World Robot Alliance) proceeded with the development of combat robots for the purpose of preserving world peace, but Dr. Light's dire warnings against such activity have been substantiated by recent events.

Kalinka Cossack
Dr. Cossack's Daughter

Dr. Cossack's daughter Kalinka was nine years old during Dr. Wily's fourth attempt at world domination, 12 years old during "The Grim Reaper of Resurrection," and is now 14 years old for "The Greatest Enemy in History." She used to feel conflicted about robots in general, as she sometimes felt that her father cared more for his mechanical creations than he did for her, but after the Skull Man incident and due to her growing friendship with Roll, her perspective on robots has been changing. Now, Kalinka considers Roll one of her nearest and dearest friends. Since Roll is a robot, she will never experience the natural effects of aging, but as a human, Kalinka continues to grow up as the series progresses.

Dr. Cossack's Heli-Trailer

Dr. Cossack uses this heli-trailer when traveling long distances. Similar to Dr. Light's heli-trailer, the rear compartment is fully loaded with Dr. Cossack's equipment, allowing him to perform simple repairs and other light work on robots while away from his laboratory. Dr. Cossack's heli-trailer is larger than Dr. Light's, which allows him to transport more robots at once. The tractor in the front can also be mobilized without the rear compartment.

Dr. Cossack Number.029
Ring Man
Police Robot

Ring Man was developed as a police robot who would specialize in investigating crimes committed by robots. Though he did assist Dr. Wily at one point, the fact that he was an unwilling participant and was only doing so under orders from Dr. Cossack, coupled with his prior outstanding service in law enforcement, allowed Ring Man to regain his position within the police force.

Robot Police
Mass Production Model

This basic police robot model was developed by Dr. Cossack and is mass produced by the police force. Each police robot can change their right hand into either a stun gun or an electrically charged nightstick. Out of consideration for human citizens, they were given an appearance that is not too intimidating. Being a mass production model, their AI is less sophisticated than that of the Numbers series of robots.

Robot Police Car

These police cars are used by police robots while performing their duties. Compared to the early days when robots first became a common fixture in daily life, the general opnion of the human populace regarding robots grew to become far more complex due to the relative rise of crimes and violent acts committed by robots. To help ease this tension, the robot police car was designed with an exterior that most humans would find familiar and thus comforting.

Mr. X
Chairman of the World Robot Alliance

The mysterious character who became the chairman of the World Robot Alliance by organizing the WRA through his immense funding and numerous talents. Under his guidance, the world of robotic engineering advanced by leaps and bounds, to the point where common scientists were able to create sophisticated robots. This led to the first ever global competition where powerful robots from all over the world gathered to determine, through battle, who was the greatest of them all. Mr. X took this opportunity to seize control of the most powerful participants in a bid to take over the world. Mr. X later claimed to be the mastermind behind all of Dr. Wily's plans, but it was soon discovered that Mr. X was actually Dr. Wily himself.

Regarding the World Robot Alliance (WRA)

Dr. Light's Mega Man was the one responsible for foiling all of Dr. Wily's numerous attempts at world domination, while the Global Robotics Union (GRU) simply stood by, uncertain as to what they should do. Due to their inaction during those dire times, many started to question the value of the GRU, and after Wily's fifth attempt at world domination, the GRU was forced to disband.

A short while later, Mr. X appeared and poured his seemlingly limitless funds and talents into reestablishing the GRU as the WRA. Most of the administrative staff formely of the GRU were placed in high-ranking positions in the WRA, though they all answered to their new chairman, Mr. X. The overall skill level of the WRA members skyrocketed through Mr. X's teachings, and robots comparable in might to Mega Man started cropping up all over the world. Having grown quite pleased with themselves and their new accomplishments, these scientists were easily persuaded by Mr. X to participate in his new "Ultimate Robot Championship." This, of course, led to tragedy and chaos.

The robots who were involved in the ensuing incident were all registered as DWNs (Dr. Wily Numbers) by the WRA, but to avoid confusion they are listed under the category of "MXN" (Mr. X Numbers) here. It should be noted that all of the MXN robots were created by WRA members.

Mr. X Number.041
Blizzard Man
Combat Robot Specializing in Cold Environments

Blizzard Man

Mr. X Number.042
Centaur Man
Centaur-Type Combat Robot
Mr. X Number.043
Flame Man
Flame-Wielding Combat Robot
Mr. X Number.044
Knight Man
Knight-Type Robot
Mr. X Number.045
Plant Man
Plant-Type Combat Robot
Mr. X Number.046
Tomahawk Man
Robot Warrior
Mr. X Number.047
Wind Man
Wind-Wielding Combat Robot
Mr. X Number.048
Yamato Man
Samurai-Type Combat Robot
Dr. Light Number.001
Mega Man (Copy)
Combat Robot

With the aim of making the mass production of robots easier and more accessible, Dr. Wily began experimenting with a 3D model copy system. Copy Mega Man was the result of his first successful test of his system. The copy system is designed to replicate both the physical appearance and basic AI of the original target, but as far as combat and buster skills are concerned, Copy Mega Man is capable of exploring the limits of his own potential regardless of personal danger, whereas the real Mega Man's power levels are set to the maximum level that is possible without running the risk of overloading him. Dr. Wily's copy system also automatically installs an Evil Chip in every copy that it produces.

CPS Staff
Television Station Crew

These are just a few of the staff members working at CPS, the popular national television network. CPS has a good variety of humans and robots on staff, each assigned to a role based on their specific talents and skills. The female robot Plum is a field reporter, Ripot is a robot capable of independent flight, Chest acts as an MC in the studio, and Charlie is a human news anchor. These four are joined by many other humans of various ethnic backgrounds, as well as different types of robots. Everyone on the crew at CPS is so faithful to their jobs and so brave in the face of danger that they continued to provide incident reports for the public even when they themselves were accidentally pulled into the chaos of one of the bigger battles.

Special Wily Number
Combat Robot

Bass is a Special Number robot created by Dr. Wily. As Mega Man was used as a primary reference when developing Bass, it can be said that the basic design model for Mega Man and Bass is the same. The two share similarities like the Weapon Change System, the buster, and the fact that they are incapable of independent flight. Due to his specific personality, Bass can be more effective in combat than Mega Man, but Bass also tends to ignore commands, which is a point of concern for Dr. Wily. In this volume, he was undergoing upgrades in a capsule, but was awoken by the clash of two powerful energies.

Wily Wars Number.01
Buster Rod G
Sun Wukong-Type Robot

Buster Rod G's design was based on Sun Wukong from "Journey to the West." Since the main focus of his design was on mobility, his body was made as light as possible to reduce inertia. The fact that his lightweight staff is the only weapon he is equipped with further helps to keep his physical weight down, but such a lightweight design has resulted in a low resistance to damage. Though Buster Rod G's staff is capable of extending and retracting, it is made of metal and is therefore quite durable. He possesses a hologram generator similar to that of Gemini Man's, which allows him to produce multiple images of himself and confuse enemies.

Wily Wars Number.02
Mega Water S
Sha Wujing-Type Robot
Wily Wars Number.03
Hyper Storm H
Zhu Bajie-Type Robot

Maniax translations

Doc Robot K-176
By using the combat program from the previous Numbers, this versatile combat robot can respond to various situations such as aerial battles, ground battles, underwater battles, ..., even with the same frame. However, unlike the Numbers, it has no individualilty (being closer to Sniper Joes). As it has a system for supporting any type of program, its production cost is quite high. Therefore, although it is powerful as a mass production type, only eight were built.
Giant Robot γ

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