CharacterDescription WeaponDescription
Mega Man A kind-hearted robot that vanquishes foes with his Buster weapon. Mega Buster Mega Man's normal weapon. It does not consume WE.
Mega Man S Press the jump button while pressing the down button to slide. Mega Buster Press the down button and the jump button to slide.
Mega Man C Use both sliding and Charge Shots to decimate foes! Mega Buster Hold the shoot button down to fire a Charge Shot.
Mega This helper robot of Dr. Light uses kicks to attack enemies. Mega Kick Unleash your feet of fury with an awesome kick attack!
Cut Man Jump against a wall and kick off it to reach higher places. Rolling Cutter Jump against a wall and kick off it to reach higher places.
Guts Man Creates blocks out of thin air and throw them at foes! Super Arm Create a block right before your eyes and throw it!
Ice Man Freeze foes solid and walk on them! Ice Slasher You can walk on enemies you freeze with this icy blast.
Bomb Man Use the directional buttons to throw bombs in different directions. Hyper Bomb Use the directional buttons to guide the bombs you throw.
Fire Man Create a flaming barrier and shoot fire. Water extinguishes the flames. Fire Storm Create a barrier of protective flame and fire flaming bolts.
Elec Man Fire bolts of electricity up, down, and forward. Also, manipulate Elec Blocks. Thunder Beam Fire electricity three ways. Also, manipulate Elec Blocks.
Time Man Fire clock hands up and down. Charge to slow time. Time Slow Fire clock hands up and down. Charge to slow time.
Oil Man Shoot a drop of oil onto the ground. Jump on to execute the Oil Slider! Oil Slider Shoot oil onto the ground. Get on top for the Oil Slider!
Roll This helper robot swings weapons to attack! Roll Swing Swinging Attack! Can be used to attack twice in succession.

Mega Man's Special Weapons:

Special WeaponsDescriptions
Rolling CutterA cutter that goes through objects and returns.
Super ArmGain the ability to pick up and throw "GUTS BLOCKS".
Ice SlasherFire shots of pure ice to freeze and immobilize foes.
Hyper BombUtilize long-range attacks by throwing bombs.
Fire StormCreate a barrier of protective flame and shoot fire.
Thunder BeamRelease electrical charges in three directions at once.
Time SlowSlow movement of enemies by manipulating time itself.
Oil SliderFire gobs of oil on the floor. Slide you way to victory!
Magnet BeamFire an adjustable beam that can be used as a platform!
  • Time Slow and Oil Slider are only available in New Style, and Magnet Beam only in Old Style.
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