Mega Man X Command Mission, aka Rockman X Command Mission, is a RPG Mega Man game released for PS2 and NGC.


Boss Battle Results

After defeating a boss, it shows a message:

Stage _ Boss Battle Results
Defeated boss(es): Boss name
Finishing blow: The last attack used
Turns: Amount of turns to finish the boss
Bonus: A bonus obtained for defeating the boss. Is absent when no bonus is obtained.

Finishining blow

The name of the attacks shown as the "Finishing blow" after a boss battle. (not shown in the rematches)


WeaponFinishing blow
X BusterBuster Shot
Guard BusterBuster Shot
Fire/Thunder/Ice BusterBuster Shot
Scope BusterMarker Shot
Gatling BusterGatling Shot
Limit BusterJustice Shot
Aero BusterBuster Shot
Brave BusterBrave Shot
Turbo BusterQuick Charge
Action Trigger (normal)Charge Shot
Action Trigger (Hyper Mode)Charge Collider
X Fire's normal attackX Collider
Shell BusterShell Buster
Action Trigger (Ultimate Armor)Nova Strike
Ultimate Armor's normal attackUltra Crush
Impact CannonImpact Cannon
Strike BulletStrike Bullet


WeaponFinishing blow
Z SaberDouble Slash
Flame Saber
Ice Saber
Thunder Saber
Z Ichimonji
Z Rapier
Soul SaberSlash at Death
Red Lotus SaberBone Slicer
Action Trigger Command Arts
Action Trigger (Absolute Zero)Calamitous Arts
Absolute Zero's normal attackCrimson End
Killer LeftKiller Left
Brutal RightBrutal Right


WeaponFinishing blow
Axl BulletsAxl Bullet
Revolver BarrelAxl Rush
Mettaur Crash Mettaur Crush
Machine BulletsAxl Bullet
Noise CancellorEnergy Cut
Auto BulletsFull Axl
Ancient GunRevolution Bomb
Action Trigger DNA Change


WeaponFinishing blow
Massive LanceSlash
Protect LanceStinger
Crash HammerSuppression
Shock LanceRaiden
Beast LancerFury
Jet GuillotineWhirlwind Slice
Action TriggerBerserk Charge


WeaponFinishing blow
Beam Knife / Beam BladeTwo Strike
Beam Chakram / Beam Chakram SThree Strike
Beam DaggerEye Closer
Beam MiracleA Little Rich
Fire/Ice/Thunder CometQuintuple Arrow
Beam Sword
Fire/Ice/Thunder StellaArrow Barrage
Vengeful Needles
Action Trigger Emotional Reel


WeaponFinishing blow
Angel's Hand / ArchangelSlap
Metal BoxerOne-Two Punch
Drill ArmArmor Peeler
Melting ArmBarrier Smasher
Head HammerBrain Shaker
Divine Hand
0 EffecterEraser Hand
Kitty GlovesDeadly Scratch


WeaponFinishing blow
__ of SpadesSpade
__ of ClubsClub
__ of DiamondsDiamond
__ of HeartsHeart


Final Strike, Sub Weapons, and Items. All show their names? Also shows Sub Weapons (the 2nd used) that aren't attacks when the first Sub Weapon is the finishing blow.

WeaponFinishing blow
Final Strike (regardless of attack types) Final Strike
Micro MissileMicro Missile
Hunter MissileHunter Missile
Melt MissileMelt Missile
Fire MissileFire Missile
Twin FireTwin Fire
Get Zenny +Get Zenny +
Mega FireMega Fire
Ultra FireUltra Fire


For extra gains, use the Sub Weapons Get Zenny/EXP/FME +. Also the Item Capture Sub Weapon or Marino's "I'll Take That!" Action Trigger, and the Force Metals Good Luck and Lucky Girl. Attractor F.M. when wanting more battles.

Depth Dragoon

Depth Dragoon is weak vs. Fire, so have Zero use 2 Heat Haze (Sub Weapons) then Red Lotus Saber (Main Weapon) for heavy damage (this works with most bosses and enemies, except Fire ones). A "Gain WE +__" Force Metal helps with this. And Black Zero Hyper Mode if you feel like having an easy win, although it is better to save Hyper Mode for later.

It seems that using Final Strike affects the Bonus.

6EXP +100%
9EXP +50% (Finished with Bone Slicer)
EXP +100% (Finished with Final Strike)
15EXP +50%
16EXP +50% (Main Weapon finish)
18EXP +100% (?)
21-32EXP +30%
49EXP +20%
50EXP +10%
60-62EXP +20%
76 or + No bonus


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