Mega Man X: Command Mission audio files.


File nameFile content
anshin.adxMusic 33 Peace and Tranquility. ("anshin" means "relief"/"peace of mind")
axl.adxMusic 26 Enter Axl
boss_battle.adxMusic 15 Final Battle
boss_result.adxMusic 50 Trajectory of Battle 2 (without fanfare in beginning)
boss_shori.adxMusic 50 Trajectory of Battle 2 (with fanfare). ("shori" means "process"/"disposal"/"treatment"/...)
comikal.adxMusic 41 They Call me Botos!
demo1.adxMusic 42 Talking
demo2.adxMusic 43 Resistance Lines
demo3.adxMusic 44 Mission To Rebel
demo4.adxMusic 45 A Rebel's Fate
demo5.adxMusic 46 Mystery Metal
event_battle.adxMusic 17 Event Battle
fuan.adxMusic 31 Darkness and Despair. ("fuan" means "anxiety"/"suspense"/...)
gameover.adxNot in Sky Room's sound test. Game Over.
ipusiron1.adxMusic 18 Epsilon, First Movement
ipusiron2.adxMusic 19 Epsilon, Second Movement
isamasi.adxMusic 38 Strength and Valor.
jaaku.adxMusic 39 Rebellious Ambitions. ("jaaku" means "wicked"/"evil"/...)
kanashimi.adxMusic 34 Sympathy and Sorrow 1. ("kanashimi" means "sadness"/"sorrow"/...)
kanashimi2.adxMusic 36 Resolution
kanashimi3.adxMusic 35 Sympathy and Sorrow 2
kaze.adxNot in Sky Room's sound test. Sound of wind blowing in Vanallia Desert. ("kaze"="wind")
kichi.adxMusic 11 Hunter Base. ("kichi"="base")
kincho.adxMusic 32 Brush with Danger. ("kincho"="recent work"?)
lastdemo.adxMusic 51 PARTS (without lyrics. Duration: 1:01, with parts cut)
machi.adxMusic 12 Central Tower. ("machi"="town")
marino.adxMusic 28 Marino the Thief
massimo.adxMusic 27 Steel Massimo
mysterious.adxMusic 40 Mysterious Ways
result.adxMusic 49 Trajectory of Battle 1 (without fanfare in the beginning)
ridipus.adxMusic 20 Redips, First Movement
ridipus_god1.adxMusic 21 Redips, Second Movement
ridipus_god2.adxMusic 22 Redips, Third Movement
sankanbu.adxMusic 16 Boss Battle. ("sankanbu"="mountainous region"?)
save.adxMusic 48 Giga City Memories
shori_result.adxMusic 49 Trajectory of Battle 1 (with fanfare)
sinamon.adxMusic 29 Help me! Cinnamon
spider2.adxMusic 30 Spider Magic
stuff.adxMusic 51 PARTS (With lyrics. Duration: 3:30). ("stuff" = "staff"?)
sub_title.adx(Not in Sky Room's sound test. Chapter beginning)
tushin.adxMusic 47 Do You Copy?
x.adxMusic 24 Fight, X!
yorokobi.adxMusic 37 Beaming with Joy. ("yorokobi"="joy"/"delight"/...)
zako_battle.adxMusic 13 Maverick Hunter 1. ("zako"="small fry"/...)
zako_battle2.adxMusic 14 Maverick Hunter 2
zero.adxMusic 25 Standby, Zero


File nameCharacterQuoteUsed when...
v129 ""
v130 ""
v131 ""
v132 ""
v133 ""
v134Shadow"I'll getcha for this!"
v135Shadow"How could this be?"
v136Shadow"I'll tear all of you to little pieces!"
v137 "Huaa ha ha ha ha ha!"
v138 "Ho!"
v139Great Redips"Mhahahahahahahahaha!"
v140Incentas"Ha ha ha!"
v142Incentas"How could this be?"
v143Incentas"Get what's coming to you!"
v145Botos"Ha ha!"
v146Botos"Lemme serve you up some fresh pain!"
v147Botos"Hya ha ha ha!"
v148Botos"Ouch ouch ouch... OUCH!"
v150Botos"Time for a little lesson in agony!"
v151Botos"You don't know when to quit, do ya?"
v153Ferham"You like this?"
v154Ferham"You won't get away!"
v155Ferham"That felt good!"
v156Ferham"Hu hu"
v158Ferham"You're really something else."
v159Ferham"Don't be shy. Step right up!"
v161Scarface"This oughtta hurt!"
v162Scarface"You don't KNOW what pain is!"
v163Scarface"Take this!"
v165Scarface"Too strong..."
v166Scarface"Commander Epsilon!"
v167Scarface"I have nothing to say. Fight!"
v168?"Grumph!" (or similar)
v169Epsilon"It isn't over yet!"
v170Epsilon"Take this!"
v172Epsilon"This is nothing!"
v174Epsilon"Ha ha ha ha ha!"
v175Epsilon"Kneel before the mighty Epsilon!"
v176Depth Dragoon"Hey!"
v177Depth Dragoon"No use!"
v178Depth Dragoon"The guilty, shall be punished!"
v179Depth Dragoon"Attaaack!"
v180Depth Dragoon"That really hurt!"
v181Depth Dragoon"It seems...I have lo-oost..."
v182Depth Dragoon"I'll take ya on!"
v184Redips"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
v185Redips"Taste my strength!"
v186Redips"Not over yet!"
v187Redips"Kiara!" (Japanese)
v188Redips"Diarada!" (Japanese)
v190Redips"Hrgh! So it takes more to beat you!"
v191Redips"Foul Mavericks! You will perish!"
v192Great Redips"Behold my almighty power!"
v193Great Redips"Whatta?!"
v194Great Redips"Impossible...! Absolutely impossible!"
v195Great Redips"I shall rule over all, for I am invincible!"
v196___tails"Oooocha!"Normal 2-hit attack / Stungun / Cracking / Virus Attack / Deep Impact / Self-Destruct
v197___tails"Ha!"Ultra Giga Fire / Ultra Giga Blizzard / Ultra Giga Thunder / Hell Gravity / Coercion / SOS
v198___tails"Cha!"Puncture Arrows
v199Ninetails"Hyoo!"Nine Fragments
v200___tails"Haaaya!"Annihilator Hadoken
v201___tails"Aaaaaaaa!"Hit by a strong attack
v202?"?" (Japanese)
v203?"Nigotomari..." (? Japanese)
v204Onetail-Eighttails"I challenge you to a fight!"Battle start.
v205Ninetails"My strength is unparalleled."Battle start.
v206Rafflesian"Get lost!"Normal attack.
v207Rafflesian"Look at me!"Riot
v209Rafflesian"Youuu little..."Hit by a strong attack.
v210? (Japanese Rafflesian?)"Kirai kirai kirai! Dai... kirai!!"
v211Rafflesian"Who are you strangers?!"Battle start.
v212Duckbill Mole"Ready for this?"Quake Hammer
v213Duckbill Mole"Back in action!"Mega Fire
v214Duckbill Mole"It's party time!"Kamikaze Drill
v215Duckbill Mole"You're in for a shock!"Mantle Assault
v216Duckbill Mole"I've got bulldozed!"Hit by a strong attack.
v217? (Japanese Duckbill?)"Guuuhh... Kinotishi..."
v218Duckbill Mole"Ready to tangle with Duckbill Mole?!"Battle start.
v219? (Deerball and/or Redips Guard)"Ha!"
v220Redips Guard"Ready!"
v221Redips Guard"Eat this!"
v222Redips Guard"Nooooo!"
v225Belladonna"Take this!"
v227???"This one is for you!"
v228Great Redips"Mortals!"
v231X"Go down!"X Fire?
v232X"Full power! Here we go!"Starting Action Trigger (Ultimate Armor)
v233Zero"You're finished!"Starting Action Trigger (Absolute Zero)
v234Spider"Enough from you"
v235Scarface"I was weak..."
v236Scarface"Show me the extend of your power!"
v237Great Redips"Meddling insects!"

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