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Haven't seen this being noted anywhere else, so I'll add it here. While in Bolshaya Past South, near the helicopter, for some reason Snake began acting as if he was bumping on an enemy, even when no one was near him. Due to this, he could not hold enemies, but he was still able to knock them down. Dunno what caused it and I was unable to reproduce it. (PSVita version from MGS2 & 3 collection)


Graniny Gorki Lab 2F

In the library.


Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East

Watcher room, from left to right (top view camera):

PS2 ? ? ? ?
PSVita The Revolt of Tirn Aill GamePro PSM PSM GamePro
3DS ? ? ?

Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West

Watcher room:

PS2 ? ? ?
PSVita Gamer GameInformer GamePro
3DS ? ? ?

On a large table:

PS2 ? ? ?
PSVita GameInformer Gamer GamePro
3DS ? ? GamePro

Note: The Vita and 3DS GamePro magazines have different covers:

  • Vita: White name and MGS3 cover with Snake. (same image from issue 192, but editted to remove other games)
  • 3DS: Red name and the cover is the same as the game's Japanese cover with Snake and the Boss.

Groznyj Grad 1F

In the library.

SystemNorth magsSouth mags
PS2 ? ? ? ?
PSVita Game Informer (x2) PSM (x2) Gamer Gamer (x2) Game Informer (x2) PSM (x2)
3DS ? ? ? ?

Groznyj Grad - Torture Room

SystemEast magsSouth magsBed
PS2 ? ? ? ? ?
PSVita Electronic Gaming Monthly Metal Gear Solid (comic) Metal Gear Solid (comic) The Revolt of Tirn Aill Electronic Gaming Monthly
3DS ? ? Metal Gear Solid (comic) Da Vinci ?

Clinical Records

Medical History

Stomach Ache Food poisoning contracted from eating rotten food. Stamina will continually decrease until cured. To cure, take digestive medicine.
  • Cold
Food Poisoning Food poisoning contracted from eating naturally poisonous food. LIFE will continually decrease until cured. To cure, use the antidote.
Venom Poisoning
Anesthetic Needle
Arrow Wound
Broken Bone Bone fractured.
No bandage applied.
Bullet Bee
Cut Suffering from a deep cut.
No bandage applied.
Not yet disinfected.
Gunshot Wound Suffering from a gunshot wound.
No bandage applied.
Not yet disinfected.

(After using knife:)
Bullet extracted.
Transmitter Small transmitter found buried in wound.

Eva only:

  • Stab Wound
  • Blow Sustained
  • Electrical Burn
  • Proctitis
  • Lower-back Pain
  • Stomachache
  • Finger Sprain
  • Poison
  • Broken Nail
  • Hypoxia
  • Sprain
  • Inner Ear Infection
  • Cavity
  • Night Terror
  • Gastritis
  • Breast Enhancement
  • Bronchitis
  • Tick-borne Encephalitis
  • Frostbite

Food History

__ captured alive
Not eaten yet. Taste unknown.


  • Except for Ration, all items that aren't on the cage start with "R.", meaning that they are rotting. How long it lasts depends on each food.
  • All descriptions are from an eaten food, except Parrot, Tsuchinoko, and "Les Infants Terrible" as they can only be obtained once. Parrot tastes bad, and the three snakes fully recover stamina.
Food History nameFood menu nameItem nameShort description
Calorie MateCalorie MateC Mate Calorie Mate
It was unbelievably tasty!
Instant NoodlesInstant NoodlesNoodles Instant Noodles
It was unbelievably tasty!
Russian RationRussian RationRation Ration
Tasted terrible.
Giant Anaconda
Thai Cobra
Taiwanese Cobra
Green Tree PythonGreen Tree PythonSnake F Green Tree Python
Was pretty tasty.
Reticulated PythonReticulated PythonSnake H Reticulated Python
Was fairly tasty.
LiquidSnake LiquidSnake I Liquid
Not eaten yet. Taste unknown.
SolidSnake SolidSnake J Solid
Not eaten yet. Taste unknown.
SolidusSnake SolidusSnake K Solidus
Not eaten yet. Taste unknown.
TsuchinokoTsuchinokoTchnko Tsuchinoko
Not eaten yet. Taste unknown.
ParrotParrotBird A Parrot
This bird looks familiar.

White-Rumped Vulture
MagpieMagpieBird D Magpie
Tasted bad.
Sunda Whistling-ThrushSnd Whistling-ThrushBird E Sunda Whistling-Thrush
Was not bad.
Vampire Bat
Japanese Flying Squirrel
European RabbitEuropean RabbitRabbit European Rabbit
Not too bad.
RatRatRat Rat
Was not bad.
Otton FrogOtton FrogFrog A Otton Frog
Was pretty tasty.
Tree FrogTree FrogFrog B Tree Frog
Tasted bad.
Poison Dart FrogPoison Dart FrogFrog C Poison Dart Frog
Caused food poisoning.
Was pretty tasty.
Bigeye Trevally
Maroon Shark
Indian Gavial
Kenyan Mangrove Crab
Was pretty tasty.
Cobalt Blue Tarantula
Tasted bad.
Emperor Scorpion
Baltic Hornets' NestHornet's NestNest Baltic Hornet Nest
Was very tasty.
The Pain Hornet's Nest
Russian False Mango
Was pretty tasty.
GolovaGolovaFruit C Golova
Was fairly tasty.
Vine MelonVine MelonVegetable Vine Melon
Was pretty tasty.
Russian Glowcap
Siberian InkcapSiberian Ink CapMushroom C Siberian Ink Cap
Tasted bad.
SpatsaSpatsaMushroom F Spatsa
Baikal Scaly ToothBaikal Scaly ToothMushroom G Baikal Scaly Tooth

Eva only:

  • Grappa
  • Espresso
  • Russian False Mango Gelato
  • Grilled Duck Breast with Herbs
  • Gorgonzola Cream Fettuccini
  • Octopus Carpaccio
  • Foccacia Bread
  • Wine
  • Scallop Marinée
  • Bellini Cocktail
  • Tea
  • Chinese Almond Jelly
  • Seafood Fried Rice
  • Tsuchinoko & Shark Fin Soup
  • Grilled Peking Duck
  • Abalone in Oyster Sauce
  • Steamed Soup Dumpling
  • Steamed Shrimp Gyoza
  • Vine Melon Spring Roll
  • Cold Vegetables
  • Apple
  • Cointreau
  • Coffee
  • Golova Créme Brûlè with a Milk Sorbet
  • Filet Mignon Sautéed Bordeaux Style
  • Yabloko Moloko Sorbet
  • Sole Meunière with Beurre Noisette
  • Moules served Saffron Soup-style
  • Duck Foie Gras Sautéed in Apple Sauce
  • Baguette
  • Salmon and Vegetable Marinée
  • Chilled Ratatouille
  • Kir Royal
  • Ural Luminescent Mushroom
  • Green Tea
  • Chilled Red Beans with Sweet Flour Dumplings
  • Rice with Dried Sardines
  • Shrimp and Russian Oyster Mushroom Fried with Dandelions
  • Tuna, Sea Bream and Amber Jack with Plum Garnish
  • Matsutake Mushrooms in a Clay Teapot
  • Tofu with Nameko Mushrooms
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