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Mega Man II map

Metal Man Stage is Metal Man's stage in Mega Man 2 and Mega Man II, a location filled with gears and conveyor belts. Mega Man fights against Metal Man in the end of stage, and obtains Metal Blade after he defeats the boss.


  • Blocky (Not present in the Game Boy version)
  • Mole
  • Neo Metall (Only appears in the Game Boy version)
  • Pierobot
  • Press
  • Springer


MM2TilesRawMetal.png MM2TilesRawBasic.png
Mega Man 2 (raw) Those tiles are loaded in all stages
MM2TilesMetal8.png MM2TilesMetal16.png
Mega Man 2 (8x8 assembled) Mega Man 2 (16x16 assembled minus READY text and tiles that are unused or duplicated)
Mega Man II


In Mega Man II, there is a bug in the area with Moles. After the area with Moles, Mega Man may suffer damage for no reason. The reason for this is that a Mole may be loaded further from the area it is supposed to appear, appearing hidden in the black background.