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Wiki for gays.<!--
==Welcome to the Metal Man Wiki==
This is just a place for [[User:Quick|me]] to throw my stuff. :P But it can be used as reference for others looking for related content. And for everything related to [[Metal Man]].
==Describe your topic==
Video game graphics and audio rips, scripts, data, and custom works.
*[[Capcom]] games
*[[Mega Man]]
*[[Other games]]
*[[Anime & manga]]
*[[Anime & manga]]
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*[[Other games]]
*[[Other games]]
Some links of interest:
*[[w:c:megaman|Mega Man Knowledge Base - The Mega Man Wiki]]
*[[w:c:megamanfanon|Mega Man Fanon Wiki]]
*[ Sprites Inc]
*[ The Cutting Room Floor]
*[ Protodude's Rockman Corner]
*[ The Reploid Research Lavatory]
*[ Rockman Perfect Memories]
*[ The Mega Man Network]
*[ Tanjou Scanlations]
*[ The Spriters Resource]
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Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Find videos about your topic by exploring Wikia's [[w:c:video|Video Library]].
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<small>Files, characters, and everything else related in this wiki are copyright of their respective owners, such as Capcom, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Konami, Square, SNK, Namco, Marvel, DC, Jump, Sunday, Magazine, Tatsunoko, ...</small>

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Wiki for gays.

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