A misseplling is a spelilng erorr. This be a list of mispelings over years from Megan Man games and a few from otehr Cacpom gmaes. Noobdy is pefrect, to err is human. (But MMBN4 was a bit too much...)


CapcomCpapcomRockman X2 SFC manual cover
CapcomCapcpomResident Evil: Revelaitons
Resident Evil Residient Evil Mega Man Battle & Chase
Resident Evil: Revelations Resident Evil: Revelaitons The side of the game's package (3DS version)
MegaMan.EXEMega Mega.EXEThe back of the Mega Man Battle Network 3: White package.
Dr. LightDr. Wright Mega Man (NES) instruction manual
Dr. WilyDr. Wiley Several, including the Mega Man 2 (NES) manual and in-game in Mega Man 3.
Dr. WilyDr. Willy Several, including the Mega Man 7 opening scene.
Dr. WilyDr. Waily
WilyWylie SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS


"My scheme for world domination has faild!" Mr. X Mega Man 6
"What a polite young man she was!" Haruka Hikari Mega Man Battle Network 4


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