Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō (ナルト-木ノ葉忍法帖?) was the first Naruto game, released by Tomy for WonderSwan Color on March 27, 2003.


The game is a RPG where the player selects Seals (印) in a Scroll to use as commands. There is a total of 32 seals (96 counting the three playable character) in the story and 14 exclusive to multiplayer matches, but each character can have only 12 seals on their scroll at a time, having to select which one is to be used in the pause menu when it becomes full. In battles, five of these seals appear randomly, being replaced by other seal from the scroll after usage.

Seals and techniques are divided in four categories: Ninjutsu (忍術), Genjutsu (幻術), Taijutsu (体術) and Others (その他). When defending, Taijutsu can avoid Ninjutsu, Genjutsu avoids Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu avoids Genjutsu. The character's level depends of the level of each of his equipped seals. The more a seal is used, the better the character will be with it, leveling it up.


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(Fire Release Technique)
NinjutsuBasic fire attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 炎 seal.
(Water Release Technique)
NinjutsuBasic water attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 渦 seal.
(Earth Release Technique)
NinjutsuBasic earth attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 地 seal.
(Wind Release Technique)
NinjutsuBasic wind attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 嵐 seal.
(Lightning Release Technique)
NinjutsuBasic lightning attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 轟 seal.
(Body Replacement Technique)
NinjutsuCan only be used to avoid attacks or in combinations.
(Shadow Clone Technique)
NinjutsuCreates a clone of the user to help in the battle, giving a numeric advantage. The clone vanishes when hit.
? NinjutsuBig Stamina recovery
(Sexy Technique)
NinjutsuMultiplayer only. Same effect of the combination.
(Summoning Technique)
NinjutsuMultiplayer only. Summons a toad to attack.
(Mystical Palm Technique)
NinjutsuMultiplayer only. Recovers Stamina.
NinjutsuMultiplayer only.
GenjutsuTemporarily makes the opponent see the own seals as "?" seals, being unable to know what each does.
(Demonic Illusion: Read Through Seal Technique)
GenjutsuTemporarily makes the seals in the target's scroll visible.
(Demonic Illusion: Battered Soul Technique)
GenjutsuThe target loses accumulated chakra.
GenjutsuTemporarily reduces the target's speed.
(Demonic Illusion: Forgetting Seal Technique)
GenjutsuIn the target's next turn, one seal is randomly removed from the scroll.
(Demonic Illusion: Single Seal Bind Technique)
GenjutsuThe target is temporarily unable to use one random seal.
(Demonic Illusion: Binding Chain Technique)
GenjutsuThe target is temporarily unable to do any action.
GenjutsuShuffles the user's seals.
GenjutsuMultiplayer only.
GenjutsuMultiplayer only.
(Fist Attack)
TaijutsuA simple punch attack.
(Kick Attack)
TaijutsuA kick attack.
(Shuriken Attack)
TaijutsuAttacks by throwing shurikens.
? TaijutsuIncreases the user's attack power.
? TaijutsuIncreases the user's defence.
? Taijutsu?
? Taijutsu?
(Hiding Oneself Technique)
TaijutsuThe user hides, becoming immune to damage until his next attack.
(One Thousand Years of Death)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only.
(Leaf Gale)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only.
(Front Lotus)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only.
?? TaijutsuMultiplayer only.
OthersCharges one point of Chakra.
練 (Knead) OthersCharges Chakra, the amount depending on the level.
(Seal of Cooperation)
(Strength Attribute Addition)
OthersCan only be used in combinations. Makes the combined seals stronger.
(Multiple Attribute Addition)
OthersCan only be used in combinations. Makes the combined seals hit multiple targets.
(Recovery: Healing)
OthersBig Stamina recovery.
(Recovery: Medicine)
OthersMedium Stamina recovery.
(Recovery: Herb)
OthersSmall Stamina recovery.
? OthersMultiplayer only.
? OthersMultiplayer only.
? OthersMultiplayer only.
? OthersMultiplayer only.

Enemy exclusive


Genjutsu Used by Nanpa Men amd Henchmen.

Genjutsu Appears to have the same effect of the 縛 seal. Used by Waraji and Zouri.

TaijutsuA strike used by Waraji and Zouri.

Taijutsu Simple sword attack. Used by characters with a sword, like Shikii, Zabuza, and Waraji.

TaijutsuOnly used by Zabuza. Uses Silent Killing, hiding for one turn and doing a heavy strike in the next turn.

TaijutsuSenbon attack used by Haku.


By charging chakra with the 印 or 練 seals or skipping a turn, two or more seals can be combined to form stronger techniques (one chakra per seal). Most of the unique combinations are registered in the menu when used:

火 + 強火遁・龍火の術
(Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)
NinjutsuStrong fire attack.
火 + 数火遁・鳳仙火の術
(Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique)
NinjutsuFire attack to all opponents.
火 + 強 + 数火遁・豪火球の術
(Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)
NinjutsuStrong fire attack to all opponents.
火 + 寄火遁・口寄せの術
(Fire Release: Summoning Technique)
NinjutsuSummons a green snake to attack.
火 + 分木ノ葉分身の術
(Leaf Clone Technique)
Creates a clone with leaves.
火 + 隠木ノ葉隠れの術
(Hiding in Leaf Technique)
NinjutsuUses leaves to hide.
水 + 強水遁・水龍弾の術
(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)
NinjutsuStrong water attack.
水 + 数水遁・水蛇弾の術
(Water Release: Water Snake Bullet Technique)
NinjutsuWater attack to all enemies.
水 + 強 + 数水遁・大瀑布の術
(Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)
NinjutsuStrong water attack to all enemies.
水 + 寄水遁・口寄せの術
(Water Release: Summoning Technique)
NinjutsuSummons a red tortoise to attack.
水 + 分水分身の術
(Water Clone Technique)
Creates a water clone.
水 + 隠霧隠れの術
(Hiding in Mist Technique)
NinjutsuUses mist to hide.
土 + 強土遁・心中斬首の術
(Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique)
NinjutsuStrong earth attack.
土 + 数 NinjutsuEarth attack to all enemies.
土 + 強 + 数 NinjutsuStrong earth attack to all enemies.
土 + 寄
土 + 分岩分身の術
(Rock Clone Technique)
NinjutsuA Clone Technique with the earth element.
土 + 隠岩隠れの術
(Hiding in Rock Technique)
NinjutsuUses rocks to hide.
風 + 強風遁・________の術
(Wind Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuStrong wind attack.
風 + 数風遁・嵐突破の術
(Wind Release: Storm Breakthrough Technique)
NinjutsuWind attack to all enemies.
風 + 強 + 数風遁・風________の術
(Wind Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuStrong wind attack to all enemies.
風 + 寄風遁・口寄せの術
(Wind Release: Summoning Technique)
風 + 分砂分身の術
(Dust Clone Technique)
NinjutsuA Clone Technique with the wind element.
風 + 隠砂隠れの術
(Hiding in Dust Technique)
NinjutsuUses dust to hide.
雷 + 強雷遁・雷光閃の術
(Lightning Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuStrong lightning attack.
雷 + 数雷遁・__揚__電の術 (Lightning Release: ___ Technique) NinjutsuLightning attack to all opponents.
雷 + 強 + 数 NinjutsuStrong lightning attack to all opponents.
雷 + 寄雷遁・口寄せの術
(Lightning Release: Summoning Technique)
雷 + 分雷分身の術
(Lightning Clone Technique)
NinjutsuA Clone Technique with the lightning element.
雷 + 隠雷隠れの術
(Hiding in Lightning Technique)
NinjutsuThe user hides.
火 + 水 + 土 + 風 + 雷五遁の術 (Five Releases Technique) ?Hits one opponent with a devastating attack.
火 + 拳火の拳 (Fire Fist) NinjutsuA fiery punch attack.
水 + 瞑水の心 (Water Heart) Ninjutsu?
土 + 防土の___ Ninjutsu
風 + 剣風の剣 (Wind Blade) TaijutsuAttacks with a sharp wind.
雷 + 速雷の___ Ninjutsu
変 + 分 + 剣手裏剣変化の術
(Shuriken Change Technique)
TaijutsuAttacks with shurikens.
分 + 剣 + 数手裏剣影分身の術
(Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)
TaijutsuAttacks with shurikens.
分 + 蹴 + 強うずまきナルト連弾
(Naruto Uzumaki Barrage)
TaijutsuNaruto only.
寄 + 攻口寄せ・___の術
寄 + 防口寄せ・防壁甲の術
(Summoning Technique: Barrier Shell Technique)
NinjutsuSummons a red turtle.
寄 + 瞑口寄せ・___の術
寄 + 速口寄せ・風___の術
拳 + 蹴 + 速表蓮華
(Front Lotus)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only?
拳 + 攻 + 速 + 強千鳥 (Chidori) NinjutsuMultiplayer only?
拳 + 蹴 + 攻 + 速 + 強木ノ葉____
(Leaf __)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only?
蹴 + 速 + 数木ノ葉____風
(Leaf ___)
Multiplayer only?
蹴 + 速 + 強木ノ葉烈風
(Leaf Gale)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only?
蹴 + 強 + 数獅子連弾
(Lion Combo)
TaijutsuSasuke only.
剣 + 隠影手裏剣の術
(Shadow Shuriken Technique)
剣 + 隠 + 数操風車三ノ大刀
(Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades)
印 + 練___チャクラ
(____ Chakra)
TaijutsuChakra is fully charged.
疲 + 変 + 分ハーレムの術
(Harem Technique)
NinjutsuCan only be used by Naruto.
疲 + 変おいろけの術
(Sexy Technique)
NinjutsuCan only be used by Naruto.


  • Many seals can be combined with the 強 (strength addition) or 数 (multiple addition) seals, increasing their strength or making them hit multiple enemies/allies (recovery and shuffle seals).
  • 寄 + 数 is the same as the normal summon, but hits all opponents (as the animation repeats, it either calls one blue toad for each target or the same toad attacks one at a time). Kakashi can use this when fought in the Land of Waves.
    • Kakashi also used 寄 + 強 + 数, which summons Gamabunta to strike all opponents.


Playable Characters

CharacterStarting Seals
Naruto Uzumaki変, 疲, 拳, 剣, and 練
Sasuke Uchiha火, 変, 分, 乱, 剣, and 強
Sakura Haruno変, 分, 時, 拳, and 草

Other Characters

  • Iruka Umino (opponent and temporary playable character in Parts 4 and 5)
  • Mizuki (opponent)
  • Third Hokage (opponent)
  • Ebisu (opponent)
  • Konohamaru Sarutobi (opponent and temporary playable character in Part 7)
  • Moegi (opponent)
  • Udon (opponent)
  • Kakashi Hatake (opponent and temporary playable character when facing Zabuza)
  • Kurenai Yūhi
  • Kiba Inuzuka (opponent and temporary playable character when facing Mizuki's missing-nins)
  • Akamaru
  • Hinata Hyūga (opponent and temporary playable character when facing Mizuki's missing-nins)
  • Shino Aburame (opponent and temporary playable character when facing Mizuki's missing-nins)
  • Asuma Sarutobi
  • Ino Yamanaka (opponent and temporary playable character when facing Mizuki's missing-nins)
  • Shikamaru Nara (opponent and temporary playable character when facing Mizuki's missing-nins)
  • Chōji Akimichi (opponent and temporary playable character when facing Mizuki's missing-nins)
  • Might Guy
  • Rock Lee (opponent)
  • Neji Hyūga (opponent)
  • Tenten (opponent)
  • Madam Shijimi
  • Tora (opponent)
  • Ayame
  • Teuchi
  • Tazuna
  • Gōzu (opponent)
  • Meizu (opponent)
  • Gatō
  • Waraji (opponent)
  • Zōri (opponent)
  • Zabuza Momochi (opponent)
  • Haku (opponent)
  • Ferryman (Kaji)
  • Tsunami
  • Inari
  • Giichi
  • Ageha
  • Kaiza (flashback only)
  • Teguse (opponent)
  • Hashira (ハシラ) - A councilor that gives a mission to Team 7.
  • Himuro (ヒムロ) - A young man that Sakura finds pretty.
  • Princess Hotaru (ホタル姫) - Under the name Kisago (キサゴ), the young princess requested to be taken around Konoha, Team 7 taking the mission to escort her.
  • Old Man (爺) - Hotaru's grandfather. Is fought by Sakura.
  • Kawara (カワラ) - An important young boy that Team 7 must entertain.
  • Shikii (シキイ) - Kawara's protector. Is fought twice during the mission.
  • Kizuchi (キヅチ) and Yasuri (ヤスリ) - Two elders that train Teams 7 and 8 in the Konoha forest.
  • Shizuku (シズク) - A person fought in the last mission before escorting Tazuna.
  • Nanpa Men (ナンパ男) / Henchmen (手下) - Several bald men with shades that appear as common enemies. Nanpa Men attempt to flirt with Kisago, but are beaten by Team 7. Henchmen are Gatō's men. They appear in three colors, yellow being the weakest and red the strongest.
  • Konoha Missing-nins (木ノ葉抜忍) - Missing-nins from Konoha that appear working with Mizuki and Gatō.
  • Wild Cats (山猫) - Two cats resembling Tora that attacked Naruto in one mission. They also appear as random enemies in the final part of the find Tora mission.
  • White Rabbits - Random enemy in the final part of the mission to find Tora.
  • Pond Carps (池の鯉) - Several fishes fought by Team 7 to entertain Kawara. They can use the Clone Technique and recover their health. The player must defeat all of them in a certain amount of turns.
  • Boars - Fought by Team 7 while training in the Konoha forest.
  • Big Tree (巨木) - A tree from the Land of Waves used by Team 7 to train.



ナルトの家 (Naruto's Home)ナルトの部屋 (Naruto's Room)
イルカの家 (Iruka's Home)イルカの部屋 (Iruka's Room)
ラーメン一楽 (Rāmen Ichiraku)N/A
アカデミー (Academy)See below
里の正門前 (Village's Front Gate)
火影の家 (Hokage Residence) / 火影の屋敷 (Hokage's Mansion) 火影の部屋 (Hokage's Room)
町外れ (Outskirts)
木ノ葉の森 (Konoha's Forest)

three stumps, Third Training Ground, Memorial Stone


アカデミー正門前 (Academy Front Gate) The front gate of the Academy.
教室 (Classroom) Naruto's classroom.
顔岩 (Face Rock) A view of the Hokage Rock.
面接室 (Interview Room) The room Naruto takes the test to become a Genin.



Land of Waves

tree training


The story follows the anime from the Prologue to the Land of Waves arc, but with extra missions being taken by Team 7 before their assignment to escort Tazuna. After Kakashi's training, the player must select what missions Team 7 will take. It is possible to fail in some of the missions, including the mission to find Tora.

During the extra missions, Konohamaru will cause trouble and Naruto is believed to be the culprit. After catching Konohamaru, it is discovered that Mizuki escaped and gathered some ninjas to help him steal something important, but they are defeated by Team 7, Team 8 and Team 10.

After completing most missions, Teams 7, 8, 10 and Team Guy go to the beach to train their students, having them fight each other. After the last mission, Team 7 is given the mission to escort Tazuna.

Part 1 (unnamed prologue)

Naruto makes graffiti in the Hokage Face Rock and causes trouble in the Academy. Angry, Iruka makes the students review the change technique, and Naruto uses the Sexy Technique. Iruka scolds Naruto, and later takes him to clean the Face Rock. After the task, Iruka takes Naruto to Ramen Ichiraku.

Battle: Naruto vs. Iruka

Iruka's seals: 火, 水, 疲, 剣, 草

The battle only lasts a few turns and apparently can't be lost nor won (dunno what they are saying). After the battle, the player will gain one of Iruka's seals.

Part 2 - 試験当日 (On the Day of the Test)

Naruto prepares for his test to become a ninja. He must create a clone to pass, but isn't able to do a proper one.

No battles

Part 3 - 潜入!! (Infiltration!!)

Mizuki tells Naruto of a way he may pass the test. Naruto infiltrates the Hokage's Room to take a the scroll Mizuki told him about, but the Third Hokage caught him on the act. He is too powerful for Naruto, but he manages to defeat him with his Sexy Technique.

  • Battle: Naruto vs. Third Hokage

Third Hokage's Seals: 寄, 炎, 渦, 時, 剣, 防, 練, 強, 癒, 薬 and maybe 2 more? (limit is 12)

The Third Hokage is too powerful to be defeated (1280 HP), but it doesn't matter if the player loses. However, the battle will automatically end if the Sexy Technique (疲 + 変) is used on him three times. Doing so will grant the player an extra reward (an unknown scroll), two if it is done in few turns.

Part 4 - ナルト捜索!? (Naruto Search!?)

Unknown to Naruto, he stole a forbidden scroll, the Scroll of Seals. While he practices its techniques, Iruka searches him all around Konoha.

No battles

Part 5 - ミズキの罠 (Mizuki's Trap)

木ノ葉の森 Konoha's Forest

Iruka finds Naruto in Konoha's Forest and discovers that Mizuki tricked him to obtain the Scroll of Seals. Mizuki attacks and reveals to Naruto that he has a Tailed Beast sealed within him. In the end Mizuki is defeated by Naruto with the technique he learned, creating multiple clones, and Iruka congratulates Naruto by saying that he passed the test.

First battle: Iruka vs. Mizuki (This battle lasts two turns, so it can't be won nor lost)

  • Iruka's Seals: 火, 水, 疲, 拳, 剣, 草
  • Mizuki's Seals: 水, 疲, ?...

After the battle, Naruto flees and Mizuki chases him. The player can choose if Iruka will go after them as himself or transform into Naruto or Mizuki:

  • Naruto: Iruka (as Naruto) attacks Mizuki (as Iruka).
  • Iruka: Mizuki (disguised as Naruto) attacks Iruka.
  • Mizuki: Iruka reveals himself to Naruto and is attacked by him (Mizuki).

I'm not sure, but it appears Mizuki's disguise will be random, leading to different results.

Second battle: Iruka (as Naruto or himself) vs. Mizuki (as Iruka or Naruto)

  • Iruka's Seals are the same from before.
  • Mizuki's Seals: 火, 水, 疲, 拳, 剣, ?...

Third battle: Naruto vs. Mizuki

  • Mizuki's Seals: 水, ?, ?...

Part 6 - 登録書提出 (Registration Submission)

Naruto takes a photo for his ninja registration.

Battles: Naruto vs. Mizuki (optional)

Talking twice with an old man in the Academy will have him transform into Mizuki to face Naruto.

Part 7 - 木ノ葉丸!? (Konohamaru!?)

After finishing his registration, Naruto is attacked by Konohamaru, who follows him around Konoha to have him teach the technique he used to defeat the Third Hokage.

Battle: Naruto vs. Konohamaru

Konohamaru's Seals: 乱, 蹴, 剣, 草, ?...

Part 8 - 対決エビス!! (Ebisu Showdown!!)

Konohamaru convinced Naruto to teach him his Sexy Technique. After learning it, Konohamaru's teacher, Ebisu, appears to take Konohamaru away from Naruto. Naruto defeats him with his Harem Technique.

Battle: Naruto vs. Ebisu

Ebisu's Seals: ___

Unlike the Third Hokage, it is possible to defeat Ebisu, but it doesn't matter if the player wins or loses. Using the Harem Technique (疲 + 変 + 分) will automatically end the battle and grant the player a seal as reward, so it is better to defeat him with it.

Part 9 - 説明会当日 (Day of the Briefing)

Visiting Hokage's Mansion will allow the player to play a minigame with a seal as reward.


Naruto vs. Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon

Ebisu blocks the entrance of the Academy and will only let Naruto enter if he finds Konohamaru.

  • Konohamaru's Seals:
  • Moegi's Seals:
  • Udon's Seals:

Naruto vs. Ebisu (optional)

During this part Naruto can face Ebisu as many times as he wishes, being a good (and only) place to train before facing Kakashi later.

Naruto vs. Iruka (optional)

The same old man that changed into Mizuki before now changes into Iruka.

Part 10 -

Part ? - 対決カカシ!! (Kakashi Showdown!!)


As the missions can be taken in different orders, they are in the Missions section below. The first missions available are:

  • A - 老中様の坊ちゃんのお守り (The Amulet of the Councilor's Son)
  • B - 迷子のペット捜し (Search the Lost Pet)




Zabuza and Haku are the final opponents. The bridge is completed and Team 7 return to Konoha.



After Kakashi's training, the player must select what missions Team 7 will take.

老中様の坊ちゃんのお守り (The Amulet of the Councilor's Son)

迷子のペット捜し (Search the Lost Pet)

  • どこにいた (Where were you)
  • 何してた (What were you doing)
  • いた ()

隣町までおつかい ()


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