Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is a game released in 2007 for several consoles.



Silver Sable

Silver Sable is the mercenary leader of the Wild Pack. The global threat of the PHANTOMS convinced her to lend her combat skills to S.H.I.E.L.D. No stranger to tactical combat, she is a great asset on the battlefield.


Prowler was a burglar by trade until he joined Silver Sable's Wild Pack. Using his pneumatic gauntlets, he can fire highly compressed canisters of knockout gas. His calm composure is well suited to the heat of battle.

Black Cat

Black Cat's skills are best suited to the art of infiltration, but she is no pushover in a fight. Her grappling hook, usually employed to climb walls, is a quick and efficient weapon in her capable hands.

Doc Ock

Doc Ock's relentless pursuit of mechanical perfection led to the creation of his robotic tentacles. Although originally designed as tools to handle dangerous materials, he makes excellent use of them in combat.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin is a prime example of maniacal genius. Enhanced by a strength serum and aided by an arsenal of high tech weaponry, Green Goblin is more than a match for any PHANTOM that comes his way.


Scorpion used to make his living as a thug for hire, using his mechanized tail to terrorize foes. Although he is a formidable fighter to have at your side, his volatile temper is a dangerous liability.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist gained his powers from the mystical heart of a spirit dragon. With this power he can call upon his chi to create powerful forces of energy. It is even said that he can summon the dragon itself.


Rhino isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but if you need that shed smashed there's no better man for the job. He is incredibly strong and is capable of putting the horn on his head to good use in battle.


Lizard was a successful university professor until a botched experiment changed him into a reptile. He is searching the world for a cure, but makes good use of the enhanced agility and strength of his current state.


Sandman's entire body is composed of organic sand. Circumstances have forced him to run from the law, but he is a good man at heart. His shape shifting abilities are quite powerful on the battlefield.


Blade was born with all the powers of a vampire, but none of the weaknesses. His vampire hunting gear is just as useful against the PHANTOMS and he is quite willing to use it.


Venom is composed of an alien symbiote that fell from outer space. He is vicious and unpredictable, but his contempt for the symbiote-powered PHANTOMS is an asset not to be wasted.


Spider-Man was just your average student until the day that he was bitten by a radioactive spider. His experience in fighting super-powered threats makes him the perfect person to handle the PHANTOM invasion.

Black-Suited Spider-Man

The Black-Suit enhances Spider-Man's strength and makes him a very dangerous combatant. Although the suit is volatile, it evens the odds against the symbiote-powered PHANTOM forces.

New Goblin

New Goblin carries the weapons of his predecessor into battle. With razor-bats, pumpkin bombs and electrical gauntlets he can deal massive amounts of damage to the PHANTOM troops.


Mysterio started his career as a stage magician and special effects technician. He is a master of illusionand hypnotism. His hunger for power led him to harness the symbiote shards to create the PHANTOMS.


Character 1 2 Description
New Goblin Friend or Foe Razor Bats Electro-Storm Armed with combat weaponry and the ability to heal over time.
Prowler The Reformed Burglar Pneumatic Blast Canister Barrage A well rounded fighter in ranged and close quarter combat.
Black Cat The Nimble Thief Heaven's Claw Tornado Claw A very mobile fighter with a grappling hook for ranged grab attacks.
Doc Ock The Master Planner Steel Trap Tentacle Terror A powerful fighter with highly damaging tentacle attacks.
Green Goblin The Mad Genius Razor Bats Electro-Storm Armed with combat weaponry and the ability to heal over time.
Scorpion The Natural Predator Tail Terror Plasma Blast A dangerous and chaotic fighter with highly damaging attacks.
Iron Fist The Living Weapon Iron Fist Dragon Spirit Trained in martial multi-target fighting with lightning-fast attacks.
Rhino The Horned Brawler Horn Rush Earth Shaker A thick-skinned brute with devasting earth-shaking attacks.
Lizard The Tragic Professor Tail Typhoon Lightning Lunge A quick fighter with powerful attacks and the gift of natural healing.
Sandman The Sentient Sandstorm Sandblast Sandstorm Incredibly powerful strikes, perfect for taking down large enemies.
Blade The Daywalker Blade-Rang EMP Barrage A versatile multi-opponent fighter with the ability to naturally heal.
Venom The Symbiote Venomous Breath Symbiote Spikes A vicious fighter with powerful strikes and a ranged grab.

Electro and Carnage (PSP only)

Spider-Man Uppercut Web Line
Black-Suited Spider-Man Uppercut Web Shoot


PHANTOMS (Perpetual Holographic Avatar / NanoTech Offensive Monsters) are creatures created by Mysterio. They are a combination of solid light holographic technology with the symbiote substance Mysterio found in one of the meteorite shards that landed on Earth. There are four sizes of PHANTOMS in each area of the game.

  • Tokyo, Japan - The symbiote index of the PHANTOMS are at 5% at maximum.
  • Tangaroa Island - The symbiote index of the PHANTOMS are at 9%.
  • Cairo, Egypt - The symbiote index of the PHANTOMS are at around 29%.
  • Stokerstov, Transylvania - The symbiote index of the PHANTOMS are at 53%.
  • Annapurna Nepal - The symbiote index of the PHANTOMS in the area are above 50% and increasing.

Recon Drone

This is the earliest form of a PHANTOM prototype. Its small size makes its hard-light core very unstable and prone to overload. This flaw can be used as a convenient grenade in the heat of battle.

Infantry Unit

Filling out the ranks of the basic PHANTOM prototype army is the Infantry Unit. Although dangerous in large numbers, this model's self-preservation logic takes over when threatened with large attacks.

Shock Trooper

This early PHANTOM prototype lacks the complexity of later models. Although it is heavily armed with multiple plasma cannons, a simple Web Line Trip can send it into a clumsy trigger-happy frenzy.

Unit Commander

Before PHANTOMS gained transportation technology, this Commander would transport Drones into battle. A design flaw in the model causes it to expose its fragile hard-light core when deploying Drones.

Mystic Seeker

The symbiote driven light-core of these advanced PHANTOM drones allow for more advanced logic. Their size still creates a very unstable and explosive internal energy source.

Tribal Hunter

A higher symbiote index gives this PHANTOM model a predatory hunter's instinct. When they twirl their weapon, a single well placed Web Shot will disrupt their targeting logic.

Tusk Berserker

The larger symbiote index has given this PHANTOM model a nasty temper. It will sometimes lash out with huge punches or its energy ball attack. Avoiding either of these attacks will stun it for a short time.

Spirit Warrior

This PHANTOM has learned that a good defense is as important as a massive club. It will use its shield to cover its face and belly but it can only cover one at a time, so pick your targets carefully.

Scarab Drone

In order to adapt to its surroundings, this PHANTOM model has taken on aspects of the flying scarab beetle. It flies quickly, so wait until it stops moving and quickly grab it out of the air.

Darkwing Soldier

These PHANTOMS have mastered the art of boomerang throwing. They are very agile during combat so slow them down with Web Stun. If they're tied up, they can't catch their returning weapons.

Sorcerer of Anubis

A dangerous and smart PHANTOM model. These cautious beasts prefer to keep their distance and lob explosive projectiles. They can't target if they can't see you coming so Blind them before attacking.

Pestilence Lord

This advanced PHANTOM model has evolved to overcome many weaknesses. While still susceptible to normal attacks, an unrelenting barrage of Web Stun will make the fight a lot easier.


As recon units, these PHANTOMS have adapted to resemble ghosts and use Transylvanian superstition to their advantage. Despite their appearance they are still quite solid and very explosive.

Skeletal Soldier

These PHANTOMS prefer to fight from long range, hurling their axes with deadly accuracy. If you do choose to fight them in close quarters be prepared to dodge their lightning-fast footwork.

Howling Berserker

Modeled after classic horror movie design, these PHANTOMS have the look and temper of the fabled werewolf. Fight them carefully as they will attack with unmatched ferocity before having to rest.

Ghost Summoner

Filling the role of an armored guard, these PHANTOMS will summon Phantasms into the battle. While they are summoning, they will expose their fragile power center, so be ready to attack.

Symbiote Drone

Though still technically a hard-light hologram, these PHANTOMS contain so much symbiote energy that they are almost perfect copies of Venom's personality. Finish them quickly.

Symbiote Stalker

Sharing the symbiote energy that runs their hard-light cores has given these PHANTOMS a mob-like personality. They will attack in groups and attempt to swarm targets. Stay mobile and fight hard.

Symbiote Bomber

These larger symbiote PHANTOMS have adapted more of the sadistic aspect of Venom's personality. They prefer to stay back from combat and pepper the battlefield with explosive symbiote bombs.

Symbiote Warrior

The pinnacle of symbiote powered hard-light technology. These PHANTOMS have adapted the symbiotic shape shifting powers to create weapons and armor. Time your strikes carefully and be ready to dodge.


Industrial Plant

The PHANTOMs are swarming an Industrial Plant in Tokyo. Somewhere within the maze of walkways is Doc Ock's Lab.

Secret Lab

Doc Ock is hiding in the inner sanctum of this cold and sterile lab. Track him down and put a stop to his plan.

The Rooftops

High above the Tokyo city streets the heroes make their way toward the Oscorp building. Don't look down.

Oscorp Japan

The heroes infiltrate the Oscorp building and make their way to the roof. The final showdown with Green Goblin is about to begin.


On the shores of a long forgotten island, the heroes attempt to track down the dangerous criminal, Scorpion.

Sea Caves

The water caves within the island mountains hold strange mechanical secrets. Scorpion's lair is hidden in these caverns.

The Cliffs

Exiting the caves, the heroes find themselves high above the pounding surf. From here they can see the ruins in the distance.

Ancient Ruins

The remains of an ancient civilization slumber on Tangaroa Island. Rhino is hiding somewhere in this abandoned ruin.

Sun-Drenched City

This city bakes under the rays of the Egyptian sun. The heroes make their way to the outskirts and the oasis beyond.

The Oasis

The heroes trek through an old dried-up oasis, searching for an entrance to the catacombs and the dig site beyond.

Unearthed Catacombs

These catacombs prove the safest route to avoid the raging sandstorm outside. Beware the ancient secrets within.

Excavation Site

Boring deep beneath the blowing sands, this excavation site is the impact point of the meteor shard.

Old World Village

This old village sets the stage for a creepy trip through the land of Transylvania. Don't forget your garlic and holy water.

The Manor House

On the outskirts of the village, this decrepit manor house watches over the surrounding countryside.

Graveyard Path

The treacherous path from the village to the church winds its way from rain-soaked cliffs to muddy graveyard paths.

Ancient Church

A monolithic church, battered by lightning, wind and rain houses a creature from the depths of Spider-Man's nightmares.

Lower Village

The sleepy foothills of the Nepalese mountains are the calm before the storm. The heroes prepare for the climb ahead.

Dark Caverns

Reaching the summit is no easy task. The heroes must enter the mountainside to continue the climb.

Upper Village

Exiting the caverns, the heroes find themselves at the gates of an ancient mystical village. Mysterio's temple is here.


This opulent and expansive temple is the perfect base of operations for Mysterio. The final battle is about to begin.


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  • Intro Briefing
  • Spectacular Spider-Man


  • NYC Rooftop
  • Plasma Reactor
  • Glider Factory
  • Observation Deck
  • Water Cavern
  • Undercity Cistern
  • Ancient Arena
  • Burial Chamber
  • Infernal Plateau
  • Clock Tower
  • Ruined Mortuary
  • Water Mill
  • Heart of the Mountain
  • Frozen Precipice

Upgrade Lab


Color Item name Button Price Description
Red Health Regeneration Down 150 This Power-Up will refill your Health Meter. It can only be purchased in the Helicarrier. (5 MAX)
Orange Mega-Damage Right This Power-Up will make you deal extra damage for a short time. (3 MAX)
Green Invincibility Left This Power-Up will protect you from damage for a short time. (3 MAX)
Blue Hero Strike Up Both characters will unleash a devasting cooperative attack. (1 MAX)

Web Lab

See Spider-Man.

Character Upgrades

Upgrade 1 2 3
Health 150 300 600
Strength 250 500 950
Toughness 200 300

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