Spider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers is a Game Boy game based of the Invasion of the Spider-Slayers story arc from The Amazing Spider-Man #368 to #373.


Stage Name Time Details
1-1 Central Park
Stop 20 Muggers!
150 As the name says, stop 20 muggers in Central Park, and also have fun skateboarding.
1-2 Some Kind'a Monster! 100 The first Spider-Slayer, an alien-like robot.
1-3 Two Towers 200 A giant metallic bird starts attacking Spider-Man. Climb two (annoying to climb) towers to reach the bird and destroy it.
2-1 Jewelry Hiest (sic) 200 Electro is doing a heist. Stop him.
2-2 The Big Bang 200
Electro hides in an abandoned building set to be destroyed, and "an armored guy" attacks Spidey. Make Electro turn on the detonator and escape the explosion (30 secs).
3-1 Tinkerers Workshop 30 Tinkering around for some stages. This one is short, just go inside.
3-2 Tinkerers Factory 120 Climb up while avoiding small helicopters.
3-3 Tinkerers Laboratory 150 Climb up while avoiding small aircrafts.
3-4 Production Line 200 Flamethrowers, presses and bombs.
3-5 The Roof Top 100 Battle against Scorpion.
4-1 Construction Site 200 Three robots.
4-2 Big Bug 200 The three robots combined.
5-1 Secret Entrance to Smythe's Base 20 Short area.
5-2 Smythe's Guardians 80
5-3 Smythe's Sanctuary 160 Final battle.


Spider-Man Player character
Electro Stage 2 boss.
Tinkerer Mentioned only.
One of Tinkerer's devices.
One of Tinkerer's devices.
Scorpion Stage 3-5 boss.
"Smythe's prisoners"
Spider-Slayer Mark IX A small spider. Weakest and most common enemy.
Spider-Slayer Mark X Alien. First boss, fought in Stage 1-2.
Spider-Slayer Mark XI Giant bird. Stage 1-3 boss.
Spider-Slayer Mark XII Humanoid. Appears in Stage 2. Spidey can't cause harm to it?
Spider-Slayer Mark XIII Amoeba. Appears in Stage 3-5 if the player takes to long to defeat Scorpion and catches Spidey, slowly draining his life. The player must use Scorpion's shot to remove it.
Spider-Slayer Mark XV Black widow. Stage 4-1.
Spider-Slayer Mark XVI A blue tarantula. Stage 4-1.
Spider-Slayer Mark XVII A green scorpion. Stage 4-1.
Spider-Slayer Mark XVIII The combination of Mark XV, XVI and XVII.
Ultimate Spider-Slayer Alistaire Smythe. Final boss.
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