I wonder how a new version of the game would be with a gameplay like the current 3D Spider-Man games. It could be mainly based on the Sega CD version (but with Vulture and Mysterio being optional bosses), but with content from other versions too. Content includes:

  • Photography. And a photo album. Can include a scoring system for the photos.
    • A character database like the PS1 games, which also shows the subject photo with the best score. The database could also include key items and places.
  • Peter's home to recover (and save progress). It could also be used to see extras, like comic book covers found, minigames, and photos.
    • The MD, SMS, and CD versions of the game as unlockable minigames, which can be found in the map like the comic covers.
      • The "Pac-Man Game Gear minigame" also becomes available here to be played anytime after playing it once in the SMS version.
    • Black costume Spider-Man (and maybe others?)
  • Dr. Strange cameo, but only once, after obtaining the first key. He gifts the amulet (a map shortcut) and shows possible locations for the other keys (will be marked with a big circle in the map). If the player needs extra info (if 2 hours passed without making any progress, for example), add Daredevil or Black Cat instead of Strange again to have them give hints (reduce circle size from one area, for example). They won't appear in the highest difficulty setting.
  • Except for the Kingpin, (alongside Bullseye and Typhoid Mary) all bosses are available from the beginning, and the order played and time left affects the story. Also, Hobgoblin won't appear until 3 hours have passed or 4 bosses were defeated, whichever comes first.
    • New villains are available, but all are optional (mainly to gather hints about the location of the bomb and the keys): Shocker in a power station or warehouse (hints Electro and Kingpin), Scorpion in city areas (hints bomb), Hammerhead in city areas (hints Kingpin and bomb), and Kraven in Central Park (hints Sandman, bomb if Sandman was beaten). Rhino and Carnage might also be included, but they won't give hints, only trouble.
    • If one pays close attention (made easier by zooming with the camera) in some parts of the game, Venom can be spotted in specific points watching Spider-Man. In some he leaves when approached, but in others he can be fought, like the sewers, but he runs away after losing 3/4 of his life (giving a hint before he leaves, making him a useful but painful source of hints if the player can't find others as he is following the player, keeping some distance, and is only fought when approached). He can only be defeated after he takes Hobgoblin's key, appearing in the closest church.
    • After completing the game, a free mode (no timer) becomes available, with all bosses (including Kingpin) available to be fought any number of times. Score is different in this mode, being based on boss area instead of as a whole.
  • As mentioned before, each boss gives a hint were to find other key bosses and the bomb. The player starts with 1 clue, that he should check strange activity in a warehouse (Doc Ock), but if the player wishes, he can go searching anywhere and defeat bosses in any order, although it won't be easy to find them without a clue. Spidey will also eventually (about 1 hour from the bomb time) get a clue for Electro during the game due to Kingpin's broadcasts. Doc Ock and Electro are the only clues not obtained from bosses or allies (Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Black Cat). The keys are with Doc Ock, Electro, Lizard, Sandman, and Hobgoblin by default, but the game can have an extra mode to make the keys be with random bosses, including the optional ones (like Mysterio).
    • Doc Ock hints where the Lizard and Sandman are. He also hints the bomb.
    • Electro hints Doc Ock (reduces circle size) and the Kingpin.
    • Lizard (as Connors) hints the bomb.
    • Sandman simply escapes.
    • After defeating the previous four bosses, Hobgoblin and Vulture will appear flying around the map (probably tired of waiting in their starting points), being easier to find them.
    • Vulture doesn't give hints himself, but Mysterio will attack Spider-Man. Mysterio hints the bomb.
    • Hobgoblin hints the bomb. Venom takes his key.
    • Venom (with key) hints the bomb and Kingpin.
    • The bomb circle won't appear until the 5 keys are obtained. There are 5 base hints (obtained from Doc Ock, Lizard, Hobgoblin, Venom, and Strange), but with those alone the bomb circle will be bigger than the default boss circles (with a different color to not mix with bosses). Additional hints (Mysterio, Venom battles, Hammerhead, and Daredevil) reduce its size, making it easier to locate.
    • After the Kingpin discovers that the bomb was defused, he will personally prepare to "erase some evidence" (Mary Jane) somewhere. Spidey must figure out where they are (4 hours), having a vague idea (map circle) that he got from Electro and Venom (Key battle). More hints can be obtained from Venom battles, Shocker, Hammerhead, and Black Cat.
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