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Rashid's messages

In Rashid's character story, some messages from his phone are random. First here are the normal ones always present:

honeysunnygilly @HipbaDasSicalster8 Isn't that the place that's famous for its dim sum? I'm
honeysunnygilly @HipbaDasSicalster8 I heard that a man dressed in clothing with a Shadaloo
mark was fighting nearby that restaurant just a little
while ago.
(Battle against Birdie happens)
eyepuzzledurmon @HipbaDasSicalster8 Things have gotten pretty messy
Can we postpone our plans for next week?
HipbaDasSicalster8 @honeysunnygilly I found the guy with the Shadaloo mark. Thanks!
honeysunnygilly @HipbaDasSicalster8 No problem :)
effiepurpnight @HipbaDasSicalster8 It's best to not get involved with Shadaloo.
Rumor has it that lots of people connected to them
have died.
HipbaDasSicalster8 @effiepurpnight Thanks for your concern, Maya.
HipbaDasSicalster8 @effiepurpnight But, I just won against that Shadaloo guy, so I'll be OK.
"I feel... I'll be strong enough... to handle whatever comes my way. I think." Send.

And here are the random messages:

Abel Found Sagat, former member of the Shadaloo kings.
What's he doing here deep in the mountains...
eyepuzzledurmon I've got a friend who puts sugar on his eggs.
Maybe he's trying to put on muscle? But that's carbs...
FreedomTraveler_Ilya One of the world's seven great yoga masters?
Stretchy arms and legs!? How do you call that yoga?
Galaxy_My_Honey I just saw the craziest thing! Some ugly guy with a face
Oni dropped out of the sky. Then what does he do?
Hakan_Oil Hakan brand all natural oil!
Works great on hair! I recommend it!
H.W.A._EPIC Tomorrow's gonna be a hot one.
You'd better be ready!
IamSaiKyo Yahoo! I'm back!
Paid my phone bill.
NinjaGUY Updated my Bunshin-ryu blog. This time
I discuss training in ninja clone techniques.
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