• No! You've stolen my ideas for additions! I wanted to add the arcade flyers and point out how Doza/Naseem's beta name remained in the game files!

    I don't love you anymore!

    But really, Now that I have seen the unused images and the flyer I REALLY want to know all that there is behind the game. I've been trying to find beta images and game play but I'm not having any luck. 

    The demos that I could get my hand on were all close to the finisehd product and don't show me anything I haven't seen. There is a promo disc floating around but I'm not sure how far into development it was.

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    • Maybe old gaming magazines from August 1997 to February 1998 (the game's release date) may have some early screens?

      Took a look around the web, but all I could besides the flyer is that this 1997 issue of Weekly Famitsu has some info about the game. And it was shown at the 1998 AOU Show, but around the time of its release.

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    • Found an early version video! :D (after 24:00) After checking some magazines, found (Page 94) that an early version of the game was shown in 1997 at the Amusement Machine Show 32, a trade show held annually by the Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association (JAMMA) in Tokyo since 1967. Naseem's name is written right in the character select screen, so it was either already fixed or shown wrong during fights. Besides him and the early Godhand, there is a woman named Rio not present in the final version. The game was only 15% complete at the time.

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    • Amazing find!!! A lot of Rio's characteristics were retained in the game. It's so interesting to me that Rio was re routed to the unused dog character. I was curious as to why it had a name.

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    • Also, I recognize the text in game. The exact same text that is in the beginning of the bin file. It was another bit that was not identified as a TIM image. 

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    • More footage (after 33:00), this one from the Tokyo Game Show Spring '97 (It wasn't shown in the Autumn '97 one), but the video is a bit damaged, causing it to be "jumpy". This one shows two other stages and that Naseem's name was indeed fixed.

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    • About a 3D model viewer, no idea as I never ripped models before, only textures. Sorry. I know there are some for specific PSX games, like Mega Man Legends and Final Fantasy IX, but I doubt that they would work for Ehrgeiz. There is one for Final Fantasy VII, but that's for its PC version.

      Note that bin files usually contain more files inside them. For example, in the ST00.BIN file from Mega Man Legends, each texture is a .tim file, which can be viewed with other tools. No 3D models found in this one, but in other .bin files the models are in the .ebd format, and in some PSX games they are in other formats. To view the models, you'll probably need to find a way to get their files from the .bin file.

      The best I could find is this, but that's for Wii (and probably GameCube too) games. Tools like this one might work, but are likely to rip only models you see, not unused ones.

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    • Amazing! Naseem/Doza was close to his final appearance between the last video you posted and this one. Both stages were present in the unused file images, the second being a pre release of Tifa's stage (but I'm sure you already know all this!) Great finds! I'm doing some digging around too! (I just hope my search yields some fruit) Awesme finds--thank you SO much for sharing them. I'll do some more asking around about model ripping. I'll keep you posted if I find anything promising!

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