Wily & Right no RockBoard ~That's Paradise~ is a Mega Man board game released only in Japan.


0ラッキーカード (Lucky Card)Eddie Card that can't be used by the player.
1しあわせのカード (Shiawase no Card, "Card of Happiness")Eddie Card that can't be used by player.
2 (Fukkatsu Card)Eddie?
3フリーパスカード (Free Pass Card)Eddie Card. Can only be used under certain conditions.
4 (Kuji)Eddie Card used automatically when obtained. Can't be used by player.
5(Blank)Eddie Card used automatically when obtained. Can't be used by player.
6(Blank)Eddie Card "Roulette Chance!!". Used automatically.
7ふこうのカード (Fukou no Card)Reggae Card. Stays with player.
8(Blank)Reggae Card used automatically when obtained.
9(Blank)Reggae Card used automatically when obtained.
10(Blank)Reggae Card used automatically when obtained.
11(Blank)Reggae Card used automatically when obtained.
12(Blank)Reggae Card used automatically when obtained.
13はやあるきカード (Hayaaruki Card)Rush Card. Player can use the roulette twice.
14しゅうごうカード (Shuugou Card)Rush Card. Brings all players to user's position.
15(Blank)Rush Card used automatically when obtained.
16(Blank)Rush Card used automatically when obtained. Rush Coil effect.
17 (Elec Card)Boss Card.
18 (Cut Card)Boss Card. Can only be used when taking a card.
19 (Fire Card)Boss Card.
20 (Air Card)Boss Card.
21 (Clash Card)Boss Card.
22 (Bubble Card)Boss Card.
23 (Spark Card)Boss Card.
24 (Toad Card)Boss Card.
25 (Pharaoh Card)Boss Card.
26 (Bright Card)Boss Card.
27 (Bull Card)Boss Card.
28 (Quint Card)Boss Card.
29 (Enker Card)Boss Card.
30 (Rock Card)Rock Card
31 (Blues Card)Blues Card
32 (Lucky Card)
33 (Shiawase no Card)
34 (Fukkatsu Card)
35 (Free Pass Card)Duplicate that crashes the game
36 (Kuji)Duplicate that displays "wo tsukaimasu" and crashes the game
37(Blank)Shows a lot of broken text, then shows "Henshinga kaijosare motoni modorimashita", the players blinks between normal and buggy graphics, and the game crashes. The text suggests that this card is actually the effect of a player changing back to normal after a transformation, but the errors are due to it being used as a card.
38(Blank)Has the same effect of stepping on a transformation panel, but the game gets glitchy due to using it as card instead of the proper way.
39Fukou no CardShows a bunch of broken text, an opponent says something and is sad, and the game freezes.
40(Blank)Same as 36.
41(Blank)Crashes the game
45 (Hayaaruki Card)
46 (Shuugou Card)
49 (Elec Card)Crashes the game
50(Cut Card)Crash the game
51(Fire Card)
52(Air Card)
255(Blank)Empty spot. No card here.


2Mode Select
3Metall Race
5Rank Presention
6Unused Music
7Staff Roll
8Green Continent
9Cold Island
10Continent of Sand
12Lucky Card
13Reggae Card / Unlucky
15Boss Card (and transformation)
16Boss Card Use
17SFX (gaining a card)
18SFX (player step back)
19SFX (player step forward)
20SFX (?)
21SFX (?)
22SFX (Passed by E Can panel)
23SFX (Sakugarne)
24SFX (explosion A)
25SFX (Reggae's laugh)
26SFX (explosion B)
27SFX (?)
28SFX (using Rush Coil)
29SFX (landing after jump/teleport. Also Pharaoh Shot landing)
30SFX (Thunder Beam)
31SFX (?)
32SFX (Fire Storm)
33SFX (Air Shooter)
34SFX (Clash Bomb)
35SFX (Bubble Lead)
36SFX (Spark Shock)
37SFX (Rain Flush)
38SFX (Pharaoh Shot launched)
39SFX (Flash Stopper)
40SFX (Pickelman Bull)
41SFX (Mirror Buster)
43SFX (building / upgrading)
44SFX (terrain bought)
45SFX (?)
47SFX (Metall Race start)
48SFX (?)
49SFX (Fireworks)
50SFX (Roulette)
51SFX (obtaining zenny from terrain)
52SFX (returning to normal after a transformation)
53SFX (?)
54SFX (?)
55SFX (Shadow Man taking a card)
56SFX (gift from Eddie)
57SFX (?)
58SFX (Roulette stopping)
59SFX (cursor move)
60Title (either an in-game duplicate or an error when checking the content)
61Mode Select (same note as 60)
62Metall Race (same note as 60)
63Auction (same...)
64Rank Presentation (same... although the last duplicate)
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