Worlds Collide is a Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog crossover by Archie Comics.

Here is a concept of what I think it would be like a game.


The gameplay and graphics are mainly based on Mega Man 10 and Sonic Mania (if 2D) or Mega Man 11 and Sonic Generations (if 3D), with elements from Mega Man Powered Up, Sonic Battle, and Sonic Rivals 2, like having several characters available and extra modes.

Most Mega Man playable characters and bosses have 24 HP instead of the usual 28. The Robot Masters from Skull Egg Zone 3 have 12 HP.

Sonic characters don't lose all rings when hit (similar to Sonic Triple Trouble). Instead, they lose 10 rings for each point of damage, with half disappearing after they fall from the character.


Main mode

At first only Mega Man and Sonic are available, and they are the only ones with a major story. Other characters can be used, but some stages may change depending of the character:

  • The Opening Stage is character specific.
  • The 2nd and 3rd stages may switch depending of the character, with Green Hill Zone for Sonic characters and Mega City for Mega Man characters, but the boss order remains the same. The stage order is the same for Mega Man, Proto Man, Sonic, and Tails.
  • When playing as a character that also appeared as a boss, other character will appear in his place. For example, Bass and Metal Sonic will face Mega Man and Sonic.
  • The Skull Egg Zone 1 and 2 varies depending of the character, Zone 1 having a total of 4 versions (2 being more common for Mega Man and 2 for Sonic characters) and Zone 2 having 6 versions (3 for each series).
Mega Stage Main stage Notes
Vector Man's Stage Wily Egg Zone 1 Industrial and underwater themes, mainly based on Chemical Plant Zone, Tidal Tempest (Bad Future), Bubble Man's Stage, Pump Man's Stage, and Acid Man's Stage, with a bit of Vectorman (maybe with a hidden Vectorman statue like the Sonic CD statue?).
Espio Man's Stage Wily Egg Zone 1 Ancient ruins theme, mainly based on ? and ?
Charmy Man's Stage Wily Egg Zone 1 Mainly based on ? and Hornet Man's Stage.
N/A Wily Egg Zone 1 Amusement theme, mainly based on ? (Knuckles' Chaotix), Clown Man's Stage, and Magic Man's Stage.
Rose Woman's Stage Wily Egg Zone 2 Desert theme, mainly based on Sandopolis Zone, Pyramid Cave, Mirage Saloon Zone, Oil Man's Stage, Pharaoh Man's Stage, and Commando Man's Stage.
Knuckles Man's Stage Wily Egg Zone 2 Mainly based on Angel Island and Plant Man's Stage.
Shadow Man's Stage Wily Egg Zone 2 Mainly based on ? (Shadow the Hedgehog) and Shadow Man's Stage. In the main mode, the two Shadow Mans are fought together in the middile of the stage, while in Mega Mode DWN024 is a sub-boss in the same area and the Roboticized Master is the boss in the end.
Silver Man's Stage Wily Egg Zone 2 Mainly based on ? and ?
Blaze Woman's Stage Wily Egg Zone 2 Mainly based on ? and ?
N/A Wily Egg Zone 2 Desert theme, mainly based on Sandopolis Zone, Pyramid Cave, Oil Desert Zone, Mirage Saloon Zone, Oil Man's Stage, Pharaoh Man's Stage, and Commando Man's Stage.
  • Skull Egg Zone 3 is the same for all. It is Wily Egg 1 in Mega Mode.
  • Wily Egg Zone 2 has 4 versions, 2 for each series. Also, Duo has an unique version of the Wily Egg Zone 1, and he skips Zone 2.
  • The final stage, Super Genesis Wave, is exclusive to Super Armor Mega Man and Super Sonic in the main mode, but other characters can access it in the extra modes (like Time AttacK) after clearing the game with Mega Man and Sonic.
    • When using Mega Man characters, they will use Item-2 (with its energy depleting), except Duo as he can fly, and Bass in his Super Bass form.
    • Most Sonic characters will be in super states (Super Tails, Super Knuckles, Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Burning Blaze), while the others will be carried by Tails with the Tornado.
    • Except for super state characters, Super Armor Mega Man and Super Sonic will appear in the background when using other characters, suggesting that they are protecting them from the effects of the Super Genesis Wave. However, the battle may be harder for non-super state characters, and might be impossible for Guts Man (no blocks) and Oil Man.

The player starts in a stage select area similar to Sonic Generations and Sonic Advance 3, but a bit smaller, although not as small as the game selection from Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

Stage Name Boss(es) Details
1 Opening Stage ? A short, character specific tutorial stage focused on story and introducing the character. Can be skipped.
2 Green Hill Zone Mega Man (Sonic characters)
Sonic (Mega Man characters)
Green Hill theme.
3 Mega City Tails Man Urban theme. Tails is unlocked after completing the stage, and Mega Man gains his first weapon and Rush.
4 Dr. Light's Lab Bass (Sonic characters)
Metal Sonic (Mega Man characters)
Very short stage focused on story (or just story, may not be a stage?) with a brief battle (like the one against Bass in the Opening Stage from Mega Man 7). Shop become available and Proto Man is unlocked. Mega Man gains Rush Coil and can buy Rush Jet.
5 Skull Egg Zone 1 Copy Robot, Genesis Unit, and Roboticized Masters (Chaotix)

On Hard Mode, Copy Robot and the Genesis Unit are fought in the middle of the stage, and the Roboticized Chaotix in the end.

On Normal, the player will face 1-2 of the mid-bosses (only 1 on Easy) and 1 member of the Chaotix.

In the middle, it's Mega Man vs. Copy Robot, Proto Man vs. Mega Water S, Sonic vs. Buster Rod G, Tails vs. Hyper Storm H.

On Normal, afterwards there is a 50% chance (80% with Duo, 100% on Hard, 5% on Easy) of a second boss (95% chance to be Copy Robot if previous one was a Genesis Unit member, and vice-versa, without repeating the previous) appearing after the first one if the player defeats the first without taking damage and under ? minutes (time depending of the boss, character, and difficulty). Alternatively, the second battle can be optional, like the X-Hunters in MMX2.

The Chaotix fought (and the previous bosses mentioned with other characters) are random like the Robot Masters, also having a higher or lower chance to appear for specific characters:

  • Espio Man is more common (85% chance) for Cut Man, Ice Man, Amy, and Shadow.
  • Vector Man for Guts Man, Bomb Man, Big, and Omega.
  • Charmy Man for Fire Man, Elec Man, Silver, and Rouge.
  • The Chaotix have 90% chance to face their robotic selves.
  • The chance is even (33%) for Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Duo, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Metal Sonic.
  • Other characters are 40% / 30% / 30% chance, the higher one depending of the character.

Copy Robot skin and the Chaotix fought are unlocked after clearing.

6 Skull Egg Zone 2 Roboticized Masters (part 2) and Shadow Man The stage has 2-3 boss rooms, similar to the Doc Robot stages from MM3, the 8 stages from MMX2-3, and the 1st Neo Arcadia stage from MMZ1. To avoid making the stage too difficult for beginners, maybe the Silver and Blaze room can be placed in a way where it is optional, like the X-Hunters from X2? It can be in the middle of the stage, but with one or more ways to avoid it.
  1. Shadow Man (EWN) and Shadow Man (DWN) - Always fought together as sub-bosses, similar to Swing’m Spikez (StH3 with Knuckles) and the Shisaroids (MMZXA), but with different abilities, like the the Anchus brothers from Mega Man Zero 2.
  2. Silver Man and Blaze Woman - Only one on Normal, both at the same time on Hard. Don't appear on Easy? Silver has 80% chance to appear for Mega Man, Tails, Shadow, Silver and Metal Sonic, while Blaze is 80% for Sonic, Proto Man, Omega, Blaze and Bass. Others are either even or 45%/55% chance.
  3. Rose Woman and Knuckles Man - Always both on Hard and one on Easy. On Normal, the 2nd one will appear after the 1st if the player didn't took any damage in the whole stage and cleared under 6 minutes. For the first battle, there is 85% chance for Knuckles to appear for Bass, Tails, and Knuckles, and 85% of Rose for Metal Sonic, Proto Man, and Amy. Others are either even or 45%/55% chance. The chance is even for Mega Man and Sonic.

The Roboticized Masters fought are unlocked after clearing the stage, so clearing on Hard Mode unlocks all of them at once.

7 Skull Egg Zone 3 Rouge Woman Instead of enemies, this stage is filled with Robot Masters. The player must defeat 16 Robot Masters (selected randomly, but there is a higher chance for specific ones to appear depending of the player's character, listed below) and Rouge Woman to continue. Note that while the Robot Masters have lower HP compared to normal bosses, Rouge Woman has normal boss HP. Rouge and Omega are unlocked after clearing.
8 Wily Egg Zone 1 Mega Man Killers and Chaos Devil The Mega Man Killers are fought one at a time like Mega Man V.
9 Wily Egg Zone 2 Bass and Metal Sonic Checkpoint S to X. Duo is unlocked.
10 Wily Egg Zone 3 Wily Egg Machine X With the arrival of the Light Robot Masters, some heroes go into the fortress to stop the doctors. Dr. Light's eight Robot Masters are unlocked.
11 Super Genesis Wave Wily Egg Machine X (Full Power) Only available for some characters. The final battle.

Mega mode

An alternate game mode that is similar to the Mega Man games. The stages from the eight bosses are the different versions of the Skull Egg Zone 1 and 2.

Opening Stage Tails Man
Rose Woman's Stage Rose Woman
Knuckles Man's Stage Knuckles Man
Shadow Man's Stage Shadow Man (with the other Shadow Man as mid-boss)
Silver Man's Stage Silver Man
Blaze Woman's Stage Blaze Woman
Charmy Man's Stage Charmy Man
Espio Man's Stage Espio Man
Vector Man's Stage Vector Man
Wily Egg 1 Rouge Woman
Wily Egg 2 Chaos Devil
Wily Egg 3 Bass and Metal Sonic
Wily Egg 4 Egg-Wily Machine X

Extra stages/modes

Any playable character can be used in this mode, otherwise stated.

? Mega Man 10 and Mega Man 11 challenges like hit/take the enemies, targets, balloons, and plates.
? Chaos Emerald stages?
? The Roll minigame. Maybe something like the Mean Bean Machine?
Challenge Character specific challenges, like Mega Man Powered Up. Has four challenges for each character.
Time Attack Replay cleared stages and try to clear them as fast as possible.
Stage Time Attack Same as Time Attack, but only the stages, skipping the bosses. Skull Egg Zone 3 and Super Genesis Wave are not available in this mode.
Boss Time Attack Same as Time Attack, but only for bosses and sub-bosses, like Mega Man 11.
Boss Rush (Roboticized Masters) Classic boss rush, with 8 teleporter for the Roboticized Masters (excluding Tails Man and Rouge Woman).
Boss Rush (Skull Egg Zone) Same as previous one, but with other bosses. (Genesis Unit, Mega Man Killers, Chaos Devil, Bass, Metal Sonic, Wily Egg Machine X) Copy Robot is not included in this mode as he is basically a weaker Bass.
True Boss Rush All bosses from the previous Boss Rush modes, and Copy Robot.

Combined bosses

Genesis Unit In the main game you only faced one or two of them, but can you handle the Genesis Unit and Copy Robot at the same time?
Mega Man Killers In the main game you fought against one at a time. How you will fare against their united might?
Roboticized Masters How long can you survive against the combined Roboticized Masters? (Minus Tails Man and Rouge Woman) Or can you defeat all of them? (A survival/time attack stage based on Sonic #249)
Roboticized Masters + Same as the previous one, but with Tails Man and Rouge Woman included to increase the challenge.
Robot Masters Survival mode. Up to 8 random bosses will appear, and when one is defeated, other takes his place. Score is based on time alive and number of bosses defeated. Rouge Woman appears every time 50 bosses are defeated.
Ultimate Challenge Same as Robot Masters, but Copy Robot, Mega Man Killers, and Roboticized Masters (including Rouge Woman) will also appear as random bosses, making this the ultimate survival mode.
Nightmare Unlocked by defeating 300 bosses in Ultimate Challenge. Same as the previous mode, but the game is pushed to the limit by having 16 bosses at the same time, and the Robot Masters have normal HP (24). Also, after every 100 bosses defeated, Bass and Metal Sonic will appear. And if you are badass enough to see it, Chaos Devil will appear after every 500 bosses defeats.

Mega Man characters

Character Opening Stage Boss Notes Skin(s)
Mega Man Mega City Bank Metal Sonic Ends when he enters Green Hill Zone. Can use the Special Weapons of unlocked Roboticized Masters, and also gains a third charge shot level (Spin Shot) and Rush (Coil, Jet, Super). Helmetless
Copy Robot
Proto Man Mega City Bank Roboticized Masters Takes more damage than Mega Man and has takes (and gives) more knockback from attacks. To compensate, has a shield that can protect him, and he can charge his shot a bit faster, using Proto Strike when fully charged (level 3 charge). Can use the Special Weapons of unlocked Light Numbers, and also Proto Coil and Proto Jet. Helmetless
Break Man
Cut Man
Guts Man
Ice Man
Bomb Man
Fire Man
Elec Man
Time Man
Oil Man
Duo Space None Maybe his stage can be like the Rush Space stage from Mega Man V? As mentioned above, the Wily Egg stages are different for him, changes including the Mad Grinder appearing as a mid-boss.

He is the strongest and fastest Mega Man playable character. His gameplay is similar to Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, but instead of Special Weapons he has his moves from Mega Man 8.

Original body
Evil Robot
Roll Dr. Light's Lab None A minigame to repair Proto Man?

Gameplay is similar to Mega Man Powered Up, with elements from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Rockman X DiVE.

Dr. Light Dr. Light's Lab Met and Motobug The secret Mega Man joke character, and the weakest playable character. His short stage starts with his capture and ends with him fighting two robots in his cell. Equipped with Proto Man's helmet and a stun buster made by himself Maybe his gameplay can be like Zero Suit Samus from Metroid Zero Mission? He has the shortest life: 5 HP. If defeated, instead of exploding like the other Mega Man characters, he falls from the screen like the Sonic characters, with two robots (one from each series) appearing to capture him before he falls. Helmetless
Bass Wily Egg Metal Sonic A contest or training between Bass and Metal Sonic?

His gameplay is similar to Mega Man & Bass and MM10, including his Special Weapons: Lightning Bolt, Spread Drill, Remote Mine, Wave Burner, Triple Blade, Water Shield, Chill Spike, and Rebound Striker. Also has Treble Boost.

Bass (cloaked)

Sonic characters

Their gameplay is primarily like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Mania, and the Sonic Advance games, but with elements from other games (mainly Sonic Battle) also included to compensate the lack of Special Weapons, the player enabling/disabling and configuring the abilities they can use.

Character Opening Stage Boss Notes Skin(s)
Sonic "Searching for friends" Copy Robot End when Silver is captured and he goes after Copy Robot. After completing the game he can turn into Super Sonic by gathering 50 Rings.
  • Spin Attack (Normal = Spin Jump, +Down = Spin Dash)
    • Insta-shield
      • Shield effects (Bound Jump, Double Jump, Fireball Spin Dash)
Mecha Sonic (Sonic #251)
Tails Tails' Lab Bass
  • Spin Attack (Spin Jump, Spin Dash)
    • Flight (temporary, can carry most allies)
    • Swim
  • Energy Ball
Tails Man
Metal Tails
Tails Doll
Knuckles Angel Island
  • Spin Attack (Spin Jump, Spin Dash)
    • Glide
  • Climb
  • Dig
Knuckles Man
Metal Knuckles
  • Spin Attack (Spin Jump, Spin Dash)
  • Hammer Attack
Rose Woman
Amy (Sonic CD)
Metal Amy
  • Spin Attack (Spin Jump, Spin Dash)
    • Homing Attack
  • Wall Jump
  • Chaos Control
Shadow Man (Roboticized Master)
Rouge Rouge Woman
Rouge (Sonic Heroes)
E-123 Omega If defeated, instead of falling from the screen like the Sonic characters, he explodes like the Mega Man characters. Also, he can stay underwater for an unlimited time. However, he is a bit slow, using booster as a dash move.
  • Spin Jump
  • Omega Arm
    • Close Range Battle Mode (Melee attacks with claws, doesn't use energy)
    • "Shot Mode" (Omega Arm Lv. 1: Omega Machine Gun. Doesn't use energy)
    • "Beam Mode" (Lock-On Shot, but without the lock-on. Doesn't use energy)
    • "Flame Mode" (Omega Arm Lv. 2. Is the same as Bass' Wave Burner)
    • "Fire Mode" (fireballs like Fire Launcher and Omega Launcher)
    • "Missile Mode" (homing missiles)
    • "Drill Mode" (Omega Arm Lv. 3)
    • "Laser Mode" (Team Dark's Chaos Inferno, quickly deplenishes his energy gauge)
E-102 Gamma
Silver Silver Man
  • Wall Jump
Blaze Woman
  • Spin Attack (Spin Jump, Spin Dash)
  • Double Jump
  • Bubblegum Descent
  • Vector Breath (Sonic Heroes version, chargeable)
Vector Man
  • Spin Attack (Spin Jump, Spin Dash)
  • Double Jump
  • Wall Jump
  • Chroma Camo
  • Shuriken
Espio Man
  • Spin Jump
  • Air Dash
  • Sting Attack
Charmy Man
Big The secret Sonic joke character. While looking for Froggy, Big ended up finding the portal used by Rouge and Omega to enter the Skull Egg Zone, and went inside.
  • Spin Jump
  • Body Press
  • Big Fishing
Big Man
Chaos The strongest Sonic character, but also the slowest (the fastest when underwater). Unlocked after completing the game with Duo, possibly making him one of the last characters to be unlocked. His stages are the same from Duo.
  • Chaos Dive
  • Chaos Strike
  • Chaos Bind
Metal Sonic Wily Egg Bass A contest or training between Bass and Metal Sonic?
  • V. Maximum Overdrive Attack
Neo Metal Sonic

Robot Masters

All Robot Master from Skull Egg Zone 3. With a few exceptions, they all have about 50% chance to appear, having a higher chance to appear (85%?) for specific characters. Duplicates won't appear, and once a Robot Master is defeated, it won't reappear until 40 Robot Masters are defeated. A Robot Master can be specified to up to five characters. Excluding the few exceptions, once a Robot Master appears 5 times for its speficied characters, its chance to appear will be reduced from 85% to 50% until the player returns to the main menu or reset/quit the game.

Each Robot Master has 12 HP, and their attack damage can't be higher than 4.

Name Has a higher chance to appear against
Metal Man Cut Man, Mega Man, Sonic, Espio, Metal Sonic
Air Man Ice Man, Mega Man, Tails, Silver, Charmy
Bubble Man Oil Man, Mega Man, Proto Man, Sonic, Big
Quick Man Elec Man, Mega Man, Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic
Crash Man Bomb Man, Mega Man, Sonic, Omega, Blaze
Flash Man Time Man, Mega Man, Silver, Blaze, Dr. Light
Heat Man Fire Man, Mega Man, Bass, Shadow, Blaze
Wood Man Guts Man, Knuckles, Amy, Charmy, Blaze
Needle Man Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Light, Sonic, Amy
Magnet Man Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Light, Omega, Metal Sonic
Gemini Man Proto Man, Dr. Light, Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge
Hard Man Proto Man, Dr. Light, Sonic, Knuckles, Guts Man
Top Man Proto Man, Dr. Light, Sonic, Shadow, Oil Man
Snake Man Proto Man, Dr. Light, Sonic, Vector, Oil Man
Spark Man Proto Man, Dr. Light, Sonic, Omega, Elec Man
Shadow Man
(weaker version)
Mega Man, Proto Man, Sonic, Shadow, Espio
This version is not included in the game's database, as the normal version (fought with the Shadow Man Roboticized Master) is included.
Bright Man Elec Man, Time Man, Sonic, Silver, Espio
Toad Man Big, Silver, Blaze, Vector, Charmy
Drill Man Proto Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, Sonic, Charmy
Pharaoh Man Mega Man, Blaze, Silver, Rouge, Vector
Ring Man Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Espio
Dust Man Proto Man, Fire Man, Dr. Light, Blaze, Vector
Dive Man Ice Man, Oil Man, Amy, Blaze, Omega
Skull Man Mega Man, Bass, Blaze, Omega, Metal Sonic
Gravity Man Mega Man, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Charmy
Wave Man Bomb Man, Oil Man, Sonic, Knuckles, Vector
Stone Man Mega Man, Guts Man, Knuckles, Amy, Omega
Gyro Man Proto Man, Duo, Dr. Light, Tails, Amy
Star Man Duo, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Silver
Charge Man Mega Man, Sonic, Amy, Blaze, Espio
Napalm Man Proto Man, Bass, Knuckles, Shadow, Omega
Crystal Man Mega Man, Cut Man, Sonic, Rouge, Espio
Blizzard Man Fire Man, Dr. Light, Amy, Blaze, Vector
Centaur Man Duo, Guts Man, Silver, Vector, Charmy
Flame Man Proto Man, Oil Man, Blaze, Omega, Espio
Knight Man Mega Man, Proto Man, Time Man, Sonic, Knuckles
Plant Man Mega Man, Ice Man, Dr. Light, Sonic, Charmy
Tomahawk Man Bomb Man, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic
Wind Man Cut Man, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Charmy
Yamato Man Proto Man, Bass, Elec Man, Sonic, Espio
Freeze Man Mega Man, Proto Man, Ice Man, Blaze, Vector
Junk Man Dr. Light, Sonic, Knuckles, Silver, Omega
Burst Man Bomb Man, Sonic, Shadow, Vector, Metal Sonic
Cloud Man Duo, Tails, Amy, Vector, Charmy
Spring Man Oil Man, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic
Slash Man Cut Man, Sonic, Vector, Espio, Charmy
Shade Man Bass, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Vector
Turbo Man Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Blaze
Tengu Man Duo, Bass, Tails, Rouge, Metal Sonic
Astro Man Duo, Time Man, Rouge, Omega, Espio
Sword Man Mega Man, Sonic, Amy, Blaze, Espio
Clown Man Duo, Bomb Man, Amy, Shadow, Silver
Search Man Sonic, Shadow, Omega, Espio, Charmy
Frost Man Mega Man, Duo, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze
Grenade Man Duo, Amy, Omega, Silver, Espio
Aqua Man Proto Man, Oil Man, Amy, Tails, Blaze
Concrete Man Mega Man, Duo, Guts Man, Sonic, Knuckles
Tornado Man Proto Man, Fire Man, Tails, Amy, Charmy
Splash Woman Dr. Light, Amy, Tails, Blaze, Rouge
Plug Man Proto Man, Dr. Light, Tails, Knuckles, Charmy
Jewel Man Elec Man, Sonic, Amy, Rouge, Charmy
Hornet Man Proto Man, Amy, Omega, Espio, Charmy
Magma Man Bass, Ice Man, Blaze, Charmy, Metal Sonic
Galaxy Man Mega Man, Duo, Dr. Light, Shadow, Charmy
Blade Man Mega Man, Cut Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Amy
Pump Man Sonic, Tails, Amy, Blaze, Big
Commando Man Proto Man, Guts Man, Knuckles, Omega,
Chill Man Mega Man, Fire Man, Knuckles, Blaze
Sheep Man Time Man, Rouge, Blaze, Vector, Big
Strike Man Bass, Elec Man, Sonic, Knuckles, Big
Nitro Man Ice Man, Oil Man, Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic
Solar Man Bass, Amy, Shadow, Blaze, Metal Sonic
Dynamo Man Mega Man, Bass, Shadow, Amy, Vector
Cold Man Mega Man, Bass, Fire Man, Knuckles, Blaze
Ground Man Proto Man, Sonic, Knuckles, Vector
Pirate Man Mega Man, Bomb Man, Sonic, Blaze, Rouge
Burner Man Mega Man, Bass, Knuckles, Blaze, Metal Sonic
Magic Man Mega Man, Bass, Duo, Silver, Metal Sonic
Buster Rod G
(weaker version)
Mega Man, Bass, Sonic, Metal Sonic
Is not included in the game's database as the normal version is included.
Mega Water S
(weaker version)
Proto Man, Bass, Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic
Is not included in the game's database as the normal version is included.
Hyper Storm H
(weaker version)
Bass, Tails, Omega, Silver, Metal Sonic
Is not included in the game's database as the normal version is included. Has 18 HP.
Copy Robot Rare. Has 10% chance to appear, 40% with Mega Man and Sonic. Is the same as the normal version.
??? Easter Egg. The rarest Robot Master, with 0.01% chance to appear. Only his silhouette is visible, and he runs away as soon as he spawns, so one may not spot him even if he does appear. Has 10 HP. Is not included in the game's database. If the player manages to defeat him, he will drop a Yashichi.


The shop uses Rings as currency.

Mega Man Sonic Notes
1-UP Extra life.
E Tank 20 Ring Item Box
W Tank For Sonic characters, is used to fill the Action Gauge and fuel the Extreme Gear.

Action Gauge moves:

Sonic Sonic Boost/Sonic Boom
Knuckles Hammer Punch "Ground wave attacK": Bigger damage (AT 7), lower wave range (4 tiles)
Amy Rose Typhoon "Ground wave attacK": Balanced (5 tiles, AT 6)
Shadow Chaos Control
Rouge Black Wave
Silver Psychokinesis Teleport Dash,
Blaze Flames of Kilekion AT 5, can burn targets
Vector Hammer Down "Ground wave attacK": Bigger wave range (6 tiles), lower damage (AT 5)
Espio Leaf Swirl Or Chroma Camo.
Charmy Sweet Treat Healing move from SEGA Heroes. Heals himself and nearby allies.
Metal Sonic V. Maximum Overdrive Attack
Chaos Chaos Impact Sonic Adventure 2: Battle version.
S Tank Big 50 Ring Item Box
Beat Omochao
Eddie T-Pup T-Pup (Remote Robot) acts like the Rush Question from MM8.
Rush Jet (Mega Man)
Proto Jet (Proto Man)
Item-2 (Others, minus Bass and Duo)
Extreme Gear (minus Metal Sonic and Chaos) For Extreme Gear, it's either only one for all (Fastest, Speed Balancer, or Turbo Star) or one for each character: Blue Star (Sonic), Yellow Tail (Tails), Red Rock (Knuckles), Pink Rose (Amy), Black Shot (Shadow), Temptation (Rouge), Explosion (Omega), Psychic Wave (Silver), Flame Lance (Blaze), Powerful Gear (Vector), Kunoichi (Espio), Light Board (Charmy), Beginner (Big). When Sonic becomes Super Sonic, his gear becomes Chaos Emeralds.
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