Worlds Unite is the sequel of Worlds Collide, a Mega Man, Mega Man X, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Boom crossover by Archie Comics, alongside other series.

Here is a concept of what I think it would be like a game.


See Worlds Collide.


Main mode

Similar to Sonic Heroes, the game is divided in four story modes, each for one of the main series in the crossover: Mega Man, Sonic, Mega Man X and Sonic Boom, with Mega Man, Sonic, X and Sticks being the starting characters, but with at least half of the other characters being easily unlocked.

#Stage name Mega ManSonic Mega Man XSonic Boom
1 Prologue (MM, StH & MMX)
Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix (SB)
Mega Man (alongside a Mega Man character when playing with other) is leaving Light Labs to buy supllies for the repair, when three of the Deadly Six attack and capture Mega Man. The stage is different with Break Man and Dr. Wily. Sonic (meeting other Sonic character in the way when playing with other) is searching for the emeralds (Chaos Emeralds or Master Emerald fragments, depending of the character, and Froggy) and is suddenly attacked by three of the Deadly Six, who capture Sonic. The stage is different with Gemerl and Dr. Eggman. X/Zero/Axl attack Sigma's base. This is also Silver's stage. A race minigame. In this mode the player must get at least in third place to proceed.
2 Broken Heroes (MM & StH)
Eggman's Lair (MMX & SB)
As M'egga Man, set an Unity Engine in Mobotropolis, facing Freedom Fighters, with Gemerl in the end. With other Mega Man character, stop Sonic Man in Mega City. Sally, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, Amy, Big, Cream, and Gemerl are unlocked after this stage. As Sonic Man, set an Unity Engine in Mega City, facing Robot Masters, with Break Man in the end. With other Sonic character, stop M'egga Man in Mobotropolis. Break Man and Light's Robot Masters are unlocked after this stage. The Hunters go after Sigma, but end up in the Sonic Boom world, meeting Team Sticks. They invade Eggman's base to secure a portal to the world where Sigma is.
3 Clash of the Corrupted (MM & StH)
A World in Crisis (MMX & SB)
M'egga Man versus Sonic Man. With other character, they will face the Roboticized Master that they didn't face in the previous stage. Wily's reformed Robot Masters and Knuckles are unlocked after this stage. The Hunters and Team Sticks arrive to the fused world, which is a hazard itself. They face M'egga Man and Sonic Man.
4 Dr. Light's Lab / Sky Patrol Not really a stage, but a small map with the shop. Break Man is unlocked. Mega Man gains Rush Coil and can buy Rush Jet.


  • Alex Kidd
  • Billy Hatcher
  • Golden Axe
  • NiGHTS
  • Panzer Dragoon
  • Skies of Arcadia
  • Breath of Fire
  • Ghosts 'n Goblins
  • Monster Hunter
  • Street Fighter
  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Ōkami

Mega mode

An alternate game mode that is similar to the Mega Man and Mega Man X games.

The Deadly Six stages should be the ones from their Sonic Lost World zones, or reuse the crossover worlds from the main mode?

Opening StageSigma-1 Like Vile in MMX1, can't win.
M'egga Man's StageM'egga Man
Sonic Man's StageSonic Man
Master Zik
Stage 1 Mechaniloid enemies and boss (boss depends of character or is random?)
Stage 2 Maverick enemies and boss (boss depends of character or is random?)
Stage 3Sigma-2
Stage 4Sigma-3

Extra stages/modes

Any playable character can be used in this mode, otherwise stated.

? Mega Man 10 and Mega Man 11 challenges like hit/take the enemies, targets, balloons, and plates.
? Chaos Emerald stages?
Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix Sticks' race minigame. Despite the name, in place of karts, other characters use their vehicles from Battle & Chase (& Rockman GP) and Sonic Drift 2, and the Hunters use Ride Chasers.
Challenge Character specific challenges, like Mega Man Powered Up. Has four challenges for each character.
Time Attack Replay cleared stages and try to clear them as fast as possible.
Stage Time Attack Same as Time Attack, but only the stages, skipping the bosses. Skull Egg Zone 3 and Super Genesis Wave are not available in this mode.
Boss Time Attack Same as Time Attack, but only for bosses and sub-bosses, like Mega Man 11.
Boss Rush Classic boss rush, with 8 teleporter for the Deadly Six and the two Roboticized Masters.
Boss Rush (Lost Hex) Same as previous one, but with fortress bosses.
True Boss Rush All bosses from the previous Boss Rush modes.

Combined bosses

Roboticized Masters In the main game you only faced one at a time, but can you deal with both at the same time?
Deadly Six You face up to three at the same time in the story, but here you will have to fight against all six with their upgraded powers!
Mechaniloid Army Survival mode. Up to 8 random strong Mechaniloids will appear, and when one is defeated, other takes his place. Score is based on time alive and number of bosses defeated. A giant Mechaniloid boss appears every time 40 of them are defeated.
Reploid Army Same as the previous one, but with Maverick Reploid bosses instead. A strong Reploid appears every time 50 of them are defeated.
Maverick Army Same as the previous ones, but with Reploids and Mechaniloids together.
Ultimate Challenge Same as Maverick Army, but the Deadly Six and the Roboticized Masters (including the ones from Worlds Collide) will also appear as random bosses, making this the ultimate survival mode.
Nightmare Unlocked by defeating 300 bosses in Ultimate Challenge. Same as the previous mode, but the game is pushed to the limit by having 16 bosses at the same time, and the bosses have normal HP. Also, after every 100 bosses defeated, Sigma-1 will appear. And if you are badass enough to see it, Sigma-3 will appear after every 500 bosses defeats.

Playable characters

Mega Man characters

Mega Man Same as Worlds Collide, but with different Special Weapons (M'egga Man's) available, which he gains after completing the main mode with him (alongside a M'egga Man skin). He gains the Copy Robot skin and the third charge shot level (Spin Shot) from the previos game after completing the main mode with him and Sonic. His helmetless skin can be bought in the shop, and the Rock skin is unlocked by completing the game with Roll. Helmetless
Copy Robot
M'egga Man
Break Man Same as Proto Man in Worlds Collide. Gains Proto Man skin after completing the main mode with him. Helmetless skin in shop, Blues skin after clearing with Roll. Helmetless
Proto Man
Air Man
Bubble Man
Flash Man
Wood Man
Hard Man
Snake Man
Spark Man
Shadow Man
Roll Same as Worlds Collide. Unlocked after completing the four main modes with any character. MM8

Sonic characters

Their gameplay is primarily like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Mania, and the Sonic Advance games, but with elements from other games (mainly Sonic Battle) also included to compensate the lack of Special Weapons, the player enabling/disabling and configuring the abilities they can use.

CharacterOpening StageBossNotesSkin(s)
Sonic Same as Worlds Collide, but after completing the main mode with him and Mega Man, he can use Sonic Man's weapons, gains immunity against Time Slow, and Time Stopper acts like Time Slow on him. Mecha Sonic (Sonic #251)
Sonic (Sonic Boom)
Sonic Man
Tails Same as Worlds Collide. Tails Man
Tails (Sonic Boom)
Metal Tails
Tails Doll
Knuckles Same as Worlds Collide. Knuckles Man
Knuckles (Sonic Boom)
Metal Knuckles
Amy Same as Worlds Collide. Rose Woman
Amy (Sonic CD)
Amy (Sonic Boom)
Metal Amy
Sally And Nicole Sally (Sonic Spinball)
Rotor Rotor (Sonic Spinball)
Antoine Antoine (Sonic Spinball)
Bunnie Bunnie (Sonic Spinball)
Gemerl If defeated, instead of falling from the screen like the Sonic characters, he explodes like the Mega Man characters. Also, he can stay underwater for an unlimited time. Emerl
Silver Same as Worlds Collide. Unlocked after completing the Mega Man X route from the main mode. Silver Man
Big Same as Worlds Collide. Unlocked after completing the four main modes with any character. Big Man
Metal Sonic Same as Worlds Collide. Neo Metal Sonic

Mega Man X, Sonic Boom, and docs

Mega Man X characters have a gameplay similar to the first four games and Mega Man X8, and maybe a bit of their Marvel vs. Capcom gameplay.

Except for Sticks, the other Boom characters are skins for their original counterparts.

X X (CM)
Zero Zero (X1)

His special allows him to temporarily transform into other character. The transformation is selected like his Command Mission Action Trigger, but with less buttons to press. The forms available are:

  • Splash Warfly - Can swim, being the fastest form underwater, but is a bit slower on land. Can't wall kick.
  • Flame Hyenard - Fast runner and immune to fire (like the flame shield from Sonic), but takes more damage from water attacks and is a bit slower underwater. Can triple jump.
  • Ride Boarski - Has a "constant dash" like Buckfire in MMZXA, but can't dash underwater. Can't wall kick.
  • Wind Crowrang - Can fly.
  • Red - Axl's strongest form.
  • "Unnamed X7 Maverick" - If the player takes too long to select one of the forms, Axl takes this form. All it does is change Axl's appearance, but like other forms, Axl can't use Special Weapons while transformed.
"Unnamed X7 Maverick" (Becoming Axl in his special)
  • Uses her boomerang for close and long range attacks. (Maybe a gameplay similar to Amy's?)
  • Has triple jump and wall kick
  • Likes Tails in Sonic 3, can swim
  • Compared with other Sonic characters, loses 1-2 less rings when damaged.
  • Summon Chimp: Makes a joke and leaves, dropping a random item box (mainly health recovery rings of varying amounts, and rarely a 1UP) while leaving.
  • Summon Beaver: Makes a comment and leaves, dropping a random item box (mainly the special recharger or varying amount, but sometimes a ) while leaving.
  • Special: Chimp and Beaver appear running from a large robot (Maybe Hell Crusher from X3 or Mega Bot from Boom. Or both, the one appearing being random?), and the three run over enemies. After the large robot is near the edge of the screen, Sticks hits the robot in a weak spot with her boomerang, the robot exploding and causing further damage to nearby enemies.
The Doctors Dr. Wily (MM7 design) and Dr. Eggman (current) working together. Similar to the Felyne and Palico from Monster Hunter in the Capcom worlds below, they can switch and have half HP (the two together forming a "full default HP").
  • Wily
  • Eggman
  • "Rush Jet/Extreme Gear" - Wily UFO & Egg Mobile
  • "Eddie" - Summons Cubot and Orbot, which give two random items.
  • Special: Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon - Causes heavy damage. If the enemies survive, they are temporarily paralyzed.

They only appear as separate characters in the race mode, Wily using the Skull Machine XX and Eggman either the Egg Mobile-D or Egg Monster, and Eggman's Boom version the Spider-Kart.

"Dark Lord" (MM8 & "Camouflage" from S. Adventure 2)
"Parallel" (MMPU & Sonic Boom)
"Early Days" (MM1-3 & StH1-3)
"Inmate" (MM6-7 & Sonic X)
"Animated" (Ruby-Spears & "Robotnik")

Other Sega worlds

Billy Hatcher Billy Hatcher By default he can only move, jump, and use Helper Animals. His helpers are Cipher (Fire), Recky (Lightning), and Richie (Ice). However, a bit like how Guts Man can summon rocks in MMPU, he can use 15% of the Action Gauge to summon a egg. He can roll the egg, and while rolling it, he moves faster and damages enemies with it (like the Spin Dash). He can throw the egg, which will roll along the ground until it hits a target, breaking and causing more damage. He can also jump and slam the egg down (being his 2nd strongest attack), and travel on rails and fly through rings like Sonic characters. Special attack: Encases one target inside a large egg and it explodes.
Billy Hatcher Rolly Roll Echo Fighter of Billy. Basically a skin, but her helpers are Clippen (Water), Datch (Wind), and Boskus (Steel).
Billy Hatcher Bantam Scrambled "Echo Fighter" of Billy, but stronger and slower, and a slightly lower jump. Helpers are Runny (Steel), Glarin (Fire), and Kaboot (Water).
Billy Hatcher Chick Poacher "Echo Fighter" of Billy, but faster and weaker, and a slightly higher jump. Helpers are Rabbish (Light), Rikol (Fire), and Oritta (Ice).
Skies of Arcadia Vyse Fights with twin cutlasses.

Special: Summons the Delphinus and the other Blue Rogues to attack.

Skies of Arcadia Aika Fights with a large boomerang.
Skies of Arcadia Fina Fights with Cupil.
Skies of Arcadia Gilder Fights with guns. Special: Summons the airship Claudia to attack.
Skies of Arcadia Enrique
Skies of Arcadia Drachma Fights with his mechanical prosthetic. Special: The arcwhale Rhaknam appears and falls above the targets in front of him.
Golden Axe Ax Battler Arcade/Genesis version. The Action Gauge is like his magic gauge. PC Engine version
PS2 version
Golden Axe Tyris Flare Arcade/Genesis version. The Action Gauge is like his magic gauge. PC Engine version
PS2 version
Golden Axe Gilius Thunderhead Arcade/Genesis version. The Action Gauge is like his magic gauge. PC Engine version
PS2 version
NiGHTS Reala Echo Fighter of NiGHTS
Alex Kidd Alex Kidd Gameplay is similar to Alex Kidd in Miracle World. His punches cause more damage than Knuckles. Instead of being a one hit wonder like in his games, his health is based on his "Action Gauge": Every time he is hit, the gauge goes down by 20%. If the gauge is lower than 20%, he loses a life. However, as his "Action Gauge" fills, he automatically gains a power up:
  1. 20% - Power Bracelet - Punches release a short range shockwave, increasing his range by about "five Alex" (not counting himself).
  2. 40% - S - Increases movement speed.
  3. 60% - J - Increases jump height and distant.
  4. 80% -
  5. 100% - Magic Capsules - This one isn't used automatically, being instead activated by the gauge button. When activated, decreases the gauge to 25%, and Alex uses the Magic Capsules and , creating a barrier to protect himself while 4 small copies of himself surround him and fight for him. The copies can take three hits before disappearing, and the shield one hit.
Alex (Enchanted Castle)
Alex Kidd Stella Gameplay is similar to Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, her controls being a bit "loose" compared to Alex, which is more "tight". Instead of punches, attacks with projectiles. Like Alex, "Action Gauge" is HP, but she loses 15% when hit, losing a life when hit with the gauge below 15%. Every time she fills the "Action Gauge", she gains a power up:
  1. 20% - S - Increases movement speed.
  2. 40% - J - Increases jump height and distant.
  3. 60% - !! - Can fire two shots at the same time, the new one being above the first.
  4. 80% - Special Star - Shots cause more damage.
  5. 100% - The Lost Stars - This one isn't used automatically, being instead activated by the gauge button. When activated, decreases the gauge to 25%, and Stella becomes temporarily invincible, __, and __
Panzer Dragoon Keil Fluge Special: Summons Blue Dragon to attack.

Other Capcom worlds

Street Fighter Ryu
Street Fighter Ken Echo Fighter of Ryu. Is slightly faster but slightly weaker. His Hadoken is normal, but his Shoryuken can burn targets.
Street Fighter Chun-Li
Street Fighter Guile
Breath of Fire Ryu "All-arounder" with balanced stats.
  • Skills: Heal (40%), Purify (40%), Shield (45%), Remedy (70%), Vitalize (20%),
  • Special: Accession
Ryu (child)
Ryu (BoF)
Breath of Fire Nina "Highest SP gauge" (and high intellect), being able to use skills several times. Also has good speed, specially in the air, being able to fly (temporary like Tails and Pit from SSB) and double jump. HP, Attack and Defense are the lowest of the BoF3 characters.
  • Skills: Cyclone (25%), Frost (25%), Jolt (25%), Simoon (40%), Typhoon (70%), and Lightning (70%)
  • Special: Blizzard (100%)
  • Special: Sirocco (100%)
  • Special: Myollnir (100%)
Nina (child)
Nina (BoF)
Breath of Fire Garr The strongest member, and the 2nd highest HP and DEF, but the 2nd slowest. SP gauge is the smallest (or takes longer to charge, depends on how the game mechanics will be), so can't use special skills very often. Takes less damage from fire attacks.
  • Skills: Pyrokinesis, Flare, Fireblast, Gambit
  • Special: Inferno
Breath of Fire Momo and Honey The brains from the team, with a high special gauge but low HP and speed. Attacks with a chrysm-powered bazooka, which while powerful, has a short delay when starting the attack, making it a bit hard to hit fast targets. Her special gauge fills faster than other BoF3 characters.
  • Skills: Heal (40% of the SP gauge), Rejuvenate (70%), Remedy (70%), Identify (10%), Protect (25%, grants a Shield from the Sonic series), Quake (70%), Might (45%), Confuse (35%, reverts target's controls)
  • Special: Ragnarok (100%)
Breath of Fire Rei The fastest BoF3 character. While attack (and HP & "MP") is average, compesates with speed by hitting multiple times (like Zero's saber combo). Can double jump and wall kick.
  • Skills: Pilfer (10%), Jolt (30%), Lightning (70%), and Speed (25%)
  • Special: Weretiger (100%) - Transformation becomes available when the gauge is full. The gauge slowly decreases while transformed, but can be cancelled. Attacks become stronger, but after a while becomes berserker. If berserk, can't cancel manually, only when the gauge reaches 0%.
Breath of Fire Peco
  • Compared with the other BoF3 characters, has the highest HP and defense, but lowest speed and jump. Attack is the second highest, and while slow, can hit 2 times before invincibility frames kick in (similar to Zero's saber attacks).
  • Slowly regenerates health while standing still (like MMX3 armor)
  • Like Hedgeshock in MMZXA, is small and can pass small areas (by rolling or something, can't stay inside them to avoid abuse of healing ability, being a few pixels higher than the opening to avoid just hopping in).
  • Skills: Frost Breath (40%), Fire Breath (40%), Venom Breath (30%), Purify (40%), and Rejuvenate (70%)
  • Special: ?
Spar (Sproutling Shaman Form)
Ghosts 'n Goblins Arthur Similar to Marvel vs. Capcom series.
Ghosts 'n Goblins Red Arremer Similar to Marvel vs. Capcom series.
Viewtiful Joe Joe / Viewtiful Joe Similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Viewtiful Joe Silvia / Sexy Silvia Echo Fighter or Joe.
Ōkami Amaterasu & Issun Similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Monster Hunter Felyne & Palico Similar to Ice Climbers in SSB (and Sonic & Tails), but the player can switch the active one like Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin characters (and a bit from MMX7-8). Felyne is faster and Palico is stronger. As they are two, the HP from each is half of the default. The one not being used acts as a support and won't take damage, but also won't recover HP when taking and using items. For balance, has a brief "cooldown" to switch between them. Special: Summons Gore Magala to attack.

Maverick bosses

All Mavericks from Lost Hex. With a few exceptions, they all have about 50% chance to appear, having a higher chance to appear (85%?) for specific characters. Duplicates won't appear, and once a Maverick is defeated, it won't reappear until 50 Mavericks are defeated. A Maverick can be specified to up to five characters. Excluding the few exceptions, once a Maverick appears 5 times for its speficied characters, its chance to appear will be reduced from 85% to 50% until the player returns to the main menu or reset/quit the game.

Each Maverick boss has 12 HP, and their attack damage can't be higher than 4.


Alex KiddBilly HatcherBreath of FireGolden AxeMonster HunterNiGHTSPanzer DragoonSkies of ArcadiaViewtiful JoeŌkami
NameHas a higher chance to appear against
Bee BladerMega Man, Sonic, X, Sticks,
BospiderCream, X,
D-RexBig, X, Sticks,
EregionSonic, Tails, X, Zero, Ghosts 'n Goblins
MosquitusAir Man, Tails, Zero,
Raider KillerBreak Man, Gemerl, X,
RT-55JHard Man, Knuckles, Big, X, Street Fighter
Thunder SlimerMega Man, Break Man, Bubble Man, X,
Worm Seeker-RMega Man, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
Shadow DevilMega Man, Sonic, X, Zero,
D-1000Mega Man, Sonic, X, Zero,
Mega ScorpioBreak Man, Zero, Axl, Sticks,
??? Rare, with only 15% chance to appear.


NameHas a higher chance to appear against
Chill Penguin
Spark Mandrill
Armored Armadillo
Launch Octopus
Boomer Kuwanger
Sting Chameleon
Storm Eagle
Flame Mammoth
Wheel Gator
Bubble Crab
Flame Stag
Morph Moth
Magna Centipede
Crystal Snail
Overdrive Ostrich
Wire Sponge
Blast Hornet
Blizzard Buffalo
Toxic Seahorse
Tunnel Rhino
Volt Catfish
Crush Crawfish
Neon Tiger
Gravity Beetle
Web Spider
Split Mushroom
Cyber Peacock
Storm Owl
Magma Dragoon
Frost Walrus
Jet Stingray
Slash Beast
Crescent Grizzly
Tidal Whale
Volt Kraken
Shining Firefly
Dark Necrobat
Spiral Pegasus
Burn Dinorex
Spike Rosered
Commander Yammark
Ground Scaravich
Blaze Heatnix
Blizzard Wolfang
Rainy Turtloid
Metal Shark Player
Shield Sheldon
Infinity Mijinion
Soldier Stonekong
Tornado Tonion
Splash Warfly
Flame Hyenard
Ride Boarski
Snipe Anteator
Wind Crowrang
Vanishing Gungaroo
Bamboo Pandamonium
Optic Sunflower
Dark Mantis
Gravity Antonion
Earthrock Trilobyte
Gigabolt Man-O-War
Avalanche Yeti
Burn Rooster
Violen X, Zero, Sticks, Felyne, Palico. As the X-Hunters appear together in the story, the normal version is the same as this one.
Serges X, Zero, Sticks, Felyne, Palico. As the X-Hunters appear together in the story, the normal version is the same as this one.
Agile X, Zero, Sticks, Felyne, Palico. As the X-Hunters appear together in the story, the normal version is the same as this one.
Dr. Doppler
(weaker version)
. Not included in the database as his normal version is included.
(weaker version)
. Not included in the database as his normal version is included.
(weaker version)
. Not included in the database as his normal version is included.
High Max Rare
Geemel , Arthur, Red Arremer. Not included in the database as his normal version is included.
Zain , Arthur, Red Arremer. Not included in the database as his normal version is included.
Techno and Middy Rare. Low chance to appear.
(weaker, without lion)
. Not included in the database as his normal version with the lion is included.
(weaker version)
. Not included in the database as her normal version is included.
??? Easter Egg. The rarest Reploid(s) (has different skins), with 0.01% chance to appear. Is not included in the database. Has low HP, but runs away as soon as he spawns. Drops a Yashichi when defeated.


(Currently is the same as Worlds Collide, but with Nicole as shopkeeper inside the Sky Patrol.)

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