Xiaolin Showdown is a video game based on the TV series of same name. The graphics are good, but unfortunately, the gameplay isn't. What a waste. Hopefully a Xiaolin Chronicles game will be better. In each stage you basically face Jack-Bots (which vary and has support from a stronger type of enemy), collect three scroll pieces, and get the Shen Gong Wu to start a Xiaolin Showdown. You can't die, and with the support of three characters, it is very easy. And the action is often interrupted by either Dojo, Wuya, Jack, or Chase (like Alia in Mega Man X5, or worse), and you are often paralized by allies. The Xiaolin Showdown mini-games are better than the stages.

Note that the Nintendo DS version is different from other versions, and it is covered here.

Playable characters and combos

Except for the Signature Moves, all names are from the instruction manual.

Moves OmiKimiko RaimundoClay Jack SpicerChase Young
Square Lotus Palm StrikePetite Allegro Kick Street Urchin StrikeBelly Buster Sissy Punch 2.0Snake Fist Strike
Square,Square Swirling Dragon KickSnow Crane Slap Flying Hammer KickSweeping Lotus Re-Boot to the HeadCobra's Fang
Square,Triangle Sweeping Dragon StrikeFlying Scissors Stingray's Tail KickSling the Rice Bags Upgrade UppercutCoiling Serpent
Square,Square,Square Dancing Dragon KickGrande Allegro Pirouette Brazilian Cross KickRising Horn of the Bull Rising Prop ChopBlack Mamba Attack
Square,Square,Triangle Flying Dragon AttackPelican Otoshi Half Moon Spin KickReturn to the Mountain Flip-Floppy DriveSpinning Serpent Fury
Square,Triangle,Square Dancing Twin SpinJudolette Wheel Kick Seven Storms CartwheelMountain Storm Strike Major MalfunctionCharging Lizard Leap
Square,Triangle,Triangle Rising Dragon KickStorm of the Sparrows Flipping Stingray StrikeRepulse the Hyena Chaos CopterLurking Lizard Strike
Signature Move "Tornado Strike - Water" "Judolette Flip - Fire" "Typhoon Boom - Wind" "Wudai Crater - Earth" "Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius" ? (Chase changes to his reptilian form)

Event only:

  • Dojo (ally)
  • Master Fung (ally, Xiaolin Temple only)
  • Wuya (enemy)
  • Grand Master Dashi (appears in opening scene)


Rank Belt Bonus Points to reach the rank
0 Grasshopper in Training White None 0
1 Xiaolin Grasshopper Yellow Stun Time Reduced
Jump Attack Targets: 3
2 Monk in Training Orange Showdown Outfit Unlocked
Jump Attack Targets: 4
3 Xiaolin Monk Green KO Time Reduced
Faster Signature Move
4 Apprentice in Training Blue Robot Outfit Unlocked
Jump Attack Targets: 5
5 Xiaolin Apprentice Purple Stun Time Reduced
Knocked Down Time Reduced
6 Wudai in Training Black Street Outfit Unlocked
Signature Move Damage Increased


Dragon JuiceFully restores health and one Shen Gong Wu.
Shen Gong BoostHealth and two Shen Gong Wu.
Blessing CoinsMoney to exchange by Wu.
(and other stuff)
Ancient pottery that can be picked up and hurled as weapons.
Scroll PiecesThree pieces appear in each stage.
Yin Yang Yo-YoBonus stage.
Cheetah MojoDoubles speed for a time.
Turtle MojoDoubles shield duration for a time.
Mantis MojoJump twice as high for a time.
Rhino MojoProtection from physical damage for a time.
Gorilla MojoPhysical attacks causes double damage for a time.
Electric Eel MojoAdds an electric charge to shield for a time.
Wudai MojoSignature Move can be used instantly. Single use.
Resistance of DragonStand up immediately after getting knocked out.

Shen Gong Wu

Shen Wong Wu Cost Game description
Woozy Shooter10 Shoots a gas that confuses your target.
Glove of Jisaku10 A magnet that sucks in Powerups and Chi from a long distance.
Thorn of Thunderbolt10 Damage everything around you with lightning.
Sphere of Yun25 Trap someone in an orb that limits their actions.
Shroud of Shadows25 Hide in the shadows! Prevents other players from locking on to you.
Eye of Dashi - (Stage 1) Lets you shoot powerful bolts of lightning!
Juju Flytrap25 Shoots flies that damage targets over time.
Changing Chopsticks - (Stage 2) Makes everyone else tiny for a short time.
Zing Zom Bone - (Stage 4) Lets you shoot gas that turns targets into zombies.
Mikado Arms - (Stage 5) Lets you do quadruple damage fpr a short time.
Tangle Web Comb50 Lets you shoot spiderwebs that trap your enemies.
Ants in the Pants50 Makes all opponents jump around for a limited time.
Serpent's Tail - (Stage 7) Attacks will pass through you for a short time.
Golden Finger50 Lets you freeze in place anybody you attack.
Denshi Bunny - (Stage 8) Lets you shock anybody you attack or that attacks you.
Monkey Staff 100 (Available after stage 9)
Jack Spicer's initial Wu
Turns you into a monkey, making you jump higher and run faster.
Shard of Lightning - (Stage 10) Lets you move super fast by slowing everything else down.
Two Ton Tunic100 Makes you safe from all damage, even from Wu, for a short time.
Fist of TebigongInitial Wu (Clay)
125 (Other characters)
Creates an earthquake that knocks down everything nearby.
Orb of TornamiInitial Wu (Omi)
125 (Other characters)
Freezes everyone nearby, trapping them in a block of ice.
Star HanabiInitial Wu (Kimiko)
125 (Other characters)
Rains fireballs from the heavens onto everyone around you.
Sword of the StormInitial Wu (Raimundo)
125 (Other characters)
Traps everyone around you in a whirlwind.
Moby Morpher - (Stage 11) Transforms you into a targeted or random character for a short time.
Reversing Mirror - (Stage 13) Reflects effects of any Wu back to the person who used it on you.
Ruby of Ramses - (Stage 14) Traps and levitates everything in the level for a short time.
Third Arm Sash - (Stage 16) Summons a spinning arm that does damage to everything around you.
Sun Chi Lantern - (Stage 17) Sucks Chi out of all nearby targets.
Emperor Scorpion??? (Available after stage 18)
Chase Young's initial Wu
Cancels all Wu, and prevents any from being fired for a short time.
Wushan Geyser200 Makes everyone forget how to use Shen Gong Wu for a short time.
Kuzusu Atom300 Does massive damage to everything in the level!

Event only:

  • Ying Yang Yo-Yo (The Ying Yo-Yo and Yang Yo-Yo combined. Appears as an item in stages. Getting it will transport players to a bonus stage.)
  • Heart of Jong (Obtained by Chase Young in stage 15 and used to create Mala Mala Jong, the final boss. After taking several hits, Mala Mala Jong will dismantle, and players must hit the Heart of Jong to lower his health before he assembles again, repeating until his defeat.)

Stages and Xiaolin Showdowns


Stage Shen Gong Wu Xiaolin Showdown / Boss
Xiaolin Temple
0 Sparring Room None None -
1 Temple Garden Eye of Dashi King of the Hill The first person to reach the hill is king. Use your Shen Gong Wu and vases to knock players down from the top of the hill.
Be king long enough to raise your flag to the top and win!
2 Obstacle Course Changing Chopsticks It Whoever is 'it' must hit another player to pass 'it' on. While you are 'it,' your flag goes down. Defending won't protect you from being made 'it.' You'll have to dodge and run instead.
If your flag reaches the bottom, you'll be eliminated.
3 Vault Courtyard None Jack Attack! Jack Spicer and his robot army have broken into the temple vault to steal all the Wu!
Use all of your Xiaolin monk skills and the power of your Shen Gong Wu to defeat them.
"Forest" (Jack wants to create an evil treehouse HQ here)
4 Forest Zing Zom Bone Keep Away Grab the ball and run! While holding the ball, your flag goes up. Use powerups to help you avoid opponents while you are carrying the ball.
Raise your flag to the top to win!
5 Mill Entrance Mikado Arms Race Race to grab all the coins! Each coin gives you points, which make your flag go up the flagpole. Watch out for the spinning blades hazard!
Raise your flag to the top to win!
6 Lumber Mill None Seeing Double!
"Jack's Lab"
7 Electrical Workshop Serpent's Tail It and Bots Whoever is 'it' must hit another player to pass 'it' on. While you are 'it,' your flag goes down and Jackbots come after you! And watch out for that laser!
If your flag reaches the bottom, you are out.
8 Mechanical Workshop Denshi Bunny Score Grab a ball and throw it in your goal. Each goal raises your flag up the flagpole. The first player to raise their flag to the top wins!
Lock onto your goal before throwing to improve your aim. Stop other players by knocking the ball out of their hands.
9 Jack's Lab None Attack of the Giant Robot! Jack is almost ready to launch his Giant Jack Robot. You have to stop him! But watch out; the robot is protected by dangerous hazards. It's up to you to find a way past them and figure out a way to destroy his glowing antennas.
Jack Spicer Unlocked! By defeating Jack's Giant Robot, you've unlocked Jack Spicer as a playable character. Also, you can now buy his Monkey Staff Shen Gong Wu!
"Inside Dojo" (Based on episode 20, except Dojo isn't evil here. Changing Chopsticks?)
10 Dojo's Mouth Shard of Lightning King of the Moving Hill The first person to reach the hill is king. But keep an eye on the hill, because the hill moves!
Be king long enough to raise your flag to the top and win.
11 Dojo's Esophagus Moby Morpher Race for More Race to grab all the coins! Each coin makes your flag go up. Gold coins are worth the most, then silver, then bronze. Raise your flag to the top to win!
Watch out, some areas aren't safe when Dojo's stomach acid goes up!
12 Dojo's Stomach None Twelve Tummy Trouble! Chase has opened a portal to the Yin Yang World and Chi Creatures are pouring out! They can only be damaged while they drain someone's chi, so time your attacks carefully! Defeat them to close the portal and save poor Dojo!
"Toho Factory" (Based on episode 30)
13 Loading Dock Reversing Mirror Score
14 Production Line Ruby of Ramses It and It Two players are 'it'. Whoever is 'it' must hit another player to pass 'it' on. While you are 'it', your flag goes down. If your flag reaches the bottom, you are out.
Use the platform in the middle as a lookout point, but jump off before it moves down into the lasers!
15 Rooftop None Rise of the Robots! Chase has used the Toho factory machinery to create evil robot versions of the monks! Use your best fighting skills, and the rooftop hazards, to defeat the robotic toy monks! They may be stronger and faster, but you are a Xiaolin Warrior!
Chase's Lair
16 Entrance Third Arm Sash King of the Erupting Hill The first person to reach the hill is king. Watch out - the hill becomes hazardous, so you can't stay on it forever! Use Shen Gong Wu and powerups wisely! Be king long enough to raise your flag to the top and win!
17 Playroom Sun Chi Lantern Race to Safety Players who grab the coins earn points and are safe. Everyone else will get zapped by the hazardous floor. Use Shen Gong Wu to knock players down and prevent them from grabbing coins. If your flag reaches the top, you win!
18 Inner Sanctum None 10,000 Years of Darkness! Chase has summoned Mala Mala Jong, a powerful monster made up of Shen Gong Wu! to stop him, damage his armor enough to reveal the Heart of Jong. Attack the heart with everything you've got to defeat the forces of darkness!
Chase Young Unlocked! By defeating Mala Mala Jong you've unlocked Chase Young as a playable character. Also you can now buy his Emperor Scorpion Shen Gong Wu!

Bonus/Secret Stages: Ying-Yang World


Master of Destruction100
Combo Master75
Master Collector75
Coin Master75
Wu Master75
Punching Bag25
Master of Uselessness25
Heylin Warrior25


  • Jack-Bots (All stages. Many varieties.)
    • Ram-Bots (Small Jack-Bots that ram on opponents)
  • Trooper-Bots (Xiaolin Temple)
  • Rock Creatures (forest and inside Dojo)
  • Chameleon-Bot (Jack Spicer's evil lab)
  • "Fish-like robots" (two types, both only inside Dojo and Chase's Lair)
  • Toy-Bots (toy factory)
  • Ancient Warrior (berserker, stage 16 only)
  • Ancient Warrior (knight, stage 17 only)
  • Ancient Warrior (samurai, stage 18 only)


  1. Jack Spicer
  2. Chameleon-Bot
  3. Jack's incomplete giant robot
  4. Chi Creatures
  5. Toy Monks
  6. Mala Mala Jong (assisted by Chase Young)


  • Wuya (event only)
  • A large robot appears in the background of stage 4 (Forest).

In-game hints

(obviously incomplete, and I don't plan to complete)

Stage 5
Shen Gong Wu are so powerful that they have to cool down after you use them. More powerful Shen Gong Wu take longer to cool down. Check the timer in your thought bubble to see when you can use them again.

Choose carefully which Shen Gong Wu you bring into a showdown. Bring the Wu that works best for the game you are playing.
For example, Shen Gong Wu that freeze people are great for 'It' showdowns.

If you defeat Jackbots without fully destroying them, they will collapse to the ground and become throwable bombs! They are more destructive than any pot, vase, or crate!

You can pick up fallen players & enemies and throw them into hazardous areas to cause them extra damage.
If you are picked up or knocked to the ground, mashing buttons will help you get to your feet faster.

Stage 14
Press Square Triangle Square to do an elemental combo with the power of Fire, Wind, Water, or Earth! Press Triangle at the end of your elemental combo to do your signature move too! It's the ultimate Xiaolin combo!

Stage 15
Try launching your opponents in the air using uppercut moves! See how long you can juggle them using jump attacks and combos. Keep the in the air as long as possible for massive damage!

Tricks of the Yin Yang World!

Battle with your friends over powerups!
-Use your Signature Move and Shen Gong Wu to help you
-Knock a player out to cause them to drop their Powerups
-Freeze them with Wu so they don't reach the Yo-Yo in time

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