Xiaolin Showdown is a video game based on the TV series of same name released for Nintendo DS. It is different from other versions of the game.

Playable characters and combos

  • P = Punch (Y)
  • K = Kick (A)
  • E = Elemental attack (X, uses Chi)

Elemental attack:

Tornado Strike - WaterJudolette Flip - Fire Seismic Kick - EarthTyphoon Boom - Wind

Special (Chi gauge must be full to use):


Moves OmiKimikoClayRaimundo
P Tiger SwipeSting of the Bumble Bee Fist of the BearStreet Urchin Strike
PP Lobster Busting CrabSpitting Cobra Cactus ThunderboltPython Attack
PK Sleeping Dragon StrikeCrane Chasing Cheetah Bison Blowing DonutsStingray's Tail Kick
PE Fish Fleeing SeaDragon Spitting Fireballs - -
PPP Dragon Breath AttackFluttering Butterfly Bull StrikeSnake Smiling Brightly
PPK Scorpion Mopping FloorFlying Horse Step Plowing YakAxe of the Crab's Mouth
PPPP Dragon Twins Spin - - Snipe Whacking Raven
PPPK Monkey Catching Clouds - - Spinning Kick of the Half Moon
PPPE Trout Chasing Rainbow - - -
PPPKP Tiger Instinct - - -
PPPKK Falcon Flip - - -
PPE - - Cow Digging TunnelQuail Snapping Wind
PPKK - Crane StretchSmashing Elephant -
PPKP - Uki ButterflyPunch the Possum, Ride the Tiger -
PPKE - Dog Sucking Fire - -
PPKKP - Morphing ButterflyHorns of the Iron Bull -
PPKKK - Pelican OtoshiEel Shocking Bear -
PPPPP - - - Lightning Strike of the Eagle
PPPPK - - - Storm of the Sparrows


Moves OmiKimiko ClayRaimundo
K Dancing Dragon KickFox Fighting Dirty Repulse the HyenasKick to the Moon
KP Lotus Palm StrikeStrike Like a Tiger, Slap Like a Girl Luring Wolf to Dark CaveHawk Attack
KK Kick of the One-Legged CraneDamselfly Climbing Tree Kangaroo KickSingle Legged Crane Stand
KE - - Mountain Storm StrikeHorse Breaking Wind
KPP Siesta Buddha SlamLurking Leopard Strike Alligator Smashing BubblesCobra's Sickening Strike
KPK Swirling Dragon KickCrane Walking Funny Kangaroo Caning BuckarooWings of the Great Eagle
KPE Dolphin SpinRoaring Phoenix - -
KPPP Preying Mantis - - Great Leap of the Leopard
KPPK Seal Climbing Trees - - Black Mamba Attack
KPPE - - - Sheep Catching Wind
KPKP - Deer Caught in Headlights Wolf Attack -
KPKK - Monkey Valley Drop Eagle Landing Mosquito -
KPKE - - Carry Tiger, Return to Mountain -
KPPKP Strike of the Snake Fist - - Eagle Claws
KPPKK Goose Jumping Slope - - Scorpion Stinging Salamander
KPKPP - Pigeon Fighting Tiger Zebra Swinging Axe -
KPKPK - Walrus Dancing Ballet Jumping Jaguar -


Rank Belt
0 Grasshopper in Training White
1 Xiaolin Grasshopper Yellow
2 Monk in Training Orange
3 Xiaolin Monk Green
4 Apprentice in Training Blue
5 Xiaolin Apprentice Purple
6 Wudai in Training Black



11Temple TrainingNoneNoneTutorial stage. Skipped when continuing after completing the game.
24Jack's LabJack (inside a giant robot) Cheer-off: Player vs. Jack (Two Ton Tunic) for Mantis Flip Coin
Cheer-off: Player vs. Jack (Ants in the Pants) for Golden Finger
Several of Jack's devices from the TV show can be seen in the stage, such as his telescope, time machine, hovercraft, drilling machine, the schematics of Chameleon-Bot, aircraft, snowmobile, ... Breakable objects include "board bots" and cylinders.
34Enter the DragonHannibal Roy Bean (using his armor) Pirate Rafts: Player vs. Bean (Fist of Tebigong) for Thorn of Thunderbolt
Pirate Rafts: Player vs. Bean (Ju Ju Flytrap) for Imo Gazer
Based on the episode Enter the Dragon, except that Dojo isn't evil. Inside Dojo, full of gastric juices and stuff he ate, like cars and Jack-Bots. The breakable objects are old and slimy, including drums, crates, and vending machines.
44Tokyo TroublePanda Bubba (with Zing Zom Bone, a zombie army, and his henchmen) Goo Zombies: Player vs. Panda Bubba (Reversing Mirror) for Eye of Dashi
Goo Zombies: Player vs. Panda Bubba (Shard of Lightning) for Tangled Web Comb
Based on The Return of PandaBubba. Streets, harbor (with the statue, but holding the Eye of Dashi instead of Zing Zom-Bone), and Tohomiko Electronics. Breakable objects include trash cans, vending machines, crates, boxes, barrels, and a jackhammer.
54Chase Young's Lair Chase Young (normal using a staff and transformed) Flagstone Flip: Player vs. Chase (Kuzusu Atom) for Woozy Shooter
Flagstone Flip: Player vs. Chase (Wushu Helmet) for Ruby of Ramses
From the forest outside to the arena inside.

Bonus areas: Ying-Yang World - Has lots of Blessing Tokens and other items. Find the Yo-Yo or fall on a pit to leave. Chi Creatures will slowly appear to force the player out.


Wooden dummyTemple Training
Jack-BotJack's Lab Uses lazer and claws.
Robo-JackJack's Lab
Cheerleader-BotJack's Lab
Wuya-BotJack's LabMay explode after defeat.
? ("Amoeba")Enter the Dragon
? ("Lizard")Enter the Dragon
? ("Goop")Enter the DragonMay explode after defeat.
Junk-BotEnter the DragonStove only.
? ("PandaBubba's henchman")Tokyo TroubleBlack tux
? ("PandaBubba's henchman")Tokyo TroubleWhite tux
Koi-BotTokyo Trouble
Chase Young's Lair (only in one area from Stage 3)
Fish robot that may explode when defeated.
? ("Zombie Worker")Tokyo TroubleWorkers affected by Zing Zom-Bone. They bite and puke.
? ("Berserker")Chase Young's Lair Chase Young's warriors are fast and strong.
? ("Tiger")Chase Young's Lair
? ("Panther")Chase Young's Lair
? ("Ancient Warrior")Chase Young's Lair The strongest enemy, a warrior with a bird-like helmet.


  • Small Health
  • Large Health
  • Small Chi
  • Large Chi
  • Small Blessing Token
  • Large Blessing Token
  • New Trading Card
  • Extra Life
  • "Ying-Yang Yo-Yo"

Shen Gong Wu

Four are available in the beginning, and four are unlocked in each stage, two in the middle of the stage and two in the boss.

Shen Gong WuDescriptionLocationSymbol
Mantis Flip Coin While this Wu is in effect, you can jump longer distances and do more damage with flying attacks. Jack's Lab (Stage)猴 (Monkey)
Tangle Web CombThis Wu shoots out strands of tangling hair to trap your enemies. Tokyo Trouble (Boss) 鷹 (Hawk)
Eye of DashiThis Wu releases a powerful energy bolt. Tokyo Trouble (Stage)豹 (Leopard / Panther)
Star HanabiThis Wu fires off 3 homing fire balls. Default豹 (Leopard / Panther)
Shard of LightningThis Wu temporarily stops time. Tokyo Trouble (Boss)龍 (Dragon)
Reversing MirrorThis Wu reflects damage back at your attackers. Tokyo Trouble (Stage)鷹 (Hawk)
Fist of TebigongWhile this Wu is in effect, your punches are more powerful. Enter the Dragon (Stage)熊 (Bear)
Wushu HelmetWhile this Wu is in effect, you take no damage from most attacks. Chase Young's Lair (Boss)牛 (Cow)
Imo GazerThis Wu sends your enemies to sleep. Enter the Dragon (Boss)龍 (Dragon)
Two Ton Tunic While this Wu is in effect, you move more slowly, but take no damage from most attacks. Jack's Lab (Stage)象 (Elephant)
Third Arm SashThis Wu reaches out to strike distant enemies. Default猴 (Monkey)
Sword of the StormThis Wu summons tornados that home in on your foes. Default豹 (Leopard / Panther)
Ju Ju Flytrap This Wu shoots out swarms of homing insects to damage and distract your enemies. Enter the Dragon (Boss)蝶 (Butterfly)
Ruby of RamsesThis Wu fires a ruby bolt of energy that throws your enemies around. Chase Young's Lair (Boss)龍 (Dragon)
Thorn of ThunderboltThis Wu fires two bolts of lightning out front and back. Enter the Dragon (Stage)豹 (Leopard / Panther)
Woozy ShooterThis Wu fires clouds of gas which confuse your enemies. Chase Young's Lair (Stage)蝶 (Butterfly)
Kuzusu AtomThis Wu damages everything onscreen. Chase Young's Lair (Stage)龍 (Dragon)
Ants in the PantsThis Wu releases swarms of distracting ants. Jack's Lab (Boss)蚁 (Ant)
Orb of TornamiThis Wu sends out a powerful blast of water. Default鯨 (Whale)
Golden FingerThis Wu will cause a nearby enemy to be frozen in time. Jack's Lab (Boss)龍 (Dragon)

Event only:

  • Ying Yo-Yo and Yang Yo-Yo combined - Teleports to a bonus stage, the Ying-Yang World.
  • Zing Zom-Bone (written as Zing Zom Bone in-game) - Used by PandaBubba (Panda Bubba in-game) to make a zombie army.

Card Gallery

1Basic Jack-Bots
2Chase Young
6Crouching Cow, Hidden Tiger
9Fist of Tebigong
13Jack-Bot Squadron
14Jack Spicer
15Judolette Flip-Fire
16JuJu Flytrap
21Orb of Tornami
24Repulse the Monkey
28Seismic Kick - Earth
29Star Hanabi
30Sword of the Storm
33Tornado Strike - Water
35Woozy Shooter
37Ying Yo-Yo

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